sylvia 111

Sylvia 111

He turned so that I could see his full length and thickness.  His cock was big, how big exactly I  had no idea.  I was sure that it was going to cause some discomfort for both Reggie and me before this night was over.  He didn’t ask me anything I think somehow he knew I wouldn’t cause any trouble so he was concentrating on Reggie.  I couldn’t say that I blamed him any.  She was more his age and more attractive than me.  Much less likely to have any experience with this kind of thing.

“Kiss it,” he demanded of her.  Reggie looked first to see if he was joking.  Then she looked at his cock for a long few seconds, finally she looked at me.  I couldn’t help it, I nodded that it was okay.  She moved slowly from the bed where she was seated to kneel in front of him.  She held his cock in her hands while she planted a kiss on the had of it.  She tried to move away but her said, “don’t stop.”  She continued to plant kiss after kiss on his damp cock.

Soon she seemed lost in the feelings of the smooth cock.  She kissed it willingly and even licked it with the tip of her tongue and first.  After a few minutes she was licking it with a much longer tongue stroke.  Finally without being told she began to stroke his cock and cover the tip on the head with her mouth.  She was sucking up all the pre cum as it oozed from his cock.  Probably not a good idea with the size of that thing, she was going to need all the lubricant she could get, I thought.  I said nothing of course.

When Randy had enough, he bend and moved Reggie so she was on her knees still, but her chest was positioned on the bed.  Then Randy knelt behind her and tried to enter her, but she was too tight.  I saw him reposition and try again with what was a steady pressure.  It was the kind of pressure a machine exerts.  Nice even driving force that he exerted on her.  She was sobbing as he continued to work his way into her body.  

“Tight pussy,” he said to me.  “Are you this tight Silvie?”

“No,” was all I said.

“I bet your ass is this tight though, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, I would think so,” I said not daring to say more.

He was working the last of his cock into her, when he said, “Come hold my balls while I fuck the little one.”

I moved over and then I knelt down beside him.  I supported his testicles with my hand while he pumped slowly into Reggie.  “Ask her if her pussy hurts,” he demanded of me.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No damn it ask her what I told you to ask,” he said sounding angry.

“Reggie, does your pussy hurt?” I spoke the words half heartedly.

“Yes Silvia, he is hurting me, but I’m okay.  I don’t want to stop.” she said.  I would never have recognized her voice, she was almost sobbing.

“Tell her what you are doing Silvie,” he said.

“Reggie, I’m holding his testicles while he does it,” I said.

“Silvie do it right, or I will really hurt her,” he said smiling.  I knew he could and would, if I didn’t play along.  Even though I could have, I didn’t want to stop him.  I am ashamed of that.

“Reggie, I’m holding his balls while he fucks you,” I said.

“Knowing that makes it better doesn’t it Reggie?”  he asked.

She was having a full emotional break down, when she almost screamed, “Yes.”

“Reggie do you want me to finish fucking you first, or do you want to see me fuck Sylie first?” he asked.  “You can see her in pain like she is seeing you.”

“Please do her I want to see,” she said in a stronger voice.  

He backed up to remove his cock from her.  “You heard her Sylvie, but kiss it first,” he said.  

I turned to face him.  His cock dangled in front of me.  I placed both hand on his turgid cock and kissed it.  I kissed the head and used my tongue to lick the thick lubricant off the shaft.  I could taste both him and Reggie on it.  It make my heart pound.

“You love it don’t you slut?” he asked.

“Yes I love it,” I knew my lines and it was easy to say them because I did love it.  I was an earthy animal taste and it invaded my senses.

“Suck it for me,” he said.  I immediately took his cock inside my mouth even though it hurt.  My mouth was open more than was normal.  There was no room to move it inside I could only suck it.  That wasn’t really enough of a sensation for him.  I knew then how Reggie had felt and why Randy was ready to move on so quickly.

“Turn around Sylvie, and lay beside Reggie.  I want her to see your face while I fuck you.” Randy explained.  I did exactly as he said.

Even though I wasn’t as tight as Reggie, he still had to work it inside me.  But once he was inside, he was able to move freely.  I could feel him massage me from the inside out.  It was a wonderful feeling, because I was wrapped so tightly around his cock.  I know Reggie saw my face drawn into almost painful look.  I certainly was not having anything recognizable as pain.  It was pure Ecstasy mixed with lust.

His driving cock lost it’s rhythm and I knew he was about to cum in me.  I silently begged for it, but he pulled his cock from me and walked to the side of the bed were Reggie lay.  He was at her head, when he reached over and forced her to turn it.  He put his cock to her mouth.  He began to stroke it.  I saw him tilt his head back.  I knew he was almost ready to cum,  “Do not swallow this, but take it all in  your mouth.” He said it in a loud demanding voice.  “You are going to kiss Sylvie and share with her?”

I had a shiver run through me as I heard his words.  Then  he groaned and I knew he had just cum in Reggie’s mouth.  Before he even finished cuming, he turned her head back to me and I kissed her.  She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue inside and felt the warm thick cum that filled it.  I sucked a large amount of it out of her mouth and into mine. I felt Reggie turn to me and hold me close while she rocked in my arms.  Her orgasm sparked my own spontaneous orgasm.  

Randy helped Reggie to her feet.  He kissed her tasting his own cum.  Then he helped me to my feet and did the same.  “Clean your Master’s cock sluts,” he said to us both.  It was hard for me to believe, but Reggie and I both knelt in front of him and took turns kissing and licking his cock clean.  He was rock hard when we finished.  I was surprised when he dressed and left.

Reggie and I were exhausted.  We were also embarrassed and didn’t want to talk.  She got in her bed and I got into mine neither of us bothered to brush our teeth.

When I awoke at five the next morning Reggie was still sleeping.  “Reggie, it has stopped raining do you want to run?” I asked.

“Yes, give me a second,” she said almost crawling into the bathroom.  “Sylvia, I can’t run.”  She said when she came out of the bathroom.  “I have a burning pain inside of me.”

“Okay take a couple of Tylenol it should pass,” I advised.

“Don’t you hurt?” she asked.

“Yes, but I’m going to run anyway.  The pain probably isn’t as bad for me.” I said.  It was true that I had been stretched previously and that I could deal with pain better than Reggie.

She was still looking for a pill, when I left on my run.  I tried not to think about the pain, or the wet panties, it caused as I ran.  I was already tired, when I started but the run knocked me out.  I barely made it the full hour.

When I returned to the room, Reggie was in bed but she wasn’t alone.  There was a strange black man with her and Randy was watching.  She had to have let them in, so I wasn’t too worried.  I also had the box opener.  I could cover the damn room with blood, if they were forcing her to do this.  I needn’t have worried Reggie was almost screaming. “Fuck me,” to the second man.  He was covering her mouth, which almost got his ass killed, till I realized why.

“You want to join in or just stand there watching,” Randy asked.

“I just ran.   I’m really not in the mood,” I replied.

“What has your mood got to do with anything.  A good slut is always willing to fuck.  You are always willing aren’t you?” he asked.  

It was the confident way he looked at me that cause me to look down and say, “Yes.”

“Then come here and worship my cock,” he said.   I walked to stand in front of him and then kneel.  I reached up to work his cock from the restraining underwear.  I kissed and tasted his cock with Reggie’s moans in the background. I couldn’t help the excitement that ran through me.  I was shaking badly when Randy began to force his cock deeper into my mouth.  I gagged but he didn’t stop working it in and out of my throat.  He and I both knew he wouldn’t get I down my throat, but he was enjoying my discomfort as he tried.  

After several minutes of gaging and having my air cut off he finally came in my mouth.  I swallowed as quickly as I could, but even so a large amount of his cum slipped out of my mouth and got onto my running suit.

“See Sylvie, I said I liked a hot older slut.  The little one couldn’t have done that without throwing up.“

I looked up at him and saw the other one standing beside him with a limp cock.  “We will be back this afternoon.  I have an appointment with the scholarship committee right now.  When we come back we are going to fuck you both in the ass.” he said.

When they had gone I said to Reggie, “We are either going to leave here, or I’m going to shoot that arrogant bastard’s cock off.  Which do you prefer?”

“I love that cock, so I’ll be packed in five minutes.  I won’t even wait for a shower.” she said.

“That sounds about right to me,” I agreed.  It took me about ten minutes to pack up my shit and fill the duffel bag with it.  I slung it over my shoulder then went to the SUV to await Reggie.

“Do we need to talk about this,” Reggie asked.

“Let me tell you something Reggie.  We can talk about it, we can joke about it, we can even relive it, but we don’t have to do any of that.  We can ignore it and hope it goes away,” I said.

“It won’t go away will it,” Reggie asked as we prepared to pull out of the parking space.

“It never worked for me.  Eventually it always comes back to haunt me.  Whether it is sex, or the job, it always comes back around.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that.  So could we make a stop on the way out of town?” Reggie asked.

“You change your mind and decided you want me to kill them,” I asked smiling at her.

“No, I need some Tylenol.  My pussy hurts,” she said bursting into laughter.  I of course laughed with her.

We waited till we found a convenience store outside of Portland before buying the Tylenol.  I also used the company card for gas before we left.

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5 Responses to sylvia 111

  1. Damn that was hot. I hope Reggie and Sylvia have some more hot times yet.

  2. Walt says:

    I have had to move the stories I’ve been editing and posting in a single file for everyone. Plus a Cast of Characters. I moved all three stories, Maxine, Trippin and Sylvia.
    Delete your bookmarks for
    New address:

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Maybe they need to relive the events to set the mood for a mutual pussy rubbin at the next motel. lol I’m sure Slyvia has reminded Reggie about the need for kegel after taking something that big and instructions to never open the door for anyone but Slyvia.
    I have started a wordpress story site. My very first attempt at writing.

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