sylvia 159

Sylvia 159

The Brit and I spent our last night together sleeping alone only a few feet apart.  It was five when I awoke on the Saturday. I knew I never had him, but it sure felt like I was losing a lover.  I looked at him faking being asleep and just left the room.

I was pretty unhappy as I rode the two wheeler along the dark roads for two hours.  I stayed off the busy roads until the sun came up.  Finally the two hours was done.  I was in no hurry to do anything, so I stopped at Hardee’s and went inside.

There weren’t any deputies inside. but there were two highway patrolmen.  I recognized them but not as friends.  I had seen them before, but I sat alone.  It just sucked to be eating alone again.  I spilled the coffee on the table and said aloud but under my breath, “Cocksucker.”  

Yeah I was frustrated, and any first year psych student will tell you.  Frustration leads to aggression.  Yeah I admit that I was looking for trouble.  I wanted to get it out of my system, before I met Jeremy.

I called The Brit.  “Hey what you doing now?” I asked.

“I’m sitting in a tub of hot water.  So what do you need?” he asked.

“I’m at Hardee’s and just finished breakfast.  How about you come out to the house and give me a ride back.  I would like to leave the bike out here.”  I said.

“Have you got a lock for it?” he asked.

“Nobody will steal it while I go back and forth.  I have a chain and lock for it, but I left them at the apartment.”  I had always locked it to a porch post at the apartment.  Nobody ever bothered it there.  I wasn’t expecting anyone to even know I had a bike hidden behind the shipping crate.

“Okay give me a few minutes to dress,” he said.

I went over to open the house.  I left the bike leaning against the rear of the house.  When I went inside, I noticed it had a definite  chill about it.  The apartment hadn’t had that much chill when I left.  Sometime during the night the apartment’s furnace must have come on.  The house had no heat source and it was noticeable.  For the time being I planned to use a couple of electric ceramic portable furnaces.  I could pick them up for about a thousand dollars cheaper than a furnace.

We had installed three 20 amp circuits with that kind of flexibility in mind.  Houses use 15amp circuits normally.  Three separate circuits in a building the size of the container was unusual enough.  It was especially unusual that they be 20 amp ones.

I sat in the chilly house waiting for The Brit.  I knew the first stop of the day would be Walmart for heaters.  They should be on sale right now, since it was summer.  Of course there might not be any available either.

The Brit pulled up and handed me a coffee cup.  “Thought you might want this,” he said.

“Thanks, but I’m not over feeling hurt, you know,” I said honestly.

“Yeah, believe me I know.  But even if it’s a brother sister relationship, it’s better than losing you completely,” he said.

“Yea but I never let my brother butt fuck me,” I said with a laugh.

“God that sounds so disgusting,” The Brit said with a laugh as well.  I didn’t even go into the apartment, I just got my car and went to Walmart.  I bought two small ceramic heaters first thing.  I rolled the cart over to were the twenty inch box fans sat.  I put one of them in the buggy as well.  I would make the decision later to buy an air condition, if I needed one.  I was pretty sure I would need one.

I was about to check out, when I saw the appliances.   I took a look at their smallest refrigerator.  The smallest one they had wasn’t really all that small.

We had left three feet at the end of the ‘eat on’ counter for the refrigerator.  So I was good for most any size.  I decided to go to the home depot store for a look before I committed to anything at all.  I didn’t need one immediately. but very soon I would.  Like the first of the next week which was about the soonest I could get it delivered anyway.

I dropped off my purchases, then went back to the apartment to see what the plan was to be.  When I got there, I noticed that it was almost noon.  Damn, I thought where had the morning gone.

The Brit sat on my sofa watching TV.  He looked nervous.  “So Brit how about the coffee maker,  Do you want me to leave the big one?  It works fine. I just don’t use it any more.”

“If you are going to toss it anyway, leave it,” he said.  

“Okay, would you help me carry the Microwave down to the car.  Then I’ll clean out the refrigerator and get the dishes and stuff.”  I really had no idea how much crap I had accumulated. I filled the car with just kitchen stuff.  

It was three when I got back from unloading it at the house.  It took me two trips to carry the storage boxes. We didn’t unload them before putting them into my small Toyota.  The Brit didn’t want to leave the apartment since he wasn’t sure when Jeremy would arrive.  Without a truck it took me six trips to do what I could have done with one, if I had a pickup.

When I went back after dark for a load of shine, Jeremy had arrived.  He was a very effeminate young man of about twenty-five or so.  He seemed to be very sweet and he even helped me fill my car with the last of my possessions except the trike.  “Hey Brit, can I leave the trike till tomorrow?” I asked.

“Sure why not sell it to me,” he asked.

“Go have one built for yourself,” I said.

“I am sure you would get a better price than me,” he said with a grin.

I had a comment on the tip of my tongue, but I didn’t let it out. I took the last of the apartment stuff to the house.  Even though I was exhausted, I soldiered on and put things pretty much in their place.  It was bedtime when I finished.  I made a bed from the sofa and fell onto it.  

When I awoke Sunday morning I was starved.  The restaurant didn’t open till six, so I took the bike out for a ride.  It was a hell of a lot different riding in the country instead of the city.  There weren’t too many animals traveling at night around the city.  Even the small town wasn’t filled with wild animals.  Squirrels were mostly what I saw crossing the street in town.  That Sunday morning a deer crossed in front of me.  The near collision put me on guard for the rest of the ride.  If I had hit that deer I could have gotten hurt for sure.

I made it to the plaza in time for breakfast with the night shift highway patrol.  I ordered my food then sat down a few tables away from them.  One off the officers seemed to almost recognize me, but it was obvious that he wasn’t sure.  We both just looked at each other and smiled.

After breakfast I went grocery shopping.  I wanted to eat in more now that I had the place farther from town.  I still tended to gravitate to the prepackaged meals. I did not have a freezer for them.   I did buy a fresh box of cereal since the stuff I had on hand had lost it snap crackle and pop.  I wanted a refrigerator even more when I left the store.

I had the microwave, and the one cup coffee maker sitting on the counter.  Even so I had a heck of a lot more space there.  I wanted a toaster oven because you can’t make toast in a microwave.  So I bought a cute one that would take about a four inch pan and still not burn it up.  Finally I bought a convection single burner unit,  I could do a lot with that, I knew.  I bought all that shit because I wanted to make the spaghetti frozen dinner with French garlic bread. I couldn’t because I did have the ability to keep a frozen meal.  I decided them that the first store to be able to deliver the refrigerator would get my money.

I remembered that I didn’t have cable that evening, when I tried to watch TV.  I also didn’t have any Internet service.  I rode to the Plaza after dinner to pirate a wifi signal.  I checked my email and found it was all advertisements, like the penis enlargement pills and discounts on Viagra.  I decided to pass on those.  I got into bed and tried to sleep while bored as hell.

I lay in bed thinking about the house.  I realized that I had well under fifty grand in it.  I liked mostly that it was paid for completely.  I wouldn’t even have the apartment rent to pay, which had been very affordable, but nothing at all was even better.  

When I finished with my present project, I would be well able to live within the constraints of my pension.  Not having to work, didn’t mean I would be able to not work.  As the Brit said, we were danger junkies.  I would drive a car at 200 mph, if I didn’t have something like Swamp Dog in my life.  It was nice to do some good while you risk everything, but it was the risk that really had us do it, not the good, in and off itself.  I mean I could be a foster mom to do good, if that was really what it was all about.

I had the house finished and I had The Brit and his Friend Jeremy to hang out with when I wanted, but it wasn’t enough.  I needed to put it all on the line.  I really needed to do something dangerous.  Something that I had some control over.  Something I could take off the shelf and use to satiate my need for a rush, but then put it back on the shelf till needed it again.  Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a single thing I could control that way.  I finally fell asleep.

I enjoyed my new house and spent a lot of time working on it.  I couldn’t build anything, but I could decorate and furnish one quite well.  After a few days passed I had it complete and I wanted to show it off. I convinced The Brit to come out and bring Jeremy with him.  T

“So how do you like County Seat,” I asked Jeremy.

“I really haven’t been out of the apartment enough to form an opinion.  It is quaint looking, but I’m sure there is more than meets the eye here.”

“Isn’t that always the case,” I said.

“Yes,” Jeremy said simply.

“So Jeremy how to you like the little house,” The Brit asked.

“Well Allen, I think it would make a great apartment in downtown New York or Chicago but I’m not sure as a house in County Seat it works,” he said.

“You might have wanted to wait till I wasn’t around before you said that,” I said laughing.

“I’m sorry Sylvia, he really isn’t a diplomat is he?” The Brit said.  I didn’t think of him as Allen, since I doubted it was his real name.

“It’s okay.  Small footprint houses aren’t for everyone.  That being said answer me this Jeremy, how are you finding the apartment?” I asked.

“It really is too small for a commercial artist.  There is no work space at all in there,” he said.

I knew that I was stirring up trouble but I honestly didn’t care.  “Well if you can afford it,  I’m sure there is plenty of studio space downtown.” I said.

“Well I’m pretty far from my client base, but I think I can make it work.  I do a hell of a lot of computer networking.  I’m going to give it one hell of a try,” he said.

“Good for you,” I said.  I secretly was encouraged by his personality.  If that didn’t wear thin, then The Brit was hopeless.  Okay that was bitchy.  

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6 Responses to sylvia 159

  1. KO says:

    Nice! Now Sylvia’s set up in a place of her own, debt free, and away from town. I’m thinking that has its own benefits and drawbacks. Of course I’ve never lived very far out of town so I couldn’t say for sure. 🙂
    It also sounds like Sylvia needs to get laid pretty soon or all hell is going to break loose!! I’m guessing it would have to be something a bit more dangerous than a “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” kind of thing, to take the edge off.
    Should be fun to see how that plays out in the cumming days or weeks! 😀

  2. cindypress says:

    you do have a feel for how I write. Something is coming all right. I am about ten chapters ahead of you so I know but I ain’t tellin

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Another good chapter Thanks

  4. Walt says:

    KO it’s amazing where I live. If you go 2 miles from the center of town you are in the country and I am 10 miles out. Nearest neighbor one way is 1/4 mile and the other way they are 1/2 mile up a hill. I tell everyone my zip code is EIEIO and my Area Code is a decimal point. After all the years in living in medium town to big cities I am happy as can be out here. Fresh air, little traffic (two pickups and a tractor and you’re in heavy traffic), no bratty teens to mess with your properrty. It’s as close as I could get to the old dream of “deserted island away from civilization”.

    Sylvia might want to put up a few security cameras so she can see who’s coming on her property. I also like the suggestion someone else made about her having a place under the house to go, just in cast. Too bad she didn’t think of that before she set the house there. they have those tornado shelters you bury in the ground and only the opening is on the surface. You go down in them, lock the door and let all hell break loose and you are safe.

    • cindypress says:

      Im thinking sylvia rides her bike to the end of the country road and turns left its five miles to the plaza and if she turns right it is four miles to town, I see it as one of those plazas they build along the highway with nothing but the plaza in site. at least not yet. county seat is the courthouse in the center of town and buildings on all sides with alleys and parking lets then the residential area about one more block from town then country., Hope this helps just an old southern courthouse town. In the eastern towns like it there would the an old three story railroad hotel abandoned and waiting for someone to make a bed and breakfast of it.

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