Sylvia 198

Sylvia 198

The SBI returned my pistol on the same day they moved into the pub.  Even with the state police and SBI in the house, if I hadn’t heard from our nerd I might not have felt safe.  I got the message from our cut out board on the net.  BeeBee was a liar of monumental proportions.  Yes she knew we were looking at her, but she couldn’t possibly be sure what our purpose was.  Yes she also knew our backgrounds and reputations.  She had no one with our talents on her payroll.

She had accomplished one thing and that was to guarantee that we would not kill her.  As I said all along, when we lost our shield of anonymity, it was just too dangerous.  So we had been thwarted.  Unless BeeBee Queen did something to make it personal, she was going to walk away the winner.

Our nerd also checked her company, and her personal management group,  he found that she employed a small security force of retired cops.  She either under estimated us, over estimated her security, or was a monumental liar.  She would probably call it a great poker player’s bluff, but since we found the truth, it was just a lie.

With the SBI setting up shop in his place, and Jeremy looking after his health, the Brit was in good hands, so I could go home.  God knows I needed a shower and change of clothes.  I was, as my friends would say, ripe.  I wouldn’t have stood near me, if I could find a way around it either.  I planned to go home first thing that morning.  The SBI moved in some files and I moved my ass out to the Cruiser/van and then home.

With BB not an issue I went home to work on the .22Magnum.  I found a round wire brush almost exactly the size of the bore.  I have no idea what it had been designed for but it worked fine to scrub the barrel of the mag.  I used a small diamond file to change the character of the point on the hammer.  When I finished it was a different gun.  I was glad to have the mag back.  I had been carrying the derringer, but it was just a toy somehow.  The .22mag was on a heavy frame so it had a better feel than the derringer, which tended to fire all over the place past ten feet.  That heavier frame made the revolver extremely accurate.

I’m not sure I needed a half hour in the shower to get clean, but it sure as hell didn’t hurt anything.  I walked from the shower, through the small kitchen area.  There I picked up a cup of coffee from the single cup brewer, then moved to sit by the patio door.  Through that door I had a clear view of the left side of my property.  More important I could hear the two wireless microphones playing through the small amplifier on my book shelf.

One of those microphone was hidden by the cattle type bridge over the trench by the road.  Because it was just a few metal slats over the trench it make a hell of a rattling sound if anyone crossed it in a car.  It was a simple early warning system, which I had found in one of the storage lockers.  Since it had two microphones, I set one up at the storage trailer. I actually used the trailer for storage at the time.

The final pieces had come for my still, but I hadn’t assembled it.  I hadn’t felt like it.  Even though my case of the flu was much lighter than most of the other folks, it was bad enough.  It was also inconvenient.  If you ever had the gastrointestinal symptoms of the flu, you know what inconvenience really is.  I finally felt better, so I was thinking about assembling the still.

I needed to settle the BeeBee Queen thing first.  Not by wiping her out, but by making sure she was finished with it.  I didn’t see anything I could offer her or threaten her with, so I was going to have to play it by ear.  No play is sometimes as good as a great plan, not often, but it could happen.  In the mean time I had to keep an eye out for her, or more likely one of her henchmen.

I hadn’t found a wireless CCTV unit in a storage locker, so I left a message for nerd boy on the board.  He sent me a link to a website that offered what I wanted.  I ordered one of their best units.  It came with a camera that transmitted to the net.  I also got the code to access the last twenty four hours of recordings on any computer or smart phone, if I had one.   I agreed to the  the monitoring fee which included the rental of the equipment.  The monthly fee was like 10% of the alarm company, because there was no live monitoring.  I had to monitor it myself.  I was good with that, as I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone else to know what I was up to anyway.

I fixed myself a good lunch and went to the storage building to begin assembly of the still.  Once the building was unlocked I realized that it was going to be way too tight to do everything in the building.  It wasn’t exactly news to me.  I knew all along that the space would be too small for any thing but cooking and packaging.

Much earlier I had Tomas build a lean to storage shed attached to the building.  I had a heavy weight work bench made from 2×8 framing material.  It was a very sturdy work bench to which I had mounted the food grinder.  I could use the grinder to grind a batch of deer corn for the mash, then use it to grind a few pounds of marijuana stalks to convert my brew to something worth a hell of a lot more than moonshine.  That was the plan, but I had to make a couple of gallons to test my theory.  That was my project for the next week or so.

The plan was to let the moonshine mash cook off under the lean to.  However I planned to mix it in the house and transport it up to the storage trailer to cook off.  So I began to rummage through the assorted plastic buckets and barrels, which I had stockpiled for this project.  Yeah most of them were from storage units, and yes I planned to sanitize them before use.  I found what looked like a trash can from a granny’s last apartment.  It was small and had no signs of ever being used.  So I loaded it into the back of the Cruise/van.

I could hear a car entering the property, if I listened.  I felt like it would be hard for anyone, no matter the reason, to slip up on me.  I took a deep breath and a drink from my big ass coffee cut and began to mix the mash in the box house.  I had decided to mix one ten gallon batch first.  I took that little granny trash can and cleaned it really well.  Then I poured a couple of ounces of chlorine bleach in and swished it around the inside of the clean container for a while before I rinsed it, twice.

I had ten pounds of the ground deer feed corn and ten pounds of sugar which I put in the trash can for the mash.  I added enough warm water to mix it well.  When that was done, I I pre mixed two packs of brewers yeast in a quart plastic container.  I let it sit a few minutes just to be just something happened before I added it to the mash.  When I was sure something was going to happen, I added it to the plastic granny can.  I managed to get the can of mash into the cruiser and up to the storage building.

Since I wasn’t going to be moving it about, and since it wasn’t too big I loaded it into the storage building to work off.  I had a couple of hours of daylight left and had all the parts so I began to assemble the still itself.

The Forty four quart pressure cooker would easily hold ten gallon of mash.  So I set the large stainless still pot on the metal stand.  The stand was about a foot high, it was strong enough to support the pot with filled with ten gallons of mash.  The pressure valve had been removed by Monk a few days before all this sickness started.  He had installed in it’s place a 3/8“  ID type brass threaded connector.  One to which I was able to attach Piece of CPVC pipe to raise the height over a foot.  Then a treaded fitting to allow me to attach another pipe to make an extension to move the snake away from the cooker.  I used an adapter to attach a  length of 3/8“ copper tubing to be used as the snake.  Monk had also been the one to add the flange fitting to the snake.

I left the temperature gauge on the pot, so I could monitor the temp in the pot more closely.  I needed lots of water to keep that snake cool while it converted the vapor back to a liquid liquor.  I planned to  pump water from the creek.  The real moonshiners used gas pumps to do that, but I planned to stay in one place a while, so I went with a much quieter electric pump.  I did have to come up with a way to power it though.  In the end I just hooked it up to a extension cord and a wall switch.  Since I was using a boats bilge pump, I had to do some improvising. At the end of the day I had a fresh water source running into a reservoir at that still house.

I was definitely over the flu, but I didn’t feel like running any races.  I tossed five pounds of ground marijuana stalks in the mash and I planned to add five more pounds to boil off with the distilling process.  It was still going to be a crap shoot, but that was okay.  The first thing was to see if I could make liquor.  The second was to see if I could make a liquor valuable enough to be worth it.

While the mash worked off, I waited and tried to rest.  How much water I had to use in the cooling barrel was still up in the air.  I could figure a way to control speed of the pump which was going to fill the outside reservoir which would fill the cooling barrel by gravity flow.  First thing was to get the mash cooked off.  After that I could make improvements to the design.

The mash was bubbling so it was a good sign.  I was waiting patiently for it to finish. It was three days into the fermenting when the big black car came up the drive.  I had no idea who it was, but I wasn’t surprised that someone had come up the road.  The town was filled with strange cops and even stranger do gooders.  So it could be anyone come for any number of reasons.  Who turned out to be was was a big forty year old woman.  One who almost looked twenty.  Did I mention BeeBee Queen also had big gorgeous boobs.  But why wouldn’t she have the best money could buy? I asked myself.

I greeted her on the porch.  “So Mrs. Queen, I thought we had a policy of mutual destruction in place to assure our mutual good behavior,” I said.

“First of all both parties have to be sure the other is capable and willing to pull the pin on the bomb.” She said.

“I’m sure I’m capable and willing to destroy you,” I said.

“My computer was breeched again and now you know I may not be willing to destroy you,” she said.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure you would be willing, but I’m also sure you are not capable of destroying me.” I said.

“How about we have the conversation we should have had before?” she asked.

“Actually BeeBee we had exactly the right conversation,” I said.  “Take off your clothes if you insist on going on with this conversation.”  I was surprised that she didn’t need more of an explanation.  She entered the house first but was much better looking naked than any woman, of any age I had ever met.

“It would not be beneficial for either of us to be involved in the death of the other.  Which is the best we can hope for any time from anyone.” I added when she was naked and I was sure not wired.

“You know I’m always going to worry that you might come for me,” BeeBee said.  As she dressed again.

“You don’t need to do that,” I said.

“Then you have decided I’m not guilty,” she asked.

“No I have decided you are guilty, but it would just be stupid for me to kill you.  There are plenty of others just as guilty, who would be safer.” I explained with a smile.

“One thing before I go.  I showed you mine, so show me yours,” she said.

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  1. jack says:

    Hmm, I showed you mine, so show me yours. might have been safer if she were still naked. Better watch out.

  2. Walt says:

    Posted today’s chapter 198. However, tomorrow I won’t get to it until late in the afternoon. I have an early appt with the VA in Loiusvlle (170 mi round trip) plus the time to take some tests. I dread the trip since they are predicting 100% of rain and thunderstorms and 30 mph winds. Should be a phun trip. At least, thankfully, there will be no snow or ice.

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