Sylvia 174

Sylvia 174

The auction was cash only.  Not only that you had to clear the locker out by end of day.  I had a young man, who had helped me before, with his truck standing by.  I was going to call him if I won a locker.  He could at least carry the crap to the dump for me.  I would pay him  of course.

I expected I could make a deal with Brit.  In exchange for babysitting, Jeremy he would let the kid drink some beer on the pub.

Jeremy and I left county seat the following sat morning at 9AM.  The auction started at 11AM, we should have about fifteen or twenty minutes to spare.  I found Jeremy to be rather amusing, when you threw your yardstick away and just took him like he was.

His catty remarks about movie stars and other in the limelight were hilarious.  I actually enjoyed the drive down.  I would never have believed it possible.  But we kept it light and it never got nasty.  Well not between us anyway,

By the time the auction really started we were hot and tired and already looking for the exit.  Nonetheless I looked at the lockers as they came up.  I was always looking for jewelry and other collectibles.  The first couple had nothing at all.

However the third one looked like something my own mother might put in storage.  I decided I wanted it even though it was lots of furniture packed into the space.  None the less I bid on it.  I got all the way up to $200 and I was ready to quit there.  The others bailed because it was a lot of mattresses as well as the two pieced of an antique bedroom set.  I didn’t move on I was ready to arrange pickup of the items I had just bought.

Since I had to pay cash for the locker, I paid with gray money.  I would be a good way to clean some of it.  That is if we found anything in the locker with a commercial value when my friend came.  He was the one who helped me with the lockers when Mary Ellen was my partner,

The summer was heading to a close, if there was any business we wanted to start, it was the time to do it.  Winter was no time to start anything.  Since I had recently emptied out the storage building on wheels, I had a place to put it all.  There was also a piece or two that would end up on ebay.  At least a third of it went to the landfill.  By 4PM we had taken care of it all.  All but the costume jewelry that is.  I was planning some more research on that.  Jeremy wanted to research it on his computer.  So I let him.

The kid with the truck led us back to County Seat.  The fact that there was nothing to do for the long winter months bothered me.  I thought about going back into the liquor business but even if I did it would only last a couple of months and I would be looking again.

I left Jeremy researching jewelry while I started research on my end of the summer project.  Before anything else I planned to get a serious heating plant installed.  I fellow who drank at The Brits Pub sold and installed those things.  He usually subcontracted the installation of someone else’s sale.  However he could be forced into a sale.

“To be honest with you Sylvia I have access to a full line of furnaces.” he said to me.

“Well Sammy I have a metal shipping container I need heated this winter.  Have you got something that will work in there.” I asked.

“Honey I got something that will work everywhere.  Let me look at it and I can put something together for you.” He said.

“When you gonna come look?” I asked.

“I can come now if you drive.  I would probably get lost,” he said with a great laugh.

“Let’s go,” I said.

Ten minutes later we were walking around my place.  “What’s the volume of air you need heated?”

“It’s 25 by 8 by 8, that’s all there is to it now.  I’m going to add a bedroom in a few months, I think.”

“We should include enough volume to handled another box even larger.” Sammy said.

“I might go with a 8 x 40 box and yes, I want to get it all on one furnace,” I said with a smile.

“You ain’t gonna like it,” he said.

“Well, I have had to do a lot of things I didn’t like.  Tell me quick don’t drag it out.” I demanded.

“Well it could make it do with a smaller one but this is the one I recommend.  That way you can have a heck of a lot of space before it starts be to small.” He said.

“What’s it going to cost.” I asked afraid to hear it.

“With the tank large enough for a  good reserve, before you have to be refilled it, everything is going to run $8,5000.  The thing has a good trouble free life for about ten years. He said one thing that made me decide to wait till I had the other piece of the system ready.  He said it would really be a lot better if it was together before you heated it.

The next day I arranged to buy it, and then for Jerry to bring it.  I should have it by the end of the week.  I was about to hire someone to set it but the Brit lost his temper.  “Are you telling me there was something wrong with  the last one we set.”

“Of course not, I just hated to ask you again.  You got the pub now.” I said.

“Bullocks,” he said.

“Okay you and I and Tomas will set it.  Jeez I had no idea it was going to make such a fuss.” That’s how the box would being just a little out of level.  I didn’t dare mention that to the Brit.  He might have pitched a fuss at me.  I was just glad to get it done period.  Both shipping containers were were rust red so it should be okay, I thought.

I worked on the box house till thanksgiving.  It was cool but the furnace at least so far had worked well.  I felt like I could leave it at any time.  Well since Jeremy had a key and could check on it I felt pretty good about it.

All the busy work would never replace some real chore but I pretended that it would.  I was also pretty sure the Brit was pretty damn close to strangling Jeremy.  Hell I know I would have been.  I was pretty well in the box house by the week after Thanksgiving.  I would also do anything to get away from the house.  I welcomed Karl with open arms.  Well at least a friendly greeting.

“Damn Karl if you were to call I would clean this dump up a little.” I said.

“I like your house but we aren’t staying.”  Then he looked at me real hard and said, “Is there anybody else in town who might be ready for a little trip out of the country?”

“I certainly hope, so call The Brit and see.  You can call from here,” I offered.

“No, I’ll just go see him.  I know it’s almost like he is married,” Karl said.

“Bite your fucking tongue,” I said with a laugh.

“I’m still going to see him. As for you pack a bag.  You might be flying commercial so pack accordingly, leave the snow globe.” Karl said.

“God you, where we going?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you when we are on the way,” he said smiling.  “It’s a simple security guard gig. They decided they want us yesterday though,” he said.

“Don’t they always?” I asked.

“Always, I’ll call you when we start back.  You will know, when I call times up.  They will be warming the plane up.” he said.

“You got it no weapons,” I said.  I had some very serious plastic knives.  I promised myself I would try to get them past security this time.  If all they had was a metal detector, I could skate right through.  If they had a full body scan I was going to have to use the bathroom and leave it in there.  Either way I intended to protect the passengers.  It was better to have me with some kind of weapon than the bad guys be the only ones with a weapon.

“You traveling with anything?” the Brit whispered the question.

“I might have a plastic case knife,” I suggested.

“Good luck,” the Brit said.  “I haven’t had any luck smuggling, so I’m going in naked.”

We hit the airport of the state’s biggest city and they were scanning everyone.  I went into the bathroom and ditched the knife.  Son of a Bitch, I thought.  Well without a weapon I would have to be very alert.  I had absolutely no advantage, no matter how small.

“Okay,” Karl said.  “I have your tickets.  You have your passport and your shots are all up to date.  God get ready to board the plane.”

“So are we heading to a place where we can get a car to Venezuela?” I asked. What are we going to do there?”

“We are going to protect the ambassador’s daughter,” Karl said flatly.

“Okay there are three of us and the marine detachment,” I asked.

“The three of us and two Guards probably employed by the CIA.” Karl said.

“Karl, I would be willing to bet that there are rumblings,” I replied.

“There is a lot of chatter about a cell of terrorist in Venezuela.  According to the chatter they plan to launch a Benghazi style attack.  Just over run it completely and kill everyone in there.  A half dozen men with plenty armament could hold one of those compounds.  I think we are the right people to send don’t you Sylvia.

“I’m not sure three of us will do any good.  I think they need the second marine division.” I said seriously.

“So for god’s safe Sylvia, don’t be so dramatic.” Karl said.

“Karl did you even notice how little I think of all  your plans,” I asked.

“Yeah, but you always come with me,” he said.

“Just shows you what poor judgment I really have,” I agreed.

“Possibly,” He said. The Brit just looked at him and shook his head.  I had no idea what side the Brit was on or if he even cared.

“Brit help me out here,” I said.

“Sylvia let me ask you just one thing.  If Karl here turns to you and says, I don’t give a fuck we are going, and you know everything thing by then, are you going to walk away?”

“No, but by god I want that option?”  I stated flatly.

“Why, you are never going to come this far and walk away.” The Brit said.

“Brit you don’t know that.” I said turning away.

“Don’t I?  You are just here to get your fix.  As long as you get it, then it don’t matter none what else happens.”

The car left the airport and stopped by a gift shop along the side of the downtown street.  We all poured out of the car and went inside to get our weapons.  There in a box sitting on saw horses was a case of pump shotguns.  They were the cheapest Mossburg pumps made.  There were some AK-47.  Brit and Karl took the AK-47 but I asked the driver of the car for ammo.  I would have said ammunition, but I wanted him to know what the hell I was talking about.

I took the whole case of 12ga Ammunition with me when I left, and I took two shotguns.  Might as well take them before the government troops come for them.  Thugs in jack boots have no respect for shotguns, I thought.

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4 Responses to Sylvia 174

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Serious action getting ready to start,, May all of her shots be on target, and may any aimed at her miss she just dosent need any more injuries. Nice chapter. anticipating great action she needs her fix.

  2. Walt says:

    174 and Sammy (sells, installs heating systems) added to Cast.

  3. KO says:

    Yeah, I think it’s going to get interesting, especially as they are arming up well ahead of their destination! Hopefully there will be LOTS more “hardware” available when they finally arrive at the ambassador’s compound. Seems just a tad light for some real serious action.

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