sylvia 165

Sylvia 165

“Hello,” I said in the phone.  I knew it was The Brit from the number.

“Sorry I wasn’t answering the phone,” he said.

“I didn’t try you.  Jeremy said you were out looking at a building to buy.  I figured the last thing you needed was me calling.”

“It would have been okay.  So what can I do for you?” The Brit asked.

“I hadn’t spoke to you for a week.  I just wanted to see how you were,” I said.

“Bollocks, now what did you want,” he said.

“I was planning to take you and Jeremy out to dinner, but you are busy,” I said.

“Jeremy told me that.  He also said we could make it tomorrow.  I would really like to go out tomorrow. But let’s make it lunch,” he suggested.

“Okay where you want to meet on a Sunday for lunch,” I asked.

“Just meet us here and I’ll drive,” he suggested.

“Like hell you will not trap me in a car with Jeremy for five minutes, let alone all the way to Dobson,” I said.

“Shit you are no fun at all.  Alright meet me at the Cafe in the Square,” he said.

“They aren’t open on Sunday,” I replied.

“Just be there at noon tomorrow,” he said as he hung up on me.

I smiled as I went to the kitchen to have a glass of peppermint shine.  It was good even if I couldn’t get anyone else to think so.”  I watched a TV show from the night before on the Internet.  After that I moved to a chatroom and masturbated, then I went to bed.

Sunday began with my ride around town.  I went from my house to the downtown on the bike.  Sure enough the cafe was closed just like it always was on Sunday.   I assumed the cafe at noon was the meeting place for us.  That being the case I gave up trying to figure out what was going on.  I just rode back to the plaza for a breakfast of animal fat and coffee.  From there I went home to shower and dress.  I had bought a sheet mirror at Walmart.  It was almost full length, so after my shower I stood before it naked.

I decided that I had fat guy tits stuck on my body.  In other words they were small and not shaped quite like other girls I had seen.  Actually that was not true.  Teenage girls, who were not quite filled out, had breasts shaped like mine.

My hair was just starting to look a little girlie.  The time had come to either have it cut again or start having it shaped.  I decided at five seven, I was too short to pull off the boy look completely, but I could confuse people for sure.  I decided then what I needed to wear under the loose tee shirts, was a tube top.  Not just any tube top, but one that was strong.  I would bet that with that combination, and a little less attention to my grooming, I could be mistaken for a guy.  That, I thought, might not be a bad thing.

I would bet that I could pull it off, if I tried.  I decided that I would give it a try purely for research.  I could get away with a gay guy, if not a straight one.  I was never going to make it as a macho guy, but I bet I could get away with a femme guy.  That opened a whole new world of excitement up to me.  The thing today would give me a chance to observe Jeremy’s behavior, and mannerisms.

It had nothing to do with gender identity.  I mean I was a girl and I knew it, but it would be nice to be a guy for a while.  Just to see what it was like on the other side of home plate.  I could dress more like a guy.  No not that, I could dress more like a gay guy.

If I was on a job as a gay guy and was spotted, I could dress like a girl for the getaway.  People tend to see what they want to see.  So it was a good idea to give them what they wanted.  I really did like the idea.

In truth I guess I had to thank Jeremy for it.  He was the feminine version of a gay guy and The Brit was the masculine version.  I had begun to experiment with gender bending with The Brit.  I asked myself did I really want to take it to the next level.  The answer was it would be a new experience, so fucking A I did.

I went to the Walmart store to buy me and outfit that could go either way.  Then I would try to pick up Jeremy’s mannerisms.  It would be playacting for sure.  I drove up to the store and parked in the parking lot.  I was in my Russian commando knock off tee and black cargo pants.  I caught a glimpse of myself  reflected in the glass.  With a different haircut and no breasts poking through I would look like a preteen guy except for my age lines.

I went to the mens department and tried on Cargo pants.  There was a subtle different in the fit.  When I found that a pair of boy’s 26 inch waist cargo pants fit me and that my ass looked different in them.  I knew that I was on to something. I even bought a pack of boys undershirt type tee shirts.  I got some that would measure 32 chest.  They would be tight on me, but that was a good thing.  I bought a wide elastic bandage to try out my breast flattening.  The old bind your breast trick.  I also bought a boy’s tee shirt for over the bandage and white undershirt.  I would experiment with which combination worked best.

When I got back to the house I just had time to wrap the bandage around my chest, but not too tight,  Then I pulled on the boy’s tee shirt and the cargo pants to complete the look.  I looked in the mirror and tried to decide which haircut would look best on me.  Something I could change from a male cut to a woman’s cut.  I decided I would part it for lunch with the boys, and consider a different hairstyle later.

Every way I turned my body in the mirror, it was a reasonable assumption that I could go either way.   I was satisfied that I had done as much as possible to be androgynous at least in dress.  I never wore makeup, so it was easy for me to pull of the man look, if my body didn’t give me away.   I decided not to do the androgynous that day.  I also decided the next day to have the short hair cut redone.  I wanted one of those movie looking hair cuts for Julius Caesar.  An inch long and all brushed forward.

After all the playing with clothes I just had time to join The Brit and Jeremy for lunch.  I parked in front of the Cafe and waited for The Brit and Jeremy.  As I had predicted the Cafe was closed.  I assumed I would be following them somewhere, so I hadn’t gotten out of the car.

The Brit’s giant SUV parked beside me and the two of them got out of it carrying a picnic basket.  “Okay spill it, why are you carrying a picnic basket, and why the hell are we parked in front of the closed cafe?” I asked.

“Because you knew where it is, but might not know where my new building is located,” he said all smiles.  Jeremy was as surprised as I was.

“Okay, show me where it is,” I said. looking all around.

“Right this way ladies and gentlemen for the next stop on our County Seat Tour.  It’s and authentic English pub.”  Jeremy and I followed as he cross the street in front of the court house square.  He walked with his usual, stick up the ass, SAS march till we were standing in front of an old Woolworth type store.  “Welcome to the future home of the Greenwich Pub,” he explained as he produced the key.  He proceeded to open the door.

Inside there was a folding table and three folding chairs.  “Sit down you two. we are going to celebrate.  Since you are my two best Yank friends, I wanted you to be here to help me celebrate,” he said as he opened the wine.

“I propose a toast, may you have all the luck I would wish for myself,” I said and drank the wine from the cheap plastic cup.  “Now let me make a sandwich and I want the grand tour,” I demanded.

“I chose this building because there are already two bathrooms on each floor.” The Brit said.

“The second floor is just like this one, except it doesn’t have those big windows.  I am not going to change a thing up there.  Here I am going to add a bar of course and turn the rear end into a kitchen.  It had a lunch counter but that is long gone.”

“You are making quite and investment in this town,” I suggested.

“I’m tired of rolling around from place to place.  If I have to I’ll put stripper poles out there,” he said.  “I am determined to make this work.”

“Well good for you,” I said.

“Alan, are you sure you haven’t lost your mind?” Jeremy asked,

Good for you Jeremy, I thought.  I didn’t say a word.  Let him try to undermine The Brit.

“Say something Sylvia,” The Brit demanded.

“Have you called Tomas yet,” I asked.  It was all I had to say, The Brit knew I was all in on the project.

“We start tomorrow and we stay at it till it is done,” he said to me and Jeremy.  The four of us can do this in no time.  Jeremy you are in charge of the upstairs.  You can have almost anything you want.  Sylvia you me and Tomas will build a bar.”

“We are working on the assumption that we can make it grow, so we start with basics,” The Brit said.

“I am assuming I get part of the second floor as a studio,” Jeremy asked.

“I said anything, I meant it,” The Brit repeated.

“In that case count me in.”  I could tell his heart wasn’t in it,  He was trying to make nice to his Allen.  I smiled inside because I knew he couldn’t keep the farce up long.

“So where will the bar be,” I asked.

“Along this wall with fake wooden kegs with ten beer spouts,” he said.  “Ten count them ten different brands of beer and ale on tap,” he said.

“If will be a long walk from one end of the line of beer taps to the other end,” I said.

“We might have to get the tavern maid a bicycle,” Jeremy said.

“First things first,” The Brit said.  “We have a years lease with an option to buy anytime for the amount agreed upon not matter what the value is at the time of sale.  In other word no matter what we do to the place the price remains the same.”

“So what do we do first and when do we start?” I asked.

“You are going to help are you?” Jeremy asked.

“I am unless The Brit asks me not to,” I said rather peevishly.

“I am counting on your one good hand,” The Brit answered.  “Now on to less strenuous endeavors.  I was told by Mary Ellen of a party of like minded people at a place called Mountain home.  I was also told that you have intimate knowledge of the place.” The Brit suggested.

“You know I have not decided what I am going to do about Mary Ellen,” I said.

“Do you want to kill her over that little misunderstanding.  Which I should remind you brought me to this place.”

“I’m not going to forgive her or ever trust her ever again.  I am also not going back into business with her, but I will listen to your proposition.” I said.

“I propose nothing but that you go to a Party at this Mountain Home resort with Jeremy Marty Ellen and Myself.  Mary Ellen as agreed to go along with anything.  She really does want to stop looking over her shoulder.  She tired of worrying about what you are going to do to her.”

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7 Responses to sylvia 165

  1. jackballs57 says:

    i think mary ellen may need to look over her shoulder a little longer just for fun LOL

  2. Walt says:

    Hoo boy, sounds like Brit is trying to stir sheite betweeen Sylvia and Mary Ellen. He best be careful.

    Went to Dr Yesterday and found I have Bronchitis along with the other crud I have. Now, with meds, it’s just a matter of time for it to go away. Hope it’s gone by the time I leave for home.

    Updated thru CH 165, no new in Cast.

  3. Allan says:

    Good chapter, I am looking forward to both the pub and the party. IIt still to early to let Mary Ellen off the hook. The strap on sound right as Sylvia is trying on the male side of the fence.

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