sylvia 142

Sylvia 142

It was almost none before I went to the storage container on wheels.  I looked the place over very carefully, before I opened the doors.  There was no reason to believe anyone would find it, and if they did would think anything of it.  I still had a couple of traps set.  I set the old spider web trap.  It was simply a piece of 5 lb test mono filament fishing line from Walmart, strung above the path to the Storage unit door.  It was still in place, so I felt better.  The second tell was a layer of sand over the black earth leading up to the door.  It was just as I had left it Saturday evening.

I took one more look around with the spotter scope before I opened the doors to the unit.  I wore a pair of very short shorts, and a very small tight tee shirt.  I would have worked naked, if I knew for certain that neither Monk nor his father wouldn’t drive up on me.

I set about mixing my first batch of ‘Shiny new Planter’s Punch’.  First I opened the ten gallon water jug from Home Depot.  I made sure it was clean and had no odors in it.  Then I poured all twenty four 12 oz bottles into the container.  The case didn’t come anywhere near filling it up.  It was about two gallons of mixers.  I wanted to mix it about two to one, so I poured a gallon of shine in the container with the Fruit Juice.  I was tempted to add a little simple syrup just to make it a little sweeter, but I forced myself to just taste it.

It was way too strong, but very smooth.  Since it seemed a too strong I decided to had half a case more of the mix.  When I finished I had a little more than 3 gallons of punch.

Next I emptied three and a half cases of the 8 oz water bottles into a 5 gallon bucket and added a lid to keep it clean.  I repacked the bottles with the punch.  I had seventy eight 8 oz bottle of the drink and about an ounce left in the water jug.  I packed the bottles back into the cases from wince they came.

Half way through the repackaging process camera crew came over.  The filmed me more than half naked packing the shine.  For them to film I added a baseball type cap, with a John Deere tractor logo on it.  I also wore the over sized mirrored sunglasses.  When I finished with the packaging, I thought Jeff had a hard on.  I laughed to myself..

“Okay, I let you guys film the  results of the first gallons of shiny punch being made.  Now you get to film me trying for my first sale.  I loaded a single bottle into my Toyota.  I drove, with Jeff in the car, to the biker bar where Monk said he would meet me.  I didn’t bother to change, I just went with my ass pretty much covered and my boobs just barely covered  all of me sweaty as hell.  Hell I knew I was using sex to sell, but all the big ligit companies did it.

I met monk inside.  “Hey babe, you got the shit,” He asked.

“Oh yeah, I got the shit,” I laughed.

“Let me get Jess over.” was Monk’s reply.

“Jess I got a drink for the ladies, I want you to try,” I said handing him the bottle.

He tasted it and said, “Not bad.  Hold on right here,” he said.

“You looking mighty good there Sylvie,” Monk said.

“You have had too much to drink,” I answered.

When Jess came back, he poured the drink into a glass filled with ice.  It took only half the bottle to fill the glass.  “Delia come over and try this,” he said.

A really slutty looking white girl with jet black hair came over.  She had several black and gray prison looking tats.  She looked much better after she tried the drink and said, ”That is good Jess, but it’s a little strong.  I would have to add come sprite to it.”

He looked at the bottle and asked, “How much?“

”I need to get six dollars a bottle.” I replied.

“How much you got of this ready to sell?” he asked.

Three cases,” I replied.

“I’ll give you a hundred and twenty five bucks per case,” he said.  “I’ll take the three cases but you got to deliver them.”

“We will call it an introductory price.  I’m going to have to go up on the next batch,” I said.

“Let me see, if I can sell this first,” he said.  “And you don’t retail to any more of the biker bars.”

“I agree.” I said.  “I will deliver tomorrow during daylight hours, if that’s alright with you.”

“We open at 1PM I’ll be expecting you then,” he said.  I nodded my agreement.

When I got back to the car I finished the interview.  The boys were pleased and went back to edit their film.  I went back and  worked a few more hours mixing up another batch only a little larger.  I had hoped for more but I found that $5 to $5.50 was top dollar for the Shiny Punch.

After a week,  either Jeff or Phil had gone with me to the drink houses on Jim’s list. I had plenty of orders to show for it.  I honestly thought it would be more fun to be a moonshiner.  I found that it was really more work than I had expected.  I had moved over two hundred gallons of that shit and made a couple of grand profit, in the first month alone.  The only problem was that I was bordering on going mad.  The demand more than simply outstripped my capacity to produce it.  I found that I really didn’t like the business.

The bushel of oranges I pickled in the 12 oz punch bottles went faster that I could produce them.  Hell so did the punch.  I never had the moonshine or the time to produce the peppermint or the hot and spicy shine.

It had been six weeks since I heard from Swamp Thing when Karl the Killer showed up at my door.  “We need you,” he said.

“The same gig,” I asked knowing full well I needed a break and would do anything.

“The same job but the location has moved,” he said.

“Do you have a good plan?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he said.  “But we got to go now.”

“If you are waiting on me you are backing up.  I will throw some things in a bag.” I said.

“Ten minutes and nothing that goes boom,” he said.

“Commercial air or do I pack for the grass,” I said.

“Pack for the grass, but don’t bring anything you are in love with.  We may still have to fly commercial somewhere along the way,” He said.

So it was a sharpened tooth brush, in the duffel, a heavy duty plastic knife with serrated blade and three box openers went into the pockets my cargo pants.  I threw some clothes, which were easily replaceable into the duffel.  I was definitely not in love with any of them.

From the apartment Karl drove quickly to the grass field yet again.  I had a few more weapons at my disposal that day than I did on the last attempt.

“So, where we headed this timed?” I asked.

“We are going to fly to Miami.  Our target it staying there.  It looks as thought he has moved his base of operations to the Belvedere Hotel.” Karl said.

“You have to be kidding a hotel?” I asked.

“Yeah, he seems to  have rented the whole top floor.  It is the tallest building within a half mile radius.  He doesn’t have to worry about snipers, with the updrafts and swirling winds in a city a mile shot would be amazing.”  Karl handed me a stack of small photos.

“So this the hotel? I asked.

“Yes it is,  It is seven floors and as I said, he has all the seventh,” Karl replied.

“So can we get up there?” I asked.

“Sure, but we wouldn’t be coming down,” Karl said.  “A swat team might make it, but I doubt there is any product up there.  Lots of cash sure but no product.”

“Does he ever leave the hotel?” I asked.

“Of course he travels in a three car caravan.  No one knows which car he will be getting into.  He goes out at least once or twice a week every week.  Usually it’s to a meeting at some other very secure site.

“So what is the plan?” I asked.  “We are going to shoot him from the parking garage a half block away.  That is a sniper shot with a high probability of success.”

“By we, you mean you,” I said.

“Yes, I do mean me.  You will be in the hotel.  When you hear the commotion, you go up and get the girl.  With a little luck they will all be coming down to take care of the boss.” Karl suggested.

“Also to meet any threat at it’s source.  If I don’t have any luck, he will have told them that they never leave their post.  Then what do I do?” I asked.

“You do whatever it takes,” he said.

“Do they have maid service on that floor?” I asked.

“Yes we have a maid’s uniform for you waiting at our hotel,” he said.

“I would like to make a suggestion.  I think a car bomb would be more effective at getting the guards on the seventh floor to come out.  Then maybe a small blast in the stairwell to distract the guards on the seventh floor,” I said.

“That could be done.  But the target has to be eliminated period,” Karl said.

“Best thing for us is to stay in that hotel and get familiar with it.  I don’t want to turn a corner with that child in tow and not know what is there,” I said.

“Two days to get the lay of the land and work out any kinks in the plan.  Two things have to happen, the target has to be neutralized permanently, and the little girl has to be rescued.  I am going to take care of one, You have to take care of the other one.” Karl said.

“Are you terminating the target to keep him from chasing us down, or are you doing it as part of the contract?” I asked.

“What difference does it make?” he asked me.

“One is self defense, the other is contract killing,” I said.  “Collateral damage as opposed to targeted kill.”

“Silvia, dead is dead,” he said.

“Not really, this would elevate necessary violence, to just plain murder.” I said.

“Trust me Sylvia no one deserves it more, then this guy.” Karl said.  “Besides all you are doing is taking the girl back for her custodial mother.”

“Gee that takes it all the way down to conspiracy to commit murder.  I’m really happy to see that.” I said.

“I thought you could kill,” he said snidely.

“I can kill to save a life, especially my own.  I’m not sure I can kill simply for money,” I said.

“Not even if the man is pure evil,” Karl said.

“Karl we could spend our whole lives killing people who need it, and not diminish the evil in the world by .001%,” I said.

“So if I tell you this man orders hits on children just to keep their parents in line, that wouldn’t be enough for you to bust a cap in his ass?” Karl asked.

“It would piss me off yeah, but would I lay out a plan to kill him? I honestly don’t know.” I said.

“If we don’t kill him, you would be looking over your shoulder every hour of every day, for the rest of your life,” Karl said.

“It took you long enough to say it.  So even if we didn’t get paid for it, we would kill his ass anyway?” I asked.

“That’s what I  have been saying.  The cock sucker needs killing whether we get paid for it or not,” Karl said.

“I wish you wouldn’t say that,” I said.

“The term cocksucker offends you?” he asked.

“A cocksucker is not necessarily evil, it cab be great woman,” I said to him.

“Okay, I’ll try to remember that,” Karl said with a smile.

Just as we had before, we stopped in South Carolin for fuel, before going on to Miami.  A few more hours got us into Miami.  We were met there by two more men in a SUV.

“The men in black had a day off?” I asked Karl sarcastically.

“The blend better in cut off jeans and cut off sweat shirts,” he said.

“Even then they look like what they are,” I said.

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4 Responses to sylvia 142

  1. Walt says:

    Since she leaves sudden like this, I wonder what the film crew, the moonshine buyers, Monk and others think of her disappearance? Do they know that she could disappear on a moment’s notice?

    Looks like things are going to get exciting in Miami. Not surprised he took up residence in Miami. A lot of the Mafia from other areas have homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties, some in Miami/Dade county.

    Added Jess (owner of Iron Horse bar to cast)

  2. jack says:

    I would think the moonshine buyers would heep w eek or two supply ahead. It would not be unuasal for moonshiners to dissapear for awhile if they think they are being watched. I think Miami will get exciting As long as Sylvia comes out uninjured and swinging.

  3. cindypress says:

    no she has chosen businesses without time clocks.

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