sylvia 92

Sylvia 92

The steak was delicious and the beer was fantastic.  I was feeling it just a little, when we tossed the cardboard plates into the trash can.  Hugo insisted on taking a wire brush to the grill while it was hot, so Helen and I took the salad bowl into the small apartment attached to the ranger’s office to wash it.

She said to me nervously, “You don’t really have to sleep with us, you know.”

“I know that.  Helen, I sense that you are the more dominant partner in your relationship with Hugo, so let me say this.  If you want me, I’m yours.  If not I’ll make the excuse, so it sounds like it’s my fault.  As for Hugo, men will go along with anything, as long as they are going to get off.”  I did laugh after I said it.

“Well let’s just see how it goes,” Helen said.  “I have no real firm objection, it’s just like you said, I’m more comfortable when I’m setting the pace.”

“That is as it should be,” I replied.  “I will go along with anything you want.”

That where we ended that conversation.  We immediately began another.  “So Hugo said you worked for a bank.  How is that these days, since everyone thinks you are the enemy?” I asked.

“Oh you noticed, most people don’t,” Helen replied.  “I got it even worse, I’m the loan officer.  We still get pressure from special interest to make bad loans to their people.  Since the government won’t insure them any more, we refuse.  So they send their people in to curse us in front of the other customers.  Fortunately all they do it look foolish.”  She shook her head when she finished talking.

“I can only imagine,” I said.  “What are you forty, that means you have a long time till retirement.”

“I’m forty seven same as Hugo.  I may leave and go manage the architectural salvage company for Hugo and his brother.  Then again, I’m not sure I want my future tied to Hugo again.”

“Yeah loving someone you can’t live with is a bitch,” I said.  “It’s bad enough when someone or something on the outside makes it impossible.  I has to be ten times worse, when you decide that for yourself.”

“You really do understand.  I am surprised.  I expected you to just accept that Hugo is the only victim in this little drama,”  She admitted.

“Oh no, I worked with him.  He can be a hard headed, opinionated man, who never fails to give you his opinion.  He will defend it, even when you prove he is wrong.” I said.

“That’s Hugo alright,” she agreed.

The door opened and Hugo came in.  It’s a great night, just a little chill in the air.  Let’s sit on the deck out back for a while.” he suggested.

“With a big glass of your special brew, I can handle the chill,” I agreed.

“Well, I have a sweat shirt, I leave here just for this kind of thing,” Helen said.

So we all moved to the patio.  Helen’s sweatshirt did a couple of things.  It hid her small extended tummy, and the allowed her breast to appear soft and larger than they probably were.  She did have a nice little butt to go along with the rest of her soft body.

Hugo was lean for the most part, but like all game wardens he showed his enjoyment of good food as well.  He had the thick waist line that seemed to go with lots of exercise of the wrong parts of the body.  Lots of walking, but no midsection exercise.  I was guilty of that as well, but I also had the genes to avoid the midsection thickening.

I personally liked Helen’s soft body more than my thin straight as a stick model.  When I reached over and  cupped her breast without any excuse at all, it was just pure admiration.  I fell it’s weight and soft structure then said, “I am so jealous.  You have such a comfortable looking body.”  When I realized what I had done. I tried to apologize. “I’m sorry that was inappropriate.”

“Yes it was, but I loved it,” Helen said as she smiled at me.

“Good because I did as well,” I said sipping the green dragon shine.

“I have to warn you, I have never been with a woman,” Helen said.

“That’s okay hon, I have,” I said and laughed gently as did Helen.

“Well, I have never been with two women,” Hugo said.

“Who said you were invited to the party?” Helen asked.

“Oh you mean I’m not,” Hugo asked.

“That depends on what you bring to the dance,” I replied.

“Helen knows what I bring and has never complained,” Hugo said proudly.

“Well, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings,” Helen said breaking down in gales of laughter.  She was being effected by the green dragon more than Hugo and I.  It must be her first time, I thought.

“So, are you going to show me?” I asked.

“Now?  In the cold night air, that really isn’t a fair test.” he said.

“Don’t worry one of us will help you make the best impression,” Helen said.  I might have started the good natured banter, but she was hijacking the conversation.  That was fine with me.  I obviously like a director, as proved by the Mary Ellen films.

Hugo unzipped his pants and worked the flaccid penis from them.  It was about five inches even in that condition.  In the cold night air it wasn’t growing.  “Don’t you want to help him Sylvia?” Helen asked,

“Oh yes,” I replied slipping to my knees.  First I wrapped my chilly hand around the shaft creating even more physical discomfort for Hugo.  Then I held it up as I began to lick the underside.  It came to life a little then.  I could actually feel the blood move into it.  It really came to life when I kissed the head of his penis.

I had returned to licking it when Helen said, “You love cock, I can tell.”

I stopped and looked over to her.  She had the droopy eyes of a person under the influence of something, either lust or the alcohol and drugs.  “Yes I love cock,” I agreed.  I went back to my chore of waking Hugo up.  I tried to be mindful of my bad hand, even though the pain was minimal at that moment.

“And it loves you, it shows,” she said as his cock began to grow.  Hugo’s penis was about half hard and almost full size when I slipping it into my mouth.  The warm, wet cavern finished the job of making it hard.  I moved up and down on his hard penis and sucking the lubricant off it as I did.  The earthy taste and the smooth, but thick lubricant taste was there.

“How doe it feel honey,” Helen asked Hugo.

“She is wonderful at it,” Hugo groaned.

“Better than me,” Helen asked.

“No honey, just different,” he said while almost whining with delight as I worked his penis into my throat.

“Oh my I can tell she takes it deeper than I do.  That must feel wonderful.” Helen said.  I turned my gaze to her and saw her hand inside her jeans.  If both my hand were available I would have done that for her.  God knows I wanted to do it.

“That’s enough Hugo, we don’t want this to end too soon,” Helen said.  His reaction surprised me.  Without any resistance he helped me to return to my seat.  I went willingly, but I was disappointed.  I also found my drink and finished it.  I had to go back into his small kitchen to replenish it.  The new one was stronger than the last.  By that time I didn’t mind the slight after taste of herbs.

“Just as I finished Helen came into the kitchen.  Bring that with you and come in where it is warm,” she said.

I followed her into the only other room of the apartment, the bedroom.  It wasn’t much of a bed, which we were all going to share, but I guess we hadn’t planned to sleep any.

Helen was really dopey when she said to me, “Show me what you do with women.”

I didn’t say a word.  I just kissed her with a lot of tongue.  I swear I gaged her with my tongue.  Then I put my good hand between us and massaged her breast.  “Take off your clothes,” I whispered.

Helen took one step back, then began to remove her clothing.  I watched her and felt my body lubricate involuntarily.  It was like I was preparing to have sex with a man.  Of course I knew that I would be having sex with Hugo, but I was looking at a woman strip for me and it had an effect on me.

I had been right her breasts were heavy and dropped a little.  Her nipples were hard, but pointed down because of the droop.  I went to her once her panties were removed and kissed her breasts.  I kissed both nipples back and forth.  It was gloriously erotic.  It was both the feeling and knowing that Hugo her real lover was watching as well.

She fell back on the bed as her knees buckled.  Her tummy was even more prominent when she was seated.  It wasn’t so bad, when I spread her legs.  Naturally I slipped to my knees between them.  I returned to her nipples and dry nursed them.  I heard Helen moan and I felt emboldened by it.

I left her nipple wet with my spittle, as I kissed her belly and over her hairy mound.  I had her legs spread so much that the hood protecting her clit was open.  I ran my tongue over her vulva and tasted the slippery lubricant.  It was more a slippery, thick feeling than a real taste.  I slipped my tongue inside to give her the feeling of being penetrated.

I ran my tongue in and out only a second before I moved to lick her clit.   I liked it up and down as well.  Then I licked it side to side, finally I sucked on it gently.  Thats when I felt her hips raise to meet my actions.  Her hands went to my head, as she tried to pull my inside her.  I quickly slipped the thumb of my good hand inside her and lubricated it well, then I moved to slip it inside her rectum.  Her hips fought against the uncomfortable sensation, then she relaxed and moved against it.  She was either riding an orgasm or just enjoying the feel of my hand and mouth on her.

“Please stop,” she begged in a weak voice.  “I love it, but I can’t take any more.”

I leaned back and stood slowly being careful not to use my broken hand to lever myself up.  I couldn’t feel the pain that I knew would be there.  Once standing, I found my drink.  I looked around and found Hugo sitting in a chair.  His gaze alternated between the still wriggling Helen, and the more or less calm me.  I smile with a promise of things to come.  We both waited for Helen to calm down before deciding on our next move.  If nothing else I wanted her to enjoy watching me finish what I had started with Hugo.

Helen seemed almost asleep when she spoke to me.  No one ever did that to me,” she said.

“Did what lick your body,” I asked.

“Not that.  No one ever put anything into my ass.  It was an amazing feeling, once I got past the discomfort.”

“Well I’m glad I was the first Helen.  You are an amazing lover,” I said.

“I haven’t done anything yet,” she said.

“You don’t have to do anything.  It isn’t always about the physical for me.  Sometimes it just about how you react to what I do for you.” I said.   I almost meant it too.

“The night is young,” she promised.

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5 Responses to sylvia 92

  1. jack says:

    Wonderful GREAT action , and more to come and i hope., There is nothing more beautiful than caring people enjoying themselfs together . Thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    part two tomorrow but it is very short im afraid. on to other things.

  3. KO says:

    That was very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to seeing where and how everyone ends up. Hoping that Sylvia is more than satisifed, by both Hugo and Helen, before they all fall asleep. Might be kinda fun to see Helen go after Sylvia in the morning, in the shower perhaps, exploring and enjoying her new found bi side!! 😉

    Great writing as always, thanks!!

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