Sylvia 179

Sylvia 179

“So you two getting up or what,” The Brit asked me.

I turned to look in the bed beside me and found Karl naked.  “Dear God, tell me I didn’t.” I demanded.

“Oh course not,” The Brit said. “When Karl got back last night, he needed a place to sleep, so I let him stay with us.”

“That was sweet of you Brit, except it wasn’t your room,” I said laughing.

“After the two days we had just wrapped up, I figured you wouldn’t mind.” he said.

“Oh hell, Killer Karl saw me naked in bed with you, why should I mind that,” I asked.

“Maybe cause I was going to do this?” Karl said placing my hand on his penis.

“Ewwww you prick,” I said running naked into the bathroom,

“Damn Sylvia stop pretending to be embarrassed,” Karl said.

“Karl I’m coming back to bed, but I’m bringing a blade with me.  Guess what I’m going to cut off with it,” I said as I flushed the toilet.

“Easy Sylvia, we all have to hang together right now.  When we get home you can cut off anything Karl shows you.  You might remember, we don’t have any papers,” The Brit explained.

“Hell Brit I do,  I”ll just go on ahead, and wait for you.  I can talk to Fox news, if you like.  That way when the super liberals find out what you did here, maybe they want will have you prosecuted,”

“Sylvia, you might want to remember who did the kidnapping and threatening of civilians,” He said.

“Oh my how soon they forget.  Tell me again where you would be, if I hadn’t?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t forgot, but you shouldn’t either.  What you did was absolutely wrong, and you could be jailed for it,” he said.  “I know it probably saved our asses, but you could still go to jail.”

“So tell me Karl, would  you walk away?” I asked.

“No, but I don’t know what I would do, if they said shut up or we will arrest Sylvia and maybe you two.” he answered.

I looked at him very hard then said, “I do.”  That was the end of the conversation.  I didn’t need anyone to tell me what was about to happen.  I had talked to the press from home before I fled the country the day before.  When I say the press, I mean I called Fox the conservative press network.  So I expected them to be working on getting us out of the country.

The three of us went to breakfast while we waited.  The Brit and Karl both called home and had money made available to them.  I was glad to know I wouldn’t be financing the whole trip.

Okay, but you and the Brit are in no position to be making decisions that effect me.  I’m the one having to pay hookers,” Karl said.

“Would you rather we were paying for sex too,” I asked Karl.  I also laughed the question was ludicrous.

“You know that’s not it.  Hell lets just go home,” he said.

“I cast my vote that way,” I replied.  “I have my passport and am ready to go.  You on the other hand are in this country illegally, and can’t get out.” I laughed as I spoke.

“Well I’m not staying here, even if I have to sneak over every border between here and Texas,” Kurt said.

“Has anyone spoken to the guys in the swamp lately?” I asked.

“I’m just a contractor,” The Brit said.  “Karl has to talk to them for us all.  Nothing we can do.”

“Oh you are so cute,” I said to The Brit.

“What do you think you can do?” Karl asked.

So I showed him.  I called the embassy and told the receptionist, “I really need to speak to someone from the state department, I just crossed the border of the latest country, from which the terrorist threw us.  We need to talk to somebody or things are going to get very public, very quickly.”

“Who the hell are you,” the receptionist asked.

“My name isn’t important.  It should be sufficient to say, I came in on a boat loaded down with swamp dogs,” it was all I had to say.

“Hold on I think we are looking for you,” she said.

“Good, I would rather talk to you than Fox News, but whatever it takes to get out of here.” I said.

A moment later a man came back.  “We have been looking for you guys, since we monitored the call about the warden’s family,” the voice said.

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.  I just slipped away from the bad guys at the house, and then slipped over the border.  I did run into a couple of friends who slipped away from the police, and then over the country’s northern border,  We were all part of the exchange program that got attacked by a crowd the other night.  All we want is a chance to get home.”

“You need to let us bring you in, then we can help you get home.” he said.

“What about the country next door?” I asked.

“Yes we will have to make some accommodation with them.” he said.

“That’s pretty much what I thought.  I saw middle eastern type terrorist kill a US ambassador and you want to make some kind of accommodation with them.  One which will no doubt require people to go to jail.  I thing I speak for each of us, when I say fuck off.

Karl took the telephone after I closed the connection.  He dial a number from a card in his wallet.  I have no idea who he spoke with but whoever it was agree to call back in one hour.

When he hung up I asked, “Who did you call, the Colonel?”

“Yes,” Karl said. “He can get us into talk to the people at the TV Network.  They will pitch the idea that if they get us out, it will be a hell of news show.  It would even make a hell of a movie.”

“Let’s hope it works out.” I said looking to The Brit.  I swear I think he would just as soon have slipped across the ten borders between Balise and Texas.  As for me I didn’t mind either.  I was legal, so I could get on a plane for home.  I had my passport and I had come over the border legally.

After an hour the News Crew, who were in the country next door covering the death of our ambassador, showed up to interview us.  Their position was they wanted to interview us before they committed to helping us.

Karl negotiated with them.  He said, “You do know that, if you don’t help us, we can’t let you leave.  You know we are here, and that makes you a threat to us.”

“What do you mean a threat to you?” the chick with the microphone and the look of an Egyptian asked.

“The Muslim extremist don’t know where we are, but you do,  We couldn’t expect you to allow yourselves to be tortured to protect our secret.  See what I mean,” He said.

The girl looked to me for some kind of sympathy.  I just shrugged.  The news team stayed in our hotel that night.  I wanted to sleep with The Brit, but Karl demanded I spend the night in the room with the reporter.  Just to keep her honest.

One of the camera crew knew an awful lot about what was happening on the ground around us.  Karl looked at me after watching him for about five minutes. “He is CIA.  You can bet you ass on it.”

“Well he better get moving, or we might have to shoot out way out.” I said.

“No, they have a plan,” Karl said.

“And what plan is that,” I asked.

“He has been talking to somebody.  They are working on transport to the dock.”  He informed me.

“I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I hope this ends really soon,” I suggested.

The man, supposedly with the camera crew, held a conference with Karl, then Karl came out to talk to us.

“We are going down to get interviewed on an American Cruise Ship.  We are going to go on it for the interview, and we are not coming off.  We are then going to spend five days on the ship as it sails around the Caribbean,  After that we will dock in Miami.  This will be a bad memory afterward.”

“Are we really going to answer questions for the press?” I asked.

“It’s the price for their help,” Karl said.  “Someone from the swamp will meet us there.  She is a friend, I think, but she does work for the swamp.  She will be landing in an hour and will go straight to the dock.”

“This is way too complicated,” I said.

“Yes that is the bad news, the good news is you can keep all things sharp and shiny, “ he said.

“I would certainly hope so,” I replied not even bothering to smile.

I followed the others down to the cars.  The news crew took off first.  One of their cars had some room so I sent The Brit with them.  “Spreading us out some Brit, will give a better chance of going unnoticed.  I have my papers, so let the cops stop me.  I’ll go in the cab with Karl and the CIA man.  We will be 2/3 legal anyway.”

“I don’t like this,” he said.

“What’s not to like?  You get to ride with the chick.  She doesn’t have to know you are gay,” I said with a smile.

“Fuck you Sylvia,” he said.

“Just as soon as we get on board that cruise ship,” I said.

We made it to the docks, there an envelop full of money changed hands.  I was just as happy to bribe them, rather than kill them.  It was cleaner, so it was a good lesson for me.  Corruption could be almost as good as force.  The only down side was bought men do not always stay bought, but dead men always stayed dead.

We occupied one of the cabins on the ship, while we waited for the representative from the swamp to show up.  I expected her to be a slippery fucker.  One who would try to get by with saying as little as possible.

When The Brit came into the cabin where I waited, he had the reporter chick in tow.  We were all waiting for the Swamp’s representative.  The Brit looked a little pale.  “What’s wrong Brit you seasick?” I asked.

“Yeah, a little,” he said.  He didn’t look just right, that was for sure.

“Anything I can do?” I asked.

“No, they just want you to stay here and keep Lucy company,” he said.

The reporter chick gave me a big smile.  I guess I should ask for some entertainment?” she suggested.

“Well the only talent I have, you probably wouldn’t want to see,” I said.

“Trust me love, you wouldn’t want to see it,” The Brit said,  “Sylvia they are saying about half an hour, we do the interview, then the ship sails.”

“I got it Brit.  I’ll be here,” I said.

“So what part did you play in all this,” the reporter asked.

“It won’t be long now and you will know it all.  I  have no idea how much detail, but I’ll do what I can.” I promised.  She had after all got Brit and Karl on an American boat without papers.  Well not exactly, her but whoever was traveling with them.

When the representative came from the swamp, I recognized her.  They drove her straight from the airport to the dock.  When we all gathered, she spoke to us before the news crew was turned loose on us.

“You are probably going to give the only operational details that make it through the fog of war, you might want to keep that in mind.”  She smiled then said, “have at them.”

The hard questions and slippery answers went on for two hours.  When the news crew left, we were still on the boat and it was out to sea.  Very shortly thereafter we got a US Navy escort.  I had no idea what kind of boat it was, but I was very glad to see it.  They were interested in keeping us alive and on the boat while they managed the narrative.

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6 Responses to Sylvia 179

  1. Walt says:

    Boy that Karl is a snotrag. Silvia saves his ass yet he still gets on her about her illegal actions and doing the put downs. It will take some real deep revenge to ever put him in his place.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Karl is still trying to keep his job at the swamp. He still may need putting in his place. It will be interesting what the colonel thinks of sylvia actions.

  3. cindypress says:

    also might be interesting how little is said to protect them all by letting it die a quiet death.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Don’t forget that the Navy burried ben laden off a navy a ship.

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