sylvia 177

Sylvia 177

It appeared I was the only one from the swamp not in custody.  I could go to the military compound and try to rescue the others, or I could head on over the border.  The rule was contact base give them the information, then run like hell.  That was standard operating procedure.  That’s what they expected, but it was in the end our decision to make.  I never had a job go wrong enough to require that kind of decision.  Since I had never seen Swamp Dog at work in that kind of scenario I found myself trapped with no idea what to expect.

I did get a message to the French diplomat we were to contact, if things went terribly wrong.  He was supposed to relay it to the swamp.

The message read, ‘The Alamo fell everyone was taken into custody.  What you want me to do.”

The answer came within ten minutes, it was ‘Run’.   I read the note and decided not to go back to my hotel room.  I could run alright, but there was no guarantee I could get away.  I really needed to talk to The Brit.  I didn’t want to leave him in the jackpot.  I was trying to think of something that might help.  So far the only thing that made sense was indeed to run.  Even so, I wasn’t quite ready to do that just then.

My phone rang, “Hello,” I said into it while looking all around.

“Miss Porter, this is Gerrard at the French consulate,” The government has your people.  They are threatening to put them on trial.  Even though they were under attack the government wants to call their response to that attack murder.” The male voice suggested.

“That’s not good,” I replied.  “You got any idea what the swamp’s advice is?”

“Don’t get caught,” the voice said.  “They suggest you hang around, if you can do so safely.  They may be able to come up with a plan.”

“I think I can do that.  Are they going to stay in touch through you?” I asked.

“I have no idea what they have got in mind.  Please be careful, you don’t need to get caught.” The representative of the French Government said.

“That’s for sure my plan.  Have you got any idea how I can get inside the jail.” I asked.

“If it was me.  I’d walk through the front door, but then they didn’t murderl my ambassador and throw my friends in jail,” He said.

“Yes there are some challenges for sure,” I said shaking my head.  “Sometimes the best thing to do is the most direct,  I could do a prisoner exchange,” I said.

“Who do you have to trade?” the Frenchman asked.

“The real question is before I grab someone, who would they accept in trade.” I said smiling.

“They would trade the commandant of the prison for sure,” he said.

“That is a bad choice.  He needs to give the order.  So is he married?” I asked.

“He is married and has two children,” the Frenchman said.

“Then tell me where he lives,” I demanded.

“You need some help as well,” the Frenchman said.  “How do you feel about working with criminals.”

“I can work with them as well as anyone else.  I guarantee nothing though.” I said.  I could work with criminals as long as they knew better than to try and fuck me.  If that happened there might a be a few less to choose from for the next person in need.

“Go to this location and sit at the bar someone will contact you,” the Frenchman said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.  If this works out you can bill the Swamp for a favor someday.  If it doesn’t, I will try to get the guys in the prison to make you some prison art.”

I went to the club very early in the morning.  The place was being cleaned.  The man who met me at the door said, “I didn’t expect you so early.”

“Oh who are  you expecting.  I might not be the right one.” I said.

“Oh you are the right one.  You were described in great detail.  Are you ready to talk details,” he asked.

“Sure, what have you got for me?” I asked.

“Well, I have got the address for the Commandant of the prison.” he said.

“So help me get a couple of prisoners, ones I can exchange for my friends,” I said.

“You and your friends will leave,  but I will be stuck here.  I’m not sure you can pay enough to risk that.” he said.

“No one will know you are involved it you stay out of sight.  Mostly I need information and a couple of hours with a few street thugs.  Otherwise I will handle everything.” I suggested.

“It’s nice that you are confident, but you are going to need more help.  You just don’t know how much.” he said.

“I seem confident, because you don’t know what I need either.” I said. “You show me where the commandant lives and loan me a couple a guys with balls,  We will handle this.” I said it with a smile.

“I will get you all the guns and men you need to kidnap the commandant’s family.  We can arrange for him to meet you at the border with the prisoners.” he said.

“Tell me about the man or men you have on the inside,” I demanded.

“He will tell you anything you want to know,” the criminal said.

“So ask him how many men they arrested in the house.  Also see if he knows what happened to the ambassador.“

“Get me a line into the USA and I’ll get you money,” I said.

“Very well first you get me a half million dollars US. and I’ll get you all the pertinent information.”

“Fair enough,” I replied.  What he didn’t know was the French were verifying it all for me.  If he gave me bad intel, I would know and he would die.  It was as simple as that, but he didn’t know it.

Twenty minutes later I was told there were two full time guards on the Prison Governor’s dwelling,  Inside the house we would find the wife and two kids of the commandant.  I looked over all the drawing of the commandants home and  came to the conclusion that we had to grab her and make the trade.  I really didn’t want the kids, but I needed more bargaining chips, so they became pawns in the chess game.

The gangster sent me a Swedish car and three thugs, one of whom spoke reasonable English.  I couldn’t pronounce their names so there were thug one,  thug two, and the driver.  The driver was the one who could manage a few words of English.  He and I drove the car by the house of the commandant.  There was plenty of indication that the commandant was home.

“So where can we hold and hide them while we negotiate?” I asked.

“There is a warehouse.  We can drive them into before we unload.  Then we can move them to the exchange site.”  The chief thug suggested.

“It’s the middle of the night let’s do it now,” I suggested.

“There are so many loose ends,” he said.

“No there are just enough, the really tight planning has to be right now, before anyone knows the plan,  Drop me at the rear gate and give me five minutes to open that gate and move to the front to assault it.”

Fifteen minutes later I was moving toward the rear gate on foot.  I stood at the gate dressed as a harmless peasant.  When the guard came to the gate I convince him that I was hungry and would give him a blow job for five pesos.

His chance to get a blow job from an American was too much to pass up.  He opened the gate and ushered me into the gate house.  He died with a smile on his face since I had his penis in my mouth.  When I stabbed him in the heart with a small knife.  He died quickly.  I punctured his heart. I had never felt a man’s penis in my mouth when he died before.  It was a brand new feeling for me, something very sexy about it, but also morbid.

I opened the gate for the other criminals to enter.  They grabbed the occupants of the house.  We threw them in the Swedish car along with me.  The two young people looked terrified as  did their mother.  To my surprise the commandant of the prison was home and in bed.

When we woke him, I held a shotgun on him till we had them all awake and attentive.  The bedroom belonging to the soldier and his wife needed painting.  It also had an odor about,  It was most likely a new smell it was the smell of fear,

“Colonel Alejandro, as you can see we have your wife and your two children.  Now you will go to the prison and release the four prisoners you grabbed from the American Consulate tonight.”

“I had nothing to do with that,” he said.

“I have heard that, so let me explain to you what is going to happen.  You are going to agree to release the three American.  Then I am going to allow you to go to the prison and retrieve the prisoners.  You are going to have them taken to the  border crossing with Basil.  When the three American cross the border into Basil, I will send you family across the border,  If they are not there by 8AM your family will be slaughtered,  It really isn’t right and not something I want to do, but I do think it is the only card which I  have to play.  Colonel I have absolutely no qualms about killing your family, if my friends aren’t released.”

The thug who was on my side said to me, “You know he will hunt you and your friends down.  He will never rest till he has an assassin with you in his telescopic sight.” my contact said.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said.  “I might just have to send one of his kids home wearing a few pounds of plastic explosives.  He might ought to give that some thought.  If my friends don’t walk across that border his family dies a slow painful death.  It could take days but they will die.

We drove the truck with his family inside to the warehouse and duct taped them to chairs.  We just held them there and waited.

“Sylvia,” The Brit’s voice came over the phone.

“Well hello there, are you alive and well?” I asked.

“More or less, they say they are going to take us to the border and release us.” The Brit informed me.  “They want to get it on tv.  But I wouldn’t trust them.”

“No shit Brit.  I don’t know what we can do but I’m going to give you a chance.” I said.  I made it pretty clear that sometime from the moment to the exchange it was up to him and the other prisoners to escape.

During the driving hell bent for the border, we stopped to plant a device the swamp had sent along, just in case we needed to disappear.  The device would lead the government troops to determine that we were a mile or two from where we would cross the border.  It was the equivalent of a false trail, only it was laid by electronics.

The first call came from the Frenchman Gerard.  “Silvia they are in the van and headed to the border.  They are going to be crossing on the Trans American highway.”

“Got it Gerrard they aren’t trying to pass off dead men on me are they?” I asked.

“Not at the moment, the prisoners are all quite well,” Gerard said.

It was an hour’s drive to the border.  During that hour something had better happen, I thought.  My friends needed to take control of the bus or car they were in.  I couldn’t trust the colonel to honor our deal and the Brit and company should know that as well.

The waiting was maddening.  The call came in from the Brit.  “Sylvia we are across the border.  Now you get the hell out of there just a quick as you can,” he said.

“It’s not going to be quite that simple but I’m definitely going to be trying.” I said.  I left the colonel’s family in a shack in a small village.  The shack was pointed out by the thugs with me.  I told them thanks and left them in the village where they were going to disappear I assumed.

I walked across the bother dressed as a peasant.  It took me two day and I had to give another blow job to make it to civilization of a sort.

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4 Responses to sylvia 177

  1. jack says:

    Great action there, rescued the brit and his gang with a good off the cuff plan. Killed the guy in the middle of getting his nuts off now that takes some balls. Maybe the brit will think a little more highly of her now .

  2. Newdust says:

    So far so good all seem to be safe but not on US soil. Not only the Brit should be thinking more highly of Sylvia now, also Karl and Swamp Dog. The way she handled the engagement at the Compound, survived, planned and executed the exchange are all fantastic.

  3. cindypress says:

    thanks fort the vote of confidence. glad to have you reading.

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