Sylvia 134

Sylvia 134

I endured three days of a class designed to teach me how to turn a can of hair spray into a flame thrower.   If you needed one bad enough to risk your hand, or life.  I loved the information, but I had grown tired of the Compound.  I was more than ready when the Colonel said, “Go on home and rest.  We will call you when something you are uniquely qualified to handle comes along.  It might take a while.”

“Okay, thanks for the lessons.  Are we square on the money now?” I asked.

“Alright, you can keep the over payment for the Soda job,” he agreed.

I didn’t realize how much of the summer had passed, till I got back to County Seat.  The light poles downtown were decorated with red white and blue bunting.  I seems I had already missed the July 4th parade.  June and half of July were gone while I had been engaged with Soda Pop and his band of Gypsies.

I took the Colonel’s advice to heart.  Other than my morning run, I did nothing.  I played on the computer and watched some old TV shows on something call project free TV.  It had a list of old TV shows and how to find them.  It would keep me busy for months, since I had missed so many show which only lasted one season.  I could take a few days and see the whole seasons TV shows.

By the second week I was sitting around in my underwear and a dirty tee shirt watching TV on line all day long.  My real cell phone rang and it was Mary Ellen.  “Hey Silvie, you about ready to make a movie,” She asked.

“Do you think we can do one without showing my busted up hand,” I said.

“Isn’t that healed yet?” she asked.

“Oh I can use it, just not very well,” I said.

“Okay let me call the camera guys and see what they say.  I have a scrip concept just made for you,” she said it then was gone without even saying goodbye.  That was what happened when Mary Ellen was in her producer mode.  She got really irritable and rude.  I didn’t mind so much, I had been good for too long.

I thawed out some pancakes for lunch.  I got three cakes, a puddle of syrup for dipping, and apple sauce in a microwaveable kit.  Add a couple of links of microwave sausage and then throw the whole thing in the garbage was what the directions should have said.  Still I could choke it down.  I was getting bored for sure.  Ten days since I left the Swamp, and I was bored to hell.  After the pancakes I went for a ride on the bike.  The two wheeler was fine since my local bike man switched the cables so the front brake was on my right hand along with the six gears in the back.  I could hold onto the handle bars just fine I just could not squeeze the brake with my left hand.  I could move the gears with my left hand after he added five layers of black tape to make the shifter larger.

So I had begun to ride it every other day, rather than run.  I also rode it everywhere I went in County Seat or out to the plaza.  The summer was glorious in county seat.  That time of year made the winters bearable.

I rode out to the plaza just to begin moving again.  A girl can only take so many five year old TV shows and just so much masturbation.  I went looking for guys who would whistled at me on the bike.  Some guys just like skinny girls I guess.  I sure was glad.

I heard the sound of a siren behind me and pulled over.  “What the hell are you stopping me for Jimmie?” I asked.

“Deputy Melvin to you,” he said.

“Oh of course Deputy James Melvin, what is it I’m supposed to have done on a fucking bicycle?” I asked.

You made a left turn on a red light,” he said.  “Bicycle or not, that’s against the law.”

“Well I’ll tell you what Officer Jimmy, you just write that thing, and I’ll get my lawyer to beat the ticket, and get a restraining order against you, so that you stop harassing me.” I said resentfully.

“We have a new judge in town now,” he said.

“I have friends who work for that state news channel on cable TV.  It gets broadcast all over the state.  You want just look like a jackass to the locals.  I can arrange it so you look like a jackass statewide.’

He thought that over a long time before he said, “I’m gonna make it a priority to catch you dirty,” he said.  “All that shit you done undercover had to have rubbed off.”

“Have a nice day officer,” I waited till he pulled away before I got back on the road.  What a prick I thought.

I got home in time to check my email messages before I went out to dinner.  I had an email message in one of my alias names.  It must have been one of twenty fake names.  It was from one I used when I couriered drugs for the Greens.  I had known for a while that I didn’t get blown everywhere.  Some of the places, where I only picked up one time, had no idea who I was.  Some of them did of course.  I had given my word, that I wouldn’t approach any of the old contacts.  The state agents thought there was too much chance I would be recognized.

I didn’t answer the email, but it did get me to thinking.  That courier gig hadn’t been so bad.  If something didn’t come along soon, I just might get back in the business.  Fortunately Mary Ellen called again to give me a temp reprieve from my criminal thoughts.

“I consulted with the camera men and I think we have it worked out.  Besides some guys get off on handicapped women, or health women with handicapped men.”

“You are kidding me right?” I asked.

“Oh no, I am dead serious. I am getting lots of interest in you and Lamar.   I used him in a couple of other videos, but I got more requests for you and Lamar anyway.  The camera loves your look and the men do to,” she said.

“Sex with Lamar is pretty painful,” I said.

“Okay do it for me and I’ll pay you five hundred,” she said.

“Can you really make that much from the films?” I asked.

“Not that much from the housewife actresses that visit my dress shop, but for you, yeah I can.  It has a lot to do with your skinny, but healthy look.  The big cock of Lamar spreading you doesn’t hurt of course.  You might not know, but the boys had a couple of shots from the last shoot, where your vagina gaped open after Lamar was through with you.” Mary Ellen said.

“When do you want to do it?” I asked.

“How about Sunday night, meet me at the shop and we will go to my new double wide mobile home.  We are using as a production lab.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll see you Sunday,” I agreed.  While I had been on the phone with Mary Ellen my eyes came to rest on the package from the ebay seller.  It was supposed to hold a good crossbow.  Not the most expensive, but not a toy either.  I hadn’t even opened it.

I pulled the box over  to the table and carefully unwrapped it.  The bow had some wood, some metal, and some fiberglass parts.  It also came with twenty bolts.  I used the wireless Dremel tool to cut the point off one of the bolts.

Drawing that string was a bitch with one and a half hands, but with the lever and a few grunts I managed it.  I put the bolt without a point in the groove and seated it properly.  It was supposed to shoot through a telephone book.  If that wasn’t total bullshit I needed something heavy duty as a target.  I walked to the small park near the apartment.

At the park I found a big tree, then backed off about thirty feet or so.  I looked around to be sure I was alone in the park, then I fired the thing.  There was no recoil of course but there was a noise.  The bow had a open iron site so I was surprised that I even hit the tree.  I chose an angle that If I missed the tree there was a quarter mile of creek and woods before it came to any people.

I didn’t miss the tree.  The chipped bark told me the bow fired true.  I was more than a little surprised.  I decided to find a place where I could really practice with the crossbow.  It would make a fine addition to my skill set for Swamp Think to consider.

Things were still highly boring, when I pulled to a stop in front of Mary Ellen’s shop.  I went inside just a little before 6pm on that Sunday evening.  I drove the Toyota, not only because I had no idea what time we would be finished, but also because I had no idea what condition I would be in, when the shoot ended.  Mary Ellen was not known to protect me, when it came to her movies.

There was a new girl working in the shop.  She was very young.  By very young, I meant like 16 or 17.  “You got a new girl friend?” I asked more than a little surprised.

“Yes isn’t exquisite?” Mary Ellen replied with a smile.

“Yes, if you are looking to go to jail, she will do just fine,” I said.

“Oh no, I don’t us her in videos.  I know a female porn producer gets noticed.  Kinky porn gets noticed as well, but kiddie porn gets you noticed by the cops.  That gets you five to ten years in a state prison.” Mary Ellen said.

“How about child abuse?” I asked.

“I don’t know that anyone has ever been convicted without the victims testimony, and she isn’t going to testify against me.” She said.

“Well I hope not for your sake,” I replied.

We left as soon as she locked the door.  “Willow here will be going with us. Even though she can’t participate, she likes to watch and I like for her to watch.  It makes her more friendly.  The three of us traveled in Mary Ellen’s brand new Buick.  I almost remarked on it but decided not to.

The drive was much shorter this time.  The double wide she used for productions also housed her photographers Phil and Jeff.  “Surely those two are finished school,” I said to her.

“Sure, they live here until they sell their first documentary,” Mary Ellen said.

That interested me some.  I wondered if I could use my knowledge, and experiences to make a documentary.  I wondered if anyone would be interested in anything I had to say.  I decided that, if we went with something slightly illegal, but not so serious that we would do a lot of hard time, if we got caught, it might be worth the gamble.  I would have to get Phil and Jeff aside to see what kind of contacts they really had in the TV business.

“Why are you asking,” Jeff said to me.

“I might get you a series that one of the networks would want to carry.  Something just illegal enough to be interesting, but not so much as to get us a long prison sentence.  But you would be partners in it all, not just filming,” I said.  “If I go down, we all go down.”

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9 Responses to Sylvia 134

  1. jack says:

    A cross bow now that is getting serious ,, No doubt Lomar would leave her gapeing serious things there . She better make damn sure Mary Ellen dosen’t want him to try anal .

  2. KO says:

    Wonderful chapters as always! Love the new direction and the fact the Sylvia won’t take any crap from anyone, including Swamp Dog! Also liked the “in depth” discussion with the shrink, although that kind of intropection normally gives me a headache! 😉
    Excellent writing and entertainment! Keep up the GREAT work as you always have me looking forward to the next chapter!!

  3. cindypress says:

    I am so glad you like it but things are going to get dull. All that was just to explain where she comes from and what she is capable so those brief moments of intense violence that may come wont have to be explained.

    Sylvie might just morph into a different person in her down time. Just to keep you reading.

    • KO says:

      Everyone has moments of boredom so it’s good to include that in the stories! I’d be friggin’ exhausted if Sylvia’s life were nonstop adventure, terror and deviant sex! Well, OK, I would always enjoy more deviant sex, but you get the picture . . . . . 😀
      I think that is what makes your stories enjoyable and more realistic, that there is some down time and boredom, as I’d guess that most of experience from time to time!

  4. cindypress says:

    truer words were never spoken it’s why I write. My doing days are over so now I write since I can’t teach.

    • KO says:

      Don’t sell yourself too short here! I’ve learned a lot of different things reading your stories so I think you’re writing AND teaching. Whether that is your intent or not. Some of this stuff is bound to rub off on us if we just pay attention!! 😉

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