Sylvia 157

Sylvia 157

Brit and Tomas went to home depot at the plaza again.  They probably knew all the cashiers by name.  They bought the four pieces of pressed board and wrapped them with a plastic tarp which I paid for as well.  They were back before the four o’clock deadline.  The best they could do was push the board into the house before I paid Tomas for the day.

After he had gone The Brit asked me, “How do you feel about hanging this shit.  It will be a damn sight easier before it starts to pour rain.

“I’ll give it a try as long as you hold the nails for me to hit with the hammer,” I held up my club hand.

“Tell  you what, you hold the boards in place I’ll attach it to the wall.”  The Brit said.  He put something called liquid nail on the studs before we started.  Then while I held them in place, he ran screw with little plastic medallions into the wood frame they had installed earlier.  It seemed that it only took minutes to apply the wall board.  It actually took an hour but the time flew by.

Wanna see how your bathroom is going to look” he asked me.

I helped him work the flimsy fiberglass shower into place.  Once we pressed to two walls into the corner and anchored them.  It made the shower more stable.

“Tomorrow we will attach it with more of those screws with those plastic things.  That should hold it pretty good,  We will have to frame that one side that is loose.”  The plastic sink was very easy to set in place it weighed nothing.  Now the toilet was a problem but we managed to sit it in the rear corner of the container.

When we stepped back, it looked really good.  It was a nice fit and it took up the whole eight foot rear wall.  The day ended on an upbeat note.  On the way home I bought two baking potatoes, which were huge, and ‘fixins’ packs from the deli in the store.  I put the potatoes in the microwave and baked them, sorta.  The package of ‘fixins’ contained sour cream, chives, and bacon bits.

We ate the hot as hell, potatoes drank diet coke and laughed.  When it was good and dark The Brit asked, “Are you going to chat and masturbate again?”

“I won’t, if you would rather I didn’t,” I said.

“Actually I would rather you did.  While you to that I think I will go to a site I use on line,” he said.  I guess, I was a little surprised, but by then I didn’t really mind.  The Brit was like a big brother by that time.

Even though we each did our own thing, we slept together.  Well in the same bed anyway.  I enjoyed the steady breathing next to me, I have no idea what he enjoyed, but obviously there was something.

It was raining hard the next day.  Everybody canceled everything, including me and the bike ride.  Even the hard ass Brit said, “Fuck it,” and rolled over to sleep an extra hour.

After that hour I went to the drive through at Hardee’s for biscuits.  We quickly ran to the box and jumped in.  It was our first chance to check it for leaks.  There were none, for that I was grateful.  Tomas showed up right on time.  I was glad though I doubted we would have enough to keep him busy for the day.

He started right away to set the plumbing fixtures.  He had them set by noon.  He asked if he could work inside building frames for them.  I expected it was to get enough time so he could get paid for a full day.  I said sure, having no idea what he would do.

Tomas built a false wall beside the shower stall to made it sturdy.  Then he build a frame around the sink to make it stronger.  He told Brit that he could buy some shutter doors for the front.  He and The Brit had cut holes in the floor for the drains of the sink toilet and shower which Tomas set.  Tomas had purchased all the material when we bought the fixtures.  The last thing Tomas and Brit did was to change layouts for the windows.  He  based the new layouts on measurements The Brit had picked up off the net.

Tomas ran totally out of materials by 3PM, but I paid him for the full day.  The weather was supposed to be good the next days.  Just to be safe, I paid him to pick up the thin white pressed board laminate for the rest of the place.  The bath laminate had blue flowers on a while field, so I had him get solid white for the rest of the place.  He was also going to buy two different widths of wood shelf boards.  I had no idea what they were for, but Bret said to trust them both, so I did.

After Tomas left the Brit and I sat on some building material and looked out the door of the container.  I didn’t let them install the sliding door so it was just a big hole with the two metal doors open. The unhung door had to be taken out of the container every day to make room to work.  Since it was raining we had left it in that day and worked around it.  It was still in its box and leaning against the wall, so it make a good back rest.

“I want some coffee.  We should go,” I said.

“I called Colonel Martin,” The Brit said out of the blue.

“Are you tired of this place already?” I asked a little sadly.

“Not at all.  I asked if he would put me on the contractors list.  I would be like you, Helen, and half a dozen others.” He said.

“You will lose your monthly salary,” I said.

“I have some saved, I think I will invest in a business.  Something that leaves me time to do other things,” he said.

“Like work for Swamp Dog?” I asked.

“Yes like that, and maybe some other things as well,” he said.

“Well, if you and Tomas decide to go into business, I’m sure there will be buyers for these things, after I get this one in the papers,” I said laughing.

“You just never know what I might do.  Anyway I have to go back to the swamp to get my things.  I have very little there.  I think I will drive the company car back and get my car and the small amount of personal gear.  So I’m going to look for a place like your apartment.”  It was a broad hint and I knew it.

“Did you charm the landlady?” I asked.

“I did and she can’t wait for you to leave,” he said laughing.

“The old hag hates me,” I said laughing as well.  “She only rents to me, because her son makes her.  You can do, what he thinks I can do, much better.”

“Then you don’t mind, if I take it?” he asked.

“Not if I can stay till this is finished,” I smiled at him.

“Of course you can,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Okay, you told me the news, lets go get some coffee,” I said.  We sat in Hardee’s parking lot to drink the coffee, Then we went to the grocery store.  I bought two of those new and really good frozen meals for the microwave.  My freezer was to small to store two so I couldn’t keep enough on hand for company.  I bought two of the spaghetti dinners and a loaf of French bread for garlic toast.  When I looked up from the cashier, I saw The Brit behind me with a bottle of wine.

When we got home, I microwaved the frozen dinners and broiled the toast in the oven.  The Brit and I ate dinner and drank the wine.  It was actually quite a nice evening.  We managed to stay dry by staying home.  We were getting to be quite the old fogies.

We had sex that night but mostly it was me giving him head.  I did not mind at all.  I rather enjoyed it.  I took his cock up my back side quite easily.  I wasn’t sure that I was leaning to like it, but I could tolerated it much better.  I could tell he was still pretending I was a man, and that bothered me a little.  Not enough to stop sleeping with  him though.

The next day was dry but windy.  The Brit left before sunrise to return the SUV and pick up his car.  So I rode the bike two hours and rushed to meet Tomas.  I was anxious to see how well he spoke English.  I was surprised to find that he was slow but quite competent in English.

He and I hung the wall boards which took a couple of hours.  Then he went under the box to stub off the drain line from the toilet.  I helped him run the gray water line to the filter and then to build a dispersal field.  It wasn’t hard since it was only twenty feet of underground pipe.  The shower might run into a problem but if it did I would get more pipe added.

The toilet was the only think in my system that had to run to the storage tank.  That should at least double the time between pumping.  Since I had ordered a tank for a family of four, I expect to only pump it twice a year.  Anyway I knew I had done all I could, so screw it.

On the second day without The Brit we frame up and cut out the window hole.  We added the window and secured it lightly so that I could push it out.  The window also had plastic panes not glass.  Yes it was to be my rear emergency exit.  Unlike most people I built it like I meant to use it.  I probably would have to one day.

Without being told Tomas went back to work digging the trench.  He managed only a few feet before quitting time.  I paid him up to the end of the day.  I told him that we would be laying flooring the next day.  I asked him to meet me at Home Depot to help me decide what to use.

I think he was happy I didn’t plan to make him dig that trench all the next day.  I had no idea if The Brit would be back that night, or the next day or later than that even.  There was just no way to tell, he hadn’t bothered to confide in me.  But he would be telling the Colonel that the bugging of my place had nothing to do with Swamp Dog.  That could be either a good thing or a not so good thing.

On the way home I had stopped to pick up a frozen dinner.  I really didn’t feel like going out.  To be perfectly honest I missed The Brit.  I would never tell him that, but it was true.  I also spent a fairly sleepless night.

Even so I rode my two wheeler the full two hours.  The home depot was out at the plaza so it was only a little past the country road with the building site.  I was there first and I went looking for flooring.

When I saw Tomas I had to ask. “Tomas can you lay stone flooring tiles.”

“Yes Miss Sylvia I can.  I have done it often,” he said.

I did not want to spend that kind of money on the floor. I almost did it because they were beautiful.  In the end I bought a black and while industrial looking tile.  It was a rubber based tile, rather than stone.  It was also a fraction of the price.

We loaded the twenty boxes of tile in Tomas’s pickup and one can of mastic.  I gave him the key to the metal doors to start unloading while I got coffee and breakfast.  He said not to bother for him, he always ate with his children.  I was jealous of that.

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9 Responses to Sylvia 157

  1. Looks like she is soon going to have a place to call a home of her own. With the brit coming to town maybe some one to truly calla friend. Thanks

  2. Keith says:

    Since it is raised she should put in a floor hatch, then close in around the bottom and that would give her another way out. for that matter a little extra work with a shovel and with some block work and some water proofing a nice neat little hideaway and/or storage area could be put it.

  3. KO says:

    Wow, that Brit, what sneaky bastard! 🙂 He must be liking a taste of semi-normal life to consider only working for Swamp Dawg part time and almost putting down some roots. Nice stuff on the new home for Sylvia too! Like all the details, effort and ideas!

    • jackballs57 says:

      Just think what you could do with a couple side by side add a hip barn roof and have a second story or a couple of 40 footers. And they are cheap. There is a place 30 miles from here that has likely 200 of them for sale.

    • cindypress says:

      Thanks for the comments. You know I always try to thing what would if have to do it if was me.

      • cindypress says:

        I like to think that the Brit found that the mountain town reminded him of home. He likes the work but he would like to have some life when hs isn’t working. You know Swamp thing is from Maxine’s time it was the international merc thing. Swamp dog is a spin off doing only domestic work. Didn’t try to explain all that. It might come up later in the story.

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