Sylvia 149

Sylvia 149

I began looking for deals on line.  I needed a particular item.  A twenty foot steel shipping container.  I was going to build my own tiny house, but with easy expansion possibilities.  I could simple add another unit.  The additional units would be much less expensive than the first unit, since the first would have all the utilities in it.

The trick was to buy the unit shortly after I bought the lot to put it on.  Then get moving on it very quickly.  I contacted several people and found one who had a unit only used ten times and in good condition.  It was sitting outside the port of a few hundred miles away.  It wasn’t on wheels but if they would load it, I knew someone who would bring it to me.  I got it all arranged except the pick up date.   I was waiting on the Realtor for that.

“Lori, I expected to hear from you before now.  It has been two weeks,” I said rather shortly on her voice mail.  “This is Sylvia Porter, if you want to do business call me, if not I will find someone else tomorrow.”  As I expected the phone rang later that afternoon, and it was Lori.

“Miss Porter, I’m sorry.  I have been looking but nothing has come on the market, which meets your criteria,” she said.  “Please feel free to contact other Realtors, if you think they would suit you better.”

“Very well then Lori don’t bother to call me again,” I said wondering what the hell had got into her.  Yes my paranoia was showing again.  It usually was nothing, but sometimes it was something.  Since I realized that something was wrong, I decided to keep an eye out for other strange things going on around me.

I took a chance and called Monk, but I did it from the burn phone. I was also sitting on a park bench when I did.  I made sure there were no cars parked near me.  Early May in the mountains is not the real park weather.  That comes in late May and early June.  I figured that I could use the park for a couple of more weeks anyway.  

“Hey Monk, it’s Sylvia I need to buy a piece of dirt out in the county, so I thought of your dad’s place.” I said.

“Well Dad’s in a nursing home, and there are three of us.  We would have to all agree to sell.  Do you want it all?” he asked.

“No just from the road back to and including those woods were the storage building is located,” I said.  “There are county water and sewer lines there?”

“Yeah, the county put them in two years ago,” Monk said.  “You know I can’t get you a better deal.  If it were up to me I would. but I got a brother and sister to satisfy,”

“I know Monk.  I just want a fair price nothing special,” I said.  “When you work something out, let’s not talk on my home phone, we will just meet somewhere to discuss it.”

“Sure is anything wrong honey?” he asked.

“I’m just a little paranoid these days.  It’s nothing,” I said.

“Okay, we can meet, when I know something,” Monk said and hung up on me.

While I was waiting for Monk and his siblings to get a price in mind, I got the coded message from Colonel Martin.  I went to the park, since it was still empty.  I called.

“Swampland Enterprises,” receptionist said.

“This is Sylvia Porter.  He is expecting me to call,” I said.  There was a click.  I found myself on hold, but no elevator music played there was just silence.

“Are you still working for us?” Martin asked.

“That depends, are you bugging my apartment?” I asked.

“No is it bugged,” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sitting on a chilly park bench talking into a burn phone,” I said.

“Good girl, how long have you known about the bug, and how did  you find out.”  I explained it all to him.  He commented that I had done the right things.  “It is a good thing you didn’t run’  It was also good that you stayed and acted normal.  I’ll take it from here. I will find out who is bugging your apartment, and I’ll let you know who it is.  Now don’t worry about this job, it will all work out just fine without you.  It is more important to find out who is bugging you,” he said that as he broke the connection.

I went home and continued to work on the details of my new home.  It was nuts, when I thought about it.  The whole thing was crazy.  It was a lot like living in a boxcar.  But I was determined to make it work.

“Sylvia?” Monk asked when I answered my house phone.

“Yes Monk, I only spoke to you yesterday,” I said remembering how Lori had acted.

“Well, I have good news.  Believe it or not that piece of land isn’t part of the original farm.  Daddy bought it for the Tobacco allotment.  So if you want to buy it without any allotment, we can maybe make a deal.  The deed had the small fields on either side of the road and the small patch of woods where the trailer is.  It goes all the way back to the creek.  It is seven acres in all.”

“It sounds expensive,” I said.

“I don’t know what you call expensive, but there are ways,” he started but I cut him off.

“Monk why not meet me for coffee at the downtown cafe, and let’s talk about it,”  He seemed to understand that something was wrong.  

“It needs to be after 6PM.” he said

“Make it 6:30 then,” I suggested, and we rang off.

I had three hours to kill so I went to the Internet and to an adult chatroom.  While I was there the Lucy Martin message appeared.  I left the computer and went to the park, but there were cars in the parking lot with no people in the park.  I turned  the two wheeler onto the bike path the rode it till I got to a bench.  One with a view of the walking/bike path for a about a hundred yards in either direction.  There were no parking lots near me or any line of sight places that weren’t in my view.

“Could I speak to the boss it’s Sylvia,” I said.

“Sylvia you are going to meet a man tomorrow night at the a club in the parking lot of that motel.  You will know him.  He is going to go home with you and spend a few days.” Martin said.

“Should I be more paranoid than usual,” I asked.

“A little paranoid is a good thing sometimes,” he said   “Get rid on the burner like we showed you.” then he hung up on me.  I took the battery out of my burner, then the sim card, before I tossed the carcass in the creek.  I thought how it was a good thing that I had bought two at the store at the same time.

I worried all the way home because it looked more serious than I thought.  I thought it was probably and ABC wire tap.  I was carrying the .38 and the box openers.  I didn’t know what else to do.

I went back home to worry until I met with Monk.  I waited an hour and two cups of coffee then I went down to the cafe.  I took a seat at one of the table, but I got one away from the windows.  I waited with a glass of iced tea, even though for some folks it wasn’t warm enough for iced tea at that time of the night.

Monk came in and sat down.  “What the fuck is going on with you?” he asked.

“Just a little paranoia, it’s probably nothing we will see,” I said.  “It has nothing to do with this.”

“Okay here is what I know.  That parcel of  seven acres is not good for anything, but to build a house on maybe.  The ground is worked out and the creek isn’t pure enough to use for anything but irrigation.  There isn’t enough water in it to use for that.  In other words we don’t have any other offers on it.  You can buy it for $1,500 and acre, if you take it all.” he said.  

$1.200 an acre and you have the lawyer draw up the sales papers.  I will get them checked out and then we set up a signing.” I said.  “Oh make sure the taxes are current or the lawyer write in the contract that you agree to assume all liabilities.

“All right, but before we invest in a lawyer and pay off the taxes, we are going to want some up front money,” he said.

“I will write you a check right now,” I said.

“You know I’ll see you get it back, should anything happen.” Monk said.

“You can bet your greasy ass, I’ll get it back.” I said  but with a smile.

I went home after the meeting where I left a check with Monk for $5000 check as earnest money.  When I got home I had to go to the net, then into an adult chatroom.  I needed to orgasm just to sleep.  I kept ignoring guys till I got to one who called me names and put some really interesting images in my mind.  Some I’m sure were illegal in a couple of states and all of the of the Arab world.

I took the trike out the next morning. I stopped by Mary Ellen’s store.  “Mary Ellen honey if you need me call this number.” I said handing her a card with the new phone number.  “ I lost the old one.”

Then I went home to check on my possessions, to see what would fit in a really small house.  The container would be about half the size of the apartment.  I could fit most of what I had in the container.

I drew plans then tore them up and drew them again and again and again.  I finally came up with a working plan.  I liked the layout pretty good.  It had a bath in the back of the unit.  A kitchen in the center and a living/bedroom in the front.  It would require a door be cut in the side because I wanted to enter into the kitchen.  I liked it so well that I stopped drawing plans.  The plans weren’t set in stone I knew I might have to change them.

The next thing I did was to have dinner at the downtown cafe because it was only a few blocks from there to the lounge.  “Well hey there girl we seen you twice in a month, you must be tired of that fast food,” The waitress said.

“Leave her be,” the owner/cook said.  “Just take her order and save that smart mouth for the regular customers.

“You heard the man what you want Silvie,” she asked.

“How about the hamburger steak with those deep fried tater tots?” I asked.

“You want that pile of shredded lettuce he calls a salad,” She said.

“Sure might as well go all the way,” I replied.  The food come quick and it was just a little greasy but very good.  I might have been good, because it was just a little greasy.

I left the Cafe on the Square after the meal headed for the lounge.  As soon as I walked in I recognized him.  I would have ordered something stronger than the beer if the lounge carried it.  

“Howdy Brit,” I said.

“Let’s get one thing straight, I am no happier to be here, than you are to have me,” he said in his accented voice.

“I don’t think that is possible,” I said.

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13 Responses to Sylvia 149

  1. garydan says:

    Now we get to the bottom of who is bugging Sylvia…

  2. cindypress says:

    yes there is a answer who or what is bugging you

  3. Walt says:

    Guess Karl will have to sleep on the floor. Don’t think her makeshift bed is big enough for two. Maybe he can rent or buy an air mattress and a sleeping bag.

    Wonder if the bug is someone in the Sheriff’s dept (Melvin James, maybe) still trying to hang her on anything they can find.

    Got my decorations finished. Couldn’t get the Christmas music modules to work on the Santa/reindeer or Snowman. May be too far from the base unit on the porch. So using the Top and Bottom lights on the house plus the two window lights alternating. May add some more if it isn’t too cold.

    Lights are on from Dark (approx 5:30 pm) to 9:30 pm EST.
    If you get a black sreen more than 15 secs refresh it and it will work. They may throw an ad in there too. (joys of using a free program)

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Well it could be the Greens, eliminate the star witness and then go for a new trial. or the atf looking at her moonshine business or the sherriff looking to emiminate the possible competition or the state wanting to end her dissabilities payment but must be a lot more than any of these for swamp to send an operative to stay with her. the brit is going to have tough nights sleeping in the floor with that stick up his ass.

  5. jackballs57k says:

    i wish i could figure out the time stamp on the coments and replies they seem to jump all around

    • Walt says:

      I think WordPress is using Universal Time (former Greenwich Mean Time). If you are in EST subtract 4 hours from the posted time. Five, Six and Seven hours for CST. MST and PST. My post now should read 12:31 AM where it is really 8:31 EST.

  6. Walt says:

    Oops, it’s subtract five hours to EST, then 6, 7 and 8 across the country because it is 8:31 here..

  7. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks Walt that works some times but others its way off

  8. KO says:

    Certainly some “stuff” happening for Sylvia here! Even the dull moments don’t seem all that dull, at leat comapred to what I experience from time to time!
    Great idea on the containers for a dwelling although a 20 footer would seem kinda cramped. I’ve seen photos of them done up very nicely so it’s tough to tell they were containers to start with. I’ve even seen them stacked up to give mulitple levels. 🙂
    Going to be interesting with the “Brit” hangin’ out, watching out for Sylvia and Swamp Dawgs interests.

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