Sylvia 128

Breakfast after midnight is a whole different thing.  The places are usually, if not full to the point of long waits, at least to the point of limited table space.  Tom and I had to wait for a table, but just a few minutes.

I looked around and  tried to put the pegs into the proper holes, but I was never sure about them.  Some were the waitress who had finished cleaning the restaurants nearby they were usually pretty easy to spot.  But only if they wore their uniforms.  Some of them probably stopped at bars for a last call drink.  More than a few mixed with crowd of the all night restaurants.  Some of the customer were probably bar patrons.  Those were usually the groups of two or more of the same sex sitting at a table.  Ones who hadn’t been able for one reason or another to pick up a date.  Then there were the late night workers who lived along and were headed home after shift.

The couple ahead of us was called at the six minute mark of our wait.  We were called at the eleven minute mark.  Yes, I kept track of such things.  I have no idea why, I did that.

“So it’s the ‘He men breakfast’for me,” Tom said to the middle aged waitress who looked like a drug addict or drunk in rehab.

“Make mine soft scrambled eggs with crisp bacon no potatoes,” I said  “If you can get the cook to put a little cheese on those eggs, please.”

“So, are we going to do it?” Tom asked.

“Of course we are,” unless we find out the cops busted them in the paper tomorrow.”

“Since we have a matinee tomorrow, we need to split up.  I’ll get the drill and you get the camera,” Tom said.  “You can drop me at home depot and head over to Walmart.”

“Why don’t you drop me the camera purchase will most likely take longer,” I said.  I reached in my wallet and pulled a hundred dollar bill out, then handed it to him.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“The drill, the look see was my idea.  I’ll foot the bill for it.” I said.  “Don’t argue.  It will be cheap entertainment,” I said.

“I didn’t think to ask if there is a heading for burglar tool in you expense account,” he said.

“I know pencil pushers are so unreasonable,” I said with a laugh.  Tom laughed as well.  The waitress even smiled as she put the plates in front of us.

After breakfast we drove back to the motel.  On arrival we each went our separate ways.  However after a few minutes the naked Tom slipped into my bed.   He held me from behind and played with me till I was almost on the verge of sleep.  Then be began rubbing his penis over my anus.  I knew what was coming so I tried to relax as much as I could.

Even so, there was pain as he first entered me.  He had a lot against him, I was very dry being the worst.  But he forced his way inside the hot tight canal.  It soon lubricated from his dropping cock.  After the first three or four minutes it was more comfortable and it even felt good.  Nothing really physical arousing more an emotional lift.  One of those turn on like seeing porn.  I knew I was making Tom feel good.  Just as I had understood the first time I did anal intercourse.

“After he came Tom left my bed and went to his own.  I really did like that about him.  Fucking is fucking but sleep is sleep.  I managed to sleep till seven that morning.  I dressed in my new shorts and found room in the small pockets for my box opener and key card.  I Pulled on my old running shoes before I headed out the door.

When I came back Tom was awake and drinking coffee.  He had managed to make it with no help from me.  I poured the teapot half full of milk and then I added half a Hershey bar to it.  While it heated to a boil I mixed up a bowl of high fiber cereal and fruit.  When everything was ready I ate the cereal and drank my orange juice.  After that I sipped my hot chocolate.  I found that i had added a bit too much chocolate.  It only yielded one cup of chocolate so that it was obviously too much candy.  The car’s tea pot yielded even less than a full cup, so I knew i was going to have to be careful with it.

We actually had a small refrigerator in the room so the usual routine of adding ice to the cooler to keep the milk from going sour was unnecessary.  Tom finished his coffee around 9AM.  Since we left immediately, and we already knew the location of the Walmart I found myself entering shortly there after.  I had the camera purchased and was through the five items or lest check out in minutes.  The only hold up was the woman ahead of me paying with a food stamp card.  The card was presenting the cashier with a reading error sing.

She was using food stamps, but had fake finger nails and a fifty dollar hair do.  The expensive clothes could have been from Goodwill, but more likely from strolling the boulevard.

I didn’t judge her for doing the stroll, but it did piss me off that she was using  food stamps.

When I got out of Walmart, Tom was nowhere to be seen.  So I sat on a bench to await his return.  There were also men on the bench about eighty years old.  The all nodded so I said, “Hi guys.” and settled down to wait.  I didn’t have long to wait.  Tom showed up and I was glad.  I almost ran to the SUV I was so glad to be away from those old guys.  They reminded me too much of my own future.  If I stopped running, the future would catch up to me.

“So, did you get my drill or Dremel,” I asked.

“I did, I got a drill bit, and I got your nipples,” he said smiling.  “I also got a bunch of alkaline batteries.  We can use them because we only need the thing to operate a few seconds.”

“I’m pretty sure I had my nipples with me the whole time,” I said laughing.  “Find a quiet place and pull over, we will test out the pieces.”

When Tom pulled into the parking lot of the stadium, I thought, it isn’t the ideal place but it will do.  He wasn’t kidding he had a box of alkaline AA batteries.  I found that the camera took two.  I bought it because it was small, had a low light setting and an exposed lens.  I had guessed that it would fit inside the pipe nipple and it did, with room for a little movement.

I could shove the lens into the pipe opening and see what it saw on the rear screen.  I held it up to the 1/2X1 inch nipple and it saw everything with just a little corner cropping.  Then I tried the 4 inch nipple and it looked more like a keyhole view.  I hoped they hadn’t bothered with a second wall on the inside of the warehouse.  Next we checked the drill.  The drill Tom bought took four AA batteries, but it didn’t need the rechargeable pack and all that crap.  I didn’t plan to ever use it again, but I probably could.  I turned it on and it ran slowly compared to what I was used to, but for drilling drywall it should work fine.  He also had a 3/4 inch dry wall spade bit to cut the hole.

“I had hoped to cut the hole at the ceiling height so that it might go unnoticed for days, but we can cut it near a fixture and it will go unnoticed for the rest of the evening I expect.” I said.

“I agree.  It probably would work best at about four feet off the floor,” Tom said.  I just nodded as I began to read the directions for the camera and work the controls.  I thought I had it pretty well worked out, by the time we needed to go into the stadium and walk the perimeter. I had decided that everything looked fine by the time Joan called me.

“Everything seems to be in place.  The hometown band is here and ready to go.  The fans have started to stream in,” I explained.

“Okay we are going to start your way.  Meet us in the parking lot,” she said.

“Can do,” I said into the phone.  “Are you bringing the radios,” I always reminded Joan.

I am, Reggie will have them.  You do remember Reggie?” she asked.

“Yes, I remember Reggie and I remember the damaged hand I have.  Some things are hard to forget,” I said.

“So they are,” Joan said.

Tom and I went to sit in the SUV till he spotted the bus pull into the parking lot.  “The great TJ Soda is here,” he said to me.

“Yep, the legend in his own mind,” I said.  We climbed down from the very Tall SUV and went to meet the bus.  Soda and his crew descended from the bus.  We stayed with him till he reached the dressing room.  I went in first to be sure it was empty, then I allowed him and his crew in.  While I held the door for them Tom handed me the radio we would use to communicate.

The show went off without anything major happening.  The only things that prevented it from being a routine show was a woman gave birth.  The paramedics arrived and clamped off the cord.  The show didn’t even stop for it.  She has already been carried to the exit so she really delivered in the parking lot.

I was impatient to leave but even after the show was over, we had to wait while Soda did his mood altering thing.  I knew he would be much easier to handle so I let him get high.  Just as long as I didn’t see it I was okay with it.  The bus finally pulled off a few minutes before midnight.

Tom walked up to me in the parking lot after we saw the bus safely off.  “Well is it a go, or are we going to make the sensible decision and go back to the motel?” he asked.

“I’m going dancing, I don’t know about you,” I said quietly.

“Let’s stop at the convenience store on the way.  I’m going to need some coffee,” Tom replied.

We got to the club a little after midnight.  “Two Buds,” Tom demanded of the waitress.  Tom downed his almost in a single gulp so I switched glasses with him.  He drank that one more slowly.  I went to the bathroom and Tom went with me.  It was shortly after 1AM.  The club was still rocking and still noisy when we left the dance area.  We both entered the ladies room.  Tom blocked the door while I removed the drill from the purse, which I had purchased at Walmart with the camera, since I never carried one.

I drilled the drywall and broke though within an inch.  I slipped the 1/2 x 1inch pipe in the 3/4 inch hole I had drilled.  When I stuck the camera up to it, I could see things, but I had no idea what they were.  There were enough night lights burning so that I could tell there were no people there.  That didn’t mean there hadn’t been.  It was one giant room with rows of storage shelves but there were something on them but not drugs.  I would need to get the high definition pictures on the laptop to tell what was there.

When I heard someone rattle the door, I put the camera away quickly and then I pushed the plastic pipe even with the wall so that it wouldn’t stand out.  The customers might be mistake for a vent or something else meaningless.  I  reached over and pulled the front of Toms shirt out of his trousers.  When he opened the door nothing was out of place, but his shirt.  I put on my most seductive look as he and I left the room together.

“Sorry,” I said the the woman entering the room.

“Get a fucking room slut,” she demanded.

“Next time I fuck your boyfriend, I will,” I said.

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7 Responses to Sylvia128

  1. jack says:

    She is soon going to be able to pass herself off as a master spy. She keeps picking up tricks of the trade all the time.

    • cindypress says:

      you know I am one day ahead of you guys with the writing of this. It is hard for me to remember what I wrote two days ago. You are reading 128 but I am working on 130 today. I have one chapter banked for the day I sleep all day. So forgive me for an improper response. The next couple might make you like her less.

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