sylvia 171

Sylvia 171

I rode the bike on Friday for two hours.  As I had begun to do lately, I went to the Cafe on the Square for breakfast.  There was usually a deputy or two there, and since Mary Ellen was a local business women, she was a topic of conversation around there.  Even if there were no cops, there was always some news that someone had gotten from a cop.

The latest thing was the cops thought they might have a good lead.  I thought, if the lead is the camera men, it was about fucking time.  I said nothing.  I wasn’t trying to lay a false trail at the time.  I had a thought though, if the SBI thought that they had a good lead, I might be hearing from Agent Morris.  In that case it would be a good thing.  I knew I would get her into bed before I discussed Mary Ellen.  I had to laugh because that was kind of arrogant of me.  She obviously had second thoughts, since she hadn’t called.  Newbys usually call while they were still in a fever, I thought.  If she doesn’t call today, but does call later it will be a trap for sure.

I showered and dressed.  Then I sat at the computer researching things that caught my fancy until noon.  At noon I got in the Cruiser Van and drove to the S&K trucking warehouse.  It was located a few miles on the farr side of Dobson.  It didn’t matter since I had driven farther to buy storage lockers, I thought,

It took me a while to find where the auction was going to take place, but it always did.  Even in the places I had been at least once, they were always changing things around.  Trying to keep it interesting I expected.

I didn’t like the damaged freight auction.  They actioned it off a box at a time.  I would be there all day for the two hundred piece auction.  I stayed about an hour and bought nothing.

I had a very late lunch in Dobson but found nothing interesting to do there, so I drove home.  When I got home I found a note on my door, the SBI agents had been around.  I’m sure they only had one or two agents assigned to a homicide in a small town.  Mary Ellen had no known ties to anything important, like the mob or politics, so it would be just a small investigation.

If they tied me and The Brit to the case, then things might get interesting.  I didn’t really have that in mind, when I threw them Jeff and Phil.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have them focus somewhere else.

I called the number on the card for Agent Morris.  “Agent Morris,” was the way she answered her phone.

“Very business like,” I said.

“Who is calling?”  she asked a little cautiously, like she knew it could be overheard.

“This is Sylvia Porter.  I thing you came to see me today,” I said in a business like voice of my own.

“Yes I did Miss Porter.  I am interviewing some of the residents of County Seat who might have some insight into the Mary Ellen Poole case,” she stated still using that business like voice.

“And you think I could help you?” I asked carefully.

“I would rather meet face to face for this interview.  We are using the Sheriff’s office for interviews,” she added less definite than she should have been.

“Well to be honest I don’t like going to the Sheriff’s office.  We could do it at my place, or I can meet you on neutral ground, if you like.” I said.

“Well, since I know where you live, your place would be fine.” she said.

We agreed on an hour later.  So I gave the box a quick cleaning, which included a careful vacuuming.  Since Mary Ellen had never been in the place, I didn’t mind a visit from the crime lab, let alone a detective.

I checked out the refurbished computer I had bought to replace my old one.  I wanted a refurb so that it didn’t look new sitting on my desk, if I had the place searched.  It was a small IBM laptop.  I was in the midst of checking it out.  I didn’t know if I would keep it after the investigation ended.

I did some things to it to made it more to my liking should I get it taken as evidence..  For one I added a second operating system.  It still  had the windows system and would open to it, unless the memory stick was inserted before it started.  If it was in place, the computer would open to a Lenox system called Puppy.  That system ran completely in the ram memory.  It also wrote any new information onto that memory stick.  Without the stick the computer opened to a windows system which was absolutely unused.  A person would have to look carefully to find any trace of the Puppy System.  They would need the memory stick to trace my movements on the web.  It was all I could do without appearing guilty of something.

I was on the computer when Morris arrived.  I pulled the memory stick and turned the computer off.  “I answered the timid knock with a “Hello come on in” in a strong voice.  I was trying to control the interview.

“Well Sylvia we meet again,” Morris commented.  Outside the dark bar she looked a little older.  She was probably forty, a full ten plus years older than me.  She also was a bigger woman than I remembered but she was a bit softer as well.  I figured even with one good hand I could take her, if push came to shove.  “I would like to record this meeting,” she said placing a digital recorder on the storage box in front of her.

“So we do Miss Morris, meet again that is,” I said it still giving her a once over.  She had large soft mama boobs.  I liked that about her.  She had a soft wide ass as well.  I didn’t think all that much of it.  All in all she had looked a hell of a lot better in the Cop Out. “So what brings you here?”

“It’s Agent Morris, and as I said on the phone.  We are speaking with anyone who knew Mary Ellen Poole.

“So what can I do to help?” I asked.

“Then you have heard that Mary Ellen’s body has been recovered?” she asked.

“Yes, a mutual friend told me.  I called to ask him if he would help me with a project,” I said.

“I’ll need his name,” she demanded. I gave her his name and phone number.  I didn’t go into any details of what he had said.  I left that for Morris to fill in.    “Do you know what Mary Ellen might have been doing at the reservoir on Sunday?”

“Not a clue did you find her body there?” I asked.

“You friend didn’t tell you where she was found?” Morris asked.

“I don’t put much faith in rumors.  I try to get my information from someone who really knows,” I said.

She nodded then said, “A few days ago a fisherman found her naked body in the reservoir.”

“Just so you know Agent Morris to my knowledge Mary Ellen did not have a boat out there, nor did she know anyone who did.  I didn’t know enough about her that I can be sure, but to my knowledge she did not.” I said.

“How about one of the houses that back up to the reservoir?” she asked. Could she have been there for a party or somethiing.

“Not that I know of,” I replied.

“Just for the record where were you that Saturday night and Sunday.”  I had expected it and was ready with half truths.

“Well let me see that was three weeks ago.  At that time I was working with The Brit on his pub,  So I might have been working there during the day on Saturday.  That night I most likely was home.  I haven’t been going out much lately.  Not since I moved in here.  Sunday I almost certain was in all day.”

“What about in the evening of Sunday?” she asked.

“I expect that I was in a sex chatroom  to be honest.” I said.

“So you don’t have an alibi?” she asked.

“I didn’t know I needed one, since I haven’t done anything,” I said.  It sounded good to me.  “If I had known I needed one, I might have picked up a friend somewhere to spend the weekend  It was three weeks ago.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Are we finished now,” I asked.

“No not quite.  Do you know anyone who might want to harm Mary Ellen?” she asked.

“No not a soul.  Far as I know she didn’t have any enemies,” I replied.

“ Okay, now the interview is over.” She said turning off the recorder.

“In that case can I offer you a cup of coffee?” I said.  “I’m afraid it is all I have to offer you.  I do think I have a bottle of spring water in the refrigerator.”

“Don’t bother I’m fine,” she said.

“You don’t look fine.  You look a little confused,” I said “Agent Morris.”

“Okay it’s Lisa, when I’m not being taped.” she said noting my scornful use of her title.

“That is a little better.  Now you can tell me what the hell is going on with you.  Not the case, you?”  I asked that because I knew she wouldn’t give me any information on the case.  I figured she might let something slip, if I could work it into the personal questions.

“Nothing is going on with me,” she said.

“Take the coffee, and if you decide you want to talk, I’ll listen,” I said.

“I’ll pass on the coffee, and on bearing my soul,” she said.

I could tell she wanted to tell me something. but I let it go.  “Okay it’s up to you, but I am a good listener.” I had very deftly changed the narrative, if I do say so myself.

“I do need you to forget what happened at the Cop Out club,” she said.

“If you forget it, I will too,” I said.  Well she might be for real about it all.  She seemed to be leaning toward someone else not me.  That was a very good thing.

After she left I went back to the computer.  I plugged the memory stick back into it and then started it.  I had kept my contact list on a memory stick as well as a backup to my computer files which rested at the bottom of the reservoir.

I baked a potato for my dinner.  I had enjoyed the one I had a couple of weeks ago with The Brit, so I did it again.  The one I had that night, I had alone, so it wasn’t as good but it was filling.

I went to bed early for me.  It was around 9PM when I convert the DIY sofa to a bed.  I put the .22mag revolver by the bed and went to sleep.  I was way too close to that door for comfort.  It reminded me that this was only phase one of the box house.  I was planning a second box to use as a bedroom unit.  I figure I would wait till all the fuss about Mary Ellen went away.  My guess was that without a solid lead the body would take a backseat to some new case.

I couldn’t get to sleep till I pinpointed what was bothering me.  Something was rolling around in my head, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I realized what it was.  The cops had brought in the SBI, within the first 24hours and there was no obvious cause of death at that time at least.  Could Mary Ellen has been more significant that I thought.  What in the world would bring them in that quick.  I knew that Mary Ellen wasn’t a native to the area any more than I was.  She had her fingers in a lot of questionable pies.  For me that was a good thing, but something brought the big guns into the investigation first thing, so I had to wonder what it was.



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6 Responses to sylvia 171

  1. ron40xc says:

    Mary Ellen = undercover cop ? oops
    Nice job Cindy as usual, thanks !!

  2. cindypress says:

    I was thanking witness protection. nobody would think she pissed people off all over again a different group.

  3. jack says:

    I agree witness protection ,under cover cop would not do illegal things in the scope that she did the evidence would be useless or a mafia princess thanks

  4. cindypress says:

    exactly and the time frame would be Mary Ellen waiting fro them to finish with her.

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