Sylvia 114

sylvia 114

I waited till we were back at the Embassy to confront Joan and I did it with Rodney in the room.  “Call you little partner in crime in,” I said to Joan.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“I’m talking about your little bitch Reggie.  The one you sent to set me up, so that I wouldn’t tell Swamp Dog about you and Rodney.  Get her ass in here so she hears this as well.” I said angrily.   Angry hell I was ready to explode and someone was gonna to die, if I did.”

Joan wen to the second bedroom of her suite.  She opened the door and said, “Reggie stop cowering and come on out.”

It took Reggie a couple of minutes to make it into the room.  She was shaking.

“Now we are going to get a few things straight.  Your biggest mistake was sending this child Reggie to set me up. Your second mistake was talking out of school.  You should have waited until I actually violated Swamp Dogs rules.

The third mistake was trying to put me in a compromising position with TJ Soda.  That’s when I realized you were trying to get me to violate Swamp Dog rules. See Joan I was off duty with Reggie no harm no foul, but Soda admitted you told  him how you thought you could compromise me.  I wasn’t on Swamp Dogs dime with Reggie but I would have been with Soda.  I realize you can make the same argument for Rodney that you two weren’t compromising his relation with Swamp Dog, but we aren’t talking about Rodney now.

The other difference is Reggie has no control over me.  She has no power to control what I do or don’t do.  In theory you do.  You wanted your affair kept quiet so you planned to blackmail me.”

I looked hard at Reggie.  “You have no control over me at all, and you never will have.  You will stay the fuck away from me, now and forever more amen.”

“Now as for you Joan, You run the logistics of this tour, and I will run the security detail from now on.  There won’t be any sharing of responsibility or planning with Reggie.  He is to do as he is told period.” I said.

“Or what?” Joan asked

“Or I will expose you to my bosses at Swamp Dog.  Now before you say they won’t care, they will not want their company’s reputation compromised that’s their rice bowl.  Especially no just because you want to get off.

They in turn will call your bosses and tell them we are pulling out protections service, because you can’t keep your hand off the help.  Your bosses are also in line for a lawsuit for sexual harassment from me.  Pretty little Reggie will not stand up to cross examination on the stand in a harassment suit.

I have been down the trail once with Warren County, so I know what I can do.  Now you might be a fighter, but I assure you I will burn all of your asses.  Even your pretty boy Rodney is going down.  I won’t want to do it, but I will.”

I addressed Rodney next.  “You see Rodney, you knew what she was doing.  So it will be your ass on the stand answering, what you knew and when you knew it.  Now do we understand each other people?” I asked staring Joan down.

Joan looked around to the others who would not meed her eyes.  “I guess you have us dead to rights.  We will go along for now, but you better watch you back,” Joan said.

“You never threaten the woman with the power bitch,” I said pulling the digital recorder with my traveling music on it out of the pocket of my lightweight parka.  The recorder had a very sensitive built in microphone and a one button record feature.  I played the accusations and her compliance with my demands.  Then the player moved into my traveling music.  “I never go anywhere without it.”

“Now as far as I’m concerned nothing happened here tonight.  We go right back to where we were except I am in control of security period.  You keep you little agent away from me,” I said.

I calmly walked from Joan’s suite to my own.  There I sat down and shook for ten minutes.  Then I stood up, found the bottle of cheap bourbon and poured a stiff drink.  I pulled up a porno story on the web and masturbated so that I could sleep.  I had extra med from the time I broke my hand but I didn’t use them.

Just before falling asleep I realized I had bandaged my hand all day.   I also realized that it didn’t hurt too badly.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I realized sleeping without the bandage had been a mistake.  My hand was throbbing, so I carefully wrapped it.  I gingerly put on the running suit and the parka.  The parka wasn’t to cover my gun.  It was to keep out the slight chill in the air.  For the next hour I ran and I tried not to think about the mess Reggie had created for me.  She found my weakness and that was not a good thing at all.  I had to allow myself to do the things I did, but it was almost impossible to resist the urge.  I was afraid they might find a way to use it against me again.

I finished the run and put the chain on the door when I got back.  The first thing I did was make sure my pistols were where I had left them.  Since they were I stripped off the damp running suit and took a shower.  Since the show wasn’t till evening we didn’t check out of the Embassy.  It would be the next morning before we left for out next gig.  I had begun to think like them and I didn’t particularly like it.

The running suit I laid out on the bed to dry before I took my shower.  I wore a thicker red tee shirt with a Henley collar and black cargo pants.  I carried the .38 in my lightweight canvas holster with the safety strap made of Velcro  in one of the deep pockets, and I wore the Glock in the inside the waist band holster as I left for breakfast.  It was more to know where they were than because I was worried about an attack from Joan and her crowd.

I was seated in a breakfast diner on the same access road as the Embassy eating a bacon egg and cheese bagel when Rodney sat down.  “Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Why do you want to join me.  I no longer consider you a friend.  If you didn’t know about the sting she was trying you should have.  If you knew and didn’t stop it you should have.  If you found out after the fact, you should have told her to stop it immediately before she carried the information she thought she had to Soda to try to compromise me further.”  After I said my piece I looked him in the eye.

“Okay I felt like you were trying to take over the operation.  I was looking for some leverage.  I admit that but I would never have let her use it against you with the company,” he said.

“I don’t believe you Rodney,” I said simply.  The statement was so simple but it said it all and it also told  him there was nothing he could do to change my mind.  “I expect you to do your job as you did before this happened.  You are to do no more and no less.  If you put Soda life in danger I will have you ass fired, but unless Joan makes trouble I would use the recording against you or her.  You can tell her I said that.”

“I’m not here about the recording.  I hear to try to put our working relation back together.”

“I just told you how it is.  Do your job and that all I expect from you.”  You can screw who you want but your first priority is keep Soda alive and well.”

He stood and left without ordering.  I was glad to see him go.

When I got back to the room I didn’t have anything to do but watch TV and wait.  I made sure the chain was on the door, even though I didn’t expect any trouble.  I laid the Glock beside the computer keyboard within easy reach.  Mostly because the hip holster was uncomfortable.  I ordinarily would have put it in the duffel bag but I felt better with it handy that day.

There was a knock on the door at noon.  I looked out and saw Reggie.  I opened the door and asked. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Have you had lunch?  If not we could go out to lunch and I could apologize.” She said.

“I do not want to have lunch with you, and I do not want to hear you half assed lies.  So just go back to Joan and tell her no deals.”

“Joan didn’t send me.”  She stood there leaning against the balcony rail looking cute.  Worst of all she knew it.

“Reggie, let me make this perfectly clear.  Stay the fuck away from me.  I’m not going to threaten you because I know that’s your plan b if you can make up with me.  I am asking you to stay away now go.”  I went back inside and closed the door.

“What next,” I wondered out loud.

I had lunch alone at a drive inn restaurant.  I pulled up to a speaker on a post ordered my burger and a girl brought it to the car.  It was like 1950 again.  I enjoyed the nostalgia of it all.  The food wasn’t awful.

There had never been any love lost between the security and management staffs.  That night at the show it was absolutely chilling.  Still we made it through it with a minimum of conversation.  It was almost all job related.  Rodney and I did discuss Reggis a moment.  He said, “Reggie is really cute and I don’t blame you at all for letting her close to me.

“Sure but you know it was all about the black cock,” I said mocking him.  We both laughed but it was forced.  I was determined not to be overbearing just because I could.  Rodney was trying to find his place in the new pecking order.

When Rodney and I had Soda safely on the bus, I noticed two men caming from the ticket office area.  They were headed for a car in the parking lot.  They just didn’t look right.  The were walking fast and looking back.  Mostly it was the cloth shopping bag that didn’t look just right.

The two of them were about ten feet away, when I said to them.  “Hey guys my battery is dead could I use your cell phone to call a tow truck.”  I hadn’t had time to tell Rodney they looked wrong.  I give him credit he did catch on quick.

The two men didn’t even acknowledge me.  I walked over to cut them off.  “Hey I’m talking to you,” I said.

I was close enough to touch them when one of them swung a pistol toward me. I credit the fact that I’m a woman with saving my life.  He hesitated pulling the trigger.  I rushed to close the gap between us.  He had no idea I was armed, but even worse he had no idea I was wearing a bullet proof vest.  Without the vest I would never have reached for the gun.

His gun fired as I was drawing mine.  I had managed to grab his hand with my injured one.  The shot went wild thank god.  Meanwhile I managed to get my own pistol out.  I stuck it right in his ear.

“I expect you want to consider your next move really carefully,” I said.  He dropped the gun.  I looked over to Rodney who was holding the second one by the throat against the car.

“I guess I’m going to have to call the police,” I said to him.

“I think they did,” he said nodding to Soda’s crew, who were standing by the bus staring all gaga at us.


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8 Responses to Sylvia 114

  1. jack says:

    She put them in place rather nicely. Gun play again looks like she came out on top this time. Good for her. Thanks

  2. Barney R says:

    Excellent chapter. Now Rodney and Soda knows just how bad a bad ass Silvia really is. This should make for some serious thought for Joan and Rodney, let alone who Reggie now feels knowing that Silvia could have had her for breakfast if she ever wanted. Keep on keeping on.

  3. Walt says:

    Once again as Tonto Says, “Don’t F*** with the Lone Ranger”
    I suppose the ony reason she didn’t walk out and shut the show down is that it would be punishing TJ and he had nothing to do with all this mess. But I bet she is close to it.

  4. cindypress says:

    She has or is about to make peace with the performers so yeah have to consider them. Walking out might also bite her in the as ala swamp dog

  5. KO says:

    Yeah, Sylvia is indeed a bad ass when the situation calls for it. She’s a good one to have on your side for sure! That is as long as you don’t cross her for some dumbassed reason! As they say – HELL hath nor fury . . . . 😉
    Great job once again! Enjoyable, action packed and entertaining! What more could one want to start the day with?! 😀

  6. cindypress says:

    gee way too much praise you will turn my head.

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