Sylvia 178

Sylvia 178

We all managed to get back in touch with the Swamp from Balise. I called around the small tourist town till I found the Swamp dog crew.  The little town right across the border from where the terrorists were operating was neutral territory since it was a beach tourist town.  Even terrorists wanted to lay a yankee tourists once in a while.

Karl and the Brit were in a bar when I arrived.  “Sylvia,” The Brit said standing.

“Brit you okay?” I asked because his face had some new bruises.

“You should see the other guy, not a scratch on him,” he said.

“I tried to tell you that you can never have too many concealed weapons,” I said with a laugh.  “You really should listen to me.”

“They killed the Ambassador you know?” Karl asked.

“I heard.  He came with a price,” I said.

“How many street thugs does it take to kill one ambassador?” Kart said.

“I don’t know how many did it take?” I asked.

“A hundred street thug or one rescuer,” Karl said.  “You know they were going to kill us when they carried us away.  The only reason we are alive is you didn’t bug out.”

“Well Karl I guess that makes you my slave.  I expect my car washed and waxed every month for the rest of your life and your kid’s life as well.” I said taking a beer.

“Sounds reasonable.  No shit thanks for not listening to common sense,” he said.

“Karl, it was a lot easier when we left the world of terrorists, and went after the commandant of a prison.  Then I got to be the terrorist and it was much easier.  Of course it would never have worked, if you hadn’t realized you needed to overpower the guards.” I informed him.

“I know Sylvia, we kept looking for the hidden weapon and never did find one.  The Brit strangled a guard with a zip tie.  It really did look painful but you know The Brit he never feels pain.” Karl said.

“Oh I feel pain, I just don’t talk about my feelings like you Yanks.” he said.

“Well no matter, you are alive that is the important thing,” I said.

“No Sylvia the ambassador is dead, that is the important thing.  The state department and the CIA are going to be looking for a scape goat.  My guess it that Karl and I are going to be in the Jackpot.” the Brit said.

“Well, I was there too,” I said angrily.

“You didn’t get caught, and you got us out.  You are going to be the heroine of this little farce,” Karl lamented.

“You get home and tell the senate what happened.  The government will have to explain why the 1st marine division wasn’t called in to rescue the ambassador.” I suggested.

“The president will say we did all we could, and the people will give him a buy.  The world is willing to give him a buy anytime he wants.  He just says it’s for your own good, I know what’s best for you. and they buy it like drugs.” Karl said.

“Fuck it Karl whose going to debrief us.  Is the Colonel sending someone, or is it going to be a government puke?” I asked.

“You know I think I’m through,” The Brit said.

“Yeah me too, we could find something to do more fun than this,” I said to The Brit.

“Why don’t the three of us start our own bodyguard service.  We could keep the pukes alive as well as swamp dog.”  The Brit said.

“Hell I’m tired of playing with guns.  I think I’ll make whiskey.  They been making it with spitting distance of County Seat as long as white men lived in the area.” I explained.

“I know there is good money in it and the fed doesn’t consider it part of the war on drugs.  It might as well be for all the trouble they go to in order to track you down.” The Brit said.  “I just don’t want to hang out in the woods making liquor.  There has to be a cooler way to make money.”

“We could become bank robbers,” Karl said.

“That is too safe,” I suggested.

“Yeah, I agree with Sylvia we would become bored in no time.” The Brit said.  I think we need to take up international exterminating contracts.”

“We would be in competition with our old boss,” I replied. “Wouldn’t we?”

“They claim they never took a contract to kill anyone.  People often die, but there was no plan for that to happen.”  Karl said.

“Well this one was it for me.  They claim they do a threat assessment before they take these jobs.  I got news for Martin, if he tries to tell me they didn’t know this was coming down, I’m going to call him a liar.”  I said.  The Brit at least nodded.  Karl didn’t acknowledge the remark, but I knew that he knew.

“Sylvia shit happens now and then,” Karl said.

“It’s up to you,” I said.

“I know that if you have bugged out like we all agreed, The Brit and I would most likely be sleepin’ with the fish now, but that don’t make all this talking any more reasonable,

“Well it’s okay Karl, I’ll make sure the Colonel doesn’t judge you by me,” I said smiling.

“Or me either,” The Brit said.  “By the way Sylvia, you are going to loan us some money aren’t you.  The guys who took us in also took our money.”

“Sure I still got all my expense money.  Don’t look like I’ll be needing mine.” I said.

“Well if you will give me a hundred bucks I’ll find myself a chick that can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.”  Karl said.

“I could save you a hundred bucks, if I felt like it, but I don’t,” I said smiling.

“Sylvie, it you wanted to show off, I’d let you, but I would never suggest it.  There are people across the border who are going to be telling evil tales on you.” Karl said.

“No matter how bad they think I am Karl, they don’t know the half of it.”  Mary Ellen invaded my mind, but I let her slide in and out with hardly a ripple.  At the time I wasn’t sure I could do her, and stay sane, but I was surprised by how little it bothered me.  So The Brit knew what I was capable of, but the others would never know.  It reminded me of what my dad had said, when I visited him in jail.  No matter how bad you think I am Sylvia, remember I am always holding some back.   He might not have been bad but I was.  I just didn’t brag about it.

The Brit and I drank while Karl went to meet his idea of the worlds best cock sucker.  He probably will have some tissue damage, if she sucks as hard as advertised, I thought.  After a couple of more drinks The Brit said to me, “I am finding you more attractive all the time Sylvie, why do you reckon that is?”

“Probably because I am dress like a girlie boy,” I said.

“Damn you are right.  You look like a gay boy out on the town.  What did you do?” he asked.

“I just comb my hair straight and wear an ace bandage over my boobs.  Hell I just do it to turn you on.” I said honestly.

“Sweetie you turn me on more than an other women and most men.  Trust me, if I get drunk you might have to fight me off.” he said.

“In that case get drunk and lets see how hard I’m willing to fight for my honor.” I said with a laugh.

“I have a better Idea let’s go to a night club frequented by gay men and see how you do,” He asked.

“Do you want to see me turn a trick?” I asked with a huge laugh.,

“I want to go somewhere and forget I almost died last night.  I want to forget I choked a man with my handcuffs, While Karl broke his companions neck.  We had that opportunity because you were willing to wipe out a whole family to save our asses.” The Brit said.

“In that case point me to the fags,” I said with a laugh.

“Take it easy old girl.  You never know when I might decide to write a ‘tell all’ about the mountains back home.”  The Brit said.

“I see,  Well I surely don’t want that, so you can screw me anytime.” I said smiling.

“I wouldn’t have to threaten you would I?” The Brit asked.

“Of course, it’s your turn to hold the knife,” I said.

We paid the hotel bar tab and went in search of more exciting places.  I could have gone back to the room with The Brit and had sex.  Any kind he wanted as a matter of fact.  I was just glad he and Karl had come through the incident without any real injuries.  I knew they had some bruises and scrapes but over all they were healthy.

The Brit and I were sitting in a second club watching a couple of guys sing like girls.  It was okay with me and The Brit seemed really happy.  He was drinking and forcing himself to act happier than I felt he was.  I hoped he was enjoying himself.

It was well after midnight when I pointed out a very clean looking young man leaning over with his head in his partners lap.  “What do you think of that?” I asked.

“You know I don’t do that.  The English are too reserved for that kind of public display.”  Just as he finished the statement, I allowed my hand to wander to his lap.  I unzipped his trousers and worked his awakening cock out into the night air.

He seemed to sit back and be listening to the music, but if anyone looked carefully they could see that he was obviously enjoying have his penis stroked.  It was mildly slippery and quite enjoyable for me to do it.  He was no doubt enjoying it more than I was.

He had his eyes closed and I could see the tension in his face.  He seemed to be lost in a different world.  I whispered to him,  “Would you like to celebrate our new lease on life with a blowjob?”

“Yes please” The Brit whispered.  With his scratchy voice still ringing in my ear, I smiled and lowered my head to his lap.  His penis was hard and wet.  It had that funky taste a man’s cock always has.  Of course it was also exciting as a cock in my mouth always seemed to be lately.  I hadn’t always been aroused by the act of cock sucking, but I had lately turned on to the feel of a rock hard, but silky smooth cock in my mouth.  I could even get turned on to the slightly frightening feeling of gagging, as it worked it’s way down my throat.  I was off balance as I raised and towered my head in The Brits lap.  I was using my mouth to jack him off because he was just sitting like a statue while I make love to his cock.  Then without any warning his cock exploded in my mouth.

I choked on cum and swallowed as hard as I could.  I continued to nurse on his cock till he lifted my head from his lap.  I sat up then I heard applause from a table of clean young men who had watched me and The Brit do our thing.

Then without warning The Brit leaned over and kissed me deeply.  It was a very erotic kiss and I swear I shivered with almost orgasmic approval.

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6 Responses to Sylvia 178

  1. Allan says:

    Really good chapter. I hope Sylvia and the Brit continue to have many adventures. Will she go to the press and tell all to take the heat off the Brit

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Absolutely beautiful, great chapter. I could close my eyes and almost feel the blowjob Thanks

  3. jack says:

    It’s good that they realize that she did a great job saving their asses

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