Sylvia 201

Sylvia 201

“I swear to you Sylvia I don’t understand why people are buying that stuff.  I don’t like the taste of it and I don’t like the quick high I get from it.” The Brit said.

“I know, hun but people don’t always make sense.  As a matter of fact the one thing you can count on when dealing with people, is that they will all act irrationally at some point.” I said.

“Yeah, that is true enough.  So what’s the thrill?” The Brit asked.

“Jim says it’s designer drugs.  Something nobody else has.  If I ever got into large production, it would be about two hundred dollars a bottle.” I said.

“So what would you do then,” he asked.

“Make something else I suppose.” I suggested.

“Do you have a new barrel of mash working?” he asked.

“Not really I have and old batch of mash working.  Bosco told me how to sustain the brew, so I’m giving it a try.” I said.

“How do you do that?” The Brit ask.

“You don’t throw out all the used up mash you save about half of it.  Then you add everything just like it were starting all over and go from there,  Well you don’t add any yeast.  So we are gonna see what happens,” I said.

I spent the next day laying off the hooch and delivering some of it.  I had several trips to make it work but when the alcohol started running I was able to concentrate on the booze.  It was also about the things to come and making them work.

Over the next few months there were more order on the bulletin board than I had product on hand.  I had started to fall behind on a weekly basis.  The price was to high already.

I went to see Ramona while I was mashing in a few months later.  I was trying figure out what I needed to do about the lack of capacity. “Sylvia you here because you got competition.  I sure hope this don’t mean no drug war.” she said.

“Well, it sure as hell doesn’t mean one from me.  So what’s the deal?” I asked.

“Some hard case came in and said he could give me a better price and promised there wouldn’t be no trouble from you,” she said.

“Well he was right about about that.  If he has a better price, I won’t give you a problem for switching. So who is this new supplier?” I asked.

“He is named Leo something or other,” she said.

“I’m sure we will get to know each other soon.”  Even though I didn’t care if he won the business fair, he might feel he needed to make an impression.  Drug people often felt that way.  Fortunately I was armed to the teeth, just because it was habit.

It was also good that Romona had warned me, so the man standing in front of me in the parking lot didn’t get even a small element of surprise.  As I passed him he went for his gun, but he found it hard to get it out with the sharpened driveway spike buried in  his shoulder.  He had planned to brush past me then come from behind me with his 9mm.  I didn’t plan to give him the chance.

He was rather strange looking standing there with the surprised look on his face as he sank to his knees.  The orange spike with the bent end showing though his clothes.  Meantime I was down on one knee with the .22mag revolver waving about.

I cautiously worked my way back to the cruiser through the crowded parking lot.  When I made it back to the cruiser, I removed the shotgun from the area behind the front seat.  I carried the shotgun to make a lot of noise, just so win or lose they knew I had been in the fight.

I looked up just in time to see to men carrying the injured man to his car.  Since the cops hadn’t been called, I breathed a sigh of relief.  At least I hadn’t been wrong about his intentions.  I sat there in the sat in parking lot and realized for the first time that I hadn’t considered anyone taking offense to my little project.

After I decided that it really was a threat, I decided that I was over worked, so I probably should give most of the business up for adoption.  Still I wasn’t sure what he knew and what if any understanding we could come to and to make it work.

I went back to County Seat to wait for the next move.  It seemed to me that it was their move next.  I didn’t want The Brit caught up in the cross fire.  That being the case I stopped at his place first to give him a heads up.

I was at the far end of the bar drinking a dark draft, when Brit finally got everyone settled down.  He knew something was wrong for sure.  He finally looked at me and asked, “So what is it?”

“Someone decided that if I could make so much money in just a few months, he wanted the business,” I suggested.

“To make worse knock off shit.  So have they asked for a sit down,” Brit asked.

“I’m not sure.  I got warned he was going to talk to me, then I spotted him doing a brush pass in the parking lot.  I might have over reacted a little.  I shanked him.” I said.

“Did he call an ambulance?” The Brit asked.

“No,” I said.

“Then you didn’t over react,” he said.

“You might want to be careful around strangers for a while,” I suggested.

“Yeah, thanks for the heads up.  If he wants to have a meet, do not set it for less than three days.  We need time to get our gang together.” The Brit said.

“You have to be kidding,” I said.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” he asked.

“No, I can use the time for recon anyway,” I said.  I used my cell phone to call Mission.  When her voice mail answered I asked, “The is Sylvia I need you you to tell me who is Leo in the drug trade around Dobson in Warren county.  I want to know who he is connected with.  Thank you love.”  I hung up. I left pretty much the same message with the detective deputy, he should be curious anyway I thought.

I used the WIFI from the pub to check the files on the camera’s website history.  They didn’t show anything. Since not too many people knew about the farm.  “Looks as thought I’m good for a while.” I commented.

“My guess is you got their attention with a low level soldier,”  The Brit said.

“Probably take them a day or so to react.  I doubt they are as lean and mean as a striker team on a single mission.” I replied.

“You do know I built that front room with the wide couch with you in mind,” The Brit said.

“Thanks but I expect Jeremy would have a hissy fit.”

“He would have a hissy fit, if I let you go home and something happened to you.” The Brit replied.

“Thanks Brit,” I said.

“You go on up and get undressed and into bed.  I’m going to lock this place down and then come up.  Now do you have any of that hooch in your pockets?” The Brit asked.

After I stopped laughing at how he said hooch I answerer, “I left it all in the car.  I don’t want my shit to come down on you.”

“Thanks but that’s crap.  Besides I wanted to try this stuff to see what all the fuss is about.  I guess it can wait,” he said.

I had brought in the shotgun, and a few shells. I did as The Brit said since I was exhausted.  I went to sleep on the sofa with the .22mag and the over and under on the floor beside the sofa.  It was the early morning before we got to bed so I slept till noon.  I woke after lunch and it took another hour till my brain was functioning.

I made lots of calls and called in lots of favors before the sun went down.  If there was a war, it would have to come to us, since we had no assets capable of taking it the war to them. That was until just after 5PM.

The Brit and I were running the bar, since Juanita had the night off and Jeremy was not allowed downstairs.  Business didn’t seem to suffer from the temporary changes.  There were a few customers ready to enter, when we opened.  When the small group of very fit young men entered around 5PM I was more than a little surprised.  Six man I had worked with at Swamp Dog came through the door.  They each carried a heavy black duffel bag.  I knew they were standard issue and inside was a standard issue of body armor.  They came looking for a fight.  My guess was that they planned no more than a stay of two days.

The Brit went from table to table of regulars assuring them there was nothing to fear.  They were just friends he explained.  Came up to do some winter hiking on the trails around town.

Now the locals might remember me being attacked by some young man a few weeks before, so some might have made that connection.  Anyway some of the customers went home, and others went home to get there squirrel guns.

Andrew came up to the bar to pow wow with us.  “So is the Sheriff on the take, or can we work with  him.”

“He lives way better than his salary would allow.  When he has trouble, he calls the state police for help, and he hasn’t called them in yet.  I’m thinking they will come in, if this gets bigger than me disappearing.”

“Nice, we will be for sure explain the facts of live to the Sheriff.” He said.

“That might not be necessary,” I said knowing what that meant.  “I think I need to follow up on the calls I made last night.”

“We will get settled in.  Can we sleep here Brit,” Andrew asked.

“Andrew, if you wanted to sleep here I couldn’t stop you, but thanks for asking.”  The Brit said.

“Mission this is Sylvia, you don’t return your calls anymore?” I asked.

“I have been busy and I just got what you wanted.  Best we can figure, you have a Leo Vasquez running some low level drug dealers.  He has a couple of thugs working for him but no real army.  Best we can tell, he is backed by some heavy hitters out of Miami though.  They don’t mind busting a cap in anyone’s ass.” she said.

“You know where I could find this Vasquez?” I asked.

“Yeah, should I stay out of Dobson tonight?” Mission asked.

“I don’t know, do you usually hang around places like that,” I asked.

“No, but I might want to pull my team that I put on them this morning?” she Asked.

“Could be,” I said, “And thanks.”  While I spoke with Mission, there had been one of the gunslinger from the swamp, I hardly knew, standing in front of me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“You bitch, I’m Jim you don’t even remember me.”  He laughed.  “Damn you have to be the most aggravating bitch.  Anyway there is a biker outside.”

“Bring his ass in, and Jim I never forget a cock, but faces mean nothing to me.” I said and laughed.

“Monk,” I said as the funky biker came into the room.

“Looks a lot like shit’s about to happen?” He said.

“Yeah stuff is happening fast can I help you with something?” I asked.

“That’s why I came.  I got a dozen soldier over at the club the are ready to go.  I am serious Sylvia, they hate Vasquez and will take care of his turf, so there will be no vacuum.”

My mind raced as it always did in this kind of situation.  “You can police the trade all you want, but pot is open.  There is gonna be no organized distribution of pot or pot products in this area.  It all open territory.”  I had no idea what I was saying, but I didn’t want to come back in a few months and have to kill Monk.  Once this is opened up, you can do what you want to with the other shit,”

“If we ride with you, we can stop any soldiers from slipping through.  We know them all.  One of the boys has a landscape business.  We can have him carry an industrial wood chipper up to an remote area of the reservoir.  The reservoir is filled with catfish.  In a few minutes there won’t be nothing left of them bodies.  After the shooting’s over, you guys just load up and go.  We will take care of the rest.”

“Monk you got a deal, but you never saw these guys, and they never saw you.  Trust me honey you don’t want them coming for you.” I said.

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14 Responses to Sylvia 201

  1. garydan says:

    Damn Exciting !! The Storm after the calm…
    I figured the Reservoir was getting low on fish food… 😉

  2. KO says:

    Yes indeedie! Things seem to heating up for Sylvia and as always, she seem to be at her best in those situations! Hadn’t ever thought of catfish as piranha, but maybe I should file that away for future reference, as some of your other tips have been. 😉

    Great story, THANKS!!

  3. Walt says:

    Well if the cops found more bodies in the Reservoir it would run red flags up. This way the meat would be eaten by the fish, bones would be pulverized and no evidence left behind. Reminds me of that big grinder Saddam had in Iraq where he put people in them feet first so everyone could hear them scream, while they were being chopped up, as a warning not to cross Saddam.

  4. Barney R says:

    Sylvia has some great friends. Hard cases and bikers alike all bow to Sylvie when she calls. Even the law moves out to let her play her games. Way to go Sylvia!!

  5. jackballs57 says:

    I like a nice tough woman that know how to handle herself side. Thanks

  6. cindypress says:

    I like that sylvia doesn’t question her sexuality she just uses and or enjoys it. It can be just another weapon in her arsonal

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