sylvia 106

“Sylvia could you please step outside the door?  We need a little privacy,” TJ main man asked politely.

I nodded. I didn’t want to see him provide whatever drug TJ was doing at the time.  I saw Rodney standing by the door.  It was his job to see that I didn’t have any surprise visitors inside the room where they were getting ready.

“Rodney, It sure sounds like a full house out there,” I said.

“Yeah, Joan was right.  They probably chose this smaller venue so they could get some pictures of a packed house for the web,” Rodney said.

“We are definitely learning more than I personally ever wanted to know about show business,” I said.

Just then the door behind us opened and the much nicer Tyrone said, “We are ready to go any time now.”

“I got you.  We will check with Joan and come back in to lead you guys down.  Make sure Soda knows not to stop and shake hands or kiss the girls.  We want to go straight to the stage,”

“I got it Sylvia,” he said and closed the door.

“Damn, you sure changed their attitudes,” Rodney said with a smile.

“When you get to the bottom line, nobody is gonna break their rice bowl, if they have the choice,” I said.

“Huh?” Rodney asked.

“You had to be there,” I said to him.

“Bring them down,” Joan said over the radio.

“You lead the way, I’ll come along last.”  Rodney nodded.  “So lets get this train on track,” I said.  I stuck my head in the door and said, “It’s time.”

We led the slightly smaller crew down the stairs,  Rodney’s head was on a swivel as he walked down the center aisle of the theater.   Rodney was followed by the rest of us.  I had to prod TJ Soda to keep him from kissing all the pretty young girls.  He did finally start the show.  Rodney and I spent our time looking around, but nothing happened.

I would bet a months pay that if anyone decided to try our security, it would be because of me. Me because of the bandaged hand.  That thought came to me for the first time while soda pop was singing.  I guessed some of it was because I felt comfortable enough to go without the bandage for a few hours anyway.  I made my decision right there, it was the last event at which I would show any weakness.

When we led them out of the theater after ninety minutes of non stop crap pounding in our ears, Rodney and I were ready to go back to the motel.  We still had to put soda back on the bus but then we were headed to the motel.  After he got on that bus, we didn’t give a shit what he did.

It took half an hour before the place was empty enough for me to feel comfortable taking them out to the bus.  Something about an empty parking lot after a show was eerie, but nothing happened.  When the bus door closed I said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“Roger that,” Rodney said.

We found a waffle house on the way back to the motel.  “Hello there, I think I will have a waffle and sausage links with coffee to drink,” I said to the older lady who was taking orders from the booths adjacent to the counter.

“I would like two eggs with crisp bacon and toast.  I think I would like a coke to drink,” Rodney said to her request for his order.

“You spending the night in Joan’s room again?” I asked after the waitress was out of hearing.

“She called on my cell phone and told me to invite you as well,” he said with a grin.

“I’m gonna’ pass on that one.  For future reference I never crap where I eat,” I said.

“Is that your way of telling me, you don’t approve of me sleeping with Joan,” he said.  I could tell he was about to get his dander up.

“It’s my way of telling you I don’t sleep with people I work for, or with.  That is all it is.  Stop looking for shit to be pissed about.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar according to Freud.

When the food came several minutes later Rodney said, “You are right.  I’m sorry.  You have never treated me different than anyone else.  You order everyone around.  It’s just your way.”

I don’t in the bedroom, I thought.  I sure as hell don’t want you to see how I am, when I am all sexed up.  I did not say anything though, I just nodded.

When we reached the motel he dialed Joan’s number from his cell phone.  “Well hey,” he said into the phone.  “You still taking in strays.”  He listened then said, “No just me is that a problem?”  He listened again then said, “I’ll be right down.”

“Damn, she really sounded disappointed,” he said to me.

“I’m sure you can calm her down.  She most likely will be all smiles in the morning.” I said.  “So do you want to run tomorrow?”

“Probably not,” he said with a wicked smile.

“Fair enough,” I said as he disappeared out the door.  He could probably get away with screwing her.  As long as there was no trouble it shouldn’t make any difference.  If he fucked up though, would she blame it on me.  We would have to wait and see.  If I raised a stink, there would be a stink on me as well.

I looked at the schedule before I went to bed.  I was happy to see there was a two day window before the next show in New York City.  We could either stay here or move to some place closer.  My choice was to stay where we were, then just drive into the city to set up security for the show at the last minute, as we had done everywhere else.

I fell asleep thinking about the New York show.  The Patterson show had gone well, so I had every expectation that the New York show would as well.

The next morning I ran.  I ran up and down the access road to the highway.  Before the trip began, I had decided to stop running by distance.  I ran for time.  I hit one hour, just as I entered the parking lot on my return to the motel.

When I got back to the room, Rodney was still MIA, so I headed into the bathroom.  I carried a bright orange tee shirt and clean bikini panties with me.  I took the quick shower and washed my short hair.  I was looking less like a cancer survivor all the time.  I looked  more like that soccer player than a soccer mom though.  My hair was about two inches long at it’s longest point.

When I got out of the shower I heard the door open and close.  I correctly assumed that it was Rodney.  I left the bathroom dressed in my traffic cone orange tee shirt, and white bikini panties.  I was forced to put the jeans from the day before back on my body.

“Rodney we are going to have to find a laundromat.  I have no idea when we will have another chance.“ I said.  I had only one pair of green cargo pants, a black pair, and two pairs of jeans.  The cargo pants were both dirty and smelled of cigarette smoke.  I had on one pair of the jeans, so I only had one pair left.  I had soiled five tee shirts so I needed to get them into the laundromat today or tomorrow for sure.

“How about we have breakfast and go do laundry,” he said.  “I need some clean clothes as well.  I have a feeling this is going to be a major problem.  Maybe we should hit a Walmart for more stuff as well, as the laundromat.”

Well looking at the schedule for the week after New York, we do have some serious traveling to do.  It looks as though we can squeeze in a wash and dry every week but it would be nice to have some extra underwear just in case.

We found one of those chrome and glass diners built to resemble an old railway dining car.  It was much larger of course, but still it was supposed to remind me of one.

It was just a mundane day off.  We spent almost two hours doing laundry, then we drove to a Walmart store.  It was time to stop for lunch on the way back to the motel.  Rodney chose the restaurant I didn’t even object that it was another chain with over decorated wall and under flavored food.

Rodney’s phone had rang twice while we were out.  I wasn’t surprised that Joan was calling to look for her new lover on her day off.  She probably wanted a little nooner, I thought.

While Rodney went to service our boss, I went to have the SUV quick oil change shop.  They checked the tires and fluids for me as well.  Since I knew neither Rodney or I was about to keep an eye on anything on a regular basis, it was a good idea.  When that was finished, I went back to the motel and got on the computer.  I checked the weather and the national news, before I checked into an adult chat room.  Since I had bookmarked four of them, it was easy to move from one to another.

The first thing I found hilarious about the chat room was that men swore all the women in the rooms were pretenders.  Men pretending to be women I supposed they meant.  It was hilarious, because if all of us were pretending, and they hated it as much as they claimed, why were they there.  If I asked that question, then I was labeled a pretender as well.  Also I was labeled a pretender, if I refused to send a total stranger a picture.

Now I don’t fear total stranger face to face, but I do fear cyber stalkers.  I like being the only person having access to Sylvia Porter‘s bank account.  I also like being the only one who has access to my biographical information.  In other words I don’t want stranger on the Internet to know enough about me to change my life.  I don’t send pictures and I don’t give strange access to my email address or my messenger account.  If we meet enough times that I’m willing to take a chance, then that’s a whore of a different color.

All that is to explain why I have four different chat rooms bookmarked.  I simply move from one to another as the other chatters get too pushy, or try to get too much information from me.  Of course I had to make a more believable life’s story.  Nobody would believe that all the shit I got into was real, so I had to be a divorced wedding photographer on line.  My online age varied from 27 to 40 just depending on how I felt that day.  I never pretended to have children because I would have no idea how to talk about them.  If someone asked me at what age a child’s pubic hair started to grow, I would probably say 16 and they would know I was pretending.  Hey I guess that made me a pretender after all.

Anyway that day I was a divorced women of 35 living in West Virginia.  I started chatting with a man who pretty soon had my hand inside my jeans.  I was busy masturbating when Rodney opened the door.  I pulled my hand out of my jeans, but Rodney was no idiot.  He knew exactly what I was doing.  He even said, “Don’t mind me I was just coming back for my dental floss.”

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9 Responses to sylvia 106

  1. jack says:

    Dental floss been know to need that from time ot time. lol But now if i have a choice i prefer it smooth with no stuble

  2. jack says:

    The act or the description of it ? lol But it always fun to help her make smooth with no stuble

  3. jack says:

    wind and raining cats and dogs here 6 in so far roads flooded ,, basement taking on water

  4. garydan says:

    Yikes !! Whereabouts do yo live in relationship to Sandy, If I may ask?
    I live in West Michigan, and we are going to get 50MPH winds from this storm, even being quite far away. Nothing compared to those in the direct path though.

    • jack says:

      Marylands eastern shore 75 miles from Ocean city 25 miles from navel acadamy

      • cindypress says:

        rain wind power out for a while last night. And of course the bathtub isn’t draining. Dad isn’t able to help though he thinks he is. Plumber on the way don;t even want to think about that bill lol.

        prayers to all of you in the path

  5. jack says:

    Sandy came landfall about 100 miles north of ocean city Maryland

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