sylvia 108

Sylvia 108

Reggie and I drove off heading for Portland Maine.  It seemed like a reasonable place to stop for a couple of days.  Reggie was a true pixie.  Since Joan had roadies to do the equipment toting, a pixie as a gopher was fine.

Reggie probably weighed less than my one hundred and ten pounds.  Well one ten when I wanted to impress someone. It was sometimes a light in the ass one hundred and five pounds, but sometimes it was a too many donuts, one hundred and fifteen pounds.  The heavier weight was also, when I didn’t run or ride my bike enough.

She was a couple of inches shorter, but on her the full weight thing worked.  She had a smaller frame, but a larger chest.  She also had hips that made jeans look a hell of a lot better on her.  All in all she was a great bait chick.  That is the girl, a less gorgeous girl took with her to attract the men,  So she would win them over with her charm or willingness to screw.

It wasn’t why I allowed her to come along.  I did it just because I thought she would be fun.  Since I was putting her on the company expenses account, sort of, it cost me nothing to let her ride along.  If she proved to be a bother, I could always push her out in the cold.  Well maybe not, but I could ignore her easily enough.

We stopped at one of those pancake house restaurants for breakfast.  All the chrome and glass places were wearing me down.  Hometown restaurants might suffer from my absence, even when I got home.  There was less adventure in chain restaurants, but also less gastrointestinal issues.

“So are you a permanent employee of the promoter, or just summer help?” I asked.

“Summer help, I’m a college student in the winter,” she answered.

“Oh what college?” I asked.

“Do I have to answer that?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I said.  “I love a mystery.”

“Good,” she answered.

I took a better look at Reggie.  Her hair was red and her skin pale, so it was probably her real color.  It had also been enhanced, that hair color didn’t come for God.  It was to vibrant and there was a more natural color showing on her roots.

She could have gotten her outfit from my bag.  She wore a tee shirt and jeans.  Well she did have to wear a bra.  She was much better endowed than me.  Where I wore military style boots or running shoes, she wore leather slip ons. Her clothes fit really well, which led me to believe she came from money.  She was also too well spoken to be a gopher for a rock promoter.

“So how did you land the job working for the promoter,” I asked.

“Family connections,” she answered.  “My mom knows a lot of people, she is an accountant.”

“So you had your choice of jobs and this one sounded like the most fun?” I asked.

“It got me out of town for the whole summer,” she said.

“Ah that works,” I said.  “In our rebellion stage are we?”

“Yes, I guess that had something to do with it,” she replied.  After a moment to think she asked, “How about you, what was your path here?”

“Used to be in law enforcement,” I said.  “Now I’m hiding out from law enforcement,”  I had thought it was just a smart ass comment, but I realized there was some truth to it.

“Well, I’m glad you are here.  You know you are quite the role model.” she said.

“Hardly,” I said “If you have finished eating, lets get back on the road.  We need to find a cheap motel.”

“Not too cheap, I hope,” she added.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said.

The motel turned out to be an Econo-lodge at the first exit to Portland.  I didn’t even ask the rate for the double room, I just handed them the card.  “You know I’m sure that Swamp Dog is going to bill the promoter for this room, so Joan is going to pay, sort of,” I said.

“Good, then I don’t feel so bad,” she said.

“You know I don’t believe for a minute that you cared anyway,” I said.  “I’m sure  it would have ended up on your mother’s credit card in the case of an emergency.”

“Then why do you think I am here.  I told you I’m not gay,” she said.

“Well I figure you didn’t want to be alone on the road and I was the only game in town, if you didn’t want to go home.  It okay I know that being on the road alone in a strange place is scary,” I said.

“Regular Sherlock Holmes aren’t you?” she asked.

“Hardly, anyway Watson bring in your bags and lets set up shop,” I directed.

After the bags were in she asked, “So now what?”

“You bored already.  Damn I’m the one who should be bored,”  I paused a moment then went on.  “You ever take a run in the pouring rain?”

“God no, it sounds awful.” she replied.

“Well if you have any running shoes that aren’t designer type, or ones for which you paid less than a hundred bucks, you can come with me on my run.  If not you can watch TV.  You could use my computer, but it is password protected.  Of course you probably have your own.  I suggest Imaslut,com got some great pics.”

It was a little cool out but I put on a dark long sleeve tee and a pair of gym shorts to run.  I didn’t were the running suit it would be miserable when it got wet.  I might be a little chilly, but I could dry these rags out on the shower rod, if worse came to worse.

“I see you decided not to come along.  That’s a good choice,” I said.

“When you get back we are going to Walmart for some ordinary clothes.  Things I can run in tomorrow,” Reggie said,

“Right you are Watson,” I said with a grin.

“You know I’m not gay right?” she asked.

“Of course dear,” I said with a grin.  I had no idea how it would work out, but I was sure it would be a nice change for us both probably.  I ran an hour in the pouring rain.  It was really quite miserable on one hand and fun on the other.  I have no idea why I had found the cold rain fun to run in, but I had.  When I returned to the room, I found Reggie sitting at the desk by the window.  She was punching keys on a laptop that looked an awful like the one I owned.

“Well you dared me to crack the password, I had to try.  I have been at it since you left,” Reggie said.

“So how did you do?” I asked.

“Well it isn’t password, Sylvia, or Porter.  I tried a lot of job related words as well.  So you have really done a good job with it.”

“Then to you are no cypher expert are you,” I asked.

“No, I’m an accounting major,” she informed me.

“My how exciting,” I said.

“How did you get in law enforcement,” she asked changing the subject. “I saw the one tee shirt with a police logo on it.  You obviously don’t wear it, so you keep it as a souvenir,” she said.

“Well done,” I said.

“You don’t mind that I went through you bag?” she asked.

“If you hadn’t told me I would have.  And if I really had something to hide I would have hidden it.  Like I did this,” I said removing the Glock, and the .38 from between the towels in the bathroom.

“What if I had taken a shower,” she asked.

“Your hair was wet, when I first spoke to you this morning.  Not the I ran to the car for a clean top wet,  It was soaking wet from the shower,  By the way I’m glad you aren’t so prissy you need a blow dryer.  Anyway, if you took a shower three hours ago, and you hadn’t had sex, why would  you shower again?” I asked.

“Hide in plain sight,  I love it,” she said.  “I might be even less prissy than you.  Even if my running shoes cost more than yours, and I wear designer jeans,”

She knew that I had noticed, I thought I liked that about her.  Shall we go look around town.  I will even buy you a cup of designer coffee,” I said.

“Oh no, we go were ever you want.  I am so fucking tired of Starbuck’s  and all that shit,” Reggie said.

“Good let’s go see what is in Portland then,” I suggested.  She was all smiles as I went into the bathroom to take a warm up shower, I needed so badly.  When I finished I put my wet clothes in the black plastic garbage bag with my dirty ones.

Okay we have to do laundry for about an hour and a half.  Then we have the Walmart trip for you, before we stop for coffee,” I said.  Then I added, “Okay?”

“Sure, but what about your running shoes?”  she asked.

“Well they go into the dryer at the laundromat.  If they fall apart this time I spend fifteen bucks more for a new pair,” I said.

“Sounds reasonable of course you are ruining your feet wearing cheap shoes,” she said.

“Yeah, when I get to be seventy I will have to wear those old lady shoes.  Oh yeah, I will be an old lady, if I live that long,” I said.

“Right,” she said sarcastically.

“Well Watson let’s make a break for it,” I said after I had the ,38 tucked safely in the pocket of the cargo pants.  I was wearing the forest green ones, along with one of my black tee shirts.  Because I was still cold from the run, I put a white dress shirt with long sleeves on over it.  It was a chilly rain after all.

We found a McDonald’s on the way, so I bought two large coffee’s black.  I was surprised when Reggie didn’t insist I get her some creme or sugar.  She really was trying to be a good sport.  I could tell when she made a face at the taste.

“Sweetie you can only tell if the coffee is good when it is black.  Ask any coffee expert, like a truck driver or a cop,” I said at the face she made.

When we settled into the local restaurant facing the water with coffee, she finally looked at home.  Well as much as a rocker chick wannabe could in a fisherman’s restaurant.  I mean that it was a real sit down, full service, coffee in a  real cup, kind of place.  As opposed to the coffee from a paper cup that I usually drank.

“The rain falling on the ocean makes the coffee taste even better.  “It would still be better with creme and sugar, but I’m determined to learn to like it,” she said.

“Good for you.  And I want to compliment you on the clothes you bought.  You spent less than a hundred bucks and got a lot of stuff.”

“It’s hard to believe I could get so many tee shirts for that.  I mostly have worn button up shirts to hide my boobs but since you don’t, and I’m going to be hanging with you for a few days, I don’t want to look like a nerd, when the boys compare us.  I assume there will be boys?” she asked.

“There will be boys for sure,” I said.  I had even bought a pair of shorts myself, since there would be boys.  I had asked the waitress, and one of the slutty looking clerks at Walmart, where was the best places to go for a drink.  One place made it onto both lists.  The lounge at the Portland Inn.

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12 Responses to sylvia 108

  1. KO says:

    Great chapters and it’s always a treat to catch up on a few at a time. Nice to see a lull in the action and that Sylvia has a new friend. As always, looking forward to each and every chapter!!

    BTW, Happy Halloween to ya!!

    • cindypress says:

      and a happy Halloween to you. hope you dont get eaten by all the werewolves and vampires out there.

      • Walt says:

        Don’t get any goblins or ghosts out here when your zip code is EIEIO. Poor kids would have to walk a half to a mile between houses. Haven’t had one in the 9 years I’ve lived here. Several churches in town have “tailgate” trick or treats in their parking lots. Much safer for the kids. Daughter said she was amazed at how many showed up with the temp at 40* and 10 mph wind. Of course, how do you say no to a kid determined to get his share of the candy loot?

      • cindypress says:

        didn’t have a single kid here I think they are afraid of the crazy old lady who lives in big old haunted house.

  2. jack says:

    Will they do double date or double screw in the same room for safety sake? hate to see the new friend get hurt.

  3. garydan says:

    We don’t get any Haloween visitors any more either. I live out in the near contryside from a small town.
    Remember when it made tha national news sometime back in history ’70s ? Somebody had put razorblades in the trick or treak apples and other things.
    After that, it was like somebody turned off the Haloween Trick or Treat switch.
    We would get 10 or 20 groups that came in usually. After that year and to this day, not a single one, none.
    It ruined my fun too. We have a long driveway that is covered with very tall pine trees on both sides, and it is usually very dark and scary. I used to hide off in the puckerbrush by the driveway and make noises.
    Some kids & their parents would turn tail and run, but the ones that did make it to the front porch were richly rewarded.
    I really do miss that. Our local small town fire station/town still has a Haloween Party with all the old fasioned stuff like apple bobbing contests, costume contests, etc. The only difference from when I was a kid is all the smarter than smart phones and pads that are waving around by half the people in the place taking pictures, videos, and texting.

    • cindypress says:

      they have those kinds of things here as well. I don’t miss the old days with the weather last night. But when it was nice weather I liked to see the kids excitement since the last few years we give out the good stuff. That’s because when they leave I get the left overs and don’t feel guilty like the old times nothing goes to waste these days. I might go to waist.

    • Walt says:

      I know the feeling Gary. Two miles from the center of town and you are in farm country and I’m only 7 miles out. I used to set up speakers on each side of my garage door, dress like a monster, and growl into a microphone. Only the kid’s mom and their laundry knew how scared some were. They’d run back to the sidewalk but then I’d show them the big bowl of candy and they would come back for their loot.

      I remember those days when some idiot would actually put razor blade pieces in candy or other crap to make them sick. Really sick dudes that would harm children like that.

  4. cindypress says:

    No wonder you guys get the small town things I write about.

    • Walt says:

      Yup, by cracky we’s jist sits round the country store whittlin on a stick, chawin bakky and sippin sour mash. We’s like to hug and kiss them pretty girls when they go by and we wish we could take them and….uhh….hey guys whut what that other thing we used to do?

      • cindypress says:

        The memory isn’t the first to go you know it when before you accept a date you have to ask if he can get it up. If they can remember which pocket the blue pills are in I accept.

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