sylvia 172

Sylvia 172

I rode the bike very early every morning.  It was barely light out most morning when I began.  Time passed slowly while Agent Lisa Morris did her thing.  Then on a Friday, when I got back from my ride, Agent Morris was sitting in her car in my drive.

“Well hello, are you Lisa or Agent Morris this morning?” I asked.

“I’m Lisa, I just came to say goodbye.  We are giving the investigation back to the Sheriff.  We have done all we can do, now it’s just slog is out and hope for the break that will never come.” she said.

“Oh, why do you say that,” I asked.

“Let’s go inside and have that cup of coffee,” she said to me.

I opened the big heavy steel outside doors.  She went inside first then I followed and closed the glass patio door behind us.  Once I was in the kitchen I started the single cup coffee maker.  I turned to her and learned back to the counter,

Lisa kissed me way too passionately for 7AM even if was Friday.  “I have been dreaming of doing that.  Now that you are officially not a suspect, I can do it,” she said.

I knew better than to ask her why I was no longer a suspect.  I just returned her kiss and clutched her hips.  She began to grind against me as I kissed her.  I could feel her big soft breasts flatten against me.  I could only wonder what it felt like, since I barely had any breasts at all.  Even so I could feel them being compressed and it was a comfortable feeling for me.  I wondered if it was for her as well.  Okay I only thought of that later.  At the moment I was living from minute to minute.

Since I knew how strong the cabinets where I tore her panties off before I sat her up on the eating counter.  Once I had her up there I forced her legs apart then I bent to the task of licking her clit till she came.  Once I had her body moving to music only she heard, I bent even lower and slipped my tongue inside her soaking body.  She covered my face with her lubricant and I continued to work her body to a fever pitch.

When she had enough she pulled me up and kiss my sticky face all over.  She kiss and licked my face until I was as much a wreck as she was.  When she finally slipped her finger into my shorts and brought me to the giant orgasm I craved, we relaxed together.  She spoke first.

“How about that coffee,” she said with the kind of smile that only one thing in this world could produce.  It was the smile of a satisfied woman.

“Sure,” I said moving away from the breakfast bar.  “So are you really going to do that and leave?”

“I couldn’t do that till I left.” she admitted.

“So do you know who killed Mary Ellen?” I asked.

“We found a couple of vague ties to organized crime, so we think it might have been a professional hit.  We just can’t find who was behind it.” she said.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said.

“You should know your name came up in the investigation,” she added.

I began to wonder, if I was being played.  “Oh really,” I said calmly.  It was a calm no one could feel, when a cop said your name came up in a murder investigation, especially if you did the deed.  “Why would you look at me.  I mean Mary Ellen and I knew each other.  We were sorta in business together, but other than that we didn’t have much of a relationship.” I said.

“Well it was the business you were in.  She had some pretty rough images of you.”  she said.

“Sure, but I’m no shrinking violet.  I knew she had them and I told her to put them on the net.  I didn’t want her blackmailing me.  The fact that she had images of me sucking cock on the net helped me in the undercover work I did for you guys,” I said.  “It really was a win win situation.”

“In the end that the conclusion we came to.  As far as we could find out from her little girl friend, you two were never involved romantically.” She left the question dangling.  I knew she was still working the case even if it were unofficial.

“If you are asking if I ever fucked her, the answer is no.  I don’t mix business with pleasure,” I said.  Then I added, “You shouldn’t either.”

“What does that mean,” she asked.

“It means, you might not be taping  but you are still being agent Morris,” I said with a laugh.

“Yes I am, but it’s just follow up.  We really have moved on to organized crime.  We think they made her transfer funds to her cameramen to throw us off the track.  But anyone could have done it, and the boys seemed to not really understand it.  They also had alibis,” she said.

“That’s good for them,” I said not feeling at all that way.

“Yes they were out filming for the new season of their documentary, which is also illegal.  By the way that is you in the documentary.”  It wasn’t a question it was a statement of fact.”

“Did they tell you they ever tasted the ‘moonshine’ I made?” I asked.

“They said you wouldn’t let them.” she said.

“No because it was all a set up.  I was repackaging Vodka,” I said.  “ Or just pretending to sell and it was water.  It was all about the documentary, not the liquor.”

“You can prove that?” she asked.

“I think you have to prove something, not me.” I said.

“Well that doesn’t matter because I really will be gone today.  I just stopped by to say goodbye,” Lisa Morris said to me.  She handed me the coffee cup planted a sloppy kiss on me and left.  The investigation of Mary Ellen’s death was for intents and purposes over.

To be honest it didn’t seem as though it was a very thorough investigation.  And what the hell were her ties to organized crime.  That seemed pretty far out there, unless the ties were before she came to live in County Seat.  That was possible I suppose.

After Lisa left I felt a little let down.  I couldn]t find anything that interested me.  I honest to god gave some thought to robbing a bank.  Anything to break the monotony of the moment.  Then I thought about the day after and decided that I didn’t want to be on the run the rest of my life.

I got through the morning by calling my flea market friend to clean out the rolling shed.  I pulled everything out of the shed.  I asked him to put what he thought he could sell into a pile and to pile those things he thought were a waste of time into a second tile.  The to sell pile was only slightly larger than the crap pile.  He made one trip to the country landfill and the second trip he carried to his place.  Since it was a Friday  he planned to leave it on the truck for a trip to the flea market the next day.

“Tell you what for all the hard work, you can keep what money you make tomorrow.  Do not refuse any offer for a sale, and anything that is left at the end of the weekend take to the dump.” I said to him.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah I never want to see this shit again,” I said with a laugh.  The rolling storage unit had some mixing vats and some wooden paddles, but that was all.  At the end of the day I had a clean building and the kid had all my shit except the spare tire for the Toyota, which I no longer owned.

When the kid had gone I took a saw to the tires.  There were a couple of small tools I did keep.  The hand held jig saw was one of them.  Cutting the saw with it was a bitch, but I finally got into it around 5PM after two hours of work.  I moved everything to a orange plastic insulated water jug.  One of those large ones that go on the side of a work truck.  I stuffed the bug out kit into it  Then I put the plastic lid back on it.  Once it was high up on the shelf, it looked just like a couple of others I had used as mixing vats.

Since I had that done, I carried the pieces of the tire and wheel to the dumpsters.  The ones used by the county to make it easier for the citizens to dump their trash.   From the dump site I drove to the Brit’s pub.  It was obvious from my smile that something was up.

“So Sylvia you look pleased with yourself,” The Brit said.

“Give me a draft bock beer and I’ll tell you all about my conquest.  It will be the first time I ever did a ‘kiss and tell’,” I said.

He put the mug of beer with no handle, in front of me then said, “So give,” he demanded.

“I had a very enjoyable visit with agent Morris,” I said smiling wickedly.

“Oh come on you have to give me details,” he said.

“She was on her way out of town, so she stopped by to say goodbye,” I informed him.

“And was it a passionate parting?” he asked.

“It was indeed.  The investigation was been returned to the Sheriff, where it is expected to go cold, since the SBI is convinced it was a hit by some old mob friends of hers,” I said.

“Mob friends?” he asked.  “In County Seat.”

“Calm down, I think she was a witness for the State against someone before she came here to live,” I suggested.

“That makes more sense,” he agreed.  “I’m glad that is behind us, but I never was very worried.  You handled it so well.”

“Thanks it was just one of those things that needed doing,” I said.

“Oh I agree, this is home.  There was no room for her here anymore,” The Brit said in a very serious voice.  I felt like we had done Mary Ellen for different reasons suddenly.

“True, so how is business?’ I asked.

“Actually I wanted to talk to you about that.  How about tending bar for me now and again?” he asked.

“What so you and Jeremy can have some time together?” I asked.

“Oh we have plenty of together time.  We would just like to hit some of the bed and breakfasts around the area,” The Brit admitted.

“Sure now that I don’t feel like I’m being watched, I wouldn’t mind being watched.” I said it with a smile.

“Well I’m glad.  So can we make a plan to go to that place tomorrow night.  I can be back on Sunday,” he said.

“I know as much about this place as you do damn it.  I helped to build the damn place,” I said.  “Hell you could spend a month away and I could manage,” I said.

“Right, Tomas’s daughter is scheduled to cook for you.  She or her mother cook for me all the time now.  Her mother insists on being off on the weekend for the younger ones.  Juanita is a great cook though.  Well for what we do, she is excellent,” He insisted.  “But listen Tomas would have a fit if you flirt with her, understand.  I promised she would not get in any trouble here.”

“She won’t get in any trouble, even if she wants trouble,” I said.

“Good,” The Brit agreed.

I found myself actually looking forward to tending bar at the pub.  All that night at home I tried to decide what I would wear.  Hell I couldn’t look sexy no matter what I did, but I could look unusual.

Saturday morning after my ride I stopped the plaza.  The big box discount store was the only one open so early.  I bought a low neckline tee shirt and I also bought hair bleach.  I had been a true brunette,since I buzzed my head.  I decided to make my stubble blond.  It didn’t take but a couple of minutes to get the chemicals in place.  Then I had to let them sit a while to take.  When I rinsed my hair it was a terrible white color.  I looked fifty years old.  Shit, I thought.  I was going to look like a grandmother.

Since it was getting close to opening time, I put on my cut off jeans and new tee shirt with a low neckline.  I looked in the mirror and looked like a granny with no boobs trying to be sexy.  I was so pissed I almost went back to the commando tee,  Instead I went to the pub.

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7 Responses to sylvia 172

  1. jackballs57 says:

    A lot of things tied up nicely Thanks

  2. Walt says:

    OK, all caught up thru 172, added Juanita to Cast. Also rearranged Current Players to make it easier to keep up. Will add or move them down as they come and go.

    Now the holiday and colonoscopy are behind me (no pun intended, but it did come out totally clean, no problems) I will now be able to update daily as I did before.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    I’m not sure but isn’t that the first time that Slyvia been the initiator of sex with another women most of the other times she has followed, ithink

  4. KO says:

    What a nice way to wrap up the Mary Ellen episode – a climax for Sylvia and Agent Lisa Morris that coincides with the climax of the Mary Ellen investigation!! Great stuff for sure! Please keep ’em coming . . . . . and cumming!! 😀
    Now on to something new for Sylvia . . . . . 😉

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