sylvia 162

Sylvia 162

After Wendy left the elevator, and I made the call to Swamp Dog, I settled down in the lobby.  Now ordinarily we would just watch the elevator and stairwell, but Karl had bribed a Mexican security officer of the hotel for access to the surveillance equipment.  In other words my smart phone could tap into their cameras.  I found the one for The professor’s floor.  I couldn’t control the camera from the Phone just monitor it.  

If Wendy were to move, I would have to go to the security office to manipulate the tapes.  Of course Wendy waited a few minutes until she though I was asleep, before she exited the room.  “Son of a bitch,” I whispered before I called The Brit.

“The bitch is on the move,” I said to the half asleep Brit.  As I spoke I headed for the security office.

“Which Bitch?” he asked.

“The baby bitch,” by that time I had reached the security office.

“Where is she headed?” he asked.

“I’m in the lobby Brit, I can’t cover all the exits.  I’m at the door to the security office now.  You might want to come help me here.”  I said it in a whisper.  I quickly when through the unlocked door.  The place was empty.  I had no idea how to run the equipment.  Fortunately there was one monitor per camera.  Each floor had a camera over the elevator and there were also cameras over the exits.  In other words I could see them all at once.  My girl got off the elevator on a different floor.  “Come on Brit,” I said under my breath as she went into a room after knocking.

I heard The Brit enter the room.  “Where is she?” he said.

“She just went into a room here,” I said.  Then I explained what had been happening all evening with her.

“So you think the boyfriend is in that room?” he asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know if he is a simple pervert, or one who is trying to blackmail mom, or worse,” I said.

“Did you send his name to Swamp Dog?” he asked.

“I did but it is the middle of the night,” I replied.

“There are people in the field, so there should be operators standing by to take our orders,” The Brit said smiling.

“Well they haven’t delivered yet,” I suggested.

“Let me call to check on our order,” he replied.  Then The Brit stepped out so I could monitor the situation.

Five minutes had passed before he returned.  “Word is go break up the party.  We need to do it quiet though,” he said.  I called Karl he is bringing a master door key.  He will meet us on the floor now.

I took a deep breath and followed The Brit out.  I fingered the tiny pistol in the pocket of my cargo pants.  It was a much smaller pistol than I was used to carrying.  For some reason Swamp Dog had decided for this mission I needed a .22 Magnum Derringer.  It was small and highly concealable, but most likely not a real ‘put ‘em down’ kind of weapon.  Since it was the only thing I had that could reach out and touch someone, I kept my hand on it.

Karl met us at the door to the room.  “You sure she is in there?” he whispered.  I just gave him a dirty look.  He held up his hand then swiped his card.  We pushed out way inside quietly.  He was sitting on the sofa in the tiny sitting room area of the suite.  

His pants were down and Wendy was on her knees with his cock in her mouth.  They didn’t even know we were in the room.  That’s how involved they were with what was going on.  I took a couple of low quality picture with my company smart phone, then I set if for flash and got one really good close of her face and his cock.  The flash alerted them to our presence.  

“Wendy, you really should have honored our bargain.  Because now your boyfriend is going to end up in a Mexican jail.  I hear those are most unpleasant.” I said.

“What the hell are you doing,” she demanded angrily.

“Now little girl, you just shut the fuck up and listen to me,” I said.  Yes I knew Kart was mission commander, but I had rapport with the little slut.  “You are fifteen years old and this really nice young man is 27years old.  He is going to jail for ten years in fucking Mexico, if I call the cops.  Er if we call the cops.  So you just shut up while they take Mr Perv into the bedroom for a talk.”

I just knew The Brit was dieing to use his pliers on this guy’s balls.  The Brit lifted him, then he and the asshole went into the bedroom.  Wendy sat on the sofa with a defiant look on her face.  “You know that ‘I don’t give a shit’ look would work better, if you wiped the cum off you chin,” I said.

When The Brit came out, he went to a painting over the sofa looking down on Wendy’s little show.  From it he removed a button cam attached to the frame.  Then he went to a drawer in a small table.  From that drawer he remove the receiver.  “Damn I bet that is going to make a hell of a TV show.  The real teeny sluts of Mexico city,” I said.

“Just shut the fuck up, I get it.” She said.  “Just show mama the film and lets get it over with.”

“Actually we work for the university, and I think it would be in their best interest to show it to the cops.” I said to her.  Yeah it was a bluff, but I figured she might not care if her mother was pissed at her, but she just might not want to see her ‘friend’ in jail in Mexico for ten years.  

“You think I care what you do?” she asked.

“I have no idea.  That wasn’t an offer because sweet heart I can tie you up here as a witness for months.  Trust me you wouldn’t have a lot of fun in a Mexican jail either.  You see the Mexican government is used to dealing with teenage hookers.  It’s a national disgrace here.”

“You won’t do that,” she said.

“Like I said bitch, I work for the university and so does the guy you were with.  I tell the cops we were checking on him, and found him with a teenage girl.  Then we just leave it to them to straighten out.” I suggested.  I could tell Karl was nervous with that prospect.  Hell I didn’t much want to do it either and likely wouldn’t.

“Alright what do you want,” she said.

“You go back to your room.  You pretend this didn’t happen, but from now till you leave Mexico, you do exactly as I say.  Do you agree?” I asked.

“Yeah, and for the record, if that asshole was filming me to blackmail my mother, I don’t care,  She treats everyone around her like shit,” she said.  “Including me.”

I looked her dead in the eye and said, “Whatever.”  I lifted her up and walked her to the elevator and back to her room.  “Now this never happened.  From now till you leave this country you play nice.”

She walked through the door without a word.  I went back to the boyfriend’s room.  Karl met me at the door.  “So what you gonna do with him?” I asked.

“He has decided to fly home tomorrow, a family emergency.  Just as an after though The Brit told him to stay away from children.”  With that Karl, pulled him from the bedroom and send him to the desk to check out.

“He may just be a child molesting asshole but we can’t tough him without involving the girl,” I said.  “But we can drop a dime on him and have the university check him out.  This won’t have been the first time for him.” I said.

The rest of the conference was a bore.  Well except the lecture explaining how to use the new and improved second generation agent orange.  Some kind of herbicide that was turned on by THC and nothing else.  Yeah right, dioxin on steroids.  It begged the question if it was so good why didn’t we use it at home.

Wendy and the drug thugs behaved themselves.  What could have been a dangerous situation worked itself out of the first night.  On our last day Wendy even thanked me for not telling her mom.  She had behaved with as much dignity during their visit as a girl with polyester looking red hair could be expected to.  She told a cop to go fuck himself but she was right  that time.

The day after the last of the Mexican cops got briefed on the new herbicide we went home.  The Brit and I drove from the grass runway in his car.  It had been at the grass strip for almost a week and hadn’t been broken into or damaged in any way.  He looked shocked.  I would have been shocked, if it had been damaged, such was Warren county.

“Damn I really love this place already,” he said to me on the way into town.

“So how you planning to spend you I’ll gotten gains?” I asked.

“I’m thinking a downtown pub.  I guess they call them a cafe here,” he said.

“Not a good idea, Cafe on the Square couldn’t stand the competition,” I explained.

“But Cafe on the Square closes at 3PM,” he said.

“That’s because there is no one left in town after 3PM,” I said.

“That’s because there is nowhere to go,” he countered.

“So it’s catch 22,” I replied.

“I don’t know what that means, but it’s like the chicken and egg thing in reverse.” he replied.

“Well, I’ll be your customer,” I said.

“Good,” he replied.

“Have you got a location in mind,” I asked.

“Hell the town is full of empty buildings I just need to find one.  One where Jeremy can have a work space above it.” he said.

“Now the old lady will kill me for sure, but the radio building would give you room to make an apartment upstairs,” I said.  It’s the tallest empty building in town.

“I’ll take a look at it.” The Brit said.  

When we got to his place, I tried to start the Toyota and found it dead.  The motor wouldn’t turn over.  The lights came one nice and were bright, but no movement from the motot.  After five minutes of me and The Brit trying and getting now where, I called Monk.

“Monk my Toyota wont start,” I said into my burner phone.  I had to leave the smart phone with Karl,

“I’ll call Tim at the junk yard,” he said.  “I do custom work not repairs.”

“I would like to have it fixed, if it’s worth it,” I said.

“He has a couple of guys who work on cars.  He also has fifty acres of used car parts,” Monk said with a laugh.  “And a truck for picking up junkers.”

“I waited outside while Monk went up to bring me coffee.  Coffee made in my old coffee pot.  The coffee was dreadful, but I was grateful for it.

A short time later Tim himself came for the Toyota.  I could tell because he wore a dark blue shirt and pants.  On the shirt, with the sleeves cut of at the shoulder, was a patch,  The patch told the world that he was Tim.  

“You Silvia?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” I said.  

“I hear you got a Toyota that wont start?” he asked.

“Yes I do,” I said.  “It’s right over here.”

He raised the hood, then had me try to start it.  After a couple of seconds he said, “Well your starter or your motor is frozen.  The starter is getting power, it just isn’t turning.  I’ll pull it to the shop and check it out.  Most likely the starter is froze.”

“Diagnose it for me.  The car is pretty old, if it’s going to be a lot, I might just junk it.”  I knew I probably shouldn’t have said that, but I hoped I hadn’t jinxed it.

They loaded the Toyota onto the back of a flat bed truck.  The bed of the truck had fold down ramps welded onto the rear.  Tim positioned the truck at the rear of the car, then he used a wench to pull the car up the ramps.  He was loaded and gone in nothing flat.

“So what you gonna do for a car?” The Brit asked.

“I thought I would get you to give me a lift to the house.  If the trike starts it should do for Now.  I have no plans to do more than hand around the house for next couple of days anyway.” I said.

“Let me tell Jeremy where I’m going and I’ll be right back,” he said heading up the stairs.  The old bat landlady was looking out of the window the whole time.

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  1. Barney R says:

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family Cindy. May you have many more days of good health than the bad ones. ‘Keep on Truckin’

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Great chapter, thanks . Merry Christmas to all. Be safe and party wisely. Thanks Cindy for all you have done. Have a sip of eggnog for me and enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Jack

  3. Allan says:

    Hi Cindy. Thank you for the Xmas present of this chapter. It provided a bright spot for me this Christmas eve. I wish you the best of health this holiday and for the comming year and I look forward to reading another 365 chapters of your story before next Christmas. A happy holiday to you and your family.

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