sylvia 139

Sylvia 139

“You really going to do it,” Phil asked when I explain what Jim wanted.

“Consider it my sacrifice for art,” I said.  There was no need to tell Phil and Jeff what all I had done for a lot worse reasons.  My proclivity for sexual deviancy was admitted by me to me and me only.  Phil and Jeff didn’t need to know that I was more than just willing.  To me the idea of it all was a huge turn on.

“Since there was no time agreed to, stay around your place.  If you go out anywhere, carry your cell phone and the camera.”  I said.

“So do you think you will be able to do it with the cap and glasses in place.” Jeff asked.

“Honey, I could wear a ski mask and Jim would agree to it.  You just make sure if anything gets pulled away, you change your angle.”

“I got an idea, how about you disguise him and we shoot you from behind.” Jeff suggested.

“You know what, I liked that.  How about we have a fake tattoo put on and you film with it very prominent.  If they ever try to use the film against me.  I can ask them to show the film, then show my ass with no tattoo,” I said.

“That a hell of an idea.  We can disguise the disguise,” Phil agreed.  “I know just the guy to do it.  He is in our graphic art class.  He does these amazing paintings.”

“The sun is going down can you get him here tonight?” I asked.

“He is a nerd.  For a chance to draw on a woman’s ass, he would cancel anything else he is doing.  Trust me,” Jeff said.

So he made the call.  “You guys are not going to be in the room while he does his thing,” I said.

“Oh please we won’t say a word,” they said.

“You don’t need to be there.  Who ever does the filming will see it all,” I said.  Besides I want you to go to Walmart or somewhere and buy me a disguise for Jim or Simon which ever one wins the toss.  Sunglasses and a baseball hat will do.

It was two hours before the kid showed up with his paints.  Jeff went to the store and returned brining fast food.  We were through with that before the kid got to the apartment.  His name was Marty.

“So Marty are you cool with this?” I asked.

“If you let the guys take picture while I paint.  They won’t show your face but I want them in my portfolio,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m cool with that.  Just be sure they don’t get my face,” I demanded.

“So what do you wanted panted?” he asked.

“I’m thinking a Harley Davidson set of wings as a tramp stamp,” I said.

He turned to Jeff and Phil.  “You guys said I would be painting on a nude.  The tramp stamp isn’t on a nude,” he said.

“If that is the only problem hon, I will get nude for you.  Now lets do it,” I said slipping out of my shorts and panties.  I pulled off the knit top as well.  Then I laid down on my DIY sofa bed.

Marty went happily to work.  I thought it might take him too long, but he really wanted the photos more than to look at me naked.  Okay, he did have a hardon the first half hour or so.  But he got over it after a while.  When he finished I couldn’t see it because the only mirror in the place.  It was on the medicine cabinet.  Since the boys said it was great, I was okay with it.  I posed for a few pictures for his portfolio.  I didn’t wear the disguise but the guys were careful that my face didn’t show or they gave me something to hide behind.  You know hold my knit top up over my face like a bandanna.  “Too bad nobody thought of a veil.  Maybe we could start a riot in a Muslim country,” I said.

“You know what,” Phil said.  “We could do that.  It wouldn’t be hard to improvise one. “

“If you want to use this in the finished product, you will never be able to sell it.  Any real TV people will be scared to death,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said.  Even the foolishness gave me an idea.  I got in the Toyota and went to the store.  Thank god Walmart was open all night.

I rode the bike the next morning for two hours.  While I was out I stopped one other place and bought two more of the same head scarfs.  By the time we went to the motel I had three to chose from.  One was the old time red bandanna and one was blue, while the third was an American Flag.   I also had time to practice tying them.  It wasn’t near as easy as everybody made it seem.  The red one with the country design was the easiest to tie, so it got the nod.

Jim called after lunch, “Okay Sylvia I’m gonna be in room 113.”

“Okay Jim tell me what time, so I can tell the cameramen.” I demanded.

“How about 3PM, I always like a little afternoon delight,” he said.

“3PM is fine.  I’ll call you back to make sure the men with the camera can be there,” I said in agreement.

I immediately dialed their number.  “Hello,” Jeff said.

“We are on for 3PM can one of you make it?” I asked.

“I don’t have a class, so I for sure will be there,” he said.

“I need for you to man up and use your take charge voice.  We have to have the camera angle we want.  No matter what he says do not start shooting till I drop to my knees.  You got it?” I asked.

“Yep don’t shoot till you are on your knees,” he agreed.

“Bring some way to copy the file.  He is going to want a copy.” I said.

“We can make him a copy on my laptop.  That won’t be a problem.  I have been thinking he is going to want your face to show.  Otherwise he won’t have anything,” Jeff said.

“I can work that out trust me.  You just make sure it doesn’t show,” I said.  “Okay meet me at the Italian Sub Shop at the plaza between here and Dobson I’ll buy you lunch.”

Jeff was the only one who showed.  Jeff was a good looking twenty-one year old community college student. “Why are you still at the community college at twenty-one.  Isn’t that a two year course.”

“Yeah, I already finished one degree.  I’m working on the second one now.” He said.

“Do they have a video degree?” I asked a bit surprised.

“No, they say it is too specialized.  We finished the art degree first, then Phil and I started the theater degree,” He said.

“That’s pretty cool.  It isn’t going to take you the whole two years for the second degree is it?” I asked.

“No, just a year,  We graduate later this year.  We had to take one summer school course to stay on track for a Christmas graduation,” he said.

“Way cool,” I said.  “Well, let’s finish lunch and get on over to the motel.

What Jim probably didn’t know is I had stayed in touch with the motel’s owner.  We weren’t really friends but she did remember me from when I first arrived in town.  I had also thrown a drunk out once or twice from the lounge in the parking lot.  I parked the car at the lounge and made Jeff walk to the office with me.

“Sylvia,” the owner said, when she saw me. “What are you doing here?”

“Got to give a quick blow job to one of your customers,” I said with a laugh.  She looked a little concerned.  “We are going to fake it, of course.  Jeff here is making a docudrama about small town life in County Seat.”

“You know that nobody does that here. I would never allow it,” she insisted.

“I was only kidding hon,” I said “I’m supposed to wait in room 113 for the actor.  Thought I could get the key from you.”

“I shouldn’t, but since it’s you, here is the spare key,” she said handing me the key.

“Thanks hon, I’ll bring it back when I leave.” I said.  Jeff and I were in place at least an hour early.  Jeff I do hope you learned something from this.”

“Not to trust you?” he asked with smile.

“If you going to set up a meet, don’t do it so early, and never tell the other party where it is until just before it starts.” I explained.

“Why,” Jeff asked.

“Because Mr. Boyle is going to get a real surprise.” I said.

When Jim came in, He found himself staring down the barrel of the .38.  He really was surprised.  “Hi Jim come on in.  Do you have that list of customers.  Oh and by the way, a cop wouldn’t do this either,” I explained.

He made a big show of getting his folded list.  “I really didn’t think, you would hold me at gunpoint.” He said.

“Oh this is just so we understand each other.  I plan to honor my agreement.  I just want you to understand what will happen, if you cross me.  See me and Jeff wil kill you, and make it look like self defense.  My friends on the Sheriff’s department will pretty much believe anything I say.” I explained.  “Now, I got the list.  You are providing it to me for the services I rendered you back in the day.   When we leave here, you are going to call them all.  To tell them that I’m okay and to listen to my sales pitch.  That isn’t too much to ask for the ultimate blow job is it?” I asked.

“If it’s the best one I ever had, that won’t be too much to pay no,” he admitted.

“So you just sit in that chair.  Here is a ball cap and sunglass so nobody who sees it will recognize you.  Jeff here is going to shoot me from the back while I do this thing.  I have already given you proof that I’m not a cop, but I can be identified by the tramp stamp tat on my ass.  But the average John who sees it can’t ID me.  Now that we all know the rules, we can go forward,” I said.

I have to admit Jim wasn’t too rattled to get it up.  I had my do rag on, and it hid my chopped off hair.  That and Jeff’s camera work hid me pretty well.  First thing was I had my back to Jeff, when I stripped off my clothes.

I spent the first half hour naked kissing, and slobbering over Jim’s cock,  Then I took him in my throat and finished it.  When he came. I made a big production out of coughing.

“Damn Jim you almost drowned me with your cum,” I said.

A few minutes later Jeff hooked up the laptop.  He played the tape as he copied it.  It was probably the best blow job I every gave.  At least the moaning and groaning on the tape made it seem like it.  I sat naked on the floor while Jim dressed and then left the room.

“God you are beautiful,” Jeff said.

“That is just your hard on talking Jeff,” I said.  “I know some of the housewives Marry Ellen uses are much prettier.”

“Maybe, but none of them can do what you do,”  He said,  Then he walked toward me.  I was still sitting on the floor naked.

“Don’t,” I said.  “I learned my lesson about having sex with the men you work with.”

“It won’t be sex, It’s just another blow job,” Jeff said. and it was.

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4 Responses to sylvia 139

  1. Walt says:

    Added Marty the Artist to Cast.

  2. jack says:

    Just another blow job would be nice every once and a while.LOL. The disguises sounded pretty damn good. thanks

  3. cindypress says:

    just have to be good enough to convince a jury that a positive id would be impossible/

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