sylvia 136

Sylvia 136

I came home from breakfast with a whole lot of options.  I tried my best to always have a lot of options in my life.  If you kept your eyes open and almost never said no to anything on first hearing it, then you had lots of options.  At least it seemed that way to me.

I wanted a cup of coffee, but I did not want to be as sick as I had been on the Soda job.  I never wanted to be that sick again, no matter what it cost.  I went up on the Internet and did some research.  For about seventy five bucks I could buy a single cup coffee maker.  It had to be one which used real truck driver coffee, not that sissy shit you bought in coffee shops.

I found one sold in a home improvement big box store.  I was gonna have to drive the Toyota all the way to Dobson that kind of store.  I had this wild hair up my ass that I wanted one of those coffee makers. I couldn’t get my mind on anything else.  

There was nothing left to do but take the Toyota to Dobson.  Fortunately I decided to check the Walmart store in the plaza, before I drove all the way to Dobson.  I found one in stock and cheaper too.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.

When I got home, I ran though my old deputy sheriff notes while the very first cut brewed.  The coffee was ready just about the same time that I found the note for which I was searching.  I poured myself a cup of the coffee and it was pretty good.  I poured it from the brew cup to my delta shaped travel mug.  I immediately took the basket out of the coffee maker and toss out the grounds and then put it in the soup pot I kept in the sink.  

I had gone a little over board, since the incident with the coffee mold.  Every morning since I got home, I fixed a soup pot of hot water, dish washing soap, and a cap full of bleach.  I left that in the sink all day and I dipping anything I used in it.  I also had a brush I used to scrub the utensil before putting it into the drainer.  So thats what I immediately did with the coffee filter, and the brew cup where the finished coffee accumulated,  The minute I finished with the delta coffee cup I drank from, it would go into the sanitizer solution as well.  that would be followed by a good hot water rinse.  I was way past over kill with my precautions, I knew that it bordered on paranoia, so I never told anyone about it.

So I had a cup of hot coffee, which was a little too fresh, while I read the file.  From the note was about one Wilbur Hayworth.  I had stopped him during the first three months of my time with the Warren County Sheriff’s department.  Wilbur had a truck full of empty one gallon milk bottles in the back.   There was nothing but the stop sign violation to charge him with, so I didn’t bother,  A couple of brother I knew at the time told me who he really was.

Wilbur was a moonshiner.  He had made liquor all over the area.  Nobody targeted him because in Warren county, most everything got a pass.  If anyone had died from his liquor, the deputies would move heaven and earth to put him away.  Since no one had died, he would get a pass till someone stumbled across his still, or he was caught with those jugs full.  Until then it was live and let live for Wilbur Hayworth master moonshiner.

I got his address on the FI card, and I had copied it into my notes.   I had no idea whether I could find him or not.  I especially didn’t know, if he would do business with me.  Somewhere along the search for my master moonshiner, I sat the coffee cup down.  I looked at it on the table and decided I could risk reheating the cold coffee.  When it came out of the microwave I finished it immediately, then went right to the sink and ran the cup through the sanitizer rinse.  I felt better about the coffee thing.  I went to the fridge and flushed the chocolate milk down the sink.  I almost wanted to cheer when it was all gone.

I tooled up before I went to see Wilbur.  Then I programed his rural address into the GPS device.  It carried me into a fairly nice rural residential area.  I found Wilbur’s house without any trouble.

“Can I help you?” a young woman about twenty or so asked me.  She was a cute red head who really needed to have her teeth worked on.  They were stained and crooked.

“I’m looking for Wilbur Hayworth,” I said.

“You the law,” She asked.

“Not any more,” I said.

“What you want with my grandfather then?” she asked.

“It’s a private matter, a business deal I want to discuss with him,” I said.

“Come on in,” She said,

She had been so cold I was a little nervous, but I followed her into the house,  I was in the house and seated when she shouted, “Daddy, Grandpa has a visitor.”

A man in work clothes came into the room.  He looked about thirty five years old.  He looked me over then asked, “I’m Joshua, what you want with my father?”

“I had a business proposition for him, but I really don’t plan to discuss it with anyone else,” I said.  

“Well you can talk to him in the home, but he won’t be answering.  You see missy, he had a stroke two months ago.  He is in pretty bad shape.” Joshua said.

“Then I guess we are through,” I said standing to leave.

“Did the business include shine?” he asked.

“Yes it did, but if he isn’t working any more there is no deal,” I said that to keep him from getting curious.

“You looking to buy, or you want to make it?” he asked.

“A little of both I guess.” I admitted.

“I don’t understand.” he said.

“You really don’t have to understand.  You know where I can buy some white liquor?” I asked.

“Let’s say I could broker a deal for you,” he said.

“Why would I want to say that,  I came to buy liquor not play kids games,” I stood to go.

“Hundred dollars a gallon,” he said.

I laughed,  “Bullshit I said.  Maybe from your father, but not from you.  Tell me where I can find a jug on the side of the road somewhere, and I might pay fifty dollar for the information.”

“You might as well leave for that,” he said.  

“That’s ten bucks a fifth and thats more than is it worth,” I said.

“If you was buying a hundred gallons maybe, but one gallon.  No way,” he said.

“Look, I’m not buying nothing till I test it, then maybe I will buy a hundred gallons, but not now.” I said.

“How, I know you ain’t a cop?” he asked.

“You got the Internet here?” I asked  It was the daughter who nodded.  “Go here,”  I gave her the address on a scrap of paper.  It was Mary Ellen’s web site.  I had expected the questions to be asked.

“It’s pron,” she said.

“Click on Leroy and me,” I said. “Ain’t no cop gonna do that, just to get a shine bust.”

“You suck black dick?  the price should be double,” he said.

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t pay it.  I know what it is worth,” I said.  “If it tests out alright we will negotiate for a hundred gallons.  If it don’t, then we got a problem.  And I want it all from the same batch.”  

“Go to the closed station at the end of this road after midnight.  Sitting by the back of the building will be a gallon of shine.  At sunup it will be gone so do it tonight.” Joshua said.  That will be seventy five.”

I agreed then I went home and called the two photographers.

“Is this Phil?” I asked.

“It’s Jeff,” he said.  “I can get Phil.”

“Never mind it’s me Sylvia.  Are you guys ready to film?”

“You mean tonight.  We are still editing from yesterday,” Jeff said.

“If you want to make a docudrama you will find a way.  If you do find a way, I need you to need me at midnight behind Mary Ellen’s store.  Surely it doesn’t take two of you to edit a one a one camera shoot of porn.” I said to him.

“Yeah, I guess one of us can be there.” he said

“Bring your camera and be ready to go,” I said.  “Make sure you have enough batteries to go for a half hour.” I said.

“Okay, but we have to have some light.” he said.

“Only if you can shoot with the car’s dome light that’s all unless you want us to get shot.” I said it, even thought I doubted anyone would be at the drop sight.  That was the point of a dead drop.

I got on the computer and went to an adult chatroom.  I was so nervous I knew only one thing would calm me down.  I found an interesting man and masturbated with him.  It calmed me down as it always did.  It usually wasn’t painful though.  Of course everything still hurt and probably would for a while.

By the time I finished, it was almost midnight.  I drove to the parking lot behind Mary Ellen’s place.  I found a car waiting there.  I flashed my lights and he did as well.  We had agreed on a certain way he was to answer, and he answered correctly.  I drove up and parked beside him.  I got in his car since he had all the cameras.

Okay get your camera rolling.  I put a blue wool cap over my head and a pair of big reflective sun glasses to cover my face.  “My name is Jill and I’m in the moonshine business.  I buy moonshine and make cocktails with it.  Then I sell it to retail outlets, who resell it under the counter.  I’m going to show you from day one how I run my business.” I said into the camera.

“Today I met with a second generation moonshiner and arranged to buy one gallon for test purposes.”   I waited a full minute then said, “Kill it.”

I told Jeff to start the car and drive.  I gave him directions to the end of the road where we found an abandoned concrete block building,  It could have been anything, but the raised island where the pumps had once set made it a service station.  It was all just as Josh said it would be.  Jeff wanted to get a shot by moonlight of the outside, so we drove a few hundred yards up the road.  He drove a little closer and shot a stock shot, then he repeated that two more times.  Finally he turned the camera on me as I got out of the car and move behind the building.

I found the jug just where josh had said, so I hurried back to the car.  I told Jeff to put the fucking camera down and get the fell out of there.  He did and we drove back to Mary Ellen’s parking lot where I filmed a follow up.  He could use it as a voice over or show me sitting in the dark car with my dark glasses.

Then we parted ways.  He went back to editing the video I suppose, and I went home to prepare for the testing.  I had to remember it was very early Tuesday morning when I got home.  I had ordered a box of test strips, and a test kit’s for suspended lead and methanol in well water they be in the mail from the day before. so it sould arrive on Wednesday.  In the meantime I could test for the percentage of alcohol with a simple hydrometer from the auto parts store.  The were used to test antifreeze solutions.

I had the test strips sent to Mountain Health Service and gave the street address as Mary Ellen’s store.  Hell I might as well take her down with me.  I would have to call and tell her I was MHS.  She should get a kick out of it.  It was a simple cut out.  She could tell me if anyone started to snoop.  It should give me enough time to dump everything.  Of course I couldn’t imagine anyone snooping.  I was simply testing a well on a piece of land I was thinking of buying.  The old service station would do as a cover.

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4 Responses to sylvia 136

  1. Walt says:

    I’m surprised she is getting involved with illegal moonshine. If she gets busted and ends up with a felony conviction she won’t be able to work anywhere other than the Swamp or Mafia. She’ll never be able to get her LEO license back either.

    • Walt says:

      Forgot to add that with the Sheriff Deputies after her I’m sure they would love to bury her with as many convictions as they could get on her. If she is going to play in that field she should go to another county or state.

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