sylvia 112

Sylvia 112

We hadn’t been told what motel the show employees were staying in while they played Augusta Me., So we found a cheap one for one more night.  We bypassed the motels on the interstate highway, which wasn’t far from Augusta.  The only economy motel I found in Augusta was one of those chain things.  I was owned by the company, It wasn’t ones that wad independently owned.  Well at least it looked the same as all the others of that brand to me.  That led me to believe the build at least built by the company.

Regardless, the number on their sign was meaningless.  They might have once been $6 once upon a time, but they were considerable more on that day.  Instead of checking in there we drove into town and looked for a mom and pop motel, which I was pretty sure would be run by a middle eastern family.

“There,” I said to Reggie.  “It even has a river view.  What river I’m not sure, but there is a river running behind it.”

“You must be kidding Sylvia.  That building has to be fifty years old,” Reggie said.

“Honey, if they have hot water, I’m going to check in there.  You can go anywhere you want.”

“Please, let’s go back out to the highway,” Reggie begged.

“No dear, we are not going back to the highway.  Trust me, I will look after you,” I said.

Of course my cliche was correct.  “Hello,” The middle aged lady said in a heavily accented English.

“Hello. we would like a double room.  A room with two beds,” I explained to her.

“Yes of course, that will be forty dollars,” she said.  I just gave her my company credit card.  The room was on the second floor of the two story building.  There was heavy rust on the metal steps leading up to the concrete balcony, which ran the length of the building.

“Why are you doing this,” Reggie asked nervously.  “This is the kind of place filled with hookers and drug dealers.”

“No dear, that would be hookers and drug buyers,” I said.  “Dealers might come and go all night, but they would never invest in a room.”

“Then what the fuck are we doing here?” she asked.

“We are here because you wanted to experience life.  This honey is a part of life.” I explained.

“Sylvia you are crazy, but if you swear I’ll be safe.  I will stay,” she said.

“You will be fine,” I said.  Since I couldn’t control other people, I hoped I was telling her the truth.  After we unpacked. we went in search of a slightly late lunch.  We found a downtown cafe.

While they prepared my shrimp hoggie, I asked the waitress, “So what is the biggest employer in Augusta?”

“The state of main without question,” she answered.  “Most everybody works for the state.”

‘Okay how about the second largest,” I asked.

“Still kinda state jobs.  Medical and the college I guess.  Lots of fishermen live here, when they ain’t out of their boats.” she said.

I nodded and she went off to get my shrimp sandwich.  Which by the way was excellent.  So were the french fries.  The iced tea needed work though.  When we got back to the motel I was a little surprised that it seemed to be filling up.  I really hadn’t expected hookers and drug dealers.  I had just with her fearful appraisal to rattle Reggie.

I’m not at all sure they were hookers, maybe more like lawmaker’s girlfriends in for a long weekend.  I guess they figured that, if everyone else was doing it, no one would break the code of silence.  Of course since I had been the other woman more than once, I wasn’t going to tell, even if I had known who was who.

Reggie crawled into her own bed and I was just as happy to see it.  Like I had always said, I didn’t need the complications of an office romance.  Especially one with a woman.  Reggie couldn’t afford it either.

“Sylvia, wake me in the morning I want to run with you.  I’m feeling much better.” she said.

“I’m going to run down along the river.  It could be pretty cold out there in the morning, are you sure those fancy girlie outfits will keep you warm.” I asked.

“Don’t worry I’m hot when I run, even in those little outfits,” she said.

“I think we mean different things by keeping warm,” I said.

“Maybe so, but wake me anyway please,” she said.

One thing about being me, is that I fall asleep instantly.  I tell myself it is the sleep of the just, or maybe it is just my ability to turn off my mind completely.  Either way the almost beautiful Reggie didn’t keep me awake for a second.  I closed my eyes and was asleep.

I opened my eyes and it was Friday.  It was a cool morning in Maine, so I wore lots of fleece when I went out to run.  Reggie on the other hand wore lots of denim.  She looked better, but I was warmer.  Not for long thought.  Within minutes we both were sweating.  When the hour was up, I told her we were going to run back to the motel.

“First one to the door of the room, gets the first shower,” she said. she took off running.  I followed along behind her.  She really did run well.  Sure I could have beat her back to the room, but I let her win while making it look as though she did it on her own.  Yeah, I know that’s the kind of thing you do for someone special.  Well I never said she wasn’t special.

Once we were inside she stepped into the shower, while I sat on the bed wondering what I was going to do till I heard from Joan.  In only a few minutes the shower stopped running and Reggie came out of the bathroom naked.  She smiled suggestively at me, and I knew she was tormenting me.  I could ignore her, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

“Let me get in the damn shower and cool off,” I said with a smile.  I stripped off the running suit and my panties and got into the shower.  There was no tub in the bathroom it was a shower stall only.  I was all soaped up and working hard to get myself clean, and to get the image of a naked Reggie out of my head, when Reggie pushing the shower curtain aside and climbed into the shower stall.  Of course she was still naked.  She was also still beautiful.

“Sylvia I can’t forget how I felt last night when you kiss me.  My heart rate goes up every time I flash on it, and I flash in it every few minutes,” she said.  With that she stood close and kissed me with a hell of a lot of tongue. I gave in and held her close.  I felt her breast pressed beneath my own.  I know hers felt better against me than mine did against her.  As I kissed her my hand crept down to her butt.  Yes I admit I massaged it.  It felt wonderful to hold so firm a butt, most of the men and women I knew had soft flabby butts.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, when she forcefully pushed me against the wall and under the shower.  She grabbed me by my pubic mound and forced a finger into my dry vagina.  It hurt but I was paralyzed by the shock. She seemed to be trying to tear the pubic bone off my body, as she tried to lift me and kissed me at the same time.  The excitement of the kiss and the pain of the pressure on my mound were blending.  Reggie was giving me the two things I needed from sex.  Excitement and pain were both emotions on which I thrived.

I found my knees growing weak and the almost whining noises coming from me.  Sweet beautiful Reggie was causing me great pain.  It was hard to believe how strong she was. let alone what she was doing.  Sure I could have kicked her butt, but I couldn’t find the desire to do it.  More than anything I wanted her to keep on kissing me.

“You love it don’t you Sylvia.  You are the big brave Sylvia everyone looks up to, and here you are almost ready to slide down the wall and do anything I tell you.”  Just then she pulled even harder on my pubic bone.  “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes it’s right,” I whispered.

“I knew it last night.  You were just as soft as you thoughtI was, when you were turned on.  All I have to do is show you my naked ass and kiss you and you are mine.  You are mine aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I know you have limits bitch and I will respect them, but otherwise you are mine whenever I want, understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” I said.

“Good we are going to have some fun you and I.  We have eleven weeks to screw our way across America.  You are going to take care of me like I was your baby sister.  Well maybe not exactly like I was family.  But you are going to be sure no one hurts me, no matter what I do.  Aren’t you Sylvie?“

“You don’t need to do this I would take care of you anyway,” I said.

“They say the way to own a woman is to fuck her ass.  Is that right Sylvie.  If I can make you love being ass fucked, will you love me forever?“” she asked.

“I don’t know, but you can’t make me love it.  I have never liked that,” I said.  “Not really.”

“Oh I will make you love it alright, and when I do, I will have you.  I will have you forever,” she sounded a little psycho.   Still at that moment she was the sexiest woman I had ever met of any age.  She was standing naked holding me up by my pussy like I was on a stake.  The little pixie had fangs it seemed.

I couldn’t resist her.  I didn’t try to fight it when she lathered up her hand and put her finger up my ass.  I clung to her.  The strange feeling of something in my ass was compensated for by the removal of her fingers from my pussy.  Yes I was turned on and thought in those terms.  Why all of it turned me on and kept me turned on I couldn’t imagine, but he sucked on my nipple while she moved her thumb in and out of my ass.  I wrapped her head in my arms and rocked her as I felt the relief of the movement in my ass rather than the pain in my pussy.

She removed her mouth from my breast and asked, “You want to make me happy don’t you Sylvie.”

“Yes, I want to make you happy,” I said.

“Want to make me feel good right?” she asked.

“Yes, I want to make you feel good,” I said.

“Good, it would make me happy if you went into the bedroom and laid on the bed.  Then if you were to hold your ass open so I can fuck it.  I would feel good fucking you ass.  Someday you will feel good too, but for now it is only important that it would make me happy.”

I went into the bedroom and lady on the bed and put one hand on each side of my ass.  I felt her insert the slippery vibrator into my ass.  She shook my ass as she moved it in and out.  After a few seconds of no obvious emotion from me, she slide her hand under me to massage my clit.  I came instantly.

“Oh yes that is so good isn’t it baby,” she asked.

“Yes so good,” I answered.

“I know you aren’t going to turn in one session, but there will be more.  Now let’s get dressed and go to breakfast.  You can buy,” she said.

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8 Responses to sylvia 112

  1. jackballs57k says:

    Wow that was a turn of events. Reggie a cougar. And gat after all the denial.

  2. jackballs57k says:

    That should be. And gay after all the denial. . Makes one wonder if she was experienced enough to read Sylvia’s deep needs

  3. garydan says:

    Damn that was hot !! I got so excited that my tongue even swelled up. Unfortunately, I was eating toast at the time and nearly choked to death. Woooooeeeee…..*cough*…..*cough* 🙂

  4. jack says:

    Sylvia is deffinately get her under control in public . Yes very hot it was even hotter when i read it for the second time

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