Sylvia 140

Sylvia 140

Since we had the list the next thing to do was find a place to make the stuff.  I could disappear during the day to mix the stuff and package it, without arousing suspecion. The place had to be 100% secure.  We were going to have to store the equipment and the raw materials there.  I did not want any more shine in my apartment.  It was my intention to mix all the product for a complete runs at once.  No since being on the road any more than necessary.  Even so, the first one would be small, since people had never tasted anything like it.  I would be working on Jim’s name that first time.

I divided the list into convenience stores and neighborhood bootleggers for one list and the drink houses would be another.  I checked Craig’s list for two hours before I started making calls. I came across a farmer who had retired and whose kids didn’t want to run the small farm.  The were selling everything.  They had a storage container on a 8×12 trailer.  I checked it out then had my friend Monk take a look at it.

“I called you Monk because I trust you.  I need you to take a look at a storage container on a trailer.  It was used to store produce during the harvest on a family farm.  The farmer could move it from one field to another while he harvested.  So I have no idea what condition it is in,” I said.

“Just because it’s you I will meet you there,” He said.

When we arrived he kissed me felt me up a little, then laughed.  He also inspected the hell out of the building.  “Tell me the truth Sylvie, what you gonna do with it,” He asked.

“I’m going to buy mix and repackage moonshine liquor,” I said honestly after I made sure no one was around.

“Give me a bottle of each for my professional opinion, and I might get you a buyer for a lot of it.  You know biker bars sell anything.” he said.

“This is flavored stuff, mostly fit for a woman’s taste,” I informed him.

“Now you know we have chicks visit biker bars.  They only have a beer license, so they always sell illegal liquor,” he said.  “I know a guy or two in the business.”

“Okay, but what’s the verdict on the trailer?” I asked.

“At $500 it would be a good deal.  At a $1,000 I could build you one pretty much brand new.” The Monk said.  “What you have here is a used storage container on wheels, not much more than that.  And the running equipment isn’t new or street legal.”

“Well I appreciate you coming out and looking Monk,” I said.

“Now that you are back in town and not Sheriffing no more, when you gonna come by the shop,” he asked with a leer.

“You just never know but I will be out to barter not give it away,” I said with a laugh.

“I think we could work something out,” he said.  “Make me a good price on your stuff and I’ll deliver it to the bars.”

“I’m gonna need a place to park this.  There will only be a couple of cars that come and go, so that isn’t a problem.  We won’t need water or power just somewhere quiet,” I explained.

“You gonna need to get it moved.  I ain’t got a truck that will move it no more,” Monk said.

“If you got a place, I can get it moved.” I said.

“My daddy has got a piece of land only good to hold the earth together, but it does have a farm road on it that runs though a patch of woods.  I expect if I ask nice, he will let me part a trailer there,” Monk said.  “He might come look in on you, so keep it locked when you ain’t working.  And Sylvia you gonna owe me.”  I nodded my understanding.

Monk went on to tell me where it was located.   When we parted company, I went to talk to the owner.  “Well Mr. Jefferson, I talked to my expert and he gave me an idea of what you had.  So what you looking to get out of it,” I said starting right in to work on  him.

“Well daddy has got over a $1,000 in it,” he said. He stopped talking.  We both looked at each other a while, then he spoke again.  Of course, we are flexible, daddy mostly wants it gone.  How about $800.

I had him at a number that fell inside Monk’s price spread, but I wanted the best deal I could get.  “I don’t like to haggle Mr Jefferson.  Tell you what I will do $500 bucks cash money right now.” I  said.

“You give some and I’ll give some, $700  and you move it within two weeks,” he said.

“Tell you what, make it $650.  That gives me just enough to get it moved,” I said.  We shook on it.  Five minutes later I called Jerry my freelance mover friend.  I knew Jerry had the hitch and the big ass pick up to more it.

“Jerry, when you coming home?” I asked when I got his cell phone.

“Actually I am home now.  I got an early start this week and I’m back in town now looking for another load.”  he said.  “Why, you want to go out with me again?”

“No honey, I got a big ass trailer I need moved.  You got the truck for it,” I said.

“Will it fit on my hitch and how far you got to move it?” He asked.

“On my GPS it looks like about twenty road miles,  It has a standard hitch on it.  Nothing but farm use and it’s empty so no weight to amount to anything,” I said.

“Fifty bucks and a blow job,” he said.

“Fifty bucks and no blow job sounds better,” I said.

“Fifty bucks and you keep an open mind on the blow job,” he said with a laugh.  “Give me your GPS coordinated and I’ll be right over.  I got absolutely nothing to do right now.”

“Hold off till I get the delivery coordinates.  I should have them in fifteen minutes, but I’m not positive.”  I said.  He agreed so I called Monk, who called his dad and we had a place to park it.

Jerry came and bitched about where he had to pull it from.  It did have shit growing on it.  Like vines and shit, but he managed to pull it free.  We went in a tight caravan over the twenty miles of county roads.  I rode close behind the storage build, since it had no lights or license plate.

When we got to the farm road Jerry bitched again, but he set it on a turn around in the woods.  It was just off the dirt farm road.  “You better be glad it has been a dry summer.  We never would have gotten in here, if it hadn’t,” Jerry complained.

I gave him the $50 and promise to consider the blow job.  Then I went home to go on line and buy the mix fixtures.  It took just five minutes to decide to hell with that.  So I drove to home depot and bought a good padlock and a ten gallon water jug with an open top and a spout on the bottom to drain it.

I got a large wooden paddle to stir the mix and a couple of other things like several five gallon plastic paint buckets and a stiff push broom.  The total bill was less than a hundred bucks.  There was a lot of orange shit, but it was about half the price of a plastic mixing vat.

I rode back to the apartment to called the film crews.  They came right over and I wore the doo rag and the sunglasses while I explain about the storage container.  I did not explain how I came by it or where it sat.  As far as the documentary was concerned, it was just a storage container in the woods, that I had bought,  I did explain the plan to clean it.

After that bit of the filming, we went to the storage container.  The two of them got shots of me sweeping it with the Push broom.  After they had there shot I got them to hope.  We had to do that before I could even decide what I needed to do to clean it.  I made a big deal for the camera about the next step being to scrub it with bleach. “I want to at least start with a fairly sterile area.” I added at the end of the shot.

We left the container after the explanation.  I left to get buckets filled with soapy water and bleach.  It took days to get it clean.  Then I rented a paint sprayer and sprayed the inside.  After all that I decided I needed to buy a couple of camouflage tarps to do a wrap of the outside.

After the paint cured, I moved the mixing equipment in.  The whole thing had been filmed by the crew.  Anything that happened at the site was fair game to film.  Anything I had to do in the world outside, I just explained.  Like how I got the mixing equipment.

“We are going to make a deal with out liquor supplier,” I said in the car with Jeff doing the filming.  I also said for the camera, “I will see if this 3rd generation moonshiner will let us film him.  I doubt it but I will ask.”

Jeff and the camera stayed in the car with a promise not to film the house, where the moonshiner lived.  “If he sees you with that camera he might just shoot us.”  I didn’t even ask Joshua because he really wasn’t important to the docudrama.  After we shook hands the the work began.  “Okay Joshua your liquor checked out.  I can use it so let’s see if we can come to a price agreement.  I don’t need a huge amount at any one time but I might need a steady supply.  So how about we start with twenty five gallons?”

“I have twenty five gallons on hand, so you can get them tonight,” he said.  Then added, “If the price is right.”

“What would you consider the right price?” I asked.

“$75 a gallon, just like before,” he said.

“Ain’t gonna happen,” I said.  “How about $65 a gallon in that volume.”

“Look, I don’t want to have this haggling shit every time,so lets settle this now.  Under 25 gallons at $75 each, 75 to 100 at $70, over a hundred gallons $65 and that’s the best I will do, Take it or leave it,” he said.

“How about 27gallons for two grand even?” I asked using the calculator on my cell phone to get the numbers right.   I even held it up for him to see.

“Done,” he said.  I gave him the cash and he told me it would be at the same place as before at midnight tonight.

That same night I pulled into the abandoned service station at 1AM.  Phil had filmed me in the apartment before we left for the pick up.  I had already explained to Jeff about the negotiations, so Phil was there to film the pickup.

I sat in the drivers seat when I started to explain.  “We are here in my very small car to load twenty seven gallons of shine.  It is going to take every spare inch of space, I expect.  We are going to take it to the lab to store it before we go home.”

Phil filmed me checking the pickup site closely with the inferred scope.  I didn’t see anything, so I parked the car near the rear of the building.  Then got out to start loading the car.  I put it in the rear floor board then in the seat above it. then a second layer in the floor.  I finally put a blanket over it at the height of the front seat.  I had about six jugs I had to put into the trunk.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” I said. After I removed the black cardboard I had taped to the dome light while I loaded the shine.  Phil had to use a low light shot and it was shitty, but it was just to show me load a couple of gallons.  “The viewers could fill in the blanks,” I said.

We drove the Toyota straight to the lab and unloaded it.  Phil got me saying, “So far so good.”

I think we have enough on film to start trying to sell it.  If we don’t get a bite on it, we will be forced to toss it,” he said.  He had obviously rehearsed the speech.

“Seems reasonable. but things are going to happen that will need filming just in case you get a buyer.  You might as well make plans to finish it.”

“Yeah it will be a good thing to have in our portfolio.” he said in agreement.

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    Rehearset the speech, hmm you don’t think they would be dumb enought to try to cut her out or make the last video piece of her arrest after they called the tip line.

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