sylvia 116

Sylvia 116

I took a couple of OTC pain pills and washed them down with the coke.  I put the unopened bourbon bottle in my duffel bag.  Then I watch a couple of episodes of an old single season TV show on the computer.  I had been surprised to find that there were complete sites specializing in those things.  Lots of them were perfectly good drama series, which couldn’t find an audience.  There were a lot of British series on the site as well.

It was almost nine, when I headed out for the dockside lounge.  It was located in what had once been a downtown cafe.  I was absolute sure of it, even without asking.  The front window was plate glass.  The name of the place had been attached to the glass on the inside then a black background painted.  It was the way a really cheap bar would have done it.  The bar had been the lunch counter and even had a row of round low stools.  The first couple had been removes so that customers could line up there,  It was the ‘you sever you own table’ area.  On first glance I could tell that the grill area behind the counter served as a beer storage cooler and keg holder for the five beer taps.  They seemed to have several brands of draft on tap.

I went to the ‘you tote it area’to order a dark beer.  The bar maid took my two one dollar bills and gave me fifty cents change.  There were cheaper beers, but I only planed to have the one.

I looked around to see whether the waitress had shown up.  I found that she sure as hell had, and was sitting with two men.  I walked to the table and asked her, “So which one is mine?”  I spoke before I looked at them.  When I did, I thought I might have fucked up.  They didn’t look old enough to be in the place.”

“Well this one,” the forty something year old waitress said,  “is my son. The other one is his friend from school.  So I guess you get them both.”  She said smiling up at me.

“I’m sorry.  I am still learning not to say the first thing that comes to mind, even if it is witty,” I said.

“Not to worry, they came to meet you.  I told them you might come.” the waitress said.

“Really why?” I asked.

“You are the closest thing to famous, we have around here.” the blond young man, who was her son said.  “The paper made a big deal about what you did.  The TV people picked it up and ran it as well.”

“Jesus, there must really be nothing happening around here, if I got that much press.” I said.

“Okay, so I guess you know my name,” I said after taking a drink from my beer glass.  What are yours.”  The waitress’s son was Jamie and his friend was Bruce.  “I am ashame to have to ask this, but what is your name honey,” I said directly to the waitress.

“They call me Paris at work.”  She saw my curious look and went on.  “I really want to go to Paris one day.”

“Someone asked her, why she was working as a waitress, and she told them to save for a trip to Paris.  They all thought it was a wiseass answer so they nicknamed her that.” her son added with a smile.

“Well whatever the reason, I love it.  To run into a woman named Paris in Augusta Maine will be an interesting story,” I said.

“I’m glad you find it interesting.  Now. tell us about you.  We find you interesting.  Start with what happened to your hand.”

“Gee, to explain about the hand I have to go back some.”  I told the abridged version of Warren County and the abridged version of the Undercover assignment, finally the abridged story of the great dismal swamp shoot out with the SBI.  Then the fact that I had gone to work for a private security outfit.”

When I finished James said, “Holy shit,” that was all he said but he had a look almost like he was in awe of me.  That was far from what I had in mind.  I decided, then and there, to never tell it again.

“Yeah I might write a book, but it would be fiction.  I actually was a traffic cop in a small town, when Swamp Dog came calling.  I never did anything but write a few tickets.  I broke my hand in a traffic accident and lost my police certification.  They hired me because I work cheap.  But I can spin a hell of a yarn.”  I realized I had ruin my chances to get laid, so I added it’s getting late, I need to head on back.  I’m going to be around a day or two, maybe we will meet again.”

“Let me walk you to your car.  This place can get rough at night,” Jamie said.

I saw the look his mother shot at him and said, “I’ll be okay but thanks.”

“Got to take a leak,” Bruce said he stood and walked to the door with me.  He didn’t stop there he walked me to the big black SUV.  “You know we don’t believer the first story was a lie, the paper did a background check on you and had some of the same things you told us.”

“Well they get answers to the questions they ask.  So they only find out what they want to know for an interesting story.” I replied.

“Where are you staying?” he asked.

I thought about it a little longer than necessary then thought, what the hell, he isn’t the waitress’s son.  “That place down by the river,”

“What room?” he asked.

In answer I showed him the key.  Then I got in the company SUV and drove away.  When I got home I had pretty much forgotten about him.  I opened the bottle of bourbon and poured myself a drink.

I had the computer coming on line while I mixed it.  I knew that the wait time was a couple of minutes.  I took my first sip of the drink as I moved into an adult chat room.  I slipped easily into my online persona.  My life was pretty much a no go, since I realized it sounded unlikely for a woman to have been involved in so much and still want to sit in an adult chat room.

My on line persona was a divorced woman a few years older than me.  She operated her dad’s business after her retired.  So she was a professional woman but of a small business.  My online persona was much more believable than the truth.

I quickly found myself in a chat with a man who was perfect in every way, if you believed him.  Of course I didn’t believe a word of it.  I pictured him with gray hair, a beer belly and unable to get it up.  But unlike him, I didn’t care, I could turn off my skepticism after a couple of drinks.

I was pretty involved in the give and take, when I heard the knock on the door.  I closed the computer and opened the door.  Well okay, I looked out to be sure it wasn’t my friend from my first night in Augusta.  It wasn’t, it was both of the young men I had met earlier in the evening.  I stopped and thought it over just a minute before I opened the door.

“Hi, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“You know what we are doing here,” the once called Bruce said.

“Well, You might be wasting your time, but you can come in anyway,” I said.

“No, we aren’t wasting our time,” Jamie said.  “We know a horny woman, when we see one.”

“Even if that would true, I’m not sure I want an audience,” I replied.

“What audience? We are both here to fuck,” Bruce said.

“What makes you think, I would do something like that?” I asked.

“You just have a butch, slut look.  You didn’t back off when you found my mom didn’t invite you to the club because she was a lesbo,” Jamie said.  “You swing both ways, and you will do it with both of us.  If not you would never have let us in the room.”

“Gee, you are a real Sherlock Holmes,” I said.

“Well I must be right, since you haven’t denied any of the accusation,” he said.

“You do have a lot to learn about romance,” I said.

“Oh and do we need romance,” he asked in a very soft voice.  One meant to move past the confrontational nature of the conversation up to that point.”

“No, I guess not,” I said.

“That’s what I thought,” he said moving toward me.

Jamie was a full six inches taller than me.  He had to lean down to kiss me.  His mouth was hot and his tongue almost choked me.  Then he pushed me to my knees without any further foreplay.  That one kiss was all I got, and to be honest it was all I needed.

I looked down as I unzipped his trousers.  “Look me in the eye?” Jamie demanded.  I looked up at him as I finished working his only average penis out of his trousers.  I was about to slip into the pit of anything goes, and I knew it.

I took his penis into my mouth without any foreplay, since he hadn’t bothered doing anything to me.  I controlled the movements and depth of penetration, something I had been unable to do with my first Augusta lover.  It was comfortable to have him in my mouth.  I felt him get all stiff, and thought it’s too soon.  My mouth filled with his sperm and I swallowed hard to keep it off my clothes.  I leaned back and looked up at the almost sleepy looking eyes of Jamie as he stood over me with weak knees.

I suddenly felt hand lift turn me to face Bruce.  His penis was already out and ready for me.  I sucked it into my mouth even more eager than I had been for Jamie.  He might have been slightly larger but not enough to mention.  They were both just average white boys, when it came to that.  He was a little more aggressive.  He was not content to allow me to control the whole thing,  He wanted to actively fuck my mouth.  I couldn’t control the movement but I used my good hand to control the depth.  He pump and I just make my mouth tight and wet for him.  When he came it was an intensity equal to Jamie’s.

“This is one hot bitch,” Bruce said.  “Just like I said she loves it.”

I was over the edge and I knew it.  I slipped my hand into my panties and began to masturbate. “Take your clothes off, so we can get a good look,” Bruce said.

I removed the tee shirt over my head.  My cargo pants and panties were the last to go,  I had to stand to remove them, so I was standing when I started to masturbate again.  I was over the edge and needed to orgasm.  I didn’t care who knew it or who watched.

“Do you need cock, slut,” Bruce asked.

“Yes,” I mumbled,

“Beg us to fuck you,” he said.

“Please, I need your cock,” I said to Bruce.

“You get me first,” Jamie said and pushed me down across the bed on my stomach.  I got to my knees with my head resting on the bed.  He stood beside the bed and entered my slippery body.  I felt his penis pumping me.  It had all the same sensations as as I had with the huge black, but without the pain.  Yes I missed the pain, but not enough to stop.  He kept pumping at me till he came inside me.

I was surprised to hear me beg for more.  I felt a another hard penis enter me.

“Tell me to fuck you,” Bruce said.

“Yes god fuck me,” I said quietly but with an intensity they couldn’t miss.  He pumped at me until I was on the verge of an orgasm.  It was then I felt myself being lifted and another penis on my lips.  When I sucked it into my mouth, I exploded into an orgasm with an intensity as strong as I had ever felt.  Jamie, who was in my mouth, forced me to hold myself up while the fucked my mouth.  All I wanted was to rest, as he flooded my mouth yet again.

There seemed to be less sperm in my mouth, but it seemed thicker somehow.

“Come on Brice, I got to get home mom is expecting me,” Jamie said.

“Man you got to be fucking her.  She is too jealous, not to be getting it from you.” Bruce said.

Shut the fuck up Bruce,” they said.  There there was a blast of cool night air that filled the room, and then the sound of the door as it was pulled shut and latched.


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9 Responses to sylvia 116

  1. jackballs57 says:

    More slut action tired and sleeply so she must have been satisfied

  2. cindypress says:

    thats how I get I assume other women do as well.. U know men do. i have watched. He would fall asleep while I was in the bathroom

  3. jack says:

    Maybe you need younger men LoL

  4. jack says:

    But then i was always a horn dog when i was young once was never enough.

    • cindypress says:

      I can go as long as the guy can keep it up and sometimes a little longer if necessary, But they all go out like lights once they are finished. It’s at times like that I can kinda understand lesbians.

  5. Barney R says:

    I always could put my wife to sleep after sex. Me, I would usually go to the kitchen and have a fried egg and cheese sandwich afterwards. That was the main reason we almost never had sex in the morning.

  6. cindypress says:

    I guess i should have had sex with more men. Mine never could stay awake.

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