Sylvia 190

We went back inside to finish our breakfast.  An older man came by to leave his card on our table.  “You never know,” he said smiling.”

“Bob you are a defense lawyer, now why in the world would I need you,” I asked.

“You never know when the Sheriff will get a hair up his ass toward you,” He said.

“Well Bob, if the Sheriff gets a hard on for me, I’ll give you a call.” I replied.

“I might make you a special price, you never know,” the older man said.

“Fair enough I laughed,” as I handed The Brit one of his cards.

“Bob Dell Attorney at law,” The Brit read.  “He any good.”

“He says he is, and the D.A. hates him, which is usually a good reference for a defense attorney,” I admitted.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” The Brit said.

“Me too,” Andrew said.

“Andrew you aren’t going to need a lawyer up here,” I said.

“Oh you just never know about that,” he said.

I just finished my breakfast when one of the Sheriff’s Deputies walked into the restaurant. He walked directly up to the table and seated himself.  “Make yourself comfortable,” Andrew said.  He didn’t live in Warren County so it made no difference to him what the deputy thought of him.

“Pay him no attention, Michaels,” I said.  “I see you are still a sergeant.”

“Yeah Sylvie promotion is slow around here.  So how you been?” he asked.

“I been okay and you?  I mostly been doing consult work here and there.  Having that pension helps some.” I said.

“Yeah, you know that guy out there in the ambulance has one of those smart ass defense lawyers,  He is gonna wanna know, if you had to do that,” Michaels commented.

“Yeah tell him and the rest of them that it was that or let him get killed,” I said.

“How you mean?” Michaels asked.

“You know as well as I do, if he kept that pistol on me, someone would have gotten nervous and he would have died.”  I kept my eyes on my coffee cup, but I sensed him look over at The Brit and Andrew.  I knew they were both packing and he did as well.  I was sure some witnesses explained why the bad guy had stopped on the courthouse steps.

“Your friends all have carry permits?” he asked.

“Now Michaels, you gonna take my word for it?” I asked

“Yeah I am,” he said.

“Then of course they do.  They are all private protective agents.” I said.

“Then I guess he is lucky,” Michaels said to the table in general.  Everyone nodded their heads.  “So the detective might want to talk to you later,”  With that Michaels stood and left.

“So what you want to do after breakfast,” The Brit asked.  “I’m thinking we might all want to wrestle a bear.”

“Or go over to the pub and go to the top floor for an orgy.” I suggested.

“You know Jeremy is like an old church lady,” Andrew said as he laughed.  Brit didn’t seem to find it funny.  I didn’t commit to either school of thought.

“Andrew why don’t you and I go see an old friend of mine,” I suggested.  He didn’t look all that happy but he agreed.

When we got in the car I said, “We are going to have to find him first.  I want him for some information about making liquor.”

“So how do you find him,” Andrew asked.

“I’m going to start by finding someone he owes money,” I said and laughed.

“Oh and how do we do that,” Andrew asked.

“Believe it or not, we start at breakfast this morning,” I said.

“Okay, why don’t you show a dumb gunslinger how you operate,” he suggested.

I leaned against my truck and placed a call to Bob Dell the lawyer from breakfast.  “Bob it’s Sylvia Porter, you said to call if I needed help.” I said.

“Okay what you need Sylvia?” Bob asked.

“Well you remember that Blossom guy.  The one they called Bosco?’ I asked.

“Sure, I got him off a possession of non tax paid liquor last summer.” Bob answered.

“Well you kept him out of jail I heard, but he is still on probation,” I replied.

“Now that is a fact,” he replied.

“I need some consulting work from him.  Not any actual work with anything that would see him in jail, just some information of a hypothetical nature.” I said.

“Well I know he needs money, because he owes me five hundred bucks.  Tell you what give  him a message for me, and I’ll tell you where to find him.” he said.

“Oh course Bob,” I replied.

“I think he lives with his sister now, but I know he works first shift at the dog food plant.  You could catch him after work in the parking lot.” he said.

“He still drive that tricked out El Camino?” I asked.

“He does indeed, that ugly old green bitch.  So if you find him you mention my name he should know what it’s about,” Bob said.

“Deal,” I said.

“Andrew asked, “What you want with him?”

“Well Andrew I have Flavored white liquor, but I never brewed any from scratch.  Now Bosco knows how to make plain old white liquor from the old days.  I busted him for transporting it, now he is working in the dog food plant.  He might be willing to consult and advise me.” I said.

“He might be willing to set your ass up,” Andrew said.

“I don’t think Bosco would be a snitch.  We aren’t friends, but it was okay.  I did what I was doing at the time and he did what he was doing.  Now both of us are doing other things,  But we will see.” I said.

“So I’m assuming he won’t be off work at 10AM, if he is working first shift,” Andrew said.

“Exactly Andrew he wont be off till 3PM and it’s only 10AM now.  So let’s me and you ride through the parking lot of the dog food plant to see if his old truck is there.  If it is we will come back closer to 3PM. if not I’ll try to find his sister.” I said.  Andrew nodded his understanding.

Andrew and I had been standing on the sidewalk outside the cafe while we held our conversation, I got to see him walk about the cruiser van.  As I have said earlier Andrew had the body of a warrior.  He most likely hadn’t been long our of some special forces or other.  I probably did mention yet how I wasn’t sure how I felt about his red hair.  He looked like some cartoon kid on steroids.

“So what we gonna do till 3PM?” Andrew asked.

“Well I think I have about fucked you out, so how would you like to go meet a new woman about to enter my life?” I asked.

“She fuck as good as you?” he asked.

“I have no idea Andrew, but we can ask her when I find her,” I said.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Andrew said.

“First of all I have to check her out with a friend.  Let’s give him a phone call before we leave the court house.” I said that while I dialed Jim Boyle’s number.

“Jim you old piece of shit how you doing?” I asked.

“You are just as pleasant as ever,” Jim commented.

“You are lucky I don’t come bust a cap in your ass,” I said.  “I had some contact with a pot supplier named Vivian she said you knew her and could vouch for her,”

“I know a Vivian she furnished some supplies for a few of the parties we ran up in Mountain Home.” He said.

“Did she ever give you any reason to worry about her,” I asked

“None, she was also reliable and it was obvious she was a farmer type,” He said.

“Okay Jim, thanks,” I said.

“We are thinking about running some again, you interested?” he asked.

“Not in being a party girl for them.  Check with me I might can set up up with some refreshments.” I said.

“Cool, I’ll give you a call.  Better still give me a call when you have some product ready.  Your number seems to change once a week.” He said.

“That is true, you know how it is when you are popular,” I said.  “I might call in about a month.”

“Look forward to it,” Jim said,

“So who is this Vivian,” Andrew said.

“Well to be honest she is a woman who wants to be a friendly partner,  At least that is the impression I got.  To do that I need to get in touch with her and see if she has the product.” I said.

“Then call her and we will go see her,” He suggested.

“Let’s see if she is home.”  I fished her number from my wallet where I had it stored.  I dialed the number and got voice mail  “Miss Vivian this is Sylvia Porter we need to talk call me.”

“Now what?” Andrew asked.

“Andrew when was the last time you did any real work?” I asked.

“Does this morning count?” he asked.

“No it doesn’t.  Never mind I’m going to give you the chance to impress me.” I said.  “We need to switch to that SUV first.”

On the way back to my place we stopped by Home Depot at the plaza.  I bought some 8“ wide pine shelving.  I was going to build storage units for my house and storage building.  They didn’t have to be covered for me.  I was not going to require a health inspection.

We barely got the lumber bought and delivered to my house before the time ran out on me.  We got it on the deck and the cover over it before we had to rush off to the dog food plant.  When we went back there we were in the cruiser/van.  I saw Bosco come out to his truck.  He was about fifty and heavy but not too fat more oversize than soft fat.

I had Andrew along just in case Bosco wanted to kick my ass even though I doubted that he did.  I arrested him but I didn’t persecute him.  It was just a job for me.  This however might concern him.

I got out of the car before he reached it.  “What the fuck you want?” he asked me,

“To be honest I want to buy you a beer and see if you will help me,” I said.

“You have to be kidding,” he said.  “I ain’t no rat.”

“I’m counting on that,” I said.

He looked at me real curious and he also looked at Andrew.  “I see you brought your body guard along,” he said.

“Actually he is here for you,” I said.

“What you mean to protect me?” he asked.

“It’s like this Bosco, if it was just me, you might think you should kick my ass.  Of course I wouldn’t let you, so you would get hurt or worse,” I said.

“You think you could kick my ass?” he asked.

“See me Bosco.  That is why you would get hurt.  You would be thinking honorably, but I would be frightened and just be trying to stay alive.  Believe me, you would get hurt.”

Bosco said, “I have been legit since the time I was up for possession of non tax paid liquor.”

“Yes a misdemeanor charge for carrying under 10oz when I could have charged you with carrying several gallons.  With your record that would have been a five to ten year felony easy.” I said.

“Yeah that’s true.  Long as it is legal, I will try to help you, if you will do something for me.” he said.

“What you want?” I asked. “You do know I’m no cop anymore?”

“Yeah, my daughter needs a sponsor for a Christmas camp program at the State University.  I figure you can find a way to get her in,”

“You drive a hard bargain,  I guarantee I will make it worth your while otherwise and promise to try to help her and to let you watch me try.”

“Okay what you want?” he asked.

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  1. Walt says:

    Effective today: It doesn’t make sense to have folks download the entire story just to add one chapter each day. Therefore, I will now post the single Chapter of the Day, such as today I posted Chapter 190 by itself. You can then add it to your own large file.

    I have moved the Cast of Characters up with the Single Chapters of the story.

    Then the entire story, Chapters 1 thru Current Chapter will still be available for those who need the entire story for the first time.

    I hope this makes it easier for everyone. If you have any problems please let me know.

  2. jack says:

    Slyvia is certainly keeping busy, I wonder if she and Andrew will do a thouough check out of Vivians hmm assets when they meet. LOL

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