sylvia 87

Sylvia 87

Hugo might not have kicked the guy’s ass, but he wouldn’t let any of them near me.  My cover was blown to anyone with a smart phone and facial recognition software.  Odd are none of them did, but I didn’t want to take the chance at the moment.  I needed time to think without that ‘brain on drugs’ fog.

So when Mission came in and said, “Okay, this has been quite the love fest, but I’m taking her away for a few days at least.”

“Do you trust this SBI bitch,” Hugo asked me loud enough for Mission to hear.

“Yeah, I do Hugo.  I know it doesn’t look like it now, but they have been on my side since forever.  If they had their shit together, and the agents had thought of us as part of the team, he wouldn’t have sprayed the woods.” I said.

“You know that isn’t fair.  You knew we had that boat covered.  It wasn’t going to escape.  You were wrong to shoot it and you know it.  Hell you knew it was wrong at the time,” Mission said.

“Let me tell you what I know,” Hugo said.  “I know the boat didn’t get away.  I know that boat with those to big assed motors would have run off and left your piss ant of a boat in its big assed wake.  So it instead you got to convince them to lead your sorry asses back to the mother ship.  So don’t try to tie an unnecessary shooting to her ass, cause I’m not an SBI agent and I’m not going to cover it up for your ass Agent Mission.”

“Hugo, when I get clear of all this, I am going to give you a blow job,” I said smiling.

“That’s the drugs talking,” Mission said.  “And Hugo she didn’t know what kind of boat we had, when she pumped the motors on the smuggler’s boat full of lead.  So you may be able to sell that to the shooting review board, but I know better.  If Terry doesn’t make a stink about the agent’s shooting at her, I expect we will be prepared to not make an issue of her firing into the boat.”

“Now you have both shown me yours and I’ll have to decide whose is bigger,” I said.

“She does cut right to it,” Mission said.  Hugo nodded.

For some reason my hand was in a cast, when we left the hospital.  Mission and I were alone in the state unmarked car.  I  wore the Kevlar vest and the upside down shoulder rig complete with my trusty .38 wheel gun.  My pockets were stuff with crap but there was room for the box opener.  Even if I could only use it with one hand, which mean no throat cutting.

“You hungry, I always am after waiting to see if you are going to live or not,” Mission said.

“You realize that it is a rural community hospital we came from.  There is no restaurant for fifty miles,” I said.

“There is a lunch counter inside a country store near here, so says your friend Hugo,” she said.

“He is going to stop there along with a couple of our people, including the one who sprayed the woods with .223 rounds.  He wanted to tell you he is sorry,” Mission said.  “I figure it will be safe enough.”

“As long as you don’t try to feed me Green tea, we are good,” I said.

“There maybe some good news on that front as well.  The AG’s investigator called me.  They have set up a meeting with the Greens for this week.  He thinks they might be ready to roll over for a plea deal.  Seems they don’t like jail so much after all.  They probably figure they might like prison even less.  We might need you to stay in hiding for a couple of more weeks.  At least until the plea deal is inked, if it comes off at all,” Mission said.

That made me feel better.  I had been in hiding three months and that was more than enough.  I was looking forward to being me again.  Of course that would bring up new problems.  How to get my old job back for one.

“So let’s eat breakfast and get somewhere I can lay my head.  They must have shot me up with something in the hospital.   I have absolutely no stamina.” I said.  If they got the plea deal through I could go back and say a proper goodbye to Hugo.  There was no doubt I would be leaving the fish and game service.  I just fit better into a more rough and tumble lifestyle.

“You are going to have to sleep in the car then.  We have a long drive again,” Mission informed me.  The ride was long alright but not for me.  I fell asleep within five minutes of getting into the rear seat of the four door Ford.  It had a smooth ride and a good heater, so sleep was easy.  I awoke once en-route when Mission stopped for gas.  The next time I awoke it was at a farm house looking place.  It took about a second after waking for the pain to become unbearable.

“Mission I need something for the pain and I need it now,” I said.

“Here take this,” she said slipping me a pill.

I swallowed it without water.  I didn’t even ask what it was.  I made it into the house before I fell asleep again.  When I awoke next a young woman said, “Hi there is food and a pill on the tray by the bed.”

“I’m not hungry, but my hand does hurt,” I said.

“Well wash the pill down with the orange juice at least,” she said.

For what seemed like a week I would wake up from the drugs and a woman I didn’t know would help me to the bathroom.  I would then take a couple of bites of whatever they had by my bed, and take another pill and try to sleep.  I finally awoke in pain but I didn’t want to sleep again.  I took that as a good sign.  I was also hungry, so I got out of bed to go to the toilet then to search for food.

I almost fell when I got out of bed.  I had to use my right hand to catch myself.  My left hand was in a cast and pretty much useless.  I was still stumbling when the babysitter came in.  “Are you trying to get to the bathroom without help.  That is a good sign,” she said.

“I guess so.  I really pretty weak,” I said.

“You are coming out of a hypothermia episode and a very painful hand injury so you have been sedated pretty heavily,” the babysitter said.

“Well I seem to be more lucid now,” I replied.

“Yes, we have cut back your meds.  You have an appointment at the clinic where we send all out agents, so you will be in good hands,” she said.

“When is the examination,” I asked.

“This afternoon at two.  You have time for a leisurely lunch, if you are hungry,” she said.

“Who the fuck are you,” I asked.

“Agent Wiley of the protective service group,” she said.

“Like the coyote in the road runner cartoons?” I asked.

“That’s me,” she said.

“Well beep beep me,” I replied.  Then I smiled as best I could for her,

“Well let’s get you in the bathroom and while you do your bathroom things, take a shower as well.  I’ll get you some clothes and we can stop for lunch on the way into town,” she said.

“I’ll give it my best shot, but my hand is killing me,” I said.  “How about some Tylenol or an aspirin at least?” I asked.

“Okay, but nothing stronger till you get to the doctor,” Wiley said

I handled the bathroom details pretty well even with one hand in a cast.  I could not get my hair really clean, but since it was boy cut short, it wasn’t a real problem.  When I came naked into the bedroom I noticed myself in the mirror.  I was even skinnier than I remembered.  My small boobs were also beginning to show the ravages of time.  Even though they were very small, they were beginning to sag a little.

I also noticed that Wiley was looking at me.  She was staring at the scars here and there over my body.  “I guess I will never pose for playboy,” I said with a laugh.

“No I guess not,” she said.

We stopped at a fancy steak house for lunch, because I asked for steak,  It didn’t have to be a fancy place, but I didn’t bitch about it.  Of course my jeans and tee might have been too casual, except that I wore a white men’s dress shirt over it.

“So how is you steak?” Wiley asked.

“It’s just as good as one from Outback would have been,” I replied.

“Well since the state is paying what the hall,” she replied with a small chuckle.

“Well they do have good iced tea,” I said.

After the meal we headed off to the clinic used by the SBI agents, probably because the doctors were agency friendly.  Meaning what happens in the clinic stays in the clinic.  Or maybe they took me there for exactly the opposite reason, the doctor was in their pocket first of all.  I was always looking for conspiracies, even where there were none, I told myself.

The clinic was more than just one doctor.  There were offices for several specialist in the five story building.  I was seeing the emergency medicine specialist.  He was going to assess the treatment, which I had already been given.  He would determine what if anything I needed going forward.

After a pretty substantial wait, I saw the doctor well it was his PA.  The young man was pretty personable and actually flirted with me.  “So Terry, we are going to strip that cast off.  I usually play some music with a heavy drum beat to accompany the stripping of anything off a beautiful woman,” he suggested.

“I usually don’t need the man to take thing off for me,” I replied.  Hell, I thought, two can play that game.

In just seconds the cast was off and he was looking at the wound.  I didn’t look.  “They tell me you were still standing when Agent Mission walked up to you?” he made it a question.

“Yes why?” I asked.

“Your hand it a fucking mess.  You should have passed out instantly not waited ten minutes,” he said.

“It was probably the cold,” I said.

“Lady remind me not to piss you off,” he said.

“That might be a good idea,” I said.

“I’m going to send you down to x-ray, then I’m going to decide what to do with you.” he said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.  “But I’m walking down there and I’m going to sit in a chair in the waiting room with a towel over this, if necessary.  I’m not going to ride in a wheel chair,” he said.

“You will go in a chair, if I say so,” he said.  “I know we don’t allow firearms in the building for this very reason.”

“Do you really fucking want to play whose is bigger with me,” I asked.

“With a one armed, light in the ass chick, I’ll take my chances,” he said with a smile.  It was all in fun, he was still flirting with me.  It didn’t sound like it, but he was.  I put my one good hand in my jeans, in a very seductive manner and came out with the box opener.

The blade was fully extended when I said, “How many stitched do you think it will take to close the gash I can make in your face with this thing?” I asked.

“I’m going to call an aid to show you where x-ray is, you can walk.  It is just down the hall.”  He seemed to have stopped flirting with me.  Some guys just don’t like foreplay, I guessed.

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11 Responses to sylvia 87

  1. KO says:

    It seems that our little Terry/Sylvia is still full of piss-n-vinegar! Wouldn’t expect her to be any other way when she is at her best, or on the way to a full recovery, at least! I’m thinking she’s about due for some other kind of “action” though, as it might just help take the edge off, if even just a bit or temporarily. 😀

  2. cindypress says:

    she has been good for a while. She actually had helen in mind but couldn’t get back to her.

  3. Walt says:

    Good Chapter but I didn’t understand the context of the firearms comment near the end. It might have made more sense (to me) after she pulled the box cutter on him.
    Updated 87 and added Agent Wiley to the Cast.

  4. cindypress says:

    if it isn’t understandable without outside explanation to the other readers I’ll got back and add more to clarify it. Thanks tomorrow is going to be even more confusing so hang in there and let me know how it reads to you.

  5. garydan says:

    Now, confusing is something I can relate to. BRING IT ON…….please.

  6. cindypress says:

    the explanation is the doc thought that since they had a policy of no firearms in the build he was more than a match for Sylvia. Nobody ever thinks that one of the good guys might have a knife. Especially not a female. But there is a new generation of female cops who served at the edge of combat and even active combat in the middle east. They. according to a male police sergeant I know in a fairly large town, are quite at home with sharp and shiny things.

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