sylvia 160

Sylvia 160

The days went by fast, while I finished making the house livable.  I contracted a down on his luck mason to underpin the box/house.  Then I had Tomas add the deck that went from the door around and took up half of the front.  It was a lot of deck for sure. That, and the small awning I had installed over the door, completed the outside for the rest of the summer.

The refrigerator and a two gallon stainless steel water tank which I set on the counter completed my purchases. I did arrange for a phone to be installed.  I also bought my Internet through them as well.  I furnished my own wireless router, as I had previously done.  So it wasn’t too bad.  Since Cable was not available, I watched TV shows on line the next day.  I was thrilled with seeing them at my convenience anyway.

Of course after I completed work on the house I was bored.  The Brit was busy with Jeremy, so I was left to my own devices.  I wasn’t really ready to move past the Brit.  I wasn’t sitting home lovesick thinking about him, I just wasn’t ready for any new involvement.

I walked up to my storage building, which was about a hundred yards from my house.  When I opened that building I was a little surprised to find everything just as I left it.  It was absolutely ready to start mixing.  I didn’t want to mix anything, but it was all there, and I was there looking at it.  I shook my head and was ready to walked away from it.

I did make the decision to clean it out and then use if for storage.  I had a few bottles of punch and a few bottles of water and many empty water bottles.  The fruit punch was too sweet for me to sit and drink, but I could use it for mixer at home.  The bottles of water I carried to the house and emptied them into the water tank on the cook station.  The empty water bottles I drove to the dumpsters that the county supplied for its residents to deposit our trash.  There I dumped the bottles into the recycle container.


I was determined to use the storage space for some kind of money making venture, I would like it to be legal or a least bullet proof illegal.  I started to run down things I wasn’t going to get into.  Number one was forgery or counterfeiting.  I was too shaky for either of those.  Fraud was out of the question.  I couldn’t handle the constant lying to people.  Besides I wasn’t the sales person type.

It was going to be manufacturing something that sold itself.  Everything kept pointing me back to making liquor.  I really didn’t want to do it, but I was so bored.  I was saved by a call from ‘Karl the Killer’,

“Hello Sylvia, do you know who this is,” he asked.

“Karl,” I said.

“Right you are.  We have a little job.  You could help us out with,” he said.  “It is completely on the four square.”

“How long, when do I start, and lastly what do I have to do?” I asked.

“Do you really care any of those?” he asked.

“I guess not to be honest.  I have no were to be, and nothing special to do for the rest of my life,” I said.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes then,” he said.

“What, you are here?” I asked.

“Yes, I was pretty sure you would be in.  You are part of this thing now, believe it or not.” Karl said.

“What about my melt down last time,” I said.

“Well we have you on a modified job description,” he said.

“Oh?” I asked.

“I think I will wait to discuss it with you, face to face,” he said..  “We do need to discuss it, but not for this job.  This is a straight up bodyguard gig.  Only three and a half days.”

I had to wait ten minutes for him to arrive.  When he did he held a large coffee still steaming.  It was from the coffee shop, whose WIFI I stole now and then.  I let him into the little house.  He looked around standing in what I used as a living room, bedroom, and office.  “Nice,” he said.

“If this is going to be another one of those insurance things, I’m really not interested.” I said.

“This one is a scientist speaking at a conference on the methods of eradicating illegal Marijuana.  Her university is afraid she will be in danger while she is in Mexico.” Karl said.

“Do you think?” I asked sarcastically.

“It’s more than just a tourist thing, she is going to give a lecture on how to eradicate pot.  They think she might be a target.  American police or soldiers can not carry guns down there.”

“Outlaw guns and only Outlaws will have guns,” I said sarcastically again.

“So, they want us to stay with her.  You know take one for the team kind of thing,” he said.

“Fuck that, I would rather the guys on the other side take one for the team,” I said.  “So we can carry guns right?” I asked.

“No we can’t get a permit to carry a gun,  That’s why we thought of you,” Karl said.

“Karl honey a toothbrush shank, really isn’t going to cut it against a man with an AK47,” I said.

“The Mexican counter narcotics squad is protecting her.  They are the best cops down there,” he said.

“Karl what help are we going to get from our government, if we get killed protecting one of ours?” I asked.

“Why are you really going to care, if you are dead,” he asked.

“Good point, okay I’m in,” I said.

“I knew you would be.  We are taking a team, These people are serious about keeping her alive.  If she gets killed by narco terrorist, it will give the war on drugs another black eye.” He said seriously.

“Yeah that war is one we are winning, right,” I said.  “So why do you want me along?  So I can go to the bathroom with her.”

“She is insisting on taking her 15 year old daughter.  It’s supposed to be a cultural event for her.  You get to be her nanny for a couple of days, and get paid a shit pot full of money for it.

“Nanny my ass,” I said angrily.

“Look her mother insists we not send some musclebound guy to guard her precious daughter.  So we are going to send you,” Karl said.

 I looked at him and shook my head. “So are we flying commercial,” I asked.

“Yes, but a couple of team members have already left,  They went ahead by car.  They will be meeting us there with our tools,” he said.

“You realize that mine has to be something very small?” I asked.

“Yes, this isn’t our first bullfight, Sylvia,” Karl said to me.

“Right, but have you ever baby sat a fifteen year old.  She might try to have me helping her get laid,” I said.

“In that case you ask her mother, is that part of the cultural exchange she had in mind,  Before you help her get have a wild night.” Karl said.

“And if mom say, ‘Whatever’” I asked.

“Then it’s whatever, just as long as she gets home alive,” Karl suggested.

“How much time do I have to get ready,” I asked.

“Pack one bag with no weapons.  Carry no weapons on your person, that you can’t leave in the trashcan at the gate,” Karl said.

“I understand so how long?” I asked.

“When I finish this cup of coffee, we are leaving. Even if I have to drag you out,” he said.

“I would really like to see that,” I said but I opened the duffel bag and put in enough clothes for the trip.

Karl drove to the grass strip via downtown County Seat.  Anyone else from here going?” I asked.

“Yeah your partner in this attempt to turn boring into an art form.” he said.

“You do know that made no sense,” I said.

“I’m the boss on this trip, I don’t have to make sense,” Karl said.

I kept quiet when he parked in front of the Cafe on the Square.  He got out and went into the cafe.  A few minutes later he came out with the Brit in tow.

“Imagine bumping into you here.” I said to the Brit.

“We really do have to stop meeting like this,” the Brit said.

“Yes we do, people will talk,” I said with a smile.  I wanted him to know I wasn’t going to say anything.

“God I feel the love,” Karl said.

“Yes you do,” The Brit said.

“If you two have something on, put it aside till this is over.  Then you can swap bodily fluids all you want.” Karl said.

“Are you jealous Karl?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said sarcastically.  It seemed I wasn’t the only one who was going to deal in sarcasm this trip. “Now, we are going to the grass strip and catch a plane to Douglas airport in Charlotte.  We change planes in Dallas for Mexico City.  In Dallas we meet the Mrs. Dixon and her daughter Wendy.  We will fly to Mexico City with them.  At the airport in Mexico City we will meet the rest of our team.” he said.

“Karl, I am so proud of you honey,” I said.  He looked at me questioningly, so I went on. “You said Mrs Dixon and her daughter Wendy without laughing.”

“Why would I laugh,” he asked.

“If I ever heard of a Nerd name, it would have to be Wendy Dixon.” I said.

“Just to get you up to speed.  The narco terrorist will grab nerd Wendy, if they get a chance.  If for no other reason than to thumb their nose at us.” Karl said.  “They will be sure to leave her body where her mom, and the US government, will be sure to find it.

When we got on the small plane, we found the two rear jump seats, The Brit and I occupied them while facing each other.  Karl and the pilot sat in two more or less normal seats facing forward.

“I hope you checked this plane.  If it goes down in the national forest and I survive, I’m going to eat your ass without wine,” I said to the pilot as he taxied down the grass strip.  He looked back and smiled as if he knew something I didn’t.  Like maybe he had one parachute hidden on the plane.

It was about an hour later that I stood in the line waiting to be screened to fly to Dallas.  “Save my place in line Brit,” I said as I went into the lady’s room.  I threw two box openers, and something I had started carrying, since Tomas showed me what you could do with a ten penny nail.

I had nothing else on me but a tooth brush with a completely normal handle.  It was in my pocket.  I explained to the screener, “My  dentist wants me to brush after every meal.  I have gum disease, do you want to see?”  I seriously doubted she really wanted to see my gums.  I figured I had a fifty fifty chance of getting the tooth brush on the plane.  It wouldn’t take much to make a point on the end.

The screener didn’t care, she made me give up the tooth brush anyway.  She had probably seen the same TV show as me.  The cons in the joint making shanks, as Christmas presents.  Since I had no weapons, I planned to stay near the Brit.

I got my first look at Mrs. Dixon in the terminal where we changed planes.  I just had to take Karl’s word that it was Dallas.  Wendy was no where to be seen.  Probably in the lady’s room smoking a joint.


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16 Responses to sylvia 160

  1. PJ says:

    Damn, I love this story. Unlike most longer stories it gets better because it reallly evolved.
    Wish I could have emailed you from SOL, but I cant so I’m leaving it here. To be blunt, I changed my TPA vote from 898 to 8 9 10. I’m sure some idiots who sight read have scored you low on technical because it needs grammatical and some spelling editing. I score technical by two measures:
    1. Readability.. no problem there. In one chapter the Brit says “Bollocks” and you mistyped it Bullocks. I get it and an editor who knew Brit slang would too. There’s others but who cares.
    2. Plot device detail. THERE, you are pretty much right on. You know, or have researched, detail fantastically, even though there are some typos as well. For instance the measure of drainage for a septic tank is percolation, short is ‘perc’.. AND in ground where perc is poor, it’s usually not feasible to dig that ground by hand.. especially to below a two foot frost line.
    But that’s niggling and I get by it simply because of your rich character and plot development. Get an editor and E-Pub it for money.

    • cindypress says:

      Of course i love the attention and I try not to gloss over too many things, but I don’t know and cant find the answers to every little thing. I come from a family rich with interesting characters. I also can’t spell since I’m not a writer. I think once I say this you will say damn that’s what she is. I’m the lady who goes to the county library or the community center and tells stores of bigger than life folklore. Jessie James and Robin Hood. And just like that old lady, I don’t want to be immortalized I just want to tell my tales of heroes and villains

  2. glen says:

    The way you write is just you. I started reading your stories with Maxine and love every chapter you write. The people that bitch about the way you write just don’t get that you have problems most people have to deal with. As long as your health lets you please keep writing because some of us will take you as you are.

  3. glen says:

    I should have said you have problems most people don’t have to deal with. Sorry i didn’t catch that sooner

  4. Good she is staying in the loop at least with the swamp. Everyone needs the rush every nor and then. Thanks

  5. Davey says:

    As far as the grammar Nazis are concerned, fuck ’em. I have tried to read grammatically correct stories with boring characters and flat plots. Give me a writer who makes a story move and gives me characters I can love and I’m happy. I can edit the shit in my head, and if you are hung up on grammar you can to. Let the writer write. Nuff said.

  6. Walt says:

    As I’ve told Cindy before and will repeat for the new people: With the Accents of the Northeast, Southern accents, Geechies of South Carolina, the accents of Texas, the far West, or the Eubonics, or that of Minnesota. We all have accents and use colloquialisms of where we live. How can anyone say which is the correct English?

    I have been editing Sylvia to an extent, mostly cleaning up minor things, such as comma instead of a period or vice versa, or question marks, spelling errors, and so on. I have not corrected Grammar because that is the way Sylvia talks and I leave her to be Sylvia.

    All 160 chapters are in a single fine, a separate file has a Cast of Characters, mainly to help Cindy keep up because of her memory. I also have the complete stories for Maxine and Trippin.

    BTW, Cindy, I will update today then I will be on the road for 2 days going to Florida for Christmas;. I can update when I am there, and then there will be 3 days on the road coming home because of going via Charleston SC. I will post here as I do the catch ups. Once I get home I can do them daily again.

  7. KO says:

    OK, my two cents before heading out for Christmas also. Love your writing! Love the characters, details, backround and story telling! You’re the best, as far as I’m concerned and I’m happy to read your efforts each and every time that I can. Also, thanks for putting yourself out there daily , as it does take a special person to do that!! Keep up the wonderful work and storytelling!

    OK, with that said, and even though I’m not on the most recent chapter, I wanted to take this moment and opporutnity to wish you a Merry Christmas and A VERY Happy New Year. I hope that all of your Christmas wishes and dream come true!! 😉

  8. cindypress says:

    well see what happens the day before christmas eve I had a small seizure it let me a little confuses but it coming back to me. there maybe some news soon.

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