sylvia 96

Sylvia 96

We did watch the adult films for two hours before bedtime.  It was a lot of fun to comment on them, since Jeffy was quite witty.  He could also see the humor in male, female relationships.  Something that some men sometimes have a problem doing.

Yes at some point he reached over and laid his hand on my thigh.  The bucket seats in the front of the truck were very close, almost making a bench seat.  It was how I managed to curl on them to sleep the night before.  Needless to say we got closer as the movies ran.

Somewhere in the first half hour we started to kiss and to touch each other.  It had been almost a month since Hugo and Helen, so I turned on easily.  I loved the feel of a hand on my breast flattening my nipple against my ribs.  There was a tingle to it.  The pinching and massaging of my breast sent a signal to my vagina.  I lubricated and tightened at the same time.  First I tensed then after a lot of touching and building pressure I began to relax in preparation for sex.

In the only slightly larger than cot width bed, we had to be twisted into a fairly uncomfortable position, so any kind of kinky sex was out of the question.  It was going to have to be straight old vaginal sex missionary or woman superior position, which was quite alright with me.  I hadn’t had a penis where it should be according to nature’s design in months.  I felt empty inside quite often.  I even had a longing to be filled when it was impossible, so I wasn’t surprised that I was willing to have sex with Jerry, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.

Since I wasn’t sure how well Jerry was going to do, I massaged him by hand only a very short time.  I didn’t want him to cum too soon.  While he worked on my breast, I manually manipulated my clit.  I wanted to be a close as possible.  I knew that I could continue through my orgasm, but not all men could do the same.  Jerry might just fall back after he came and just die.

When he was finally ready to enter me, I felt him slide easily inside.  He wasn’t large, but since it had been a while that didn’t matter one bit.  His penis seemed to fill me.  I was enjoying the feeling of his throbbing penis moving in me.  The massage from the inside released pent up basic animal feelings.  They went straight to my brain taking me higher than I had been in a while.  Kinky sex is fine for a change of pace, but for a long lasting deep and yet gentle orgasm you just can’t beat sex the way nature intended.

When I finally came it was a gentle rocking and release in me.  I could feel the liquid oozing from me.  Then a few minutes later Jerry stiffened and I knew, even though I could not feel it, that he had ejaculated in me.  I love the feelings running through me.  There was a feeling of pride, that I had been able to make that happen for him, running under the surface of my orgasm.

Jerry’s little bed was made up and my bedding was in the space a passenger’s feet would sit.  It was therefore under part of Jerry’s bed.  I decided that I was too tired to get it, so I slept with my back against the rear wall of the truck cab, and Jerry slept pushed against me.  We were cramped, but I for one slept better than I had on those uneven front seats.

I awoke later on day three.  Well not as late as I might have at home, if circumstances had been the same, but late for life in the field.  It was almost 8AM when I awoke.  Jerry was already awake and sitting under the wheel with his computer.  I didn’t kiss him because the taste in my mouth told me how foul my breath was.

Instead I took my clothes and toilet articles to the shower room.  In the women’s shower there was a wall with eight shower heads on the wall.  It was like the showers in a high school gym’s dressing room.   The difference was there were three quarter walls between the heads.  Those little partitions gave the illusion of privacy.  I took the quick shower then went out to dress in the locker room environment.   I swear it was like being back in high school.

There were half a dozen toilet stalls.  I used one to take care of my bodily needs.  When I left the shower room thirty minutes after entering, I was ready for another day to begin.  I walked back to the truck in the cool morning air.  The sun was up, but it hadn’t burned off the night air completely.

“He there,” I said the Jerry upon returning.  “What’s up?”

“We have a load going from Ohio to Georgia,” he said.  “By the way, good morning.  Do we need to talk about last night?”

“I don’t.  Do you?” I asked.

“Things just kind of happened,” he said.

“Jerry, you are talking about it,” I said to put an end to his need to make excuses.  I waited a few seconds then ask what are we hauling?” I asked.

“It’s a two story metal fire escape from an old apartment building being demolished.  Its in Toledo Ohio.  We can be there in five hours so we should get on the road by 11AM.  If we do, we should be able to get it loaded and get out of town before dark.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.” I said.

We did squeeze breakfast in at a truck stop before we really started the drive.  It was a big breakfast, since it was the only real meal we seemed to be able to find the time to have sitting down.  Then we filled up with diesel and drove straight through to Toledo.

The Internet had made it possible for buyers and seller to get together as never before.  It also created the need for specialty truckers.  There was no other way that the piece of crap could have been moved.  The shipper wasn’t going to pack it, so that a common carrier would accept it, and the buyer had no way to get it himself.  So that left Jerry and guys like him.

When we got there, we found that the fire escape had been disassembled by taking a torch to it.  The stairs had been cut from each landing. Making it movable in four easy pieces, they though.   The handrails on the landing and stairs made it more difficult but once we got them jig sawed into a bundle, we could strap them down and be on our way.  We barely made it all work out before dark, no matter what Jerry had planned.

Since Toledo wasn’t Chicago we pulled into a home improvement warehouse type store’s parking lot after dinner.  We parked at the furtherest end and settled down for the night.  We both slept in the back seat bed, but in our clothes because we half way expected what came next.  A police cruiser pulled up well after midnight.  Both Jerry and I awoke to the knocking on the door.

“Yes sir officer,” Jerry said.

“You can’t sleep here buddy,” he said.  “There is a city ordinance that says nobody can use these parking lots without the owner’s permission and I know they didn’t give you permission.”

“No sir officer they didn’t.  We were just hoping they wouldn’t mind since we are in a part of the lot the customers don’t really use.” Jerry said.

“Be that as it may, you have to leave.  There is a truck stop outside of town where you might find a spot.”  Then he gave Jerry directions to it. “So we are going to do a swing around our beat.  It will take about twenty minutes.  Don’t be here when we get back,” he said.

“Yes sir officer. We will be gone.”  And of course we were gone.  Jerry turned to me and said, “So much for not driving in the dark.”

It was only about ten minutes to the truck stop.  I felt very uncomfortable there.  There was no value in our load, but there was also no security in the parking lot of the truck stop.  There was a bathroom there, so there was an upside to the move.  I used the bathroom before I again crawled into the little bed behind the front seat.   With my clothes on I slept poorly but I did sleep.

“Damn,” Jerry said as he tried to find room to stretch out.  It seems that I was not as welcome in the little bed, if we were not going to fuck, I thought.  The thought actually made me smile.

Day four opened with both of us worn out.  We had the heavy steel pieces loaded and that was the only thing we really accomplished on day three.  We had the full deliver before us.  We figured with stops for gas and other things we would have fifteen hours of driving ahead of us.  I didn’t think we would make it in one day, especially since we couldn’t make delivery at night.

We decided to get on the road by 10AM and drive until 8PM that would give us two thirds of the driving behind us.  On day five if we left at 8AM we could make deliver sometime right after noon, then decide what to do about getting home.

Day four the drive went perfect.  The truck and trailer required no more than a tightening of the straps and a fill up with gas.  We found another truck stop with shower for the next morning and tried to fit into the small bed again.

That night there was no complaining about the squeeze.  I should have known that meant Jerry and I would be doing it.  Jerry probably figured I didn’t need any romancing, so he just ran his hand under my top.  He was right of course.  I was indeed ready for sex again.  There was an old saying about sex. ‘The more you get, the more you want,”  Not all old saying are true, but for me that one always seemed appropriate.

For a very few moments we kiss then I felt Jerry roll me on top of him.  I had to be careful of the hand when I levered myself into a sitting position on  his pelvis.  I used my good hand to guide his penis into me.  Once I had him deep inside me I began to move as if I was in a rocking chair.  For a change it was me, who didn’t think about my partner.  He could have been a warm vibrator without the vibration.

I spent at least ten minutes getting to the point of an orgasm and several more actually in the throws of it.  I felt exhausted when I had finished.  “Did you cum?” I asked.

“No I guess I was too involved with how you looked on top of me,” Jerry said with a smile.

I slipped down his body until I could reach his still hard penis and took it in my mouth.  I sucked him and used my mouth to pump his penis until it exploded in my mouth.  I sucked the thick gritty semen into my throat and swallowed several times.  I could feel the semen coat my tongue and teeth even.

I felt Jerry lift me to lay more or less on top of him.  He kissed me passionately with a lot of tongue.  I of course returned the kiss.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms.  It was a restful sleep for me.  Sex was much better than any sleeping pill to render me unconscious.

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5 Responses to sylvia 96

  1. demitheus says:

    Damn Sylvia is almost getting normal…. Straight sex and that’s all?????….lol

    Great chapter Cindy !

  2. cindypress says:

    talk about boring lol///

  3. jack says:

    I always sleep better after sex. Must be something therapeutic about it. Might be boring now but i’ll bet that hen that hand heals fully it will get kinky.

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