sylvia 137

Sylvia 137

I had faith that the liquor was good, but it was made by the old man, so I wasn’t 100% sure.  Without that, it just sat on the floor of my kitchen in a corner like water or something.

I sat around for three days drinking coffee and riding my bike or trike around town.  The Toyota only went out, when I went to the grocery store.  I talked to the girl, who made sissy coffee at one of the coffee shops at the plaza.  She told me what she thought was the secret of coffee stronger than that out of my pot.  It wasn’t more coffee grounds ,it was to cook it longer.  I had already investing in a one cup coffee maker, so I needed something I could run through it.

I was told there were  blends of over the counter coffees, known for making a strong bitter coffee.  I had been reheating regular blends to get that taste  It was a taste I had grown accustomed to in the military, where the pot sat till it was empty.  At one cup at a time, I could experiment with blending my own.  First I bought a large plastic jug of dark roast blend from Maxwell House.

Since I already had a bag of morning blend, which was what we had used in those all night coffee pots, I expected to be ready to go.  It was Tuesday after noon before I began my test of coffee blends.  The cup I made with straight morning blend was fresh and tasted weak.  What I needed was something to add the bodywhich sitting a few hours seemed to give to coffee.

So next I tried the full bodied model.  I found it bitter but it was strong enough.  So the answer was going to be to blend the coffees till they were close to how it liked it. then learn to live with that.  I found that a fifty- fifty mix wasn’t bad, but still not strong enough.  So I went with about a 70-30 leaning toward the dark roast.  It worked out to be close enough for me to live with.  Of course by then I was so wired I couldn’t sleep.

When I am wired and don’t feel like going out, or if I been out and failed to find anyone, I go to the Internet.  I can always go to the chat rooms and find someone who presents an absolutely perfect image of himself.  I usually wind up masturbating with him.  It was a harmless way to fall asleep and it worked just fine as always.

I awoke at 5 AM.  It was almost light enough to ride the bike for a couple of hours.  There was a lot of exertion going up hills, but at least half the time I was coasting down hill.  To make up for it I rode two hours.  I did it not because I was health nut, but because I really had nothing else to do.  I mean I sat around squeezing a tennis ball, but that wasn’t a fitness thing.

While I waited for sun up to ride, I made a strong a cup of the blended coffee.  When I emptied the brew cup into my thermal cup. I added a little water and put it in the micro wave for thirty more seconds  While the microwave reheated the coffee, I had time dump the grounds and dip the basket in the sanitizer, then rinse it.

While the microwave complained that I didn’t take the coffee cup out fast enough, I sanitized the brew cup as well.  Then I carried the coffee from the microwave to the table that looked through the glass in the back door and down the driveway.  I sat at that table and just zoned out.  Getting myself ready for the ride, that would have me start the day physically tired.

There was nothing moving as 6AM when I went down to remove the cover from my two wheeler.  I removed the locking chain, checked the tires, then headed out.  I rode the bike around the empty city streets then out to the plaza.  I had decided to go the cafe on the square for breakfast.  I had eaten there often before I got the bike.  It would be nice to catch up on the real people’s gossip.  I had already caught up on the cop gossip with a trip out to Hardee’s in the plaza.  It was after 8am, when I parked the bike in front of the Cafe on the Square.  I did not lean the bike against their plate glass window.  I leaned it against the brick wall, which separated the Cafe’s window from the News Stand’s window.

I waved to the young girl of questionable origin, who ran it the newsstand /used book store, then went into the cafe.  “Good morning Cat,” I said to the waitress who had rescued several of the stray cats, I found when I ran in the downtown.

“Why Miss Sylvia I saw you riding your bike around town.  I wondered when you was gonna stop in?” She was gently scolding me.

“I eat a lot of cereal these days.  They tell me it’s better for my heart.” I replied pushing back just a little at her food.  “So how many cats you got now?”

“I got them same four you and me found.  If you don’t never do another good thing, you done one when you found them poor cats.” She said placing a cup of that awful restaurant coffee in front of me.

“Who made your sausage?” I asked with a grin.

“I got some of my Uncle Jim’s sausage, I been saving it for someone special.  I guess a crippled up old lady will do.  Since no good looking men come in here no more.” she said smiling.

“I might be crippled up but I bet you I could show you a thing or two,” I said, and the patrons laughed.  They all thought I was gay, so I played the part of a Butch for them.  You got any of those eggs that come from your sister’s hens?”

“No, but I’m on a first name basis with the hens, they do come from.” She said.

“You are on a first name basis with every living thing,” I said.  “But how about two of them eggs scrambled with Uncle Jim’s sausage crumbled in with them.  I had to wait while they were cooked, but oh my how they were worth it.  Some days the food out of the Cafe on the Square carried me back to my childhood, and probably even farther back to when men wore suits all day long.  Of course in that neighborhood maybe they wore bib overalls.  Of course it was across from the courthouse where the lawyers and guys trying to look their best would have hung out even in those days.

I finished eating and left a huge tip.  I didn’t want to see the cafe go or Cat either.  “I don’t have time to sit around like you lay abouts,” I said as walked out the door to sound of laughter.

It was almost 3PM when I got the call from Mary Ellen, her mail had just arrived she explained in way of an apology.  She blamed it on post office cut backs.  If she thought I could do something to get her mail faster, she was wrong.  I had no pull at all with the feds.  Matter of fact, they would be likely to arrest me, if they knew what I was doing.  I had no intention of being a cage rattler.

I got the Toyota out of the drive then drove to Mary Ellen’s boutique.  I ordered both test kits at the same place, from the same place, so they arrived together.  Both were supposed to be well water test kits.  But they would work just fine for what I had to do.  I had thought they were dip strips and the lead test was, but the other kit was a wet test for methanol.

From Mary Ellen’s I went to the plaza’s my stop there was a Dollar store that carried lower cost cleaning supplies and they had small two ounce plastic bathroom disposable cups.  Then it was off to the grocery for my usual purchases.  I also picked up several bottles of fruit juice and one of fruit punch.  I had a shopping cart, not full, but at least it was more than I usually bought.

First thing I did, when I got everything into the apartment, was to open and I read the directions on the two kits.  It looked as though I could pour about half an ounce in one of the plastic cups to test for lead with the dip stick and then use the same liquor to test for lead.  I was ready to test before I called my camera crew.

“Jeff?” I asked when the phone was answered.

“No this is Phil,” the male voice replied.

“I need one of you with the camera to come to my place.  I ready to shoot the second scene of our video.” I said.

“I’ll be right over.  Should we meet at Ellen’s parking lot again.” he asked.

“No, you can come to my apartment for this sequence.” I said then told him how to find it.

When the kid came I was drinking coffee and watching the drive way.  He stepped tentatively from his car.  I walked onto the porch and was able to guide him to the apartment from there.  When he was in the apartment I said, “Be sure you tell Jeff how to get here.”

“Sure no problem,” he said.

“So how was the first sequence,” I asked.

“We are going to have to cut some stock stuff into it, but it looks like we can get about ten minutes of clean stock from it.  The hat and glass were a great touch by the way,” he said.

“That is for my protection, not for your video.”  I put the blue hat and glasses on again before I went on to do the tests.  “I’m going to pour a half ounce or so of white licker into this here cup.  The liquor is illegal, cause it was made a master moonshiner’s boy. We don’t pay no tax on it is mostly why the government searches all over hell for the still. Even though I’m sure it is safe I test it anyway.  I don’t like surprises on either end of the business.”

Yes, I said it using poor grammar.  I tried to hid behind it, and still be understood.  The way I was dressed and my hair made me hard to identify as female.  My voice was the only thing that identified me as female, but to disguise my voice would make the audio hard to understand.  It always sounded like finger nails on a chalk board after a while.

“I’m going to take one of these test strips, they are a lot like the diabetes blood sugar test only this here strip tests for lead in a liquid.”  I said that before I dipped the tip of the strip into the liquor.  “It would have turned blue, if there had been any lead present.  Since there ain’t none in here, we won’t have to test again for lead from this still, but one more time.  That will be when we pick up the full batch.”

I poured most of the liquor back into the gallon jug which had sat prominently on the table.  There was only a couple of drops of liquor in the cup, when I used an eye dropper from the test kit to put one tiny drop of test material in the cup.  I returned the dropper to the bottle and closed it tight.  Then I used a tooth pick to stir the mixture.  I waited a minute while I explained, “If it is drinkable shine, it will turn yeller and if it ain’t it will stay clear.  There you go, it is yellow as pee,” I said smiling.  “So now we get down to real business.  We are going to make blended whiskey from this shine.  Something for the real ladies, who want to feel a bit like an outlaw, to sip on in their parlors.”  I laughed when I said it.

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6 Responses to sylvia 137

  1. Keith says:

    Two tests I remember seeing relatives use back in the day was for clarity and then the flame test. Set a spoon full on fire and watch the flame, a red flame meant lead was present, yellow flame wasn’t good either. You want to see a BLUE flame. then you could shake a mason jar and watch the bubbles, large bubbles that disappeared fast was a large alcohol content whereas small bubbles that where slow to disappear meant more water content.


  2. cindypress says:

    i heard of both test but wasn’t sure how to read them. I have seen the well water kits before. I think they came from the county health dept or somebody/

  3. Good material you gave us there. All i have to do is find grandpops favorite mash mixture instructions and we are set. Thanks

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