sylvia 143

Sylvia 143

I was glad that he didn’t ask me what the two men looked like.  It would have been a problem I’m sure since Karl was one of them.

The handed me a plastic bag, from Walmart of all things, with a 9mm automatic pistol inside.  The serial number had been removed.  There was a box of shells inside a well.  The box still had the seal in place.  I noted that Karl got one as well.  There was also a large briefcase looking fiberglass case, whicht Karl was handed as well.

“I suppose I should wear the gloves in the bottom of this bag, when I load the magazine.” I said.

“Probably would be a good idea.  We shall be on maximum security before and after the action.” He said.

I put on the gloves, then used one of the box openers to open the box of shells.  I loaded the magazine, put it in the gun and then demanded.  “Drive out of town, before we go to the hotel.”

“Why?” one of the men who brought the SWV asked.”

Karl looked at me holding the pistol pointed at the floor and said, “You really have to learn to listen to Sylvia.  She seldom says anything she isn’t damn serious about.  Find a empty road,” Karl said as he put his glove on as well.

We were well out of town when I pointed the pistol out the widow and up in the air.  I fired nine rounds off just as fast as I could pull the trigger and the automatic pistol worked flawlessly.  “Your turn Karl,” I said.

He pointed his pistol out the window, checked for traffic then emptied it rapid fires.  The he stuck the barrel of the rifle out my door and fired two shots with it.  As he fired I had my hands over my ears.  “Now let’s stop somewhere and police this brass.  Then  you can take us to the hotel.”

When we got almost to the hotel one of the two young men turned to Karl and said,  “One room is in my name and one is in Ed’s name, as we were instructed. So how do we divide up,” he asked.

“Sylvia, the rooms only have one bed each, do you have a preference who sleeps on your floor?” Karl asked.

“Better the devil you know,” I replied.

“Then it’s me with Sylvia and you two double up in the second room.  We do recon of the hotel tomorrow,” he said to them.

“We already did some recon.  He didn’t leave the hotel at all today,” Whitehead said.  I dubbed him that because of his brand new haircut revealing his very white scull.  The other one I called Curly because of his longer straight black hair.

Curly pulled the car up in front of the hotel while we unloaded the bags.  Just as soon as we had everything out of the cur, white head showed us to the elevator and then up to the rooms.  The two of them were not on the same floor, at least I didn’t thing so since the elevator carried  him up.  I noticed he didn’t pick a floor till we were out.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think he didn’t trust us,” I said.

“Just operational security.  I don’t even know their room number, and I’m supposed to be in charge.” Karl said.

“Well let’s go visit the bar,”   I suggested.

“You know they are going to have camera’s all over the place.” he said.

“Then I guess before we actually do anything we should find out where they are, shouldn”t we? I suggested.  “You know a loving couple just looking about.”

“So seeing us tonight proves nothing.  Then when we do it, we know what to avoid or wreck.  Very good thought Sylvia, but we already have the camera’s taken care of.  Part of the Swamp thing’s plan.  The hotel was built long before surveillance cameras Tech rep came to work on the system.  It seems the camera’s are WIFI, so they didn’t have to run cable through the grand old plaster.”

“So you are going to jam them,” I asked.

“Let’s say that sometime tomorrow the Internet access for computer is going to go down.  Someone might be able to use that time to go about the hotel unseen.” Karl said.

“Very good,” I said.

“But if they hadn’t done that, yours would have been a hell of a good idea,” he said.

“It’s still a good thing I wore dark glasses and a ball cap when we entered,” I said.

“It was fine but you aren’t registered and the registered guest, will be back in their rooms tomorrow.  Leave all  your clothes packed in the duffel they will check out the day after.  At that time they will carry them out and burn them.” Karl said.

“And that’s why you told me not to pack thing I loved,” I said with a smile.  Even I had known better than to pack my computer.  There was a laptop with the tags still on it in the room.  That would in up in the airport lost and found I was told.

“I am really glad that you understand,  So I guess we can get on with the planning,” he said.

“So you think the target will go out tomorrow,” I asked.

“Yes there was an incident in Mexico. that he will most likely need to talk to someone here about,” Karl said.

“Do I need to know what happened,” I asked.

“Not really, but you should know our target is a bad man.  There is no doubt he will be plotting a lot of revenge.  Revenge where people die,” Karl said.

“Then we will be saving lives and getting paid for it.  Makes me feel like a cop again.” I said.

“Well even the bad guys can do good things now and then,” Karl said.  “I assume you still see us as bad guys?”

“The jury is still out on that,” I said.  “As it should be.  If I knew which team you played with, I might not be interested.”

“We are still talking about Swamp Thing?” he asked.

“Are we?” I asked in return and smile.  I walked directly in to take a shower. after the shower I walked into the room naked except for a bath towel.  But it was just a tiny bit too small to cover everything.  I got into the bed and threw the town on a chair.  I wanted to see what Karl the killer would do.

He walked into the shower.  I was sound asleep when he returned.  I have to admit it was the first time I ever slept in a bed where a man  and I were both naked and didn’t try to screw him cross eyed.

When I Awoke at 5AM, I knew I wasn’t going to run, but I also knew I needed something.  I couldn’t screw Wesley Sniper so I went into the bathroom and fantasized about him instead.   I’m sure the fantasy was better than Wesley would be, since he was so clean looking.

He and I went to breakfast two blocks from the hotel at 7AM.  He rushed me a little he wanted to be back by 8AM.  He wanted to be in place.  I went back to the hotel and to the room alone.  In the closet I found the maid’s uniform.  I turned the computer on and went to the Internet.  I was waiting for the Net to go down before I made a move.

Just a little after 8:45 the connection to the net just crashed.  I had been wearing the maid’s outfit since I got back to the room.  So all I had to do was take a deep breath and head upstairs.  I got past the guard by on the door by carrying a arm load of towels that the guys had arranged.  I was in the suite reserved for the family.  Another suite was used for business meetings.  It was obvious that the girl’s father was gone.  Security was much less visible than it would have been, if he had been in the hotel.

I was in the family suite and opened the door to the little girl’s room.  She was still in her night gown and sitting on the edge of the bed.  “Sweetie would you like to see your mother?” I asked.

She just nodded.  “Good then get dressed,” I said.  She moved much faster than I expected.  I was silently shouting come on Wesley Sniper do your thing.  That’s when I heard the commotion outside the door.  The guards were shouting and I heard them scuffling around.  Then there was the explosion outside, and then the one on the stairwell.

“You Stay behind me and go where I go, Okay?” I asked.  She nodded again.  I moved though the bedroom door then motioned her out.  I had her stand on the side where she would be covered if some one rushed into the room.  I stood on the other side of the sitting door as it open.  Just as expected a single man rushed though it.  The security was on the boss, not the girl.  She wasn’t a threat, so he rushed in expecting to find her in her bedroom.  That’s why the seemingly empty room didn’t alert him.  To say he didn’t realize what happened to him probably was grossly inaccurate.  I am sure he probably felt little pain, but when the artery to his brain sprang a leak I am sure he realized something was wrong.  I was wearing gloves so I just dropped the box opener after he bled out in my arms.

I led the seven year old into the hall only after I made sure it was empty.  I had the 9mm out in case anyone showed up.  Since I had not fired the gun, if anyone did get off the elevator they wouldn’t be expecting anything.

When the doors opened, we rode it down to the floor my room was on.  When no one showed up we went to the stair well where the bomb had been.  That stair was filled with smoke above us but not on the floor where we were.  We got down about two flights when a very nice fireman led us from the building.  I removed the gloves as we walked and put them in the maid uniform pockets.

We got to the street and walked away from the paramedics.  The little girl and I got a block away on foot, when the black SUV pulled up beside me.  Wesley Sniper was in the SUV.  The little girl, and I got into the blacked out vehicle.

“You know what sweetie, you are the bravest little girl I ever met,  Would you like to talk to your mom?” I asked.

“Yes Please,” she said.

Karl dialed the number and handed her the phone.  I didn’t know anybody’s name, so I was thrilled that he had it.  The mother cried the little girl cried and we drove like hell across town.  They were still at it while we drove toward the airport.  I removed the maids uniform and changed to the escape clothes I had left in the SUV.

Karl said, “You will be with your Mom in a few hours honey, but you have to hang up now.”  She said goodbye to her mom and Karl handed me the phone and said, Wipe it.”

I took the gloves from the pocket of the maid’s uniform and put them back on before I broke the phone down.  I thew the battery out first. then I removed the Sim card before I wiped down the phone.  I threw the phone out the window near a park.  Finally the Sim card went out the window in the middle of a mini traffic jam.

I left the little girl with Karl, while I went into the ladies room and dumped the 9mm, and the maids uniform wrapped around the pistol, in the trash can.  Karl saw us on the plane before he dumped his pistol, then boarded a different plane I presumed.  We met the little girl’s mother in Atlanta.  Since it was pretty obvious from the little girls reaction that she recognized her mother, I just disappeared in the crows while they hugged.  When I got to the gate, I looked around but no one I knew was there.  I wasn’t sure that Karl made it out, until I got to the closest airport to County Seat.  He was there with a rental car to drive me home.

We said all we had to say on the hour drive  When I got out of the rental all the say was good bye.  I was amazed how well it all went.  Swamp thing knew there shit for sure.

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4 Responses to sylvia 143

  1. KO says:

    Wonderul and entertaining chapters as always! Also nice that the job didn’t go sideways!! Good intel and preparation is a VERY good thing for sure!! Now maybe Sylvia can get back to her newly started “shine” business. At least for a little while before Swamp Dog comes to visit her once again 😉

    THANK YOU for your continued writing and entertainment!!! I do GREATLY appreciate it!

  2. jack says:

    Very well done great chapter.Thanks

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