sylvia 185

Sylvia 185

The first was a drug dealer and convicted murderer operating in Capitol City.  The dealer had corrupted law enforcement and terrorized honest people in almost half the downtown housing areas.

“So Brit, what do you think will happen.  He runs dope, junky whores, and crooked cops,  What will happen in the vacuum we create?” I asked.

“I don’t like the possibilities,” he said.  “But I like this even less.”  he waved his arm around at the evidence.  “This isn’t going to save a bunch of school kids, but it might save a couple.

Well he somehow managed to get out on parole for a murder.  Mostly I think because the victim was also a drug dealer.  What bothered me was his statement that he should never have been sent to prison, since it was only business.  If that were a justifiable excuse, then one car dealer could kill another and it would only be business.  I could understand a more personal motive than a ‘it was just business’.

I reread the evidence on the young man named Jerrome.  I knew he wasn’t going anywhere so I had all the time in the world.  I knew I wasn’t going to feel any better till it was done.  Every day he woke up there was a good chance someone else wouldn’t.  A lot of them weren’t worth saving, but some of his victims were worth it.  I tried to concentrate on how I was going to do it.  It is much easier to kill a street thug than it was to kill a 2nd or 3rd level manager thug.  He was more insulated.

Brit and I had spent the last seven months setting up the structure of the thing.  So now I had to come up with a plan to accomplish the first mission and we didn’t even have a name for the thing.   I realized that I didn’t even care if it had a name.  It suited me just fine to call it the thing.

We had agreed we would end recruiting at five,  We could get others to help without them know why.  As for me and The Brit, we had signed on to in effect be serial killers.  Hopefully we wouldn’t draw any attention to ourselves and the same was true of the others.  If we lost one somehow we would meet to discuss our next move.  I really only envisioned it working a year.  I had no idea what we could accomplish in that time, but we all were determined to do what we could to rid the world of as much evil as we could/  Make no doubt it wasn’t just a game of wits any longer.  It was about ridding the world of a bit of evil.

Jerrome’s name had came in a less than a week after we started the search.  It seems the judiciary system was filled with guys who had been caught but not thoroughly  caught.  We were careful to get the worst of them.  I had enough shit on my soul I wanted to sleep better at night not worse.  The others did as well I was sure.

Jerrome had been paroled after he did eight years and then killed his way back into the hierarchy of his gang.  He told anyone who would listen after he was released the he should never have been convicted.  He should have never gone up at all, because it was just business, nothing personal at all.  Well he sure had everybody around him scared to dead of him,  He also trusted no one,  He traveled with two body guards and used two car whenever he went any where.  He was going to be a challenge.

There had been a message from the scout on a bulletin board That next morning, so I read his file yet again then I drove to the pub.  It was a bulletin board about bow hunting.  I had no idea if it was someone’s idea of a joke.  Once inside the pub I sat at my usual spot at the end of the bar.  The Brit walked down and put the dark draft beer in front of me.  “Make it coffee instead,”  I said to him.

He looked at the beer and started to take it back.  “Oh hell leave it to,” I said.  One beer wouldn’t have enough effect to be of any significance.

“You get that message,” The Brit asked.

“Yeah, you seen the packet yet,” I said.

“I did,” The Brit said.

“How does it look to you?” I asked.

“Jerrome is not a nice boy,” The Brit said.

“So how involved in the life is Jerrome?” I asked.

“He has been in and out of the joint a dozen times.  He is the number one suspect in half a dozen murders.” The Brit said.

“Any chance we can adjust his attitude with a two by four?” I asked.

“He was beat all his life, till he got into management.  No way to put him down again.” The Brit answered.  “It’s a shame but he will kill you before he backs down.”

“Yeah there are gonna be a lot like that.  Why should he be any different,  What I am asking is what makes him more deserving than the kid next to him.” I asked.

“He doesn’t believe in any other answer to a problem.  If a obstruction shows up, his answer is always to remove it with lethal force.” the Brit said.

“Well Brit. doing the deed won’t be hard, but we have to do more than just kill him.  We need to make a change in the attitude both of the victims and the killers.” I said.

“Sylvia we are not in the education business.  We are problem solvers, you and I.  When we leave town the problem is gone, but we haven’t changed the world, just the neighborhood.” he said.

“I know Brit what difference will we really make this way?”I asked.

“Honey I don’t know, it’s either this or we go back to doing nothing like everybody else,” Brit said,

“Well I’m going to meet Jerrome, since he is the first.  I want to know that he is as bad as we think,”  I said to the Brit.

“Sylvia you don’t know anyone where Jerrome operates.” The Brit said.

“No I don’t. I have never even been to that town.  I’m not even sure that we want to be working that far from home.”  I hadn’t said it before but I knew Brit was thinking it to.  “Maybe we need some boundaries.   We are the ones to set them.” I demanded.

“Yeah I know but we also don’t want too much contract with the others,” he said.  “Yeah, the less real contact the better” He said again.

“Let me do Jerome, then you do a thorough after action review.” I suggested.

“No I want to do it, but I do know you are right.  One of us should do it, then one of us should review it.  So okay this time you act, I react.  Next time it goes the other way.”  I nodded my agreement.

I had been bored a long time.  This job was a new endeavor for me and the Brit.  Not to mention the other three member of the thing.  I knew them by reputation, but I didn’t know them personally.

I was putting my freedom in their hands, so I had to trust them some.  None of us wanted to go to jail I hoped.  I for sure didn’t.

After the Brit and I talked about my pending trip to Capitol City, I went back home and packed.  The first thing I did was to line up some storage auction for the end of the week,  I should get down to Capitol city with a day or to for a reconnoiter.

I checked into a cheap motel in the part of town were Jerrome operated.  I went to a couple of places where he had offices.  I just wanted to spot the buildings first thing.  I did my site map of each.  I had two approaches and two routes out of the kill zones at each place;  I went to a thrift store near the motel and bought a badly used bike.  I rode that bike back to the motel.  It was getting late in the afternoon when I got all the running around done so I got dressed to go to the clubs.

I dresses as flashy as I could.  If anyone took a look at me I would to scream slut not killer.  I was wearing a pair cargo style hot pants and a halter top.  I wore a soft top so the fact that I was a girl would be a little more obvious.  I skipped the bra and hoped that would make it clear as well.

When I got to Jerrome’s club I found there was a cover charge.  I was surprised there wasn’t a sub category of free door passes for sluts.  Maybe one day there would be a class for killer slut as well who knows which once I would qualify for,   I wondered if the cover charge would be higher or lower for killer sluts.  I guess it wouldn’t make any difference.

One of the things I had noted in the file was that Jerrome insisted on being seen.  He didn’t want anyone challenging him because he was judged to be timid,  That being the case at least once a night ne made an appearance at one of his clubs.  So there was going to be a slut walk with Jerrome doing the walking somewhere every night.

He left the club about midnight.  My guess is he went somewhere for the night, maybe a club, maybe a girls place, or maybe his own apartment.  I had the address of his place, so I thought I should go look at it,

I made a stop before I moved deeper into the hood.  I went back to the motel parking lot to recover the bicycle I bought that day.  I rode it the ten blocks to the apartment building where Jerrome kept a fancy apartment.  I checked the parking lot but didn’t see his car.  I thought I could wait for him but if I did that then someone would notice me hanging around.  A slut in on a bicycle would be unusual enough to be noticed.

I rode the bike back to the motel and put the bike inside the room.  I went to bed and slept late the next day.  I wanted to check his apartment so I wanted to be sure he had time to get  home.  I drove to his apartment but I was dresses more conservatively.  Actually I probably looked a lot like a feminine gay guy.

While I was checking the parking lot I did find the car.  There was nobody who paid any attention to me.  I could do a bomb and end the drug dealer’s life fairly easily.  I decided not to do that because it would require too large a trail of purchases.  I wanted to leave town after not having made a wave anywhere.

I knew he had two body guards, my choice would be a box opener from behind, but the two body guards might make that a little difficult.  So I slipped back to the parking lot that night and waited.  Jerrome came into the apartment well after midnight.  The limo parked in the fire lane while the two body guards cleared the way for him,

Everybody was shocked when the faggot with the over and under shotgun stepped out of the dark.  The dealer got one shot from each barrel.  The two body guards were beside him and a little in front and behind so they were injured.  Before they reacted I had the gun reloaded and pointed at them.  I backed away into the shadows.  Like men whose boss wouldn’t be able to pay them for any further bravery, they saved themselves.

Like reasonable men, they chose not to run into the dark after a gay guy with a over and under.  I rode the bike away with the cut down shotgun in a roll of cloth tied over the handle bars.  In my Motel Room I washed it down with a spray bottle of bleach.

When I drove away,  I packed the wheels from the bike and other pieces of evidence in the back of the cruiser van.  I dumped the pieces in different dumpsters.  I threw the spent shells in dumpsters even farther from the killing zone.

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  1. jack says:

    She is getting ballsy but will she be able to sleep nights?
    PS i posted a new chapter to my story

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