sylvia 110

Sylvia 110

It was a very short time later when another young man approached the table.  “Hello, would you like to dance?” he asked me.

“Are you sure you mean me. I’m kind of old for you,” I said.

“I like hot older women.  Besides you look like you can uh dance,” He said smiling suggestively.

I thought about it really hard for about half a second, then I stood and followed him onto the postage stamp sized dance floor.   There were about half a dozen other white women in the place, and they were all on the dance floor.  That in and of itself made dancing close a requirement.

He held me tight against him while we moved more or less in time with the music.  I began to feel things and to notice my reactions.  First I felt the nipples on my breast harden.  I had the feeling that he felt them too.  It should have been fairly easy, after all I wore no bra.  Pretty soon thereafter I felt his erection press again me.  It was big and as hard as an old water pipe.  Then I felt the slippery sensation between my legs.

“My god you are hot,” the younger man said.

“I guess, I should say thank you,” I replied.

“Not unless you mean it,” he said.

“I might, if I though you did,” I said seriously.

He spun me around so that my butt rubbed against his cock.  He also held me close then his arms crossed over me.  Yes you guessed it, his hands rested on my breasts.  He was close enough so that no one heard when he whispered, “You like this don’t you?” he asked massaging my breast and tweaking my nipples.  Everyone on the dance floor could see, if they weren’t too busy to look.

I honestly wanted to lie and tell him no, but I just couldn’t.  I didn’t dare speak loud enough for him to hear me, or I would have alerted everyone on the crowded dance floor, so I just nodded my head.  I thought so,” he said.  He made the same move as before and  I was facing him again.

“Do you have good pussy Sylvia?” he asked.

“I have been told I do,” I said in a breathless whisper.

“I guess I will have to find out for myself, what do you say Sylvia?” He asked.

“I’m here with my friend Reggie,” I said.

“I know, I guess that means I will have to fuck you both,” he said.

“I think Reggie is going to have her own man,” I suggested.

“Then I’ll fuck you tonights and her tomorrow night,” he said.  “Does that sound good.”

“Yes, it sounds fine, for you,” I said.  “But she and I are sharing a motel room.  It would be a little embarrassing.  Her watching might be a turn on, or it turn out to be just embarrassing.”

“You would like to find out wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“I have no idea how I would find out,” I suggested.

“Well I could dance with her, then get her to agree to join us,” he said. “Or I could talk to the dude with her, and see if he could get her to join us.  Would you agree to that.”

“If you can do either of those, or get her to watch and not freak out, I will take you back to our motel,” I said in agreement.

“By the way my name is Randy,” he said to me.

“Of course it is,” I answered.  That’s Reggie and Jamal.” I added.

“Jamal let’s got get a drink,” Randy said when we returned to the table.  The second young man stood and walked behind Randy.  It was obvious that Randy was the alpha male.

When the were away from the table, I asked Reggie, “So what did you think of him?”

“Jamal? He’s okay, but I really think I like Randy better,” she said with a laugh.

“So how about both of them?” I said.  “I think they both might ask us to go home or take them back to the motel.”

“Well Jamal is harmless,” she said.

“So would you want to go back with him and Randy, or just share Randy?” I asked.

“Well either idea sounds good to me right now,” Reggie admitted.

I simply nodded and awaited the two men’s return.  Only Randy returned.  “I’m sorry Jamal had to return return to bar he is waiting for his girl friend.  I’m sorry Reggie, he is meeting someone later.” Randy said.

I recognized it as bullshit.  I wondered it Reggie did as well.  If she did, she didn’t let on.  She just shrugged.

“Would you dance with me,” Randy asked.  “I don’t think Silvie would mind.”

“Not at all, we are both her to have fun,” I said ignoring the pet name he had called me.

He and Reggie stood and walked to the dance floor.  He smiled at me but Reggie wouldn’t even look at me.  I knew what the plan was going to be already.  Randy didn’t plan to share us with anyone.  I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about that.  Randy was going to get quite the deal, two women for two bucks.  That had to be the best deal he would ever get.

When the two of them returned to the table Reggie’s face was flushed.  “Ready?” he asked me.

I didn’t answer I just stood.  I turned to the door.  When we got to the parking lot he said, “Reggie is going to ride with me.  Just to be sure I don’t get lost.”

And to be sure she doesn’t change her mind, I thought.  “That’s fine.  If you get there first you will have to wait in the car, I have the only door key.”  It was a small lie.  I actually had both door keys just to be sure I wouldn’t be walking into an ambush.  He just might not be what he claimed to be.

When I got into the SUV I wrapped my hand again.  It had been out of the wrap since we got left the motel.  I brought it along just in case, so now it was the case.  If I had to move it more than just a little, it would hurt less with the elastic bandage in place.

When I got to the motel Reggie was standing by the door.  “Where is Randy?” I asked, when I was near her.

“He went to the coke machine,” she answered.

I nodded then asked, “You sure you are good with this?” I asked.

“Are you good with watching us.  I know you said you would be are you still?” she asked.

“Randy hadn’t told her the truth about his plan.  I decided to wait and see how he planned to manage it.  “I’m fine with just watching,” I said.  “Of course I’m fine with fucking him as well.” I added.

“You wont make a move on him will you.  I rather like the idea of a strong man for a change.”

“No honey I won’t make a move on him,” I promised.  “You do know what might happen though.”

“Nothing I don’t want will happen to me, he said,” Reggie repeated it.

“I can promise you that as well.  If you say stop, he will stop that I promise you,” I meant it too.  He might be bigger, but I assure you I was badder than any college kid,\.  No matter how bad he thought he was.

I went into the room.  Before I stripped off the shorts, I recovered the .38 and slipped it under the bed out of sight, but not out of reach.  I sat on the bed furtherest from the door.

Randy came in the room with one of the ice buckets that the motel kept by the ice machine.  He also carried two cans of coke and plastic cups provided by the motel.  He mixed two drinks one for each of us.  Sure I was a little concerned, but not so much that I didn’t want to go along.

“Here you go,” he said handing me one of the cups.

“You know, I think I’ll hold off on that,” I said.  “Randy, you don’t need that.”

“Nothing but coke in it.” he said.

“If I hold a gun on your head and search you, I won’t fine anything?” I asked.  Ordinarily I would make him drink the coke, but the truth was he would enjoy the feeling probably.

“Okay, it’s just to help you relax,” he explained.

“I’m relaxed enough,” I said.  “So is Reggie.”

“What are you two talking about?” Reggie asked.

“Randy here just wanted to be sure you were going to relax and cooperate.  It’s okay, it doesn’t mean anything.” I said to her.  I wasn’t quite ready to give up on Randy, but I was damn close. He walked to the bathroom, then poured the drinks in the sink.

“Well, how about a real drink,” I asked.  I used his coke and mixed it with a bottle of cheap bourbon I had laying in the bottom of my duffel bag.  Then we all sat on the edge of my bed to watch TV while we drank.

“Damn that’s good stuff,” Randy said, breaking the tension.

It took three drinks and half an hour but Reggie had time to think things over while she got more relaxed.  She was all in and that’s what I wanted to see from her.  Randy began to kiss and manhandle her body.  I was enjoying every second of it.  The whole thing was lite only by the light from the TV.  I couldn’t see the small details, but I could sure see the larger moves.

I could see his hand under her tee shirt and most likely inside her bra but I couldn’t see that last part I had to imagine it.  He broke the kiss and said something to her.  She moved away and lifted her arms over her head.  He stripped the tee shirt from her body.  She reached behind and unclasped the hooks of the very pretty lace bra.  She was breathing through her mouth from the excitement,when he bent to her.

I could see what came next.  Not too clearly but I could see him lean forward.  I knew he was sucking on her small hard nipples.  I saw his hand cover the over breast.  He was massaging it and tweaking the nipple.  Reggie was gasping for air.  She was more than willing, she was an active participant at that point.  She held his head pressed again her breast.  While she gasped for air.

I could feel my panties flood with lubricant.  It was as if it were happening to me.  I watched as Randy forcefully removed  his head from her breast.  He stepped back and said, “Strip for us.”  It was the first time he acknowledged my presence. “You heard me strip for us,” he demanded.

I was about to call a halt to the game, when Reggie stood and removed her pants.  She had a beautiful body.  It was hard for me not to gasp at the sight of her body.  Her breasts hardly sagged at all.  Her belly was perfectly flat and her hips barely flared on the sides.  Looking back, I am sure the light dim, colored light of the TV helped, but she was beautiful.

Randy stood and began to undress in front of her.  He was stood naked to the waist before us both.  He was medium dark for a black man.  His body was that of a amateur athlete.  “What’s your sport?” I asked speaking for the first time.”

“I play on the basketball team,” he said.  I nodded and again was quiet.  Shortly there after he dropped his trousers.  His penis was straining against his shorts and  he too had a wet spot in his underwear.  He had to struggle to get his underwear off.  When he did I heard Reggie gasp.  It was probably her first black penis.

“So you like my dick,” he asked Reggie.  She couldn’t answer.  “Answer me.”

“Yes I like it,” she said in a voice not even I could recognize.

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  1. jack says:

    nice action ,, thanks

  2. cindypress says:

    you are more than welcome/

  3. jack says:

    will Reggie be able to handle it.that is the question

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