sylvia 196

Sylvia 196

I awoke the next morning at 5AM.  I took off on my bike shortly thereafter.  As I rode along the empty roads I realized that I had gone from nothing going on in my life, to three major projects all at once.  It would be funny if either of them was the least bit lighthearted.  I was about to enter into the drug business.  Yeah I had been in the illegal enterprise before, but it had been only as a peripheral player.  I was about to become a serious player.  The kind of player that gets killed or goes to jail.  I knew it and it didn’t discourage me which speaks volumes to my lack of good sense.

That one would be a full time time adventure for most people, but I had other things going on as well.  I had a kid who tried to rape me to put away, or put down.  I really didn’t care which I did to him either.  He probably would get raped in prison, so for years he might be getting as good as he tried to give.  There was some justice in that I supposed.  Maybe it would be more justice than a quick merciful death.

Then there was me and The Brit’s little sideline thing.  I even had a sideline thing operation to launch.  I had to design an operation for her execution.  That was the only way to think of it.  We had passed judgment and were executing her.  I wanted to think of something for her in keeping with her crimes.

Shotgunning the drug dealer wasn’t that far fetched.  Probably other drug trade operatives were likely to use that method of retiring him.  So what would fit BeeBee’s lifestyle? Now that was going to require some times to figure out.

So what should I start with at the end of my ride, I wondered.  I looked forward to getting home to a very hot shower after my breakfast.  Most mornings breakfast for me was at the local Hardee’s.  It was usually a quick and easy stop for a biscuit of animal fat before I went home.  Once I left the order counter, I saw the highway patrolmen sitting in a corner booth.I walked by them and smiled on my way to the small table where I planned to sit alone.

“You are Sylvia Porter, aren’t you?”  the older patrolmen called after me as I passed.

“Yes I am, how did you know?” I asked.

“Well I have been on this stretch of highway for a lot of years.  In that time your name has come up more than once,” he said.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Nothing bad, a couple of times we had to work with the Sheriff or SBI investigators.  They stopped in here to ask something over breakfast.  They like to ask questions over food.” He said.

“Always works better than asking in the interrogation rooms.” I commented.

“Something like that, seems you are well known to those types,” he said.  They pointed you out to us.”

“What you mean is I wasn’t the subject of the investigation?” I asked.

“Not so far,” On of them said.  “Course we did hear you almost killed a gang banger night before last.”

“First of all it wasn’t a gang thing.  Second, if I wanted him dead, he would be,” I said with a smile.  “Bad news sure travels fast though,”

“There are SBI types in town taking a look at it now,” one of them said.  “They think he might be a person of interest in some other things.”

“Well, if they come around I’ll mention the heads up I got from the highway patrol,” I said.  I saw how the oldest one of them looked.  “I’m just kidding guys.  I have no desire to help the suits.”

Very soon thereafter they left, I stayed a little longer to think it through. I was a little concerned with the attention by the SBI about anything involving me.  The Sheriff’s men hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the dagger, but the SBI might.

I decided to let everything lay till the assault was settled.  I figured when that happened I could expect the visits from the cops to stop.  That being the case, I went to the store to buy more odds and ends but mostly it was household items.  I was careful that I did nothing to draw attention to myself.  It was after noon, when I went to see The Brit.

It was just two days after the assault, so he wasn’t surprised to see me.  Since I had no real family, I had nowhere else to go.  Even Jeremy greeted me warmly, “Sylvia I want you to know, I had no idea what went on the night before  last.  If I had known, I would have been by your side the whole time girl.”

“Jeremy, I was glad that Allen didn’t worry you.  There was nothing anyone could do.  I really didn’t want Allen to get involved to be honest.”

“If you had gone through that alone, I would have been a lot more upset about it.  I know you and Allen share something I will never understand.  He tells me he is like your big brother, and you are like his little sister.  That you share a family like understanding.”

I nodded my agreement but thought, only if your family was involved in incest,  but I said nothing.  In a way he was right The Brit was the only family I had, and he had no family in the states.  Since I had gotten involved with him my life had calmed down some.  At least my sexual antics were less likely to get me killed.

When Jeremy went to the kitchen to start getting things ready for Nita, Tomas’s daughter, the Brit said, ”Don’t pay any attention to what Jeremy says.  I have no idea what our relationship is like, but I know it isn’t brother and sister,”

“I would drink to that, if it weren’t so early in the day.” I agreed.

“If you don’t have any plans for the rest of the day, you could hang out here with me and Jeremy,” The Brit said.

“That would be nice, but I still haven’t gotten enough sleep.”  I said as I finished my diet Coke.  I really didn’t want any alcohol for some reason.  “I think I’ll just go home and take a nap.  I might spend sometime wondering why I didn’t kill him.”

That’s how I came to be in bed at four in the afternoon when there was a banging on my door.  I staggered to the door to greet Andrew. “What you doing here?” I asked.

“That the thanks I get for bringing my trauma skills all the was across the state just to help you cope.” Andrew said as he blew past me.  “If you don’t want unexpected company, you need a locked gate at the very least.

“Who told you about the indecent?”

“How many mutual friends do we have?” he asked.

“You didn’t need to come here,” I said.

“What? I just came to get laid,” he said.

“Well if that’s all it is, I can get down with that,” I said smiling at him.

Andrew and I went to bed and had sex.  I mean it was so average, I can’t describe it except to call it boring.  Boring but somehow satisfying as well.  After it was over and we were drinking a cup of coffee I asked, “Did the Brit tell you to come?”

“No the Brit told me not to come.  I figured I would just come to see for myself how you were.  I should have known better though,” he said.

“Yes, you should have,” I agreed.  “But I’m not sorry you came.”

“Then let’s go to The Brit’s Pub,” he said.

“You drive all this way screw me one time and now you want to go visit your gay friend.  I should be jealous,” I said.

“Bull shit I came to visit you first,” He said.

“Well hell that makes all the difference,” I said but I did laugh.  That’s when he flashed me one on those soulful looks that says all the things you just can’t get out.  After a few seconds of that stare I said, “Yeah me too Andrew.”

“I’m thinking we go to The Brit’s Place and have dinner,” he said.

“And than what?” I asked.

“Then we come back here and screw again,” he suggested.

“I’m glad you were able to keep me getting almost raped in prospective,” I said.

“Women, first you tell me it was no bid deal, then you want me to act like it was a big deal,” he said.

“Well I’m doing what I can, but honest it was more of a headache after it was over, than when I was happening,” I said.

“So let’s go spend some money with our mutual friend.  Hell he can’t be making much money in the pub.” Andrew said.

“Yeah, I’m actually concerned about that,” I said.

“Well take him into whatever business you are in,” he said.

“It isn’t exactly kosher, and I wouldn’t want him in the jackpot because of me,” I said.

It was about thirty minutes later that we went into the pub.  It had been long enough for me to take a shower.  I’m pretty sure I shamed Andrew into showing.  I believe men would go out to the fanciest restaurant in town with the stink of sex on them.  If some cologne maker could bottle that smell, men would line up to buy it.  It’s like a who’s is bigger kind of thing.

I should have insisted that he shower, but I was just too tired to care.  Besides his might not be literally the biggest, but I knew for sure it was figuratively.  I knew if you wanted to walk into a biker bar to recover your earring from some biker’s ear, Andrew was your man.  That was fucking more important that inches.  If thats is somehow a necessary part of a woman’s life we can always buy a dildo.  You can’t open a box attitude and have your man put it on at will.

“Andrew, my friend,” I heard The Brit greet Karl.  They stood at least two feet apart while they shook hands.

“You can show affection here,” I said to Andrew.

Andrew, The Brit, and I sat at the bar in the the dark, while Jeremy poured drinks and pretty much ran the pub.  I hadn’t noticed before but Jeremy was having a ball playing host to twenty guest at his dinner party.  Not only that the town had taken to  him, the truth is I reckon everyone couldn’t be a redneck or a biker.  I just never would have guest a English style pub with a manager who might or might not be gay would be a hit.  The reason was Jeremy pure and simple.  Jeremy could get the women to come in and they brought their husband and boyfriends.  It seemed to be working.

“So Allen, how’s business?” Andrew asked.

“We are able to keep the doors open,” Allen said.

“Good for you.  By the way the food here is excellent.” Andrew said.

“Hell, we sell as much take out as we do inside some nights.  It’s the only place Mrs. Jones feels safe getting a bowl of Mexican stew,” The Brit said. “Damn racism.”

“Here’s to it, as long as it keep you afloat.” I agreed.

“Here, here,” Andrew said.

We had been drinking at the bar about two hours when Andrew asked, “So what we going to do about the clown who grabbed our girl.”

“He is in jail there is nothing we can or should do,” I said.  “Beside it wasn’t a life changing experience for me, but it might have been for him.  You would need an army.”

“Sylvia this is the mountains.  Everybody here has a bear rifle and they know how to use it.” Andrew said.

“Why would they risk jail to help a total stranger?” I asked.

“I figure we would just send out a call for every one who ever slept with you,” Andrew said.

“That is cold, a hell of an idea, but still cold,” I said.

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12 Responses to sylvia 196

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Yep it is cold. An idea but still cold. LOL thanks Jack stay warm

  2. Newdust says:

    Nice to hear you are over the stomach virus.
    It seems that Sylvia has dropped her paranoia attitude. Just thinking that with the SBI being around again it might be time to check for bugs (listening devices) at the box, pub, and Brit / Jeremy’s place.
    Be well and stay well.

  3. cindypress says:

    always a good idea to call in the exterminator. I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a jammer available since they all are wireless now.

  4. Walt says:

    I put Jammer For Hidden Microphones into the search box and a number of places show up that sells jammers. Prices vary depending on how sophisticated a device you need. They’ll give you an idea of which to use for your story.

  5. Walt says:

    Forgot to mention, she might also want to buy a tracker checker in case they put a tracking device on her cruiser. Especially when she does some of her drug or alcohol runs.

  6. bigguy323 says:

    When she gets the gun back, have her run a steel bristle brush down the barrel a number of times. THEN change or scrub the firing pin with the brush. It will alter both the ballistics of the gun and the profile they can take of the firing pin. Better yet, replace the firing pin.

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