A poem someone sent me.



                … written by Col. William Bauer, USMC
We’re the Battling Bastards of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
defending the country we loved so well.
It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the consulate, and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety, and stood at the gate.
Just the two of us, and foe by the score,
but we stood fast to bar the door.
We called for reinforcement, but it was denied,
so we fought, and we fought, and we fought, and we died.
We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
and Obama didn’t give a damn,
just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
no thanks to us, we were just BUMPS IN THE ROAD!!

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5 Responses to A poem someone sent me.

  1. Barney R says:

    Excellent poem. I commend you in the truth you speak. It is such a shame that our civilian leaders know nothing of the military and what we do or have done in the past. If it were not four our military they would not have the freedoms they enjoy today. It was once said that without our military men and women, half our country would be speaking German and the other half Japanese. Stop and think about that for a moment, or going back even further, how about everyone speaking Spanish due to Santa Anna or the Spanish American War. We need a Teddy Roosevelt instead of a Marxist Muslim for a leader.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    All politics we have no leaders today. The country ,no matter it’s only about the next election.

    • cindypress says:

      I try to stay out of politic but I also try to recognize bravery when I see it. A cop whe goes into a movie theater where a man is gunning down citizens or a fireman rushing into a building, its all the same except nobody sent in swat for these guys, and someone is having to live with that on his conscience.. God help him because I wouldn’t..

  3. Walt says:

    Excellent poem. Having served for 25 years I could feel the intensity in it. It is a sad commentary when we have allowed our educational institutions to brainwash our kids into Socialism and Marxism. This last election proved it was true. When will Patriotic Americans stand proud again?

  4. cindypress says:

    I hope it is a pendulum not a Greece

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