Sylvia 167

Sylvia 167

We finished the first work week on the pub and I could see progress even though The Brit was getting impatient.  The floors were finished on both levels.  We had worked around the floor guys so there were things going on everywhere at once.  To me there didn’t seem to be a plan, but I had to admit things were coming together.  Everyone dropped what they were doing and went to work painting the upstairs.  We had to finish it before the flooring men worked up there. We did that and the upstairs loft looked really nice.

Tomas and Brit had the kitchen framed in while the flooring men moved upstairs.  It was pretty much ready for fixtures by the end of the first week.  I didn’t see how he got so much done, until I realized that the changes were all cosmetic.  The Brit wanted the building to look old.

On day five the Brit was ready to start on the bar itself.  “Have you ever built a bar before,” I asked Tomas.

“He doesn’t need to have experience building a bar.  I know what I want.” The Brit said.

“Do you know what they will approve.  Everybody and his brother will be in to inspect this place before they give you a license.  You might want to be sure the bar you are building is going to be acceptable, before you waste a lot of time on it.” I suggested.

The Brit made the calls on his cell phone while I sat with a cup of bad coffee.  When the call was finished he kicked the brick wall.  He was lucky that he didn’t break a toe.

“So?” I asked.

“What we plan is fine as long as the top is seamless.” he said.  We will have to lay a granite top on it,” he said.

“No you don’t.  You can put some man made shit on it as long as it is seamless.  Check with Home Depot and then build the bar to fit the top,” I suggested.

We were arguing about when Mary Ellen came through the front door bold as brass.  She walk up to The Brit and congratulated him.  The place looks terrific,” she said.

The Brit looked at me while he spoke to her.  “Thanks it’s coming along.”

“Sylvia there is a Party at Mountain home in one of the lodges tomorrow night.  I am inviting you all to come.  Especially you Sylvia,” she said.  Then added, “No strings attached.”

The Brit look at me and I knew he was hoping we would make up.  I looked at The Brit who replied, ”Sure why not,.

“Why not indeed” I said.

“Sylvia have you forgiven me for helping those two ingrates,” She said.

“No, but I’m past the point of killing you all,” I said.

“Thats a good thing then,  So who is going to drive up there?” Mary Ellen asked.

“I can drive the SUV and we will all have a little room,” The Brit suggested.  It was agreed that we would meet at the new pub building and drive up in the SUV.  I wasn’t crazy about the driving arrangements, but I was willing to go along with it.  Just as long as I didn’t have to pretend everything was alright between me and Mary Ellen.

I had decided it was time to introduce Porter to the world.  Porter was and effeminate guy.  Twenty eight years old, my own age, and a really fun loving guy,  When I got out of the car dressed as Porter no one seemed at all surprised.  I wasn’t  surprised that The Brit got it, but Jeremy and Mary Ellen should have been a little surprised anyway.  The fact that they weren’t could mean I hadn’t fooled them or maybe it didn’t mean anything because they had always thought I looked mannish.  Either way I was committed, so let the games begin.

We left County Seat at six and arrived on the mountain at 8:30.  “Well Mary Ellen I certainly hope you have an invitation.  I would hate like hell to be forced to turn around and drive home.” I said.

“Not to worry Porter honey, you are the invitation,” she said with a smile.

“Oh that sounds rather interesting,” I suggested.  The Brit and Jeremy followed behind.  “So how did you know about this party.”

“There is always a party in Mountain home.  The question is only what is your perversion of choice.  Surely you remember that.” Mary Ellen said with a smile.

“Don’t get the idea that entertaining my friends gets you off the hook,” I said.

“Oh I thought I was also entertaining you Porter,” she said with a laugh.  No I didn’t know how she knew in advance what I had in mind but I did know one thing.  She best not be bugging me again.  If she did Mary Ellen might be going out of business permanently.

“So how did you know?” I asked.

“I didn’t know anything until you got out of your toy car.  I can spot a gay boy a mile away.  A real one that is.  I have to admit I never saw a woman pretend to be a gay man before.  I won’t ask why, I will just enjoy the show.

“I’ll try to make it interesting for you,” I said.

“Oh I don’t think you will have to try love.  I’m sure it will be interesting.” she said it about ten seconds before she rang the bell.  The door was opened very quickly.

“Why Mary Ellen, I see you brought friends,” the older man said.

“Yes Harold, I most certainly did.  This delicious young man is Porter.  We met last week.  The other delicious young man is Jeremy.  And last but not least we have an English gentleman named Allen.” Mary Ellen informed the older gentleman.

“And we all know who you are Mary Ellen.  You are our very own pimp,” he said laughing.  “Well come on in all of you, welcome to the party.”

Oh shit,  I thought.  About half the guys were naked.   I decided I might have a problem.

“Are we required to take out clothes off?” I asked smiling seductively at the old man.

“No but we hope you will after you relax a bit,” he said.  “I quite like the looks for Porter, Marry Ellen.  He and Jeremy are going to fit right in.  I don’t know about Allen.  He has the look of British aristocracy about him.  You know he thinks he is better than us rabble.”  He did laugh when he said it.  He wasn’t trying to hide his feelings.

Jeremy and I started to socialize.  I heard him say that it was the most fun he had in months.  He was drinking and dancing with the other Girlie boys.  I joined in to keep him close.  It wouldn’t do for him to blow my cover, or to get himself in a jam from which Alan had to save him.  People could get hurt, I thought.

A middle-age man who reeked of money approached me.  “What’s your name honey,” he asked.

I tried to lower the tone of my voice when I said “Porter.”

“Well Porter you sure do have a pretty mouth,” he said.

“Are you quoting from the book Deliverance?” I asked.

“You actually read that honey?” he asked.

“No, I saw the movie,” I said.

The middle-age man laughed.  “Come on let me buy you a drink,” he suggested.  I left Jeremy to follow the older man to the bar which had been set up in the main room of the lodge.  “Porter what do you want to drink?” he asked.

“I really like white wine,” I said.

“Ah Chablis?” he asked.

“That’s fine, am I suppose to be a hooker or something cause I’m not you know,”

“Lord no honey, we just invite your good looking boys up to have fun that’s all.  Nobody has to do anything.” he said.

I drank the very cold white wine and looked around at the other pretty boys.  Most of them looked a hell of a lot like me.  Shaggy hair and flat chests seemed to be everywhere.  Half of them were trying to look like they could be girls as well as boys.  I found it amusing that I was trying to look the other way.  It seemed really funny to me.  I mean way funnier than it should have.

The older man who had bought me the drinks was talking to me but he sounded like he was standing in a tunnel or something.  I felt him take my arm and lead me away from the others.  He was still talking and I was trying to answer, but I wasn’t sure anything was coming out of my mouth.

Then in kind of a haze I felt something in my mouth.  I heard the voice say suck it Porter come on honey suck it.”  Of course I did.  It felt really good in my mouth as I sucked it and felt it moving around in my mouth or maybe my mouth was moving over it.  I wasn’t sure at all what was going on.

Next thing I remember I was on my hands and knees while he pulled my pants and my panties off.  It must have been dark because I didn’t hear any comments about being a girl.  He just drove his cock into my back channel.  I felt my sphincter being spread.  I was glad I had done it back door before because he would have really hurt me other wise.

“You didn’t have to take it, I would have given it to you,” I said.  I heard myself say in but I didn’t recognize my own voice.  When he came in my ass he groaned and fell off me.  I lay down to sleep I was so tired.  I don’t how long it was, but I felt another cock in me.  I tried to help him work in me but he got angry when I tried to help him.  I knew better than to talk back, so I just went along.  I had no idea how many men came in my back side but it was more than two or three I know that.

When it was over I heard the Brit say, “Come on Sylvia you have been drugged, and buggered.”

My answer was simply, “Do you want to fuck my ass to?”

“No honey, I’m going to take you home.” Then it was a fog for a while.  After the fog it was black for a while.  Then I woke up in my own bed made on the floor.  The Brit was sitting in my office chair over me.

“What happened,” I asked him.  “Wait I need a glass of water and then I need to use the bathroom.”  He actually helped me to the bathroom naked.  He also got me a glass then ran water from the sink beside the toilet.

“God I need a shower my head it like wrapped in a wad of cotton,” I said.  The Brit helped me into the shower.  I stayed there for a long time.  When I came out I asked, “What the fuck happened.”

“You found out the dangers of being a gay hustler.  You dear where raped by several men.  It happened before I knew what was going on.  I thought you were having fun.  I know how kinky you can be.  I went in to check on you and found you in a stupor.  You had been drugged.”

“I’m alright now.  I just want to go back to the bathroom then to sleep, you don’t have to stay.” I said.

“Would you leave me?” he asked.

“Bet you ass I would,” I said with a smile.

“That’s what I thought.  Go to sleep and we will figure out what to do next.” The Brit said.


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6 Responses to Sylvia 167

  1. jackballs57 says:

    That was certainly different. Looks like Mary Ellen set her up again, this time had her drugged and raped. . Thanks

  2. Walt says:

    Sounds like Mary Ellen is about to find out the true meanings of “pay backs are a M.F.” the hard way.

    Updated to 167. Cast added Porter (Sylvia’s persona of 28 yr old effeminate male) and Harold (host at Mountain Home Party)

    I’ll be leaving Charleston in the morning headed for home. 10 hour drive. So will catch up again Monday morning. Then I’ll be back to “normal” and update daily.

  3. Davey says:

    Love the latest twist on Sylvia’s sex life and appearance. Things never get boring in her life, or in your stories. I do think it might be time for Porter to get a dildo and do Mary Ellen hard, however. Though Mary Ellen does get Sylvia in situations we enjoy reading about. Thanks for keeping us entertained, I go to you blog every time I open my laptop.

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