sylvia 118

Sylvia 118

“You can’t tell me what to do?” the kid asked.

“No Jamie, I can’t tell you what to do.” I replied.  “The ideal thing would have been, if you had never seen her.  The second best thing would be, if you could forget it.”

“I can’t forget it.  It is like a porno movie playing in my mind.  It just comes to me at the oddest times,” he said.

“Did it loop through, while we were having sex?” I asked.

“Yes you become her.  It was like I was fucking my mother,” he said.

“Damn,” was all it could say.  I didn’t know how I felt about that.   I didn’t think Jamie wasn’t BSing me he seemed too torn by it all.  I just didn’t know what to say to him.

“Yeah and to make it worst I have tried some things with her and I get mixed reactions,” he said.

“Do I need to know this?” I asked.

“I guess not.  I just don’t have anyone else I can talk to about all this,” he said.

I was about to show my softer side, and I really didn’t like that at all.  “Jamie I’ll listen, if it helps at all.  But I will not give you any advice,” I suggested.

“Fair enough, I just want to talk,” he said.  “I feel better already.”

I poured myself a drink then said, “So talk.”

“After it happened, I kind of got an attitude with her.  I couldn’t come to grips with her still being my mom.  She was like a porn actress to me.  I became obsessed with her.  It was her that popped into my mind as I masturbated.  The image of her on her knees and that dude’s cock going in and out of her mouth was everywhere.  Then of course it became my cock.” Jamie said.  He really did look ashamed of his thoughts.

“I guess I can under stand that,” I said. “I wondered if he knew that I had been sexually abused.  I always wondered, if there were signs that only certain kinds of men could see. I shook my head hard to clear it of those images.

“So, I sorta kissed her,” Jamie said lowering his eyes, when he said it.

I thought at the time, that he was truly ashamed of it. “She didn’t kiss me back, or anything.  That’s when I realized she didn’t know that I saw her.  The guy she was with hadn’t told her.  I wondered about that.  Why hadn’t he told her: I asked myself.

About a week later I found out why.  I couldn’t sleep and I was headed for the kitchen for a glass of coke.  The door to her bedroom was cracked and there were moans.  I knew, if I opened that door, I would see her and her boyfriend fucking.

Honest I just couldn’t stop myself, something came over me and I opened the door.  He was doing her dog style.  They were faced away from me, but he must have heard me, because he turned his head and smiled at me.  He began to pump her harder.  The bastard wanted me to watch.  I hated him and myself for it, but I couldn’t stop.”

“What did you see.  I mean what did you really see?” I asked.

“I could see it all in great detail.  I could see his thick cock move in and out of her.  She moaned,  he told her to beg.  I know he did that just because I was watching.” Jamie said.

“Well did she,” I asked.  I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t stop myself either.

“Yes she said, ‘Fuck me please fuck me.’  Then he asked, ‘Where do you want me to cum?”  She said, ‘In my cunt,  Please cum in my cunt.’”

“Yeah, I can see how that would make you see her as a porn actress,” I said trying to agree without being judgmental.  “Why do I have this feeling it wasn’t the only time?” I asked.

“No it wasn’t.  He kept it up till they stopped seeing each other, almost a year.” he said.

“Surely she knew?” I asked.

“Somewhere in there he told her, and they had a big fight, but it didn’t stop.  I don’t know what caused them to break up, but they did.” he said.

“So, did watching your mom have sex stop after that kinky boy friend,” I asked.

“It actually got worse, if that is possible,” he said.  “Bruce the friend who was with me, while we did it.  He somehow talked her into having sex with him.  So it kind of started over again.  Only I was in the room from the start.  I discovered what turns mom on and makes her so crazy, she didn’t mind doing all that shit with  him, while I watch.”

“You are seriously telling me she screws your friend, while you watch?” I asked.

“Yes I’s true, I swear it is,” he said.  “I though since you did me and Bruce, you would understand.  She is we first were in the room together.”

Then I understood.  While Bruce had been in me and I was crazy with lust, Jamie had moved to my mouth.  I knew almost for sure that he had learned that move from his mother.  It was just too kinky for me to accuse him of it, just yet.

How old were you when it started?” I asked

“It was two years ago, I was seventeen,” he explained.

“So whose idea was it for Bruce to screw your mom?” I asked.

“His of course,” Jamie said.

“No, it’s not of course.  You got your kicks watching mom do it.  You and her both knew it, so one of you could just as easily arranged it with Bruce.  Then you could go back to watching, and she could enjoy the sex more being watched by you.” I suggested.

“Alright I had to tell Bruce about watching her, and what all I had seen.  He wanted to try it, so I agreed to set it up sorta.  Mom had a few drinks in the kitchen on Saturday night after work.  Bruce and I were in the den while she did.  He went in after she was a little drunk and told her she looked sexy in her night gown.  She went to mix another drink and he got behind her and hugged her.  His hands were on her tits, while he did.  He kissed her neck and move a hand down to her pussy,” he said.

“Like you told him to.  You knew what would turn her on.  So did she resist at all?” I asked.

“Just a little at first, then she gave up and enjoyed it.  I swear it wasn’t rape,” he said.

“Not rape, she just needed a little convincing, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s all just a little convincing,” he said glad to get the way out.

“So she struggled a little at first?” I asked.

“Now much really, she just struggled a little, when Bruce first held her,” Jamie replied.

“Yeah but Bruce had his arms around her he couldn’t stop her struggling could he?” I asked.

“No he couldn’t.  I didn’t want to do it.  I really didn’t want to do it, but I had to.  Who knows what she would have said.” he replied.

“So you slapped her, not hard enough to really hurt, just enough to get her attention?” I suggested.

“Yeah, you do understand,” he said.

“Yeah I do, so who had her first?” I asked.

“Bruce, I just wanted to watch,” Jamie said.

“How long did it take till watching wasn’t enough?” I asked.  “I can’t imagine that once you had her helpless and terrified that you didn’t join in the games.”

“Honest to god I just watched.  When Bruce came we left her to sleep it off.  I’m not even sure she remembered the slap.” he said.

“Well then she resisted the next time Bruce touched her?” I asked.

“She wasn’t really into it at first, but she didn’t resist.   Just kind of stared at me,” he said.

“Oh, she looked at you while your friend raped her?” I said.  “How did that make you feel.”

“Bruce didn’t rape her.  She enjoyed it.  She fucked him and begged for more.” he said.

“She begged for more, so what did you do?” I asked.

“I went around and I gave it to her.  She was begging for it,” he said smiling.  “Like you begged for it.”

“Well I’m not begging for it now.  I will tell you the truth Jamie, I won’t ever be begging for it from  you again.  As I matter of fact I might even talk to your mom and tell her if she wants to put your ass on the street, I have some friends here already.  They are the kind of friends who will make sure your ass gets a little persuasion to stay away after I leave.”

“You bitch,” he said and slapped me.  “I came here to make you understand, but I can see you never will.“

He stood and pulled me up.  I acted a little cowered like I am sure his mother did.  Then I’m sure he got the surprised of his life,when I kneed him in the balls.  Then I recovered my stungun and zapped the crap out of him.  While he lay on the floor I pressed the Box opener against his throat and explained, “You piece of shit.  Let me tell you what you are going to do.  You are going to move the fuck out of your mother’s house, and you are going to leave her the fuck alone.”

“Or what?” he asked.

“You are going to have a bad accident.  The kind where the body is never recovered.  There is a lot of fucking ocean, a half hour boat ride from here.  Hell you might even make good cat food.  Ever see one of those giant grinders they use to make fish loaf for cat food.  Take your clothes off and throw your ass into the hopper.  I expect there is room for two, if Bruce gets curious.  Now do we understand each other.”

“Yeah,” he said much to confident.

“I got a couple of fishermen friends, who will keep an eye on you.  They will call me if you don’t behave.  I got nothing better to do than come back here and turn you into cat food.  Now get the fuck out of my sight,”  I stood up holding the box opener.  He rightly assumed I knew what I was doing, so he left quietly.

Yeah I was bluffing about the fishermen.  “I am going to have a talk with his mom tomorrow,” I said out loud.

I went to sleep before the sun went down, but I did double bolt the door and  move a chair against it. I slept with the .38 on the bedside table just in case, of course nothing happened.  The best way to avoid trouble is to be prepared for it.  It’s the law of universal perversion.  If you aren’t prepared for a thing, that is what will happen, if you are prepared, it will not happen.

As a part of that same philosophy, I put on the shoulder rig and wore the light weight parka over it while I ran.  After the uneventful run, I went out to the highway for breakfast.  Jamie’s mom wouldn’t be working till noon or so.  The waitress in the chain breakfast restaurant was younger than Jamie’s mom but not a lot.  She was also much less talkative,  She was all business and that suited me just fine.  I tried to think of every possible thing that might go wrong, while I waited for my breakfast to arrive.

Since I wanted to avoid the river side restaurant’s busy time, I didn’t eat lunch till 2PM.  “When Jamie’s mother came to the table, I said, “We need to talk.”

“Yes we do,” she agreed.

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  1. jack says:

    Damn talk about a mess thaNow she is rally going to have to be careful. t is one.. I surprised she let him hit her.

  2. cindypress says:

    maybe sh likes pain. She is screwed up enough for anything.

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