Sylvia 188

Sylvia 188

When I woke the morning after the birthday party, Andrew was sitting at my breakfast bar.  He had a single cup brewed coffee in his hand.  “Is that any good?” I asked, paused a moment, then added “Andrew.”

“Best I ever had Miss Porter,” he said with a smile.

“You know Andrew I never noticed how plain you were.  You walk around like you are a beautiful guy, but you are really quite homely,” I said.

“I act beautiful, but I never said I was beautiful.  It’s all about perception.  I try to give you women the right perception.” he said.

“Well you sure lost ground with me in the bedroom department,” I said.

“Oh why is that?” he asked.

“Karl you are out of bed before I even woke up.  That is the sign of a less that enthusiastic lover,” I said.

“True but one has to ask why,” he said with a grin.

“Oh you are blaming me are you?  Why you piece of shit.  I have a waiting room only line, when I’m out with men.” I said.

“Yeah I noticed,” he said.  “By the way that wasn’t our last time together.  I am not going back to the swamp for at least a week.  I intend to spend the time with you and the Brit.”

“Well you are a little behind with me, but I suppose I can give you a chance to catch up.  You seem to be a willing candidate,” I said.

“We need to go downtown and get our cars.  Both of us are without a car.” he complained.

“Well if you want to wait here, I’ll go to town and get my cruiser van,  If you don’t want to wait you can take the motor trike and meet me down there for breakfast,” I suggested.

“You got a motor trike?” he asked.

“If I said I do, I do,“ I said.

“Well I want to see it first,” he said.  After I finished a coffee of my own I put on more clothes then went to show him the trike.  It was stored under a leanto shed built against the rear of the metal box I called a home.

“Son of a bitch it is a Tricycle.” Andrew said.

“If it were not so, I would not have told you,” I replied going all Gothic on his ass.

“I wan’t to take it to breakfast,” He said.

“Listen up then,” I said.  Then I went on to tell him how to run it and where the downtown cafe was located.  Then I climbed on my two wheeler and took off for town.

Andrew blew by me before we reached the end of my side road.  When we turned onto the main road, he was well ahead of me but I didn’t mind.  He probably had to wait fifteen minutes at the Cafe on the Square for me.  When I got there Andrew was charming the black waitress who was also the sister of the owner/cook.

“‘bout time  you got here,” Andrew said.

“I pedaled my bike you ran a gasoline motor down the road.” I said.

“You make so many excuses,” he said.

“Well I’m going to take my cruiser/van with the bike rack on back home.  You are going to have to take the Trike home,” I said.

“In that case lets have breakfast.  Since you put me up last night, I’ll buy,” Andrew said,

“Bet your ass you will,” The Brit said as he and Jerome entered.  “Since you left without settling your bill, it’s breakfast or I call the Sheriff.”

“You can’t really blame him Brit it isn’t often that a woman agrees to take him home without being well paid first.” I said.

“How do you like her house, Karl?” Brit said.

“I like it, and she knows my name,” Andrew said.  “Have you ever ridden that trike Brit?”

“Of course I rode it Andrew.  Did you asked her where she got it?” Brit asked.  It was shaping up to be, who know the most about me, moment.   It was fun, but I didn’t want hard feelings with anyone.

“No, he didn’t ask Brit.  I had it built for me by a man at the edge of the great dismal swamp.  It was about the only thing of value I managed to hang onto from that experience.” I said.

“I knew your background intimately.  I know you have caught more than your share of rough shit.  But I also know that you know how to beat the shit out of the odds,  After Vera Cruz when shit comes down, you ain’t never gonna have to face it alone.  Well you might if somebody is holding you prisoner and does it to you before we find out.”

“Stop all the crap and lets go some where and screw.”  I looked at the table full of people and added.  “All of us.” I laughed.

“Sweetie I am going to have to be a lot drunker than I have been lately for that to happen,” Andrew said.

“Damn Jerome, these guys are no fucking fun at all,” I said.

“I agree,” he said with a girlish laugh.  The two guy broke out in guffaws.

“So if I wasn’t here what would you do today?” Andrew asked.

I looked first at The Brit and then at Andrew aka Karl and said, “Run down and old boyfriend and see if I was going back into business.  But since you are here, I have a few other ideas.”

“Oh don’t let me stop you.  We can get a couple of errands run first for you, then we can go back to bed.” Andrew said.

“How is your breakfast Mr Andrew,” Lucille the waitress asked,

“That was one of the best breakfast I ever ate.  I do not see how these people avoid being fat as pigs,” Andrew said.

“Why we all get a lot of exercise in bed,” she said and looked at me smiling.  “Ain’t that so Miss Sylvia.”

“Hey it works for me,” I said with a smile.  Breakfast was done, so I added, “I’m going over and pick up my cruiser/van.  I’ll tie the bike on the back and meet you at home Andrew,” I suggested.

“That’s fine.  So Brit you want to show me around,” he said,

“I can but I expect Sylvia knows more about this place than I do.” The Brit said,

“Hell you can all join the tour,” I said.

“You gonna take us over to the fancy palace in the valley,” Jeremy asked.

“Sure we can go any place you want,” I said shaking my head.  “Just come on out and meet me at the Box House,” I said.  I hopped on the bike and rode across the square and parked behind the Cruiser.  I lifted the lightweight bike onto the bike rack hanging on the rear of the cruiser.

Then I quickly drove home after having breakfast with my family.  It was a new experience but it was also a pleasant one.  When I got home, I was only in the house a few minutes before Andrew showed up.

He stepped in the house and said, “Get your fucking clothes off woman.  I have something to prove to you.”

I smiled all the way into the bedroom where I removed my clothes in a few deft moves.  I moved to lay on my big hard bed.  It was a new bed only a few weeks old and the best that money could buy.  It had been my present to myself on my returned from Central America.  It was only fair that Andrew help me break it in.

We started with some heavy duty kissing and then some heavy breathing.  I worked Andrew’s clothes off and return to kissing him.  As I kissed him I lazily stroked his penis.  I made it nice and hard.  I leaned toward lowering my mouth on it when Andrew forced me back so he could place his lips between my legs.  While he kiss my clit he slipped his finger inside my quickly lubricating body.  I was probably as hot as I had ever been.  Hell I couldn’t get a reasonable thought in my head.  The only thought that clearly came was that, I need to get fucked.

Then Andrew did something not every man knew how to do, but almost every woman did.  Be began to manipulate my clit.  First he flicked it up and down then when I was ready to orgasm, he change directions and flicked it side to side.  I actually raised my hips off the bed.  I was grinding my vagina into his face as I shouted, “Fuck me damn it fuck me.”  Then I collapsed onto that bed.  I tried to say thank you or something but I couldn’t.  All I could do was cling to him.

Sometime after noon I managed to stand.  I was shaking but I could at least make it to the bathroom.  After I managed to pee, I  showered and wash my hair.  I am sure I looked like hell sitting at the dining area of the Box House drinking a cup of coffee.

I looked up and saw Andrew walk in the room and sit at the opposite end of the counter attached to the wall of my house.  “God Damn woman you can sure as hell fuck,” he said.

“Hell I was about to say that.  Only I wasn’t going to call  you a woman.”

“I’m supposed to call The Brit when we finish this.”  He pauses a few seconds took a sip of his coffee and asked, “So are we.  Finished I mean?”

“No, I’ll make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then we can go back to bed and call them in the morning,” I said.

“Sounds like something really good to me,” Andrew said.

“I got something else I would like for you to try,” I said.  I walked to the refrigerator to remove a ten oz bottle of peppermint shine.  I sat it on the table for him while I made the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I gave him half and a few potato chips.

He drank about half the bottle of shine in one keep swallow.  “So how did you like it,” I asked,

“I like it a lot.  What is it?” he asked.

“It’s peppermint moonshine,” I said with a warm smile.

“Where did you get it?” he asked and he had a curious looking smile.  He knew exactly what I was about to say.  Or at least he had a good idea.

“Well Andrew, you just found my part time job.” I said.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“There is a lot you don’t understand.  I am pretty sure once you do, you will be sorry that you were told.  Life in my world isn’t nearly as simple as you think,” I said.

“Life in our world simple, You have to be kidding me.  We land in foreign countries and are up to our asses in shit a few hours later and this seems like simplicity to you?”

“Andrew that’s your life.  It was never mine.  I was traveling on buses with rap stars everyone thought.” I said.

“Damn it Sylvia I didn’t know what it was, but after that last trip, I knew you were up to more than riding around on buses.” Andrew said.  “So what have you been doing.”

“I have been doing all kinds of things to keep from being too bored.  I have made liquor or at least changed and sold it.  I sold it to biker bars and bootlegger drink houses,  I made a lot of money.  Money that I had to cleanup to use.  I knew better than to have my expenses be more than my income.  So I cleaned the money,”

“There’s a lot more to this story isn’t there?” Andrew asked.

“Yes there is,” I said sadly.

“Could I have another bottle of that liquor then,” he asked.

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4 Responses to Sylvia 188

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Looks like she has made a new friend and lover if she is telling him her lifes secrets. Thanks

  2. bigguy323 says:

    She deserves a good friend and partner who is NOT GAY. Having at least ONE person you can trust is soothing and necessary for sanity. Now, she has two.

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