Sylvia 113

Once we were dressed the Reggie I had previous known return.  She never mentioned the events of the morning, and she acted no different from the Reggie who first ran up to me a couple of days before.  She seemed to be a true Jekyll and Hyde, but then wasn’t I one as well.

After I ordered pancakes and sausage with bad coffee, I asked, “So what do you want to do till we hear from Joan?”

“This is the smallest town on the tour, I think.  The bosses back in New York had an open date, so they came here.  This place is so small they seldom get live entertainment, so we could book it with hardly any notice.  It was also dirt cheap.  In other words there is nothing to do here, but work.”

“So, do you want to go check out the venue?” I asked.

“Sure why not,” she replied with a little girl’s smile.  There was nothing sexy about her she just looking innocent.  I would have doubted my own memory, if I didn’t hurt front and back from her actions.  The pain was real, if not sharp.

So after breakfast we swung by to see the place.  “Gees this place looks like a college basketball arena.” I said.

“Most of the time it is,” Reggie replied.  There will be good crowds both nights, according to  Joan.  There are very few live shows that come here.  So she thinks even though the music is rap, some folk will come just for something to do.  Those, the college kids, and local teenagers both white and black, should make for a couple of good shows.”

The roadies were already hard at work setting up the equipment for the night’s show.  I looked the place over and found there were four doors into the lobby but only one big one into the arena.  There would be a ticket taker on either side of the door, allowing a two line entrance to the arena.  That was explained to me by head of security for the arena.

He also said that the dressing area was at the other side of the arena from the ticket entrance.  There was one door per dressing room leading to the outside and one door into the arena itself directly from the dressing room.  A second dressing room was beside the one the performers would use.  It would be empty but an arena security man would check it ever few minutes to be sure it was empty.  The door was locked to the outside, but one never knew.  They were worried about people opening it for fan to get in free.  I was worried about it for someone who wasn’t a fan.

Since there was just me and Rodney, I decided to have him check it just before we went out with the crew.  He would be in the arena just outside the door.  I would be inside the door to be sure no one came in who shouldn’t.  Any other security was on the Civic Center people.

I was in the parking lot checking for possible sniper locations, when Joan called.  “Where are you Sylvia?” she asked pleasantly enough.

“I’m at the civic center looking it over,” I said.  “Is anything wrong?”

“Not at all I just wanted you to check out the parking lot of the Embassy Suites motel.  We will be staying there for the weekend.” she said.

“What is your ETA?” I asked.

“About thirty minutes,” she replied.

“I’ll get right out there then.  Is Rodney still with you?” I asked.

“Yes are you jealous.” It was a come on, I thought, but I said nothing.

“I’ll meet you in the parking lot.  Should I check in first since I’ll be there ahead of you?” I asked.

“If you want sure.  I had to book you a small suite even though you will be alone in there.  Rodney insisted it not look as though he is with me, when he should be working.” she said.

“I got the implication.  As far as I’m concerned, if he keeps his mind on work, when we work I don’t care where he sleeps.”  Actually I did care since she would be reporting to the company on our performance.  If someone screwed up I hopee her relationship with Rodney wouldn’t effect her judgment.  I also hoped that, if there was a threat against the object of our protection duty, he didn’t suddenly worry about Joan more than he should.  Of course we were as much window dressing as Soda Pop’s crew, so it shouldn’t be a factor.

“Come on Reggie I have to go out to the Embassy Suites motel and check in,” I said to Reggie once I found her inside talking to the Roadies.

We drove the SUV back out to the highway.  We had checked out of the mom and pop motel already, so it was just a matter of checking into the Embassy.  It was a hell of an improvement over the place we had been for sure.  I got the key to the suite reserved for the Swamp Dog crew.  Even though only I would be using it.  I had no idea where Reggie was going to stay, and it didn’t really matter to me, since I wasn’t turned on at the time.

I was in my suite when the tour bus pulled into the parking lot.  So I hustled down to great it. Rodney exited the bus first.  He stood off to one side white the other stepped into the parking lot. I handed Joan the key to two more suites.  She gave Soda a key to one of them and kept the other. Then she and soda were gone.  Leaving the tour bus driver to unload the huge load of bags.  Soda’s crew got the bags they had brought.  Rodney got his and Joan’s.  Then without speaking he went to her suit.  I had no idea what arrangements were made for Reggie  and the clerk.

It seemed that every suite had two bedroom and a little living room and kitchen.  It also seemed the second bedroom of the boss’s suite  was for Reggie and the clerk.  So she moved her bag from the company’s SUV to her boss’s suite.  Since she was afraid her boss might feel the same as I did about love affairs between employees, she chose to sleep with the clerk.  I found that to my surprise it more than fine by me.  I really didn’t want Reggie around on a permanent basis.  I liked her, but I had a feeling she was like chocolate donuts, I liked them now and then, but I couldn’t have them every meal, every day.  I mean how much diarrhea can one person stand.  Considering what she had in mind for me, the diarrhea comment might be appropriate.

Rodney came into my suite and sat on the sofa.  “So Sylvia are we okay?” he asked.

“To be honest I’m not sure.  Do you still have my back, or are you going to be worried about Joan in the unlikely event this gig goes rank?” I asked.

“I know it must be a concern, but first I keep Soda alive, then I keep you alive, then and only then I worry about Joan,” Rodney said.

“Then we are fine,” I said.  Of course I didn’t really believe a word he had just spoken.  Only time would tell.  I also didn’t plan to roll on him.  I had no reason to doubt him, except I didn’t really trust anyone totally.

“So my sleeping with Joan isn’t an issue?” Rodney asked.

“It will only be an issue, when something happens to make it an issue, then it will really be an issue.  You know how I feel about it, but I’m not going to make any reference to it till I am forced.  I’m also not going to withhold information from the boss, if it is relevant for some reason.”

“Fair enough,” Rodney said.

“Fair or not that’s how it is,” I said.

“And the same goes for you and Reggie,” he said as he turned and walk away.  I would have asked him what he meant, but I knew better.  A confrontation like that would only end in one of us leaving the job.  Truthfully I quite liked the job.

“Not so fast Rodney, there is nothing going on between Reggie and me,” I said.

“That’s not what she told Joan.  I just found this out today, but it looks like Reggie played you.  She told Joan, she had you in her pocket,” Rodney said.

“Do me a favor will you, keep this quiet for a while.  I am not involved with Reggie, but we spent the time between the last stop and this one together.  I need to work this out before it gets out of hand,” I said.

“Sure thing Sylvia,” he said.

Rodney and I drove to the Civic Center, where I explained what I had learned about the up coming event.  I  had no idea what the crowd would look like but it didn’t matter the basic job was the same.  When the bus got close, we went to the parking lot and kept an eye out for anyone or anything out of place.  Then we rushed Soda inside the building, where we sat on him till show time.

I had watched him dress before and though nothing of it.  I never got turned on when business was involved.  I certainly wasn’t interested in the arrogant son of a bitch, but he began to take an interest in me.  I didn’t like that at all.  Something had change during that last break between concerts.  I didn’t like what I was thinking at all.

When time came, we went out to the concert floor in our usual configuration.  As usual I had to stop Soda from stopping to kiss the girls.  He finally made it to the stage and began the show.  For the next ninety minutes I was assaulted by that throbbing crap he called music.  I noted the arena was pretty crowded.  I wondered how many of the tickets were complimentary and how many were paid.  It didn’t matter they were still bodies.

It seemed there were a lot more drunks than usual, but as long as they didn’t rush the stage they were the local securities’ problem.  We just kept an eye on them as I’m sure the local rent a cops did as well.  We are the out of town rental cops, I thought.

The show ended with the same song every time.  When I heard it start I assessed the number of kids dancing in the aisle.  It shouldn’t be too hard for Rodney and Soda’s crew to clear a way through them, I thought.  I just had to follow behind and keep them from tearing his clothes off.  I was always surprised how someone wanted a souvenir from anyone, no matter how minor a personality.

We got Soda back to the dressing room where he no doubt did more drugs, since they usually ask me to wait outside.  They had at least learned to ask in a nice way.  Since they were remarkably deferential to me, I always did it.  That night they didn’t ask, but the pills came out washed down with warm beer.  It seemed like they were acting differently toward me.  That I didn’t like, since it meant something had changed in our relationship.

Something that happened during out last break had to be the answer.  The only thing that had happened on my part, was Reggie spent time with me.  It looked like what Reggie told Joan not only made it back to Rodney, but also back to Soda Pop.  Now I did have a problem that needed to be solved.

“Guys let’s get something straight, I don’t work for you.  Swamp Dog would not like me witnessing drug use and not reporting it to the law.  I will do that if I have to.  So put away the drugs, when you see me period.

“How about we do this instead.”  They all unzipped and waved a sea of black cocks at me.  “Would you still call a cop.”

In answer I pulled out my cell and dialed 911.  “911 what is your emergency,” the operators voice came loud and clear though my phone.

“I would like to report a some drug activity.”

“Wait we get it,” Soda said.  I hung up the phone.

“Now I figure you have about ten minutes to put your cocks away and get on the bus before the cops show up to see what the fuss is about.” I said.

“You one hard ass bitch.  We just got some bad information,” Soda’s number one man said.

“You sure did,” I agreed.


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12 Responses to Sylvia 113

  1. jack says:

    Damn Reggie has a big mouth and looks like she has started a real problem Slyvia is really going to have to put her in her place.

  2. cindypress says:

    see there are always monkey wrenches in the ointment lol

  3. KO says:

    Yeah, Sylvia is going to have to put on her “Bad Assed Bitch hat and get this resolve with Reggie. I think that Reggie has a HUGE surprise comingher way and I’m pretty sure she’s NOT going to like it!

    Great story, great action and some sizzlin’ sexual escapades sprinkled into the mix. Thanks as always, for the entertainment!! 😀

  4. Walt says:

    Sounds more like broken pieces of razor blades hidden in the ointment. This girl is a loose cannon.. A saying I have always believed: “Exhibiting a Superiority Complex is usually a sign of a hidden severe Inferiority Complex”.

  5. ididokay says:

    Thank you, Cindy, for the invitation.
    I have a new WordPress, at, and to date, I have one finished tale, there, under the Stories tab, and a new story I’m working on, just started, on the main page.

    I have other stories available, under the pen name, Scribbler, at

    My wordpress is more for floating trial balloons, in the plot line, so I can finish a tale, before I start posting to SOL. I already have one tale, there, with the dreaded yellow banner.

    • cindypress says:

      You are mote that welcome. Always happy to join forces with other writers. You know you could always use this to help test drive a story before you bother to have it cleaned up for sol.

      • Scribbler says:

        That’s the plan.
        I AM hoping that Folksies will offer editorial suggestions, on my tales. Feedback IS the only payment we ever get, for our stories, after all…

      • cindypress says:

        Judging our tales against Shakespeare really isn’t the kind of feedback I want. I’m the little old lady who wandered from town to town telling tall tales for food, in the 1600s. Her grammar wasn’t good and I didn’t have to worry about spelling, since neither sh not the listeners could read.

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