Sylvia 156

Sylvia 156

“So what do you want to do tonight,” I asked.

“Do you have any normal friends?” he asked.

“What do you mean by normal,” I asked.

“Friends who live in a house with a white picket fence.  A couple of kids in the back yard playing.  That kind of friends,” He asked.

“I lost them all when I left the department to go undercover.  I just didn’t cultivate them when I came back.  Then your Colonel Martin came to drag me off, to do god knows what.  The short answer would have been, no I don’t.” I replied.

“Okay where did the ones you had hang out  back when  you had some?” he asked.

“There are a couple of places where my friends from the old days go on a Saturday night,” I answered.

“Then let’s go there,” He said.

“You want to go to a cop bar?” I asked.

“God no, they might have papers on us.  How about one of the places you sold your stuff to,” he said.

“How do you feel about motorcycle bars,” I asked.

“Lets do it,” he said.

We did stop for dinner, then we went to the club Monk turned me onto.  The Brit and I walked in.  The owner and the bartender both knew me.  The bartender was a tough ass chick with huge breasts.

“Hello there Sylvie,” she said.

“Hello Gloria, how about a couple of beers,” I said.

When she put the to beers down, it was accompanied by, “Whose your friend.  He is cute.”

“This ugly bastard is Brit,” I said.

“Pleased to meet you,” she said.

“Likewise, I’m sure,” The Brit said.

“My God Sylvie, he talks fancy,” Gloria said.

“Yeah he does,” I said with a smile.

“Talks like a fagot,” a biker who was also standing at the bar said.

“Wonder how he will explain a fagot putting his greasy ass in the hospital?” The Brit said to me.

“I expect he want much like to admit that,” I replied.

The greasy biker lunged at The Brit who side stepped him and then turned him backwards and wrapped his arm around his throat.  He had the other hand on the man’s chin.  “Now lad, I can brake your fucking neck, or I can turn  you loose and you can but me a drink,” The Brit explained.

During that one minute fight no one had time to make a move, but they suddenly came to life.  I drew the .38 and considered who I would shoot first.

“Now guys, I suggest we buy these two a drink before the shooting starts.” the owner said.  It took a full minute but everything did calm down.

“No harm done,” The Brit said.

One of the bikers walk up to the bar.  The Brit turned to  him.  “I got a fully restored Norton WWII motor bike.  I’ll bet you would love to see that.”

“Is it for sale,” The Brit asked.

“No it ain’t,” the biker said.

“Then, I would love to see it.  If it was for sale I couldn’t look at it.” The Brit said with a laugh.  “Do you know what I really need.  I need a good electrician, who can do some work for me either tomorrow or Monday.”

“I know one of them too,”  I can give  him a call, if you want.

“I would like that very much,” Then he turned to me.  “It would really be nice to get that settled tonight.”

Fifteen minutes later the biker with the Norton returned.  “Big Mike said he would meet you at your building site tomorrow after church.”

“I do appreciate that.” The Brit said.

I’ll bring that Norton by there and show it off a little,” the biker added.  Then he said to me, “Sylvia we don’t see near enough of you.  Those boys in Dobson were talking about you.”

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised,” I said with a laugh.  I had to tell the Brit something, so I added, “They must miss there entertainment.”  To his credit the Brit didn’t need any further explanation.

We stayed there for a couple of more beers and some talk about motorcycles, then we went home.  Saturday night was a repeat of Friday except I orgasmed while The Brit was in my backside.  That was something new and weird, but I didn’t tell him that.

The next morning I left him faking sleep just as the previous day.  I rode the bike till seven thirty then pulled into the drive.  I parked the bike beside the garage.  I got to watch The Brit run up the drive from the street.  He came very quickly for a man his size.

“So what you planning for today,” he said.

“Well I was going to do laundry, but now I have to meet the electrician at 1PM,” I said.

“No you don’t, I can meet him.  You want regular house type wiring with an outlet every few feet.  You want two overhead lights.  One at each end of the box.” The Brit said.

“No wiring on the back wall  That is where the plumbing fixture go.  I don’t want to mix electricity with water under any circumstances.” I said.

“Okay I  have this covered.  You have to learn to trust people to do some things for you Sylvia.” he said.

“Okay you take care of the wiring, and I’ll wash your dirty clothes,” I said.

Sunday night we ate out and nothing happened.  The fact that nothing sexual happened was more than alright with me.  My butt hurt and I felt like I needed to go, all day long.  Hell I had felt that way for two days in a row.  We did sleep together, but it wasn’t sexual.

I saw a two by four, with wires attached.extending from the ground on Monday morning.when we arrived at the site.  “What the fuck is that,” I asked.

“That is a saw service, I think Big Mike called it.  He said he can’t do the wiring till the walls are framed in.  We have some neat things planned for that, but we need power for saws.” The Brit informed me.  “Oh yeah you owe me two hundred dollars for the saw service.  I know you would hate to owe me anything.”

Tomas arrived and handed me a receipt from the Home Depot for $18.  He had stopped there to get some lag bolts and washers.  It was to bolt the Studs to the walls, according to The Brit.

Tomas did not return to the trenching at all that day.  He and the Brit drilled holes and bolted wall studs to the sides of the box.  They did that only after they had lowered the box.  It was a hell of a day’s work.  I was going nuts from the sounds of all that Spanish.  I just hated not knowing what the hell they were talking about.

“At 4PM I gave Tomas $125 dollars.  “The extra $7 is for the gas,” I explained.  He and The Brit talked one last time then Tomas left.

“You are going to have to go with him in the morning. To the home depot.  He is going to buy the plumbing fixture.  He doesn’t want to be responsible.  Big Mike is going to come tomorrow morning to install the wiring, breaker box and the meter base.  Then we will be ready for regular service from the regional power company,”  I could tell The Brit was really getting off on the building thing.  Putting something together for a change, instead of blowing it up, seemed to agree with  him.

“So what are you going to do about windows.  We can remove any of this framing and add windows,” The Brit informed me.

“Yes I want windows.  Not too many just a couple anyway.  A small one over the toilet back here,” I showed The Brit.   “Then one on the front side. It has to be big enough to use as an emergency exit.”  The Brit just smiled at me, when he nodded his head.

After Tomas left on Monday The Brit and I did some things.  Mostly just finished up thing Tomas and The Brit had started.  It was six when we left.

“Let’s go to that place where they fix barbecue again,” The Brit suggested.

“Sure,” I said smiling.  He was about to get converted, foreigners always did.

We didn’t sleep together that night either.  Tomas and I went first thing Tuesday and bought a fiberglass shower stall complete and ready to attach to plumbing pipes.  Then we picked out a toilet that was a water saver and would fit against the same end of the box.  I planed to one in each corner. Between them there should be enough room for sink which was a large plastic janitor sink.  I planned to up grade to a better one later.  With the necessary things to make it all work and two lighting fixtures it came to almost $500.  I didn’t mind to much except that I had to use real money.

I got back in time to pay Big Mike for the electrical service.  I had paid him over $500 dollars before he was finished.  That seemed to be a magic number on Tuesday.  I didn’t really bother me too much since I could actually see progress being made.  We made a small change and had ceiling fans instead of light fixtures installed.  They came with light fixtures anyway.

“You need to bring a lot more money tomorrow,” The Brit said with a smile.

“Can I ask how much and why.” I demanded.

“Because tomorrow the representative for the sewage holding tank company will be here,” he said.

“Shit Brit, its only Tuesday and I have laid out over a thousand dollars,” I said.

“I’m going with Tomas to get the insulation, so don’t be surprised at how much you have to give me up front.’ he said with a big grin.

“Maybe I should let you pay for some of this shit,” I said.

“Bullshit, you don’t want to be beholding to me or anyone else,” he said.

“Yeah right,” I said it with a smile.  I happened to be standing where I could see how they had used the lag bolts to make the wooden framework.  They had drilled a quarter inch hole in the outside wall and run a lag bolt into the two by four.  Tomas had used a rubber washer, as well as the head of the lag bolt, to make the connection water tight.  The lag bolts were galvanized, so they wouldn’t rust.  He and the Brit were doing things right.

The Brit and I didn’t have sex that night either.  I didn’t really know what was wrong but I was sure there was something.  Outside the apartment he was very comfortable with me, but he was uneasy in the apartment.  I don’t think he was comfortable with any kind of relationship more than just friendship.  I cared enough about him not to push it, just to fill my needs.

Since the apartment was so small he did have to watch me masturbate while chatting on the computer.  He didn’t say whether he approved or not.

The next day after my bike ride in the misty rain, I managed a bath before The Brit got back.  We bought takeout biscuits and coffee, then drove to the site of my house.  I gave him $300 for insulation and off he went with Tomas.

They were hardly out of the drive when the salesman for the sewage tank company came.  His pitch was based on the tank for a family of four.  He had one the right size to require pumping about every three months.  There was an full alarm built into the tank.  Which was buried in the ground at least ten feet away.  That tank was $1850 complete.  I paid him with the last of the gray money.  I didn’t need to clean it after all.  I knew I had just put the jewelry business on  hold till I decided about the next year.

After the salesman left I drove to the plaza and stole the coffee shop’s WIFI to do some research.  I knew what I was going to do. in order to make that system more efficient.

When I got back to the construction site, I found The Brit and Tomas putting up insulation.  “Tomas and I talked about the interior walls.  Drywall will get ruined if we try to move it around in this weather.  But the interior walls are the next move.  We can’t do the plumbing till we get the walls up.”

“It’s only eight feet on the back wall and you would need to go four feet up each side wall so four sheets of material,” I said.

“Yeah but four will get as wet as twenty,” He said.

“How about we use a laminated pressed board.  They still make them don’t they?”  I asked.

The Brit said something to Tomas who nodded his head.  “Well we have a winner.  We can get enough of that shit for the back wall and four feet up each side then set the fixtures.  Tomas has some pretty good ideas how to do that as well.”

“Since they say it is going to rain like a bitch tomorrow, we should get the stuff right now.  We can work on the wall covering and the fixtures first thing tomorrow.” The Brit said.

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7 Responses to Sylvia 156

  1. Walt says:

    Ahh domesticated city. (grin) Wonder if Brit’s worry at the apartment may be because he’s starting to like women, or a woman, vs men?

    Added Big Mike the electrician to the cast.

  2. cindypress says:

    ah the things that are to come will surprise us all.

  3. jack says:

    Another good chapter Thanks

  4. jackballs57k says:

    I posted another chapter to my story today

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