sylvia 176

Sylvia 176

“Sylvia you want to get some food.  The kitchen staff cooked somethings before they left.” The Brit said.

“No thanks, I think I want to spend my last hours hungry,” I said.

“I don’t think anyone is coming.  I expect it is just more B.S. from the government,” The Brit said.

“Well it won’t be too long before we know,” I said.

“Yeah, we will know soon.  How about we get to the top of the wall and shoot down on the demonstrators.” The Brit suggested.

“If we do that, they are going to swear they were just walking by and we fired on them.  You know how these guys twist thing around.  When they get through we will have went to their houses and forced them to come to the compound for us to shoot.” I suggested.

“You are right the Russians will be coaching them on how to create an international incident.“ The Brit suggested.  “It’s a shame we have to worry about how things look as well as staying alive.”

“Oh I agree,  There is one thing we can do though,” I suggested.

“What’s that,” Kurt asked.

“We can make some foo gas booby traps,” I suggested.  We all agreed that foo gas bombs might well be the difference in somebody getting away and there being no survivors.”

Me and the Brit went and bought all the bottle soda the neighborhood grocery store had.  We also bought all the dish washing soap available.  Back at the compound we made napalm bottles with rag fuses to light.  I felt pretty sure we could make them think twice about coming over the wall.

The demonstrations rolled by the consulate in the early evening.  It was somewhat later when demonstrators climbed up on the compound walls.  When I saw the first one I fired a warning shot directly over his head.  Then just as fast as I can I put a round right six inches lower.  I quickly made the .308 ready to fire again and waited.

“I like the napalm hand grenades,  They will let us clear the wall but wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of it.  With a little luck the glass punch bottles filled with 10 ounes of jellied gas. would buy us even more time.

“If there is one or two, we shoot them off the wall. but if there are a lot of them on top of the wall, we burn them off.” Karl said.

“That’s kind of what I thought as well.  I am going to have to keep the .308 ready to fire.  It has the best scope for the kind of use.” I said.

“Actually I think the .308 is going to quickly become obsolete.  If they come up with the number of men on the wall I think, it is going to be the gasoline and AK47s if we keep them out at all.” Karl added.

“You know what we could do?”I asked.

“What could we do,” he wanted to know.

“Find out where there headquarters is and drive a bomb into it,” I suggested.  “We could slip out and steal a car and drive it with a bomb inside into their hideaway.”

“Let me call the CIA.  Just to see what they know,” He said as he walked into another room, so I wouldn’t overhear him.  He was gone about five minutes then came walking in.  “We can’t find them because there are four places they can meet.  We could be at one while they were coming here and the place was unprotected.  We have to stay right here.”

“Isn’t there something we can do?” I asked.

“There is one thing that can change the odds a little.  But it also might be suicide,” Kart said.  One of us can go over to the Martinez house and set up a sniper post in one of the rooms.  From there you can shoot into the yard and take down the odds some.  However if the demonstration spills over to the Martinez house you will most likely die.”

“Interesting, the Martinez house is empty according to the staff here,” I said.

“Yes they may send a hit squad up to you.  It maybe pure suicide,” he said.

“How about sending someone to help me install myself up there,” I said.  “The rifle has a flash suppressor on it, so maybe I can disguise the fact that I’m there.” I said before I left the consulate grounds.

Two guys helped me carry all the .308 and .12ga shotgun ammunition to the roof across the street.  It was going to be a long shot but I planned to make as many of them as possible before the bad guys came for me.  When they came I intended to make it just as difficult as possible for them to occupy the compound.  Unlike the defenders in the compound I could fire on them outside the walls.  Of course if and when they found my location, I was going to die.  There was no escape from my rooftop perch.

The thing I really regretted was that I was cut off from my friends on what might be my last night on earth.  I was all alone and freaking out.  I knew that I needed to be with someone and not alone before this fight.  The CIA station chief said he had it under control but no body believed him.  We had a president who didn’t want to rock the boat.  Who though it was a weakness to take a stand.  So since he wouldn’t take a real stand the rest of us had to take a stand while out on a limb.

It would be a matter of principle except no one was sure what our principles were any more.  Our positions were also flexible according to the politicians.  We couldn’t find a way for this to be flexible.  The street thugs were coming to kill out people tonight, and the few of us who were here had to stop them.  Unlike the politicians, if we couldn’t stop them. we had to die trying.

I watched from the room as the groups started to form on the street.  I felt like the majority of the people were harmless.  They most likely just wanted to be seen but their friends taking a stand.  There were always going to be a few bent on causing trouble.  I at least had a couple of first class weapons to keep me company,

I had the sniper rifle I could use to keep the attackers confused.  I figured with the flash suppressor, I should be able to rain dead down on the agitators from concealment.  If I could keep it up without being seen for a half hour, I thought the CIA’s rescue team might just get to the people in the compound.

About 9PM the demonstrators took to the street.  They had been meeting in several different places and were now ready to show the government their strength.  I had the compound on the radio and the radio connected to my ear by a small ear piece so I couldn’t be heard listening to them.

“Brit, I know you can’t see them hon, but the demonstrators are taking to the street.” I said.

“Watch them and let us know when they are coming this way.  The more advanced notice the better.” he said.

“Well they are just wandering around.  They don’t seem to have any plans or anything.  It really looks harmless at the moment,” I said.

“Maybe we can get through tonight.  I think if we do, we can start making plans,”Kurt said.

“Kurt, if you can evacuate the employees,  I think you need to get permission to close the consulate,” I said.  “This demonstration is going to get out of hand according to the intelligence.”

“We don’t run away,” Kurt said.

“Kurt, we are here for money.  Patriotism is fine and all, but we are just here for the money,” I said.  I didn’t really believe it worked that way, because the swamp was more honorable than the government as far as I was concerned.

By midnight it became academic because the demonstration was being led by guys with sound equipment.  They were able to whip the crowd’e emotions into a frenzy.  I watching them shouting anti American slogan and headed toward us.

“Brit are you there?” I asked.

“How bad is it Sylvia?” The Brit asked.

“There is about 300 people headed your way,  Set your Amplifier up and get ready to bombard them with sound.  Also some non lethal shit from the roof.  I’ll stand bye, if that doesn’t work and it turns violent, I will try to send them home.” I said.

“Sylvia be careful, you don’t have any help,” he said.

“Trust me I’m well aware of that.  It is my intention to not be seen at all,  They are  coming down the street now, so here we go.” I said.  The crowd walked down the street as a mob.  They were shouting and  raising all kinds of hell.  I watched the man in front with a bull horn.  He was shouting in Spanish and he did not sound friendly in the leasts.  I held off firing until the shots came from the inside of the compound.   The shots were ahead of the crowd but they turned back.  I was happy I didn’t have to fire on the crowd.  There was no way I could fire warning shots.  Mine would have no effect as warning shots.  Mine had to disable the agitators and that was what I intended to do.

The rifle had not be test tired before so I knew center mass would be the only safe place to target.  I watched for twenty minutes while the agitators began moving toward the compound again.  They were picking up supporters as they went.

My first shot was center mass into one of the organizers.  When he fell, those near him began scanning for my location.  I sat very still while waiting for the next surge,  I noted the surge and also the three men searching for me.  I had no choice but to kill them.  I turned my attention to the surging crowd.  I drop three of the men in front of the crowd.

Even while I was shooting to the front of the surging crowd they were putting ladders on the walls.  “They are coming up the walls,” I shouted into the radio.  I turned the .308 toward the organizers temporarily leaving the guys in front of the crown to their own devices,

I had dropped eight of them when the first demonstrator pushed through the roof door.  He rushed toward me with an AK 47 rifle at the ready.  I dropped him with the shotgun blast.  I killed two more before I ran to the edge and jumped into the swimming pool three floors below.

The three story fall almost made me semi-conscious.  I barely made it out of the pool.  I made it into the garden shed to wait for either the man with the gun or the sun.  The crowd visually stumbled and turned back.  They had apparently stopped their assault for the time being.

Since I had decimated the leadership they were trying to find a new direction.  They were very angry, but I didn’t think they really wanted to assault the compound again.  Then four large trucks pulled into the residential street.  In the back of those trucks were soldiers.  I wasn’t sure whose they were, but I felt like they were there to send the crowd home.

They quickly circled the building and took a position keeping the crowd from attempting to breech the compound again.  Then I watched as the officers went into the compound.  Within seconds of them going into the compound, I heard shouts and then shots being fired.  I didn’t know what to think, but what I was afraid happened.   A few minutes later the soldiers came out of the compound obviously the men from the swamp were in custody.


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  1. jack says:

    Not a good position for her to be in. Being shots were fired inside the compound it dosen’t sound like the swamp people were taken into protective custody If they were Sylvia ia out on a limb by not being with them . If the troups are with the rioters she is still out on a limb by her self in a foreign country. She is going to have to live or die off her instincts.

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