sylvia 180

Sylvia 180

For the next five days I lived in a bikini.  It was really a pair of panties.  The top on me was nothing but a pretense at modesty.  I had barely a bump in the cloth to show it’s purpose,  I did put on a skirt and tee shirt for dinner a couple of nights.  The guys were in jeans and swimsuits, since that was about all available in the shops.

For five days I did very little but sleep and relax.  Yeah I took it up the rear from The Brit more than once.  I also took a lot of grief from Karl because I wouldn’t screw him. There were plenty of willing girls on board, but he really didn’t have a winning personality.  Which was fine for the business he was in.

I went to one of the lounges after dinner.  I got a glimpse of The Brit with a pretty boy and was a little disappointed.  I knew deep down that it was my faulty.  The Brit owed me nothing and I knew he was basically a gay leaning bisexual with absolutely no obligation to me whatsoever.  I could handle that.  Okay Maybe I could handle that.

On the last night I got drunk but I wasn’t drunk enough to screw Karl.  I was drunk enough to get picked up by a kid barely old enough to vote.  Not only was he too young too vote he was too young to last.  I wasn’t in his cabin more than an hour.  Truth is I expected his mom to walk in any minute, and I think he did as well.

In our stateroom I found Karl and a female of questionable age and morals,  They were all in one of the beds occupied by the men.  I was in the second bed alone,

“I wasn’t sure you were coming back,” The Brit explained.

“I wasn’t sure you were either at least not alone.” I said.  “So what happened?” I asked.

“The guy was a wbore.  How about with you?” he asked.

“The kid was about eighteen.  I took off my top and he came.  I figured his mother might want to come back to the cabin so I left,” I said.

“Well it’s better than a third world country’s jail, but I’m not sure a Caribbean cruise is for us,” The Brit replied.

“Well you and me are going to have to find something to do to keep from being bored silly.  That pub is not very exciting.” I replied.

“Neither is bidding on storage lockers.  It is even more dull than running a bar.” The Brit said.

“How about ‘murder inc’. I suggested.

“We need to keep an open mind.  We are not in any hurry here,” The Brit said.

“Well by tomorrow night you will be back in town and back in your bar with Jeremy.  All will be right with the world.” I suggested.

“And exactly who will you be with,” The Brit asked.

“Hell Brit, I do better alone.  I don’t bored as quickly,” I said with a smile.

“I have a feeling boring you is not all that healthy,” The Brit Said.

When I got off the cruise ship at the Port of Miami there was a crew of reporters waiting from the fox network.  They wanted a comment on the president’s statement about what happened.  They kind of reminded us that we owed it to them.  My reaction to the incident was that the idea that it was a peaceful demonstration was bullshit.  That was just the government’s attempt to hide the truth, so people wouldn’t demand action.  Something they obviously had a fear of doing.  That’s my personal reaction to what happened during the so called peaceful street demonstration.

I sure hoped the TV people had enough at that point and were ready to leave us alone.  I gave them what they wanted.  The three of us went out to the airport in a shared taxi.

“What do you think is the best way to get home?” The Brit asked me.

“I usually take a flight on a plane landing closest to County Seat then rent a car,”  I suggested.

“Then let’s do that and share the rent on the car,” he suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.  “But I need to stop and get some weapons.  Since I am an embarrassment to the government, they may be making plans to have us disappear,

“True, we can but a shotgun an any sporting good store on the way,” The Brit Suggested.

“That would sure make me feel better,” I suggested.

We flew from the international airport in Miami, to a regional airport nearest to County Seat.  From that airport we rented a Ford family sedan for the drive home,  We could have managed with a smaller car since we had no luggage of which to speak.

We stopped at a big box store on the way out of town and I bought a breakdown single barrel shotgun.  I didn’t plan on anything more than having it handy, if I needed to makes someone think twice,

The drive on into our mountain home was about three hours.  Once we got home The Brit dropped me at the the Box House,  I decided I wanted to change some things.  I decided that before I even went into the tiny box.  Since me and Tomas know how to build it now, it should be pretty simple, I thought.

I opened the door before The Brit left.  I waved and he went inside,  To my great surprise the box was warm even though I had been gone for a almost a week.  I had been gone but the place hadn’t been empty.

I looked around and asked the guy holding the gun on me, “How did you get inside?”

“I found your emergency exit.  I just asked my self what I would do and the hidden exit came to mind,” he said.

I guess that’s reasonable, but why are you here,” I asked.

“Well, if I was a cop, I would want to know all you know about  your friend,  The one who went into the water,” He said.

“That would be a shame,” I replied.

“Why is that?” he asked.

“Because I don’t have a clue about it.  And since you broke in here and I’m sure without a warrant, I wouldn’t expect that kind of question.”

“Oh so what kind do you expect,” he asked.

“More of a ‘stop talking to the press’ kind of statement than anything else,” I said.

“I think the boss wants to turn you guys into heroes, but he can’t do that if you stab him in the back.” The man said.

“Well you know, he shouldn’t have tried to make a group of Americans, who were fighting for their lives, sound like the villeins.” I said.

“We really would like you to let us have the last work here,” he said.

“I’ll see how I feel about letting the government lie about me,” I commented.

“I don’t really want to make your life miserable, but I will.” The middle aged man suggested,  I took a tong look before I answered him.  He was at least seven or eight years  older.  He did appear to be in good shape.  He would have had to be, in order to enter the emergency  escape.

“Do you believe all the our government pulls is okay, or are you just too cowardly to speak up?” I asked.

“You are good. I was told you would try t have me attack you where upon you would cut my throat.  So do you have a knife, in addition to the shotgun?” he asked.

“Lets put it like this, I’m prepared like any good operative, who wants to get out of this crap alive.” I informed him.

“So what are we going to do you and I?” he asked.

“I’m going to give you a break and forget this is highly illegal.  So why don’t you go back and tell the president to stop lying.  If he doesn’t that, he can make all the comments he wants.  Tell him I am asking him to stop sending men out to die, and then lie about it.  He would probably be better off not to answer at all than to lie.”

“Tell you what lady, I’ll suggest that,” the stranger said.

“When I tell my friends you stopped by, who shall I say called?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been out of town a while, so they won’t know me.  But my name is John Banister.” he said.

“Well Mister Banister it’s nice to  have met you.  I am so glad I didn’t have to kill you,” I said.

“I’ll glade of that myself,” Banister said.

“Then if you are moving here, I’m sure we will meet again.  If not have a good trip headed back where ever you came from.” I replied.

“Why don’t you come back and tell him yourself.  I know he would love to meet you,” he said.

“I doubt that.  Most likely he would prefer you made me disappear,” I argued.

“Oh I don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t really one to order something like that himself,” Banister suggested.

“So you are the type to help him make up his mind?” I asked.

“No more than I imagine you are,” he said.

“Hummmm,” I said.  I didn’t want him to know what I was thinking.

“Well could I bother you for a ride, or should I call a taxi?” he asked.

“Surely someone told you how hard it is to get a taxi here?” I asked.

“Yes, but I figured I would get a ride back to town with you.  I didn’t figure you would want me to stay, or to kill me.  At the very least I thought I might could use your phone,” he said.

“Oh hell Bannister I’ll drive you to town, but where you go from there is strictly up to you,”  I said.

“I understand that.” he admitted. “I understand there is a motel downtown.”

That is true.  It is where I stayed when I first moved here,” I suggested,  “Did you drive into town?”

“No, I Came in a taxi,” he said,

“There is an airport taxi you can arrange while you are here,” I suggested.

“Oh I took a message for you.  The fellow who sold you this little box you live it called,  He wanted to see if you were interested in a Shipping container 8×40.  I wrote his number down for you,“ Banister said.

“Well that sure is nice of you.  Look I’ll give you a ride to town, if that is all it will take to move you on down the road?“ I replied.

“You know Miss Porter you would be much more convincing, if you were outraged that I would be here.” He said smiling.

“Look Banister you obviously knew why I was in Central America.  So let’s stop all the crap.  I’m going to deny everything and swear I was just visiting, when the shooting started.  I was lucky to have gotten out of there alive.

“So what do I tell him, the president?” He asked,

“You tell him if he keeps his mouth shut about what happened down there, I will as well.  However if he misrepresents the truth I won’t.”  I did flash him a tired smile.

“Tell your friend I like his pub.  He has quite a future here in County Seat,” John said,.

That was also his biggest mistake.  He looked down to be sure he had everything.  He had taken his eyes off me, to be sure he had all his possessions.  I hit him with a football type block.  Even a 110 pounds sailing through the air, if it takes you by surprise, it will also take you down.

John Banistser and I rolled around on the floor.  Each of us was trying to get the upper hand.  To do that I had to get to my weapons before he could bring his to bear or more,  Since  he had the weight he would also just block me and struggle for a stalemate,

John Banister was a operations type guy for sure.  He stayed right with me while we struggled.  Before I could get control without killing him, he managed to pin me.  He pinned me to the floor and kissed me.


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12 Responses to sylvia 180

  1. Barney R says:

    That last line sure was a surprise. Now why would that big bad operative want to kiss Sylvia? All it would really do is piss her off.

  2. KO says:

    I have really enjoyed the last few chapters, which is not a surprise. I greatly enjoy all of your writing! The ending to this one, however, was a surprise! Looking forward to see where this new twist takes us! 😀
    Thanks once again for entertaining us each and every day! It is certainly a bright spot in my day when I can get out to your stories!!

  3. jack says:

    The proverbal kiss of death???

  4. Walt says:

    This guy may be lucky if he is allowed to leave alive rather than in a body bag.

    180 and John Bannister added to Cast

  5. cindypress says:

    thanks for giving me an update

  6. Clive says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I got to read ten new chapters or so tonight. I enjoyed every one. Thank you for sharing your stories.
    Hope that you are are doing well
    Take care,

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