sylvia 99

Sylvia 99

Just before he released the blow, he glanced into my eyes.  Something he saw there made him chance his mind.  He laughed instead of swinging his arm at me.  I was thankful for us both.  His friends would have surely killed me for cutting him.  I had known that when I made the plan.

“Girlie you got balls,” he said.  “Put that beer on my tab Harry.”

“Don’t say that too loud, this crowd will think I’m a cross dresser,” I replied.

“Maybe I should ask you to prove you ain’t,” he said.

“If you insist.  Showing you my tits won’t help I’m to small there and giving you a blowjob won’t help since a guy could do that just as well.  I can drop these pants and show you mine, but you are going to have to show me yours right here in front of all your friends.  An promise not to try that shit again, if I laugh.”  I said it knowing it was a risky thing to make fun of these guys.

“Drop it Moose, she is smarter than you,” a voice came from the crowd.

The big man turned his attention to the voice.  “Sometimes Eddie you got a big mouth,” he said.

“She at least graduated from high school,” The one he called Eddie said.

The one called Eddie was cute in a greasy kind of way.  He had greasy looking hair and there was black under his nails.  They all had ragged beards and tats everywhere, so it was hard use that in a description. Eddie was taller and thiner than most.  I mean some were tall and some were thin, but he had both things going for him.  He didn’t look junkie thin as some of the smaller ones did.  He looked almost gym rat thin.

“What’s your name girlie?” Eddie asked.

“Name is Sylvia,” I said lifting my beer.  I found the glass of draft beer to be ice cold, so cold it had no taste, which was fine with me.  I never liked the taste of ordinary beer.

“Sylvia, what brings you here?  You have to know this place is like a club, not just anyone gets in,” Eddie said.

“I’m not looking to join, just to have a beer,” I said.

“This is not the place for a hard woman, unless she can go with the flow like these others,” he said.

I took a look around.  The women in the room would have frozen to death, if the temperature in the room dropped twenty degrees.  They were all Junkie thin, so on that part I fit in pretty well.  They had pasty skin and sunken eyes, which I didn’t.  They were pure junkie whore material.  Also they wore almost no clothing.  Strips of cloth which barely covered anything.  They might as well have been standing around naked.

“What? ya’ll got a thing for meth head whores,” I said with a laugh.

“I wouldn’t say that too loud, a couple of those women are married to these guys,” Eddie said.

“And that changes what? other than their names,” I said.

“You got a smart mouth on you that’s for sure,” Eddie said.  “I wonder if it’s good for anything but pissing people off.”

“It is, but I don’t feel like it tonight,” I said showing him my elastic bandaged hand.

“Believe me you won’t need your hand for what I had in mind.” Eddie said.

“Oh and what is that,” I asked.

“First of all you prove you aren’t a guy in drag, then you put that smart mouth to good use, with an audience of course,” he said.

“So what is the upside for me?” I asked.

“For one thing, we don’t take turns kicking the shit out of you,” he suggested.

“Now why would you do that?” I asked.

“If you don’t prove yourself, then you must be a cop plant,” he said.

“Every woman who comes in and won’t give you a blow job is a cop?  Man that is some paranoid fucked up thinking.  You need to switch a better drug.” I said.

“Don’t matter none what you think of our initiation, you do it or we just kick the living shit out of you,” he said smiling.  I looked to the crowd and they all were smiling.

“I don’t care if the others watch, but I blow just one.  You can pick him,” I said.  “I don’t give a shit who it is since this ain’t about love.  It’s just self preservation.”

“Fair enough in the pit,” he said.  A cheer went up from the two dozen assorted misfits.

I followed Eddie back to what had been the garage part of the building.  There was this area where they had walked down into a hole under the car, to do oil changes.  Beside it was a lift, which must have come later.  The pit was still here for the first bay.   As I said before it had a glass floor over it, now I knew why.

Eddie lifted what would have been a trap door in most places.  It covered the opening to the pit.  The steps were steep, so I was careful even though I didn’t have the high heels that the other women wore.  When I got to the bottom of the pit, I noticed a light came on.  It wasn’t too bright, but it was bright enough to illuminate me.

“Now,” Eddie said.  “Let’s see what you got.”

“Don’t I at least get music?” I asked.

“Still with the smart mouth.  We will see how smart mouthed you are after this.  Now show us.” he demanded.

I slowly removed my white shirt.  I was thinking as fast as I could and moving as slow as I could.  The only idea I came up with was just go along and it would all be over soon.  On the upside they probably only made new people do it once.  Most likely they never came back.

The Russian commando tee shirt was tight enough to show my tits.  “Her nipples are hard.  What a whore,” I recognized the voice of the one called moose.  “I bet her cunt is soaked,”

I kicked off my shoes then removed the cargo pants.  I was left in the tee shirt and my panties.  “I told you look at the wet stain on her panties,” Moose said.

I removed the tee shirt,  “Shit she is the only women I ever seen who looks better with her top on,” Moose said.

“Speak for yourself,” one of the guys in the gallery added.

I lowered my wet panties to show my hairy mound.  “No cock,” I said.  I was extremely glad my voice didn’t shake with either fear or excitement.  I was on the verge of a spontaneous orgasm.  One that just came from nowhere.

The one who walked into the pit wasn’t Eddie or Moose it was a tall thin junkie type.  I looked at him questioningly.  I couldn’t figure out why they would send someone I hadn’t insulted into the pit with me.  He kept his shirt on but dropped his pants.  That is when I discovered why they had chosen him.  He had the biggest cock I had ever seen on a white man.

The black man, Lamar from the dance club not to far from where I stood, had a bigger cock but not much.  Lamar had been painful to suck and this one was going to be just as painful I knew.  “Well get to work bitch,” the man said.

I took his cock in on right hand, which wasn’t injured, and began to stroke it.  It hadn’t been rock hard, when he lowered his pants but with just a little attention it stood at attention.  It looked angry and dangerous.  The owner’s attitude was angry and the size of the monster was dangerous.  Most anything could happen with it blocking my airway.

I guided the wet slippery head to my mouth.  I kissed it first and then allowed it to enter my mouth.  When it entered my mouth I fought back the urge to gag as it touched the back of my throat.  When it made me gag it also gave me an orgasm based in fear and pain. The slight pain in my jaw was from the stretching of the joint.  I knew that he was going to force it down my throat,  I also knew I couldn’t stop him.  All I could do was hope that if I cooperated, he wouldn’t suffocate me with it.

I helped him fuck my mouth hoping he wouldn’t force it down my throat but I knew that it was just wishful thinking.  I made my mouth tight as I continued to orgasm.  I tried to keep my mouth wet for him.  His lubricate oozed out and I tried to swallow all of it.  It might not help my throat, but it couldn’t hurt.  He pumped my mouth for a long time.  Then his rhythm change and he drove harder.  He was almost entering my throat with every stroke.  Then he let out a groan and I tried to prepare myself.

His huge cock tore its way into my throat.  It was going deep and he was struggling to cum down my throat.  I couldn’t feel anything but a burning pain in my throat and the constriction of my own orgasms.  I don’t remember him removing it or how it felt at the end.  I had passed out from lack of oxygen. Or at least I had lost the ability to think, if I didn’t become completely unconscious.

When I came to my senses, I was laying on the filthy floor, in a fetal position.  One the whores was standing over me.  “Get up girlie, you gonna be okay.  Your mouth ain’t bleeding at all.  We have had alot worse happen in the pit.”

“My throat burns like hell.  I ain’t gonna be able to eat or drink anything but Milk for a month,” I said.

“No it just feels that way now.  The important thing is you can come or go, it’s up to you.  Nobody will do that again.  It’s kind of the female version of an initiation.  If you hadn’t done it, they would have beat you and wouldn’t have let you come back.  So now you are one of us, but on your terms.”

“I think my terms are to go home and lick my wounds,” I said.

“Let me help you get dressed and make sure you can drive,” she said.

“That’s awful nice of you.  I sure misjudged you,” I said.

“Probably not, I’m just helping cause I can.  I would still cut your throat, if you got between me and a meth pipe,” she admitted.  “If I was you, I would carry these wet panties.  They ain’t going to feel very good once you get out in the cool night air.”

I agreed, so I dressed in the tee, the dress shirt, the cargo pants, and my shoes.  I was headed up the stairs, but I was a little wobbly.  I had to brace myself all the way up.  Eddie caught up to me at the head of the stairs.

“I notice you ain’t got that smart mouth on  you now,” he said.

“No smart mouth,” I answered in a scratchy voice.

“I would buy you a drink, but I doubt you want one right now,”  he said loud enough for the others to hear and laugh.

“I’ll take that drink,” I said looking him in the eye.  The alcohol burned all the way into my stomach but I showed it only minimally.  I wouldn’t have shown it at all, if it had hurt just a little less.

I made it to my car unassisted.  I even manged to make it to a convenience store where I bought a quart of chocolate milk.  I sipped on the milk during the slightly chilly drive home.  It cold milk, and the cold air, and the meds I was already taking for the injured hand, make it all bearable.

“I should have been making plans to kill the guy with the big cock, but I knew I had asked for it.  I had walked into the bears den and poking him in the eye.  Truth is I was alive and I had orgasmed while I sucked it.  So I really should be thankful.

Besides now I could add biker whore to my resume.

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6 Responses to sylvia 99

  1. jack says:

    I don’t think biker whore is one i would want anyone to know about.

  2. cindypress says:

    that goes without saying

  3. garydan says:

    Heh. It seems like all your femme fatals in your stories end up in a biker bar sooner or later.

  4. cindypress says:

    yeah where else would they meet bad boys who were bad enough.

  5. KO says:

    She’s certainly got more balls than most guys and myself included! Even though I ride, I keep clear of the 1% ers! I would keep my distance even if I had a full auto AR with a belt feed an a case of ammo! I honestly think they’re like trying to stamp out cockroaches . . . . don’t think you ever get them all. And if that’s the case, that you don’t get them all, a lot of them have nothing else to do with their lives other than plot their revenge. So guess you’re pretty much fucked either way once you get hooked up with ’em. 😉

    Great stories, with fabulous twists, turns and more turns with some doubling back just for fun. Great writing, imaginiation and entertainment!! Thanks for continuing your trek and effort and allow us to tag along for the ride!! 😀

    • cindypress says:

      I was a little afraid no one would get this twist. It’s about the danger if you look back it’s always been about the danger there was no right and wrong good and evil, it was always the moment. And I agree about the bad guys but you got to have bad guys lol

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