Sylvia 122

The job went off without a hitch, both shows,   Best of all I was fully engaged.  I watched over the inside of the dressing room, and I walked Soda to the stage.  When the show ended, I watched group change, then put them safely on the bus.

“Well Tom it’t over and I will be moving on tomorrow.  So would you like to come to the suite again?” I asked.

“Sylvia, I have a lot of respect for  you.  Most of the women I know would still be in bed whining about how sick they are.  The stories I have heard about you would make most of the cops I know jealous,” He said.

“Okay I know there is a ‘but’ coming, so let’s have it,” I said.

“But I need to get back to my dog.  I have left him alone with my neighbor long enough,” Tom said.

“You also think there is a catch to this somewhere.  Why would a woman half your age invite you to come sleep at her place?” I asked.

“Yeah that came to mind,” he said.  “And there are the videos on line.”

“You are a prude,” I asked smiling broadly.

“Well you have to admit some of them are pretty hard core,” he said.

“Of course I admit it, but I don’t apologize for it.”  I waited a moment before I continued.  “We can at least be friends can’t we?”  I asked.

“Why of course we can,” he said.  “Like I said before, I have nothing but respect for you,”

“Good then before I pay you for the two shows you did today, lets go to breakfast.  You can call this a perk of the job.” I suggested.

“Fair enough,” he agreed. Since we were in Philly, I let him drive.  It was that home town diner I had requested before.  Since I didn’t like restaurant coffee and the thought of any coffee of any kind made me squeamish, I asked for chocolate milk.  Since they had none, I settled on a Coke with ice,

“Why not try regular milk,” Tom suggested.

“I don’t like the taste of milk,” I said.  “The Coke will do till I figure something out.”

After I finished my steak and egg sandwich on a kaiser roll, we drove back to the motel where Tom’s car sat in the parking lot.  I handed him the envelope with the tree hundred dollar final payment.  I had added one hundred dollars of my own money.  It was for staying around a babysitting me.  It was the least I could do.

I wasn’t sleepy, so I went on line and did my research.  I used Google to find the best milk additive to make it chocolate flavored.  Turns out it was a product that came in a one pound box or in individual packs.  It was a liquid which could be squeezed into a glass of milk.  The milk could be hot or cold.  I figured it was cheap enough, if it kept me on the road and working.

Since it was all chemicals it added no sugar or fat to the milk.  Also it was all chemical, so it wouldn’t grow mold.   Then I had to find a place that sold it.  That proved to be a problem.

As a result I shut down the computer and went to bed.  I figured I could make a stop by a Walmart on my way to the laundromat.  It was 5AM when I woke up.  I didn’t want to run, but it had nothing to do with my health.  I didn’t want not to run any more that day, than I hadn’t wanted to run a week ago.  I forced myself out the door and did my hour’s run.  I ran down the service road before anyone was awake.  It was the safest time to run.  Even so, I almost got hit by a car as I ran along the side of the road.  I swore for at least the tenth time to get some kind of marker light.

When I got back to the motel I added it to my paper list for Walmart.  I filled one of my plastic trash bags with dirty clothes.  I kept them rolled up in inside each other, till I was ready for the laundromat.  I trusted no one so I didn’t go to Walmart while my clothes washed.  I spent the full hour and thirty minutes in the laundromat.  It  was a boring place to be.  I didn’t have a hard cover book or a digital book.  Since there was no Wifi signal, I just sat along with my thoughts.

Tom had been a real gentleman, I thought.  If I had pressed him, I’m sure I could have got him in bed.  I guess that meant I hadn’t felt as good as I thought.

After the laundromat I went to Walmart.  I decided If I had to fix hot chocolate, I would get milk and do it right.  If I got milk, I might as well buy cereal and dried fruit.  There was no way I was going to carry milk in a hot car.  I could however buy all the dry products to fix breakfast.  So that’s what I did.  I had everything but milk.  I had enough reconstituted milk in Afghanistan to last two lifetimes. so I decided that it was out of the question.

I did add a plastic box big enough for all the dry supplies.  I also bought a small cooler. It would hold enough motel ice to keep the milk cold in the room.  I was in the check out line, when I remembered the marker.  With my cart full of groceries and reflective strips, I rolled into the parking lot and headed for the interstate and on to the next gig.

I was on the interstate about an hour, when the phone rang.  It had to be Joan I thought when I looked at the caller ID it was blocked.  That told me right away it was Swamp Dog Enterprises.

“Where you at?” the voice of Colonel Martin asked.

“Somewhere between Philly and Baltimore,” I replied.

“Pull over, we need to talk,” Martin ordered.  I’m fucked I thought.  “Some woman from the promoter called me.  It seems she is not satisfied with the security we are providing.”

I said, “I see.”  But I was thinking, she called my bluff .  She went and got another company.  So that is what she had been doing these last few days,

“So, What do you want me to do with the SUV.  I can leave it at the airport, or let Rodney drive it home or if he wants to fly I’ll drive it anywhere you want.” I said.

“You are not going anywhere.  The client said she wanted to keep you.  I don’t see why she has a picture of you and Rodney with those to thieves. But she still wants Rodney replaced.  She seems to thing that Tom fellow we hired, while you were sick, will do fine.  I have called him and he is willing,  Two months at five grand and expenses.  I had no idea people would charged to uproot there lives, so I wasn’t surprised.  Would you have done it for that?”

“Not a chance,” I said.

“Well don’t tell him.  Go back to Philly and pick Tom up.  I have taken care of Rodney.  He is flying home from the airport there but he is taking a cab to the airport.”  Martin informed me.

It looked as though we were finished not even time for a quick goodbye.  I had warned him, I thought.

Martin said, “One more thing, I made it clear that you were the boss.  That woman from the promoters said you did one hell of a job getting Soda Pop and his crew under control.”

“Well, I’ll have to thank her,” I said sarcastically.

“You better play nice Sylvia,” Martin warned.

“I will boss,” I said.  I turned the SUV around at the next exit and headed back to Philly.  I hated to see Rodney go especially the way it was being done.  He would most likely think it was my doing.  Well I knew the truth.  I guessed I would have to live with his version of events.  He surly would have a different story to tell, when he got back with Swamp Dog.

Those are the kinds of thoughts that ran through my head while I drove the SUV to the convenience store by the interstate highway.  The one at the end of the Econo Lodge motel parking lot.  Tom recognized the SUV before I recognized him.  I first saw him walking from the office of the convenience store to the SUV.

“Well hello there,” he said to me.  He tossed his bag in the rear seat of the SUV.

“Hello yourself,” I said.  So is that all the luggage you have?” I asked.

“Yeah, I figured I would buy more stuff, if I need it,” he said.

“That’s a good idea, so is there anything else we need to do before we leave?” I asked.

“Not a thing,” he said.  That being the case I had to make the decision about where we would spend the night.

“We don’t have anything to do before we check the security on the next venue.  Today is Sunday and the sun is going down.  Why don’t we just check into the Econo Lodge behind us.  We are on Swamp Dog’s dime, so I try to make it easy on them.” I said.

“I don’t have a problem but I could have slept in my own bed tonight, if I had known,” Tom said.

“That is true you could have.  Actually you still can,” I suggested.

“No, it’s okay.  We can get an earlier start tomorrow, if we are together tonight.” Tom said.

“Okay you have your choice separate rooms or one room with two beds.”  I said offering him the choice.

“Truth is I would feel better if we could cover each other’s back,” he said.

“Okay one room, two beds it is,” I said.

We spent the evening talking about our past again.  Tom also liked to drink.  I drank straight coke, he was having some pretty strong drinks.

“So Sylvia did you enjoy that black cock?” he asked after several strong drinks.

“I think I enjoy them all white and black,” I answered.

“But that black dick was so much larger,” he said almost angrily.

“Well to be honest it hurt.  No matter what they tell you stretching that much dosen’t make every woman happy.  I found it to be just painful.” I said.

“To be honest you seemed to be enjoying it.  You didn’t seem to be in pain.” Tom said.

“I didn’t realize how much pain I was in, until the next day,” I know I shouldn’t have been, but I felt my breathing get faster and my heart rate go up, all signs that I was getting turned on.

“So you were so turned on you didn’t realize what he was doing to your cunt?” Tom asked.

“I suppose that is true,” I replied.  I probably should have shut him down while he was still in control, but I chose not to do so.

“You took that black dick in your mouth, and made it shoot cum down your throat didn’t you?” Tom asked.

“Yes I guess I did,” I said softly.

“You guess?” he said.

Okay I did,” I said.

“Did what?” he asked.

“I sucked his dick till he came down my throat,” I said.

“Yes you did,  You might be one tough broad, but you are just a slut at heart,” he said.

“You could be right, and I could be  a warrior princess who uses the commoners and throws them out. when they begin to bore me.” I said.

“Then I guess I better not bore you,” Tom said.  “Martin made it clear that when we were on the job site, you were the boss no exceptions,  Now I’m making it clear that when we close that door, I am the boss no exceptions.”

“Alright,” I said.

“From now on in this room you will call me daddy,” he said.

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5 Responses to Sylvia122

  1. jack says:

    Damn she seems to find all the men with issues, looks like” i don’t fuck the people I work with” is going out the window.

  2. Walt says:

    I’ll try again and this time I’ll leave off the http.
    The entire Sylvia Porter story, Chapter 1 through 122 is in one complete file.
    The Cast of Characters is up to date with Tom Brady.

  3. cindypress says:

    terrific walt thanks

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