sylvia 175

Sylvia 175

The car was an old American sedan.  “Why is it these guys in special ops can never afford a fancy car?  They are always running around in a ten year old ford.” I asked.

“You are kidding they have all the money in the world.  They run around in these old egg beaters because someone told them they draw less attention.  We are all cramped so the boss can slip around town.  You know they have a deal.  They buy a whole fleet of these as ‘after lease cars’ and transport them all over the world,” The Brit explained.

“So we are liable to find some executive’s credit card in the seat?” I asked.

“Yeah it could happen,” he said.  “We are about to get our first look at the building they think needs our help to defend against the Jihadist.”

“We should write a book. Jihadist I have known and sometimes loved.” I said.

“Oh exactly, who have you loved?” Kurt asked.

“I once loved someone,” I said faking defensiveness.

“Sylvia, you have made love to a lot of men that isn’t the same thing as loving them,” The Brit said.

“I love you two,” I said more seriously.

“I’m not sure that you just don’t realize you better keep us somewhat happy.  That isn’t love honey.” Kurt said.

We were busy looking around the streets trying to gain any leg up we could.  The neighborhood with the consulate was quiet and beautiful. Once we got inside the walls we took a good look around.  A CIA contractor named Reynolds  showed us around.

“When we got here they thought that outer wall would keep the bad guys out.  I have no idea what color the sky is in their world, but it was a real shock for the staff to find out the wall was only good to keep them in, since every one else in the country except them could scale it.  We are going to work on a collapsing defense.  If we come under attack from the rear, we fire on them as they drop over the wall.  Then we can no long hold the position we fall back into the house and fire from the house into the yard.  We only have to hold till the government troops arrive.”

“You are sure the government troops will come?” I asked.

“They have to come there is no one else,” he said with a smile.

“I don’t suppose we can find the radicals before hand an wipe out their stockpile of arms,” I suggested.

“Porter this is a sovereign nation.  We do no launch an attack on a sovereign nation.” Reynolds said.

“Did you even ask around about what you are up against?” I inquired.

“You know we gather all the intel we can.  But frankly there isn’t that much out there right now. Also you know this isn’t a western style democracy.  Information is in short supply.” Reynolds said.

“I think the President here would dress his soldiers in rags to attack you as well.” I said.

“That my dear Sylvia is very likely.  Along with this ain’t home, I need to tell you get caught outside this gates with a firearm and they shoot you with it.” Reynolds added.

“Now that’s gun control that works,” I suggested.   “You don’t get any repeat offenders.”

“The point is, if you go anywhere outside leave the firearms in the compound.” Reynolds said.

“Or shoot first,” I suggested.

“You are always going to be out gunned, so even if you do shoot first odds are not good.” Reynolds replied.  “Now on to less pleasant things.”

“Less pleasant things, what would that be, that the air is full of the hiv virus.” I said.  “It can’t get much worse.

“Intelligence suggests there is going to be an attack on this compound tonight.” Reynolds.  When we recruited you we didn’t know when it would happen, but it could be as early as tonight.”

“Wonderful, what kind of strength are you talking about?” I asked.

“That’s the real problem.  We don’t know it will be a dozen of five dozen.” Reynolds said.

“It likely wont be more than five dozen.  There would be no where to stand,” I said.  “Do you expect ladders over the walls?”

“Thats usually how they do it.  Sometimes they scramble up, but usually they bring a ladder with them.” Reynolds suggested.  “Are you going to be able to handle that shotgun?”

“We are mostly going to find out how I do with it first time they come over that wall.  I can’t grip small things but a shotgun forearm I have just learned to manipulate.  How I do when I’m in a hurry is something else.  I guess we will find out though.” I replied.

“You get me killed tonight, I will never forgive you,” Kurt said.

I laughed.  I won’t be the one to get you killed.  If we die here, we can all go haunt Colonel Martin.” I said.

“Here, here, The Brit agreed.  “And the awful Sergeant Major from the SAS.”

A young woman came into the room where we were waiting for dark.  “I brought you some food,” she said.

“I don’t recognize this as food, but I am grateful for it,” I said.

“Yes thank you,” the Brit said.  He was so much smoother than me.  But I didn’t mind because he was Gay. I thought that with a chuckle.

We turned on the TV and watched the street demonstrations.  There were marches all over town.  The police contained them and even beat a few marchers into submission.  I wasn’t too worried about the police.  They had all they could handle in the streets.  They didn’t need to come looking for trouble in the houses.  Not even the diplomatic house would be high on their radar.

What we had to worry about was the agitators in the country.  Their objective was to bring Islam to Latin America.  They were the ones who were at war with everyone else.  At least that is was what the briefings all said.

So there we sat on an October evening waiting for them to come.  I didn’t want to play cards or read a book.  I didn’t want to watch TV or listen to music, I wanted it to start.  Pure and simpled I wanted to test myself just like always.  Someone always won and someone always lost.  Losing was not really good for ones longevity.

There were very few people pensioned off from the swamp.  Most of us didn’t want to be pensioned off.  Not that I particularly wanted to die that night, but I knew their was that chance, when I took the job.  I took it because I was so bored, I was about to lose my mind.

So there I was sitting on the patio, in the very darkest part of the night.  Just waiting like I said.  About eight the CIA man came to me. “I need you to do me a favor.  I understand you can handle it.” he said.

“What do  you want,” I asked.

“I need a prisoner.  We need to know what they are up to.” he said.  “We know where they are we just need to pick one up.”

“So what am I bait?” I asked.

“Yeah, that is the size of it.”  the CIA man said,

“Well let’s go get one then,” I said.  “I think The Brit and I  can do better than I can alone.  I don’t speak Spanish.”

“Yeah, he could do the talking for you.  Okay let’s go get a prisoner.  The Brit and I didn’t have any trouble finding someone who was preaching theocratic government based in Sharia law.  Hearing that in the western hemisphere was quite a shock.  I didn’t understand it all but the Brit did.  He told me how bad it was in whispers.

We waited till he left the Cantena, then followed him.  When he stopped along a dark street, we threw him in the car.  I held the box opener just in case he decided to struggle.

When the South American and the American CIA operative met they shared a disgusted look.  Neither had much respect for the other.  Since I didn’t understand the interrogation, I left.  The sun would be up soon, so it appeared we had been spared for at least my first night in the country.

“There are an awful lot of south Americans here.  I feel like we should be running a factory or something.” I said.

“Well we know what side you are on in the great cultural wars,” The Brit said.

“Let em eat cake,” I said.

“Yeah right, well you will be happy to know they are whipping themselves up to a frenzy.  He said they were planning something he wasn’t quite sure what.  The Brit went on to tell me that the guy was a zealot and probably would die before he talked.

“You and Kurt hold him,” I demanded.   I tore down his pants then pulled his penis into my hand.  I took the large box opener out of my cargo pants pocket.  I showed him the box opener then said, “I can see you probably won’t miss your penis.  It is so small your wife probably won’t either.  Of course you know when I cut, I can’t fix it again?” I asked.

He just looked stoic.  I think he still didn’t think I would do it.  It took one swipe, with that swipe I changed his mind forever.  There was arterial blood spurts and I just looked at his face.  He had stopped smiling.  He was in a panic.

“I didn’t get a real good cut so if you tell me what I want to know now, you might make it to the hospital before you bleed out.” I said.

Just to make it worse while he was bleeding I thumbed through a magazine.  It was all about the act as far as I was concerned.  He finally opened up and started to talk.  He was pretty weak went I helped kurt put him in a taxi headed for the Vera Cruz hospital.

“We have got till tonight,” The Brit said.

“Yeah if they come in force nothing will stop them however a heavy machine gun can slow them down,” Reynolds said.  I think I know where I can get you one.”

“Oh hell, get a half dozen,” I said with a grin.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Reynolds said, then left.  After he had gone I began marking distances.  Of course I slept some as well.  The food was a little too spicy for me, but I managed.  I had to wash from a basin so I didn’t feel very clean but I had been a lot dirtier.  I had my doubts about the next couple of days.  I was telling the CIA man he really needed to evacuate the position,  There was just no way to really hold it.  It could be held an hour with the assets in place.  Any more would be be just courage,

The president of the United States was on TV asking for calm.  He wanted the two sided to get together and talk.  That always proved interesting,  I had no easy answers except maybe to kill them all and let god sort them out.

Just before dark Reynolds and another clown brought in a .50 cal machine gun.  He also had a 308 bolt action rifle with a night scope.  “Here,” Reynolds said to me.  You won’t need the shotgun for a few minutes, I brought you a sniper rifle to keep them off the walls.”

“I’ll try to make good use of it,” I said. It was a long way from eight pm till midnight but we had to endure it.  Intel said they were demonstrating all night and at midnight the Jihadists were going to use the demonstration as cover to attack the consulate.

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4 Responses to sylvia 175

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Some damn serious action there, Hope she keeps her head down . Good action comming

  2. cindypress says:

    I hope it doesn’t wimp out it might though

  3. KO says:

    Those folks are way to fanatical to not follow through with the attack. That and they can always seem to find more fanatics to join in. Going to take a major genetic cleansing to get that to stop, sadly. I think with the .50 cal added to the arsenal, as well as a good sniper rifle, they have a much better chance of holding them off. Great anticipation building here!

  4. cindypress says:

    from what little I have read about defense since I never was really involved in anything like it. The biggest problem was controlling outside a gate with all the weapons inside. From my days learning to assault buildings I remember that our big advantage was being in control of all the outside. The bad guys would want to control the outside all of it but I thought that a group coming through the streets couldn’t guarantee control of the landscape.

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