sylvia 164

Sylvia 164

“Twelve hundred.” he said.

I looked him in the eye and repeated, “When I said it. it was my final offer, I meant it.  Don’t came back tomorrow and say you will take it.”  I headed to the door.

“I want to see the color of your money first,” he said.

I wanted to tell him what a fuck he was.  I also wanted to tell him that his wife had good sense, but what I did was pull out my wad of hundreds.  “Satisfied?” I asked.

“You are a smart mouthed bitch, I could just take the money,” he said.

“That my friend, would be the worst decision of your life,” I said looking at him hard.

“Okay, lets go to the finance company,” he suggested.

We drove the car to the finance company in the plaza.  There was a very nice young lady who handled the bank transfer, then found the title for me.  She signed the release and then notarized it.  “If you want, you can take this to the registration office in Dobson and it will be all transfered today.

“Fair enough,” I said to her.

The previous owner of the car walked out of the finance company, and started to get in the car.  “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” I asked

“What you ain’t going to drive me home?” he asked.

“No, this smart mouth bitch is not going to drive you home.  Matter of fact, if I ever see you again, I might carve you up.  My advice is that you is, take that thousand in your pocket and call a cab.”  I drove off with his tag still on the car.

I drove the little car home.  I parked it in the grass behind my house.  Just in case the asshole came looking for it.  I got a call around midnight from The Monk.

“So you bought that cruiser?” he asked.

“Yeah, but that guy is a first class asshole,” I said.

“Hey, it was just business.  He did mention that you were a bitch.  I told him yeah you were, but you were my bitch.  I think you have seen the end of him,” Monk said.

“Honey, for his sake I hope you are right,” I said with a laugh.

“When we gonna do that lovin’ thing again?” he asked.

“No time soon, night and thanks Monk,” I said.

After my 5AM ride on the bike the next day, I drove the cruiser to the junk yard.  I wasn’t worried about being stopped I still had the asshole’s tag on the car.

“I came to get my plate off the Toy,” I said to Tim’s man.

“No problem, you want me to move it to the cruiser, you drove up in?” he asked.

“Sure that would be fine,” I said.

I sat in the parking lot with the asshole’s tag on the seat.  I called and had my insurance policy updated.  Then I made the boring drive to Dobson and waited in line to get the paperwork for the state completed.  I decided I would just leave the assholes tags at The Monk’s shop.

I kissed Monk and groped him as a reward for all his help.  He Said, “That ain’t no where near enough for all I done for you.”

“Just keep track and I’ll pay up one day.” I promised.

I was pretty much settled into the house and had determined that the car was doing well by the weekend.  I removed the back seat making the cruiser a little panel truck,  I had picked up several things form the home depot just to see how it did.  It was excellent.

By 8AM Saturday I had tested everything about the car and the house for bugs, Glitches and anomalies and they both seemed to check out.  I was thrilled.  So I went to the grocery store for real.  I filled my freezer with frozen dinners and I stocked my kitchen shelves with food.  The house, because of it’s abundant storage areas, began to take on the look of a vacationer’s cabin.  Almost everything was stored right out in the open.

Since I had only the .38 and I could afford other guns, I had for days been thinking of purchasing some additional fire power.  Since I couldn’t get anything but revolvers in the .38 I thought it might be time to move on.  So I began my research, as I always did, with the Internet.  I began with ammunition that could be used in hand guns and rifles.  I wanted to be able to walk into a Walmart and pick up the ammunition without any hassle and use it in either my rifle or the pistol I chose to replace the .38.

I couldn’t find even one of the hand guns I wanted in any local store, so I went to Walmart for the rifle.  I bought a bolt action magazine fed .22 magnum rifle for under 200 bucks there.  It was a name brand, so I was satisfied.  I left the Plaza after a quick lunch and drove the forty five minutes to the next town of any size.  Even Dobson was too small to have real gun store.

The larger town had one gun shop, which had a large number of firearms.  “So what can I do for you little lady,” the arrogant clerk asked.  I didn’t want to argue with a man who was bearing a firearm, so I didn’t say what was on my mind. Instead I said,  “Do you trade guns?”

“Sure what you got,” he asked.

Since I had taken the pistol our of my cargo pants in the car, it was in the plastic grocery bag I handed him.  “I want to trade this in on another pistol.” I said simply.

“Nice, this is a beauty.” he said.  “So you looking for something with a little more punch or more rounds.  Something like a Glock 22 or what?”

“What you got in a short barrel .22 magnum?” I asked.

“You don’t really want a .22 magnum honey,” he said.

“Sure I do honey,” I said sarcastically.  He had crossed the disrespect line.  “If you don’t want to sell me  one, I can go somewhere else.”   I guess my voice had increased in volume because the owner come over.

“I’ll handle this Ed,” he said.

“What can I do for you,” he asked.

“I want to trade this in for a .22 Magnum short barrel,” I said with a smile.

“Are you law enforcement?” he asked.

“No, I’m not.  I am from out of town, so It would be nice if you could deliver it today,” I replied.  “I do have this.”

Since I knew I was going to buy a pistol sometime in the near future, I had stopped by the sheriff’s office for a permit the day before.  I did have to spend half an hour saying hello to the officers there.  In the end I had the permit and was ready to go out and buy a gun.

“Okay we can do business today,”  The owner of the store was all business as I would expected him to be.  “I do have a Taurus light weight .22magnum.  If you buy a box of ammo we can walk back to the range and let you try it out.” he suggested.

“Fair enough, would you like to shoot the .38?” I asked him.

“If you wouldn’t mind, that would be fine,” he said.

When we got back there he asked, “How far do you want the target.”

“Ten yards, any more than that I will run from him,” I said with a smile.

I fired six slow rounds then reloaded, them fired six rounds rapid fire.  After that I pulled the target back.  They were all in center mass.  “That’s accurate enough for me.  Okay I like it,” I said.

“Let me try this one,”  He fired it at 25 yards and all six were center mass.  “It is a sweet little gun it is still like a woman, tight in all the right places,” He said.

“And deadly,” I added lest he get any ideas.

“So let’s go see if we can make a deal,”  He suggested.

“Here you go,” I handed him the Taurus.  “Yon don’t want me holding this while you try to screw me,” I suggested with a smile.

“Thanks for the warning.  Tell you what, you give me the colt and a hundred bucks and I’ll give you the Taurus.” he said.

“I’ll bet you would,” I agreed “But I guess I’ll keep the colt how much for the Taurus. An outright purchase cash on the counter?” I asked.  I knew he wanted the colt.  I had taken good care of it.

“Have you ever shot anyone with the colt,” he asked.

“Do you have the Internet,” I asked.

“I knew you were a cop,” he said smiling.  “You just have that ‘don’t fuck with me’ look.”

We went back inside and I pulled up the Dobson news paper files for the day after the Sunday morning shootout with the drug dealers,.  There was a picture of me, but not the gun.  I was in my running clothes though.   The article went into great detail.  I turned the laptop to the owner.  He hit the print button and printed it out.

“Sign this article,” he said pushing the print out to me, “And I’ll trade you even if you buy a .22 magnum derringer at retail.”

“Hell no that is a killer gun.  You know it doubled in value, with that signature.  Tell you what, I will give you the hundred but you throw in the Derringer.” I suggested.

“Any brand Derringer?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, they don’t have to be accurate.  It’s just a ‘belly gun’ anyway,” I said.

“Done,” he said pulling out a FIE Derringer.  A pure Saturday night special.  But what the hell not, I thought, it is Saturday.

I actually had to give him 107 bucks to pay the taxes on the purchase.  and another 10 bucks for the full retail on the box of ammo I had used to test fire them both.

I decided not to use his gunsmith for the scope on the Marlin rifle.   I could use what I expected to be a decent gunsmith, since the receiver was already grooved for a scope.

When I got something on my mind, I just couldn’t move on till everything was done, that could be done.  I again stopped at the Walmart store on the way into town.  It was after 6PM but they were open.  I left the guns in the car while I went in to buy the dedicated .22mag rifle scope.  It was under 50bucks.  I left the store pretty satisfied with my purchases for the day.

Yes I had blown my whole Saturday, but I had the gun thing off my mind finally,  After almost a week researching and preparing to buy the firearms, I had finally bought them.  There was only one thing left to do.  I called The Brit, Jeremy answered.  “Hi Jeremy is The Brit around?” I asked.

“You mean Allan, no he is looking at another building downtown.  He has been looking at them all week.  I think he is looking at one for the second time tonight.  He might be going to buy it, though god only knows why.  Of course we do need more space.”

He stopped for breath so I jumped in.  “I called to invite you two out for dinner tonight, if you don’t have any other plans.”

“Sylvie I can’t commit to anything, but I will have Allen call.  It is short notice,” he said in the bitchy voice.  His voice had  almost stopped sounding like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

“Well if not tonight tomorrow night,” I suggested and rang off.

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3 Responses to sylvia 164

  1. jackballs57 says:

    22 mag nice little but powerful upclose. Thanks Reading today’s post is a bright spot with this miserable weather

  2. cindypress says:

    im getting back to normal now so I’m glad.

  3. Walt says:

    I don’t know what hit me but it was rough. Hit me the Christmas eve when we arrived. I have been sneezing, coughing and bring up lot of clear sputim. I was so weak I could barely walk a short distance without gasping for breath. Today, 3 days later I feel a who bunch better.

    I know I did ch 161 and the cast before I left home. Yet when I download the file from online I found it ended at 160. Not sure what happened. I apologize for that.

    Today I got it all caught up through CH 164 and the Cast through Tim the mechanic who said Sylvia’s Toyota was toast.

    I should be able to update until it’s time to go home. I’ll let you know wnen.

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