sylvia 109

Sylvia 109

Reggie and I spent the afternoon just driving around town.  We checked out restaurants for dinner and where exactly the Portland Inn was located.  The Inn was a very fancy name for a shabby downtown motel.  It was obviously outside the downtown rehab area.  It was headed toward oblivion, and should be there in a few year.  It was a good thing we got to town when we did, if we wanted to hang out there.

“So it’s dinner at Elizabeth’s Italian restaurant and then on to the Portland Inn’s lounge,” I suggested to Reggie.

“That Portland Inn looks pretty seedy.  Are you sure that’s a good idea?” she asked.

“You are the one who told me she wanted to see how people, who have never been to Starbuck’s live,” I reminded her.

“Yes, but that place may be a little more grunge than I can cope with,” she suggested.

“All right little girl, you can either get picked up while having dinner at Elizabeth’s Italian, or you can come with me to the Inn.  I’m going, with or without you,” I admitted.

“What do we do, if we both get lucky?” she asked.

“I guess we play it by ear.  I will tell you this, it wouldn’t be the first time I did it with another people in the room,” I replied thinking back over the last few years.  I definitely did not plan to tell her how it happened.

“Alright, let’s go back and watch the news on the computer, then get dressed for dinner and the lounge,” Reggie suggested.

The news was depressing but I refused to allow anything to depress me.  I managed to ignore the parts that would have brought me down.  Reggie and I took turns at the hot shower.  It didn’t run out of hot water, so they had a great tank somewhere.  We were each in the shower for a long time trying to shake the bone chilling cold rain.  For me it was worse, I hadn’t been warm since my run in the rain in the morning.  I just could not shake the chill, but I was  determined to go through with our evening out.  It was way past time I got away from the job.  

On the news I really bummed that there was even more shit in Afghanistan.  It was never going to end.  I personally liked George Bush’s style, but he should have consulted with the Russians before he sent in troops.   His replacement decided that it was a war, we could actually win.  Every politician was so arrogant, they refused to learn the lessons of history.  They were even going to allow a country with a half dozen nukes to blackmail us into giving them millions in aid, which they passed along to our enemies in the field.  Jesus we were in effect buying them IED’s, like the one that rattled my brain.  If I had the money I would sue the government for my brain injury.  Okay, It wasn’t a permanent thing, but it sure scared the hell out of me.

What the hell was I thinking, I was in the room with an almost beautiful young woman and we were about to go out for a night on the town.  Why was I letting those times resurface at that moment.  Maybe I was brain damaged after all.

“Hey Reggie, we can’t go to dinner till after seven and it’s only four what the hell you want  to do till then,” I asked.

“Well I h ave already told  you, I’m not gay, if you had that in mind.”  She said it with a smile, so that I wouldn’t lose my temper at her.  It probably would have worked on anyone else.

“Look Reggie, sex between us is not an option.  You have told me, you are not that kind of girl, and I don’t force myself on people.  Plus we are employees of the same people.  That is the second no, no and third and most important, I just don’t find little girls attractive,” I said.

“Well I guess you told me,” she said angrily.

“Yeah, well you shouldn’t answer questions before they are asked.  Now would you like to go to the movies this afternoon.  It’s to cold and wet to do anything outside,” I said just to piss her off.

“Oh that’s what you meant,” she said.

“Yeah, we could dress for dinner then go to the movies and dinner.  Then, if you don’t want to dress slutty, we could go from there to the club.  If you do, we could come back and change,” I said.

“What are you planning to do,” she asked.

“I thought I would come back after dinner to change into my slut rags,” I said.

“Oh I can’t go in there looking all prim and shit, if your are going to do that.  Okay movie, Italian food, and then orgy,” she said.  “I was only kidding about the orgy.”

“It’s alright I think I know now that you are all talk.  Just be careful some of these New England fisherman types might not get it like I do.” I said.

“Most likely you won’t get it either,” she said with that pixie smile again.

“You are hopeless,” I said.  I on the other hand was not smiling.  

We managed to find a revival theater in town.  Lots of towns had them in their renovated downtowns.  It was a old but small theater.  Most of those theaters were grand old music halls.  This one probably seated a hundred people.  It had a 4PM showing of Casablanca.  I couldn’t believe it, when Reggie said she had never seen it.

“Well that will never do.  You can not grow up without seeing this movie,” I said.  “I saw it on the public broadcasting channel late one night.  I always wanted to see it in a theater.  There is a different feeling watching a film in a theater,” I said.

“Alright I will skip the latest teenage vampire movie and watch Casablanca, but who is Humphrey Bogart,” she asked.  “What a dork name.”

I just shook my head.  Before the movie we had a large coffee and filled our pockets with candy.  I raised hell when they tried to keep the coffee out.  I told them we would be happy to buy his coffee, if he sold it.  With that he backed down a little.  I didn’t think he would really try to keep us out, just because he didn’t sell coffee.

So it was a boggy, black coffee, and sour candy kind of afternoon.  Life was good for ninety minutes.  After those ninety minutes, I had to come back to reality what a bummer.  I shook off those reality feelings as Reggie and I walked out on to the rain soaked street.

The rain had stopped but the air was still damp and chilled.  Reggie and I went to dinner at Elizabeth’s.  The food was good and the coffee wasn’t bad at all.  I had a salad with about a hundred things in the huge bowl.  It was filled with fruits, veggies and lots of deli meats.  The restaurant was Reggie’s choice, I hate pasta,  I hadn’t told her because there are lots of things I hate.  Since that is the case, I learned to find edible things on most any menu.

The restaurant was warm and I think we both appreciated that most.  The coffee after dinner was great.  Reggie had some kind of Italian desert I had never heard of, but I didn’t mind I kept my mouth shut and Reggie never knew.

It was after eight when we arrived back at the motel.  “So what you gonna wear,” Reggie asked me.

I had bought a slightly more conservative outfit than the biker slut one, at walmart.  The top was soft knit, but cut just above the waist, rather than barely covering my nipples.  That I wore over a pair of short shorts, not a skirt the same length as the short shorts.  I also wore panties, something I didn’t do with the biker slut outfit.

I did make up my face the same as I did for the bikers.  I wear make up so seldom that it always looks like shit on me.  Reggie took one look and redid my eye makeup.  It looked the same to me.  Reggie said it made a different statement.  I had to believe her. since I had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

I drove the SUv back into Portland and found my way back to the Inn without too much trouble.  “You sure you want to do this little girl?” I asked Reggie.

“Oh yeah, it’s time I cut loose a little,” she said.  “Maybe this will be like Rick’s Cafe American.”

“I think this is going to have a lot less class than that.  Most likely the entertainment will be a juke box with country and western music.” I said.

“How do you dance to that?” she asked.

“I don’t think there is a lot of dancing, but I could be wrong.  Since this is a thousand miles from the kind of bar I’m used to, it could be really classy,” I knew it my heart it wouldn’t be.

I wasn’t prepared for what I did see upon entering the lounge.  There had been a middle aged white woman at the registration desk for the Inn.  The lounge however was almost all black college kids.  Well at least they were the age to be college kids, so that would be my guess.  They were all dressed casually but none had anything that would make me think street thug.  

Reggie and I would have recognized it, since we were babysitting thug pretenders.  “So Reggie, you want to leave?”

“I’m fine if  you are,” she said.

“Well we are badly out numbered, but I didn’t come to fight.”  It was a good thing since I had only the flat box opener with the snap off blade.  It was hard to tell I was armed, but was also impossible to frighten anyone into behaving with it.  So it was a weapon of last resort.  “Let’s at least have one drink  If you feel uncomfortable after that, we can leave,” I said.

“If they play any hard rap music, it is one drink and I’m out of here,” she said.

“I second that,” I agreed with a laugh.  That’s the only kind of music I had heard for two weeks.  Well except for my traveling music.  We found out quickly there was no table service.  It was a do it yourself bar.  I decided on a beer since it seemed to be the only thing in the joint with a reasonable price.  The draft was a dollar a glass, so I planned to pay for one.  If I couldn’t get someone to buy the next round, I would be out of the place.  I ordered two planning to carry a draft back to the table for Reggie.

The young man who approached was definitely more Reggie’s age than mine.  “Hey I saw you two come in.  If you aren’t meeting anyone, I would love to buy those for you,” he said.

“We aren’t meeting anyone, so sure you can pay for these, and join us as well,” I said.

“Good I Jamal,” he said.  His accent was definitely New York or somewhere close to it.

We were back at the table when I said, “I’m Sylvia and this is Reggie.”

“Wow you are both gorgeous,” he said wide eyed at Reggie up close.

“Well thanks, but I think you meant Reggie,” I said with a laugh.

“Oh no, I meant both of you for sure,” he said.

I knew damn well I couldn’t compete with Reggie she was better built, had great hair, and really a great personality.  Hell if I was a man, I would be mad about her.  Hell if we didn’t work for the same boss, I would still be mad about her.  I smiled and sat back to enjoy him flirting with her.  I sort of encourage him to sit nearer to her.  Alright I wanted to see  how she handled the flirting.

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