sylvia 181

Sylvia 181

John Banister was a little too straight to be a good kisser.  Still it was interesting to be kissed that way.  Interesting in that I needed a small bandage to cover a scrape on my knuckle when it was over.

“So do I spend the night, or move on to the  next largest town?” Banister asked.

“For that you should call the president’s men to ask where they made your reservation, because they didn’t make it here.  Since it isn’t here, I’m headed for bed.” I informed him.

“You don’t mind sleeping alone,” Banister asked.

“I hate sleeping alone, the only thing I hate worse, is sleeping with spooks,” I said.

“That was cold,” Banister said with a smile.

“I’ll make a note to try the sensitivity training.” I said.

“Surely you will give me a ride to town,” Banister asked.

“No, but I will call for a ride for you into town,” I offered.

“Never mind, I have a number,” Banister said.

After he left I showered and dressed for bed.  I wore a light weight sweat shirt to bed.  The fall was starting, well not really deep fall, but the evenings were getting cool.  I had to start thinking about a real heating system.

I was laying in my bed winding down when the phone rang.  I changed phone numbers so many times I was surprised that anyone could make my phone ring.  “Sylvia, you gave me this number recently.  I wasn’t sure it would still be good, you change phones a lot.” Jerry said.

“Yes I will probably change it again soon.  So what can I do for you hon?” I asked.

“This time I might can do something for you.  There is a guy here who has a storage unit for sale.  I delivered him a piece of farm machinery and he wants to give it to me for the delivery.  I was wondering if you wanted another one?” Jerry asked.

“How much Jerry?” I asked him.  He decided he wanted to gee and haw around, but I didn’t, so I added,  “Jerry, if you want to take a chance bringing it down here without a firm commitment, bring it on.  I have planned to buy a second unit, but I had also planned to wait.  I will however buy it, if it is a deal.  So if you are going to make me a deal come on with it.” I said.

“I’ll be there in a couple of days.  Get that piece of dirt ready for it,” He said.

“Right, I’ll make some calls,” I agreed.  Before I went to sleep I placed a called to The Brit.  The plan was to see if Tomas would be at the pub.  The Brit and I agreed that I would swing by and pick up Tomas.  I needed for him to decide, what prep work we needed to do in order to make an addition to my cabin possible.

So after I hung up the phone I went to bed.  Too bad Banister was such a jerk, I was almost ready to sleep with a Government man.  It Banister had been just a little nicer, we might have worked out something.

The first morning back I went to Hardee’s for a biscuit filled with animal fat.  I finished it and then headed off to the pub.  The pub had been open the night before so Tomas was working around the mess waiting for the cleaning lady to show up.  Judging by the size of the mess there had been a real celebration for the Brit’s safe return.

Tomas was hanging a mirror, when I walked in the back door.  “Hey Tomas how’s the family?” I asked.

“My family is fine, thank you for asking.” he said.

“Good, in the next couple of days Jerry is going to bring another storage building for me.  I need you to come by today and tell me what we need to do for it.”

“Mr Allen told me to expect you today.  He said I should go with you and get the plans made.  We are pretty much through here.  Well at least the pub is open.  There is no rush to complete it.” he informed me.

“So you can leave now to look at the place and make a list of things I need to get?” I asked.

“Yes, I can do that,” He said putting his tools away.  Then he went out and got into my cruiser/van.

“You know, if we do this pretty much like before, we should be able to get it set to the ground pretty quick.” I suggested.

“Yes I will give you a list of things to buy.  You will finally have a back door when this section is complete.” he explained.

That’s how Tomas and I started on the 40×8 storage unit.  It turned out to be as good as Jerry said.  Which of course surprised me.  Two weeks later when Tomas, I, and all the friends, I could get to work on it finished, it was great except for the need of painting.

I had the painters put an epoxy paint on it, when we had all finished.  Tomas built a roof over the whole sprawling thing to cut down on the damage from the weathering effect of the elements on the metal.  It was a fairly hard job, but I felt better with it done.  Even the 4×6 posts that supported the roof were attached to the walls making them part of the design.  It was really pretty attractive.

A month after our Central American cruise I had the house ready for winter.  Included in that was a large gas furnace.   The furnace in addition to the other work made the house better prepared for winter.  For that I was happy, since the harvest season was on us.

The house had been complete a week when I got the call from the Swamp.  “Sylvia it me Karl.” he said.

“After that last little trip it has to take lot of nerve to call me again.” I said angrily.

“Crap, you gave them boys a lot better than you got,” he said.

“Karl they are looking for an excuse to fuck me.  I think I’m going to pass on their plans for me.” I said.

“Sylvia you really should take this one.  The pay is really good and you don’t have to work with any of us.”

“Oh there is no team just me?” I asked disbelieving of it.

“Just you, this time.” he said.

“Karl it’s tempting, but I think I’m ready to give it up,” I said.

“You were really serious?” he asked.

“I’m not sure I meant it, when I said it last time, but now I do,” I said.

“Well honey you do what you think is best,” Karl said.  “We can always find someone else to do our babysitting.”

“Good for you,” I said.  “I am so tired after that last trip, I can’t seem to get rested.

The weather was turning colder which was going to make life take a change soon.  It always did in the winter.  I decided I was pretty much out of the business.  I hadn’t planned on it but after that Central American fiasco, I had made some new and ruthless enemies.

I just decided it was ready to do a little more illegal shit.  I had enjoyed the moving of liquor before, so why not do it again.  I didn’t have to move it, when I thought it might be dangerous.  I still have enough money to survive.  It might be barely survive, but it was survive.   There was money I had that I wasn’t supposed to have, and that could prove a problem.  In the meantime I prepared for winter as best I could.

The Brit had his pub and just barely any customers.  Yeah he got all the lawyers who came to town.  There just weren’t enough of them to make a guy rich, he said.

I was deciding whether to blend liquor again or not.  I had just turned down anymore work from the swamp.  There were somethings I would miss about the swamp.  I enjoyed the feeling of putting it all on the line.  It made life more exciting.  But I also hated that government bullshit they had tried to pull on me, Karl, and The Brit.  They hadn’t saved us so I found it humorous that they tried to spin it their way.

That was even after goody two shoes in the white house wanted to dance between the rain drops  He big idea was to leave Kart and the Brit  to rot in that half ass jail.  I figured, I was through for sure.  I had no desire to risk it again, now that I knew what their attitude would be.

I figured it was about time to get busy again, so I called my liquor maker contract from the year before.  “Well Sylvia I sure did enjoy selling to you,” he said.

“Well that’s good.  So how much you got and how much you want for it?” I asked.

“I got about 20gallons left from the last run.  I can let you have that for $1800,” he said.

“Is it as good as last year?” I asked.

“Made just the same as before,” he said.

“And where do I pick it up?” I asked,

“That old country store on the Palmer rd.  The one with the Shell sign still hanging.  It will be behind the store.    How about bringing the money by and I will take it there by 11PM.” My contact said.  He was actually the man who made the shine.  I thought it all sounded pretty much like it had the last year.  There was one cut out for the delivery and I liked that,

So I agreed to meet him after lunch at a fast food restaurant.  When I went in the burger burger restaurant, I saw my contract sitting by the window.  I got a sandwich and a coke then went to set beside him.  I recognized him from the previous year.

“Hello Sylvia, do you remember me?” He asked.

“Of course I remember you.  How you been?” I asked.

“Been good honey, how about you.” He replied.

“Bored,  spring and summer this year were pretty dull,” I replied.

“They shouldn’t be.  There are all kinds of specialty items for sale after the harvest corn is gone,” He said.

“Well I’ll do some investigating.  Right now how about the deal we are working on?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a deal.  You give me the cash and I’ll move it to the location,” he said with a smile.

Since he seemed pleasant and the dining room was more or less empty in the middle of the afternoon, I gave him an envelope with $1800 cash.  “Nice now between 11PM and 2AM you want to pick up 20 gallons of hooch.  It will be behind the old closed down service station out on Palmer rd.  But you want the to be sure it is the one with the shell gas sign still handing.  There is another one, but the hooch will be behind the one with the sign.” he said.

When I left the restaurant, I rode back into town to meet with The Brit.  I didn’t mind the Brit knowing what I was up to, but Jeremy was not going to know period.  “Brit where are you?” I shouted when I went in.

“He left for a few days, didn’t he tell you?” Jeremy asked.

“No he sure didn’t, and that pisses me off,” I said.

I’ll tell him you are pissed Sylvia.  I’m a little surprised that he left without at least telling you.” Jeremy said.

“Me too,” I said.

“Didn’t his boss call you.  They usually do don’t they,” he asked.

“They don’t usually do anything Jeremy,” I said.  “Every thing they do throws the mold away.”

“I’ll tell him you want to talk to him,” Jeremy said looking more than a little worried.

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  1. jackballs57 says:

    wonder if she will have to go bail the Brit out of hot water again>

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