sylvia 93

After a brief rest Helen stood behind, a very naked, me.  She wrapped her arms around me as I remembered men doing many times.  Her arms were crossed in front of me and each hand held one of my small breasts.  I press back against her, but of course there was no penis for me to feel pressing back.  She even kissed my neck, which was quite maddening at that moment.

Hugo remained in his chair watching, but he was just watching.  He was also stoking his penis very slowly.  Enough to keep it turgid, but not enough to cause it to ejaculate.

Helen guided me to a dinning room chair.  When I collapsed into it, she lowered herself to her knees between my spread legs.  I felt her tongue on my lower lips and tickling my clit.  I was arousing not just on a purely animal level but also it was arousing to know it was her first time.  Combine the two emotions and it was hugely arousing.

“Clit. baby, lick my clit,” I said as I could feel my hips begin to squirm in response to her manipulations.  She licked and sucked my clit and put a finger into my vagina.  It was a welcome addition as I had begun to feel empty inside.

Obviously Hugo could stand it no longer.  He moved to stand behind Helen, then he lowered himself to his knees.  Even through my arousal I could see that it was painful for him.  He began to move in and out of Helen.

“My god honey you are so wet,” he said to Helen.  “It feels so hot inside you.” he said.

She couldn’t answer him, even if she had an answer.  Her mouth was filled with my vulva.  I think I was the first to orgasm, and I kept at it.  I came for what seemed like hours, but was only the few minutes that Helen kept at it after I stated to cum.

I was able to watch Hugo’s face as he came, but I couldn’t comprehend it at first.  After only a couple of seconds, he fell back.  Helen was still trying to work as though he were in her.  She did manage to stop working on me.  Of the three of us, I seemed to be the most composed.  I lowered myself to the floor and positioned myself so that I could reach Helen’s most sensitive spots and I went to work trying to scoop Hugo’s semen from her body.  Helen went crazy.

It was all I could do to keep her on the floor as she tried to sit up.  I think it was an involuntary tightening of the muscles in spasms that caused her erratic movements.  “Please stop, I’m losing my mind,” she begged in a voice I didn’t even recognize.  I stay at her vaginal opening a moment longer, then moved away.  When I did, I realized the muscles in my face as well as my tongue hurt.  I was in mild pain, but I was proud of what I had done.

The three of us sat around staring at one another.  No one was quite sure what had happened, but we were not about to jinx it by discussing it.  After what seemed like a long time, Helen said, “I don’t have far to go, I think I need to go home.  Hugo, Silvia can’t stay here alone, so she is going to come with me.  My bed will only hold two, so we will be back for her truck tomorrow.

Helen got her way as Hugo and I knew she would.  I found myself in a big double bed with a warm blanket and a warm soft Helen beside me.  I slept with her wrapped my arms.  I had to be careful of my broken hand, but it was a nice way to sleep regardless.

I awoke at 9AM Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast cooking.  I got up and dressed in my clothes from the day before.  I wished I had thought to bring my soft duffel bag.  Or even the plastic bag Hugo had filled with clothes the agents had left, when they recovered clothes for me to wear in the safe house.  As it was I just skipped the panties and wore the jeans and tee shirt from the day before.  I had the box opener, but the .38 was at Hugo’s house.  I could only hope the Green machine had really giving up on me.

Helen gave me a warm kiss, when I exited the bathroom.  While in there I had used her mouthwash to make the taste in my mouth bearable.  I was glad I did when I kissed her.  “That and a cup of coffee and I could slay dragons,” I said cupping her large soft breast.

“Now be nice, it isn’t Saturday night and I haven’t been drinking.  I would have to admit that was the best sex I ever had, and I’m not ready to do that,” she admitted.

“Of course not, and I have to get on the road.  I really don’t have time to kiss and lick your body.  The use the vibrator, I’m sure you have, to masturbate you anally.” I said with a grin.

“You harlot,” she said laughing.  “Eat your breakfast, while I get ready for church.  I will drop you at your truck on the way.  Now get a move on.”

It was 11AM when she dropped me at the loaded truck.  My shoulder rig and the ,38 were under the seat.  Hugo’s bronco was already missing.  He was out being his game warden self, I supposed.  I kissed a nervous Helen goodbye.  She was obviously afraid someone would see her kissing a woman.  Of course there wasn’t another human being within a mile of the ranger station.

She pulled quickly away from the parking lot.  She was in a hurry to leave her memory of the kinky sex behind, or she was late for church.  Either way it humorous to me.

I maneuvered the truck through the tiny parking area then onto the long driveway out to the county road.  Once I hit the county road, it was smooth sailing all the way back to County Seat.  It took almost all the remaining daylight hours to get to the mountain town, but I made it with enough time to unload the truck.  I had a little help from one of the men at the lounge in the parking lot of the motel.  He was in the lounge at 4PM, when I arrived, so I did all the driving.

I gave him twenty dollar, to buy beer, as payment for carrying the things I couldn’t grip with my splinted hand.  I could handle the trash bad full of blankets and stuff, but the table top appliances were too much for me.  Then there had been the trike, which he helped me get off the truck.  I rolled it behind the two wheeler I had ridden around town back when I had both hands to use.  I covered the trike with the same tarp that covered it at the compound.  Then I drove the Lounge Lizard back to his date with Sarah the bartender.

I got settled in and once the truck was returned and the finances arranged, so that the state would pay for the move, things took on a routine.  My typical day was to wake up, put the heater in the bathroom to raise the temperature a few degrees while I sat drinking day old coffee.  I usually did my walk down memory lane, or my day dreaming at that time.  That kind of thinking just went better with coffee.

When the bathroom was warm enough to prevent frostbite, I ran six inches or so of water in the tub and added the plastic step stool.  I lowered myself on the stool and washed my body and my hair before I left the tub.  After my bath I dressed for the day.  I almost alway wore jeans and a teeshirt under a pullover sweater.

Before going out to ride my trike, I put on the .38, in the upside down shoulder rig and a parka.  Summer was slow coming to Country Seat and the spring was still quite cold at night and in the mornings.

I would start the trike while riding it in the neighborhood and then ride it all over town.  I rode the trike because I could pedal it on flat roads without the motor engaged.  I could ride it down hill with just a little brake to slow it down, and I could engage the small engine as a helper on the hills.  I had only one gear, so there was very little need to use my broken hand.  I simply guided the handle bars with it, without grasping them.

So when I got the eight or so miles out to the plaza, I would fill up the gas tank for well under a dollar, then I would go over and buy breakfast at Hardee’s.  They had a killer bacon egg and cheese biscuit.  Their coffee wasn’t all that good, but it was no worse than other restaurants.  I usually was entertained by the deputies, some of the paramedics, or the volunteer firemen.  I had become ‘one of the boys’ and I hated it.  I really wanted to be one of the girls in some ways.  It was too bad Mary Ellen couldn’t get her butt out of bed before 9AM.  She was barely dressed in time to open the store.

Then I would pedal the trike straight home most days.  I always found a way to get a bit of a work out from it, because I just felt better when I was on the move.  I even spend an hour in the morning and another one in the evening working my hand.  Well at least trying to work my hand.  I expect, if there wasn’t so much nerve damage, the pain from trying to work my fingers would have been unbearable.  It was pretty overwhelming as it was.

Between the workouts I tried to watch TV or do basic research on the internet.  In other words I was bored shitless.  I was pretty sure that, when I got the hand operating at it new peak level, no matter what it was, I would become productive again.  In the meantime I needed to find something to do to pass the time.

I found Jerry, the volunteer fireman’s, card in my pocket case.  We had crossed paths once or twice since he helped me move my furniture from the storage locker.  County Seat was too small not to run into everyone sooner or later.  Every time I saw him he invited me to ride along on his pick up and delivery runs.

After a month of the routine I finally got bored enough to call him.  “Jerry when you get this message call me.  The next time you get near here stop by and pick me up.  I want do a ride along,” I said.

He called back that night.  He was coming home for the weekend and would love to have me ride along.  The problem was we might not be back for a week.  He came home most every weekend but during the week he just went from job to job.  “That is the life a gypsy transporter,” he said

“Sure, I can handle that.  I’ll bring along a bedroll, since I’m sure you meant that as a warning as well,” I said.

“Yeah, it pretty much was,” he said.  “  Things are pretty basic out there.  Just so you know this isn’t about sex.  You can always refuse.”

“Oh, I already knew that.  It is nice to know that you do as well,” I said with a laugh.

“I’ll need to get a job on Monday, so I’ll be by for you at 7AM.  We can check the postings from the restaurant,” he said.  By the restaurant he meant the Hardee’s at the plaza.

“I’ll be ready to go,” I said.

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6 Responses to sylvia 93

  1. jack says:

    Nice , great finish with Hugo and Helen , moving along nicely to more action i’ll bet . Thanks

  2. Cope says:

    Love your style of writing. Good flow and aliveness. Creates anticipation!!

  3. KO says:

    Nice to see Sylvia finally gettin’ some! 😀 Too bad Hugo couldn’t last long enough to give Sylvia a bit of a bangin’ too, but it would seem she was certainly able to get some pleasure and release from the encounter. Like the way it ended with her and Helen leaving and going to Helen’s for the night. Maybe Helen wasn’t quite as willing to share Hugo with Sylvia as she had initially indicated.
    Looks like now that she’s back home the routine has set in she’s also out hunting for some more sexual partners! 😉
    Keep up the great work!!

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